Heaven’s Mailbox: Your Prayer Holds Great Power

Your Prayer Holds Great PowerYou hear a news report, and in that moment, your heart is pulled.
It occurs to you to pray, but then the thoughts come:

  • “Who am I, to pray about such a big issue?”
  • “How can my prayer make a difference?”
  • “I don’t know what to pray!”

And the moment passes.

Or maybe you have a situation close to you that is painful, and you are wondering how to pray. It’s going to take a miracle.

If you can relate to this, you are not alone! I believe the Lord wants you to know this:

Your prayer holds great power.

It is the seed for a miracle.

The Mailbox

Last Sunday, due to Covid-19 restrictions in Australia, we were participating in our regular church service online.

As I closed my eyes in worship, I found myself in a vision, looking at a mailbox. A letterbox!
It was grey, it was made of stone, and I could see the slot for the mail.

Then, I saw a letter being dropped into that mailbox.

The letter was small, the mailbox nondescript. And I wondered—would someone from the postal service come and collect this letter?

But instead, I saw that letter being sucked upwards at high-speed!

And that’s when I realized that although that mailbox looked small, it stretched up into Heaven.

The Letter

“I have come because of your words” (Dan 10:12b)

Instantly, that letter reached God’s throne, where the words written on it, separated out from the pages.

Those words were alive! And they flew into God’s right hand.
And then, stretching out His right arm, the Father released His power. It was as though He threw it.

  • Like lightning, God’s answer to that small letter was launched earthward

The Man Who Prayed at Home

As I prayed about the vision [1], I was reminded of a story from Daniel chapter 6.

One day, there was a man praying in a room.
It was Daniel, seeking God in his home.
He was asking for God’s help, His mercy and favor.

And Daniel needed it, for the favor on his life had inflamed his enemies so much, they wanted to destroy him.
Those enemies walked in as Daniel was praying, and arrested him for the “crime” of prayer.

And the king of Persia, tricked by Daniel’s enemies into banishing prayer, was forced to punish his favorite, Daniel.

Daniel was thrown into a den of hungry lions.

Prayer Precedes Power

We often talk about the extraordinary interventions of God in this story of the lion’s den.

  • But let’s not miss that they were preceded by the prayer of a man in his home.

In later chapters of the book of Daniel, an angel told him,
“I have come because of your words” (Dan 10:12b)
“As soon as you began to pray, a word went out” (Dan 9:23b)

As Daniel was praying in his home, God was already releasing His answer. God sent an angel to shut the mouths of the lions.

In the meantime, the Holy Spirit was at work in the heart of the king.
The king’s heart was broken, but then to his astonishment, Daniel walked out alive.

The move of God spread like fire, for that king, awakened to faith, sent out a decree to every part of his kingdom.
All people of every nation he ruled, were to worship the God Daniel served!

The Man Who Prayed in His Workplace

Nehemiah was in his workplace, busy with his duties, when the king he served asked him a question that laid bare his heart (Neh 2).

  • In that moment, Nehemiah sent a quick prayer for help to God
  • It was unheard by those surrounding him, but it reached Heaven!

That prayer was instantly answered, as the Holy Spirit touched that king’s heart and caused him to respond favorably.

Jerusalem’s walls—broken and burned, were about to be restored.

So, if you are working, or busy, know this! Your prayer, as you go about your day, is powerful.

The Power of a Cry for Help!

The mailbox I saw didn’t have fancy metal trimmings.
But it was solid as a rock.
The prayer that holds power, does not have to be complex, clever, or crafted.

It may be a simple cry for help, sent from your heart. [2]

  • We know that Daniel, and Nehemiah were great intercessors, who spent considerable amounts of time in prayer.

And yet, the Holy Spirit records this one moment when Nehemiah shot up a prayer while he was working—and describes Daniel’s simple prayer for help, from his home.

Why? It is a message to us.
Your small prayer can release great power.

It’s Time to Pray

So, the next time you face a problem, or hear a news report, and the enemy whispers, “Who are you, to pray about such a big issue?”
Ignore that thought.

For you are significant in God’s Kingdom.

Cry out to God from your heart. Your prayer in that moment may simply be a word: “Jesus”.
But your Father knows all in your heart.
He knows where you are.

And that small letter, delivered into Heaven’s “mailbox”, will make an eternal difference in the situation you are petitioning him for.
For your prayer holds power.

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[1] How I receive visions:
When I describe a vision I’ve seen, it’s usually a vivid impression in my mind’s eye, accompanied by a strong sense of God’s Presence. I’m not speaking of an “open” (physical) vision. I believe all prophetic words, encounters and visions should be compatible with Scripture and need to be weighed up.

[2] Prayer: When Your Cry Goes Up, Heaven Comes Down

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48 thoughts on “Heaven’s Mailbox: Your Prayer Holds Great Power

  1. Pastor Ibrahim Sillah

    Hi Helen,
    I thank God for your life and the ministry work you are doing. It’s touching lives all over the world. Yes , indeed our prayers liken to letters post and sometimes we wandered if our letters would arrive on time . God is GREAT! He knows our cry even before we pray. As I was reading , I felt I should share this testimony . Sometime in March this year ,after almost 6 years renting the property our Landlady gave us noticed to move out of her property by ending of June . We started looking for house to rent, but because of the lockdown it’s difficult to get house . To be honest, we liked the area because the children so used to the place and it’s very safe to bring up kids . A week ago , we decided to pray and asked God to provide us the right house to move into. But some thing happened last Thursday. The Landlady emailed me saying, she no longer in need of the property and the notice been suspended for now now and we can stay as long as we want . I shouted God is Great! We have been relieved from the pressure of looking for another house , looking for money to deposit and many other things . I thank God for His Divine intervention.
    God bless

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Thank You Jesus! What an inspiring testimony, Ps Ibrahim. Grace for perseverance, patience, faith, prayer, and a move of God! May this story encourage others in similar situations.

  2. Prolific dreamer

    Hi Helen
    Thank-you for this timely word, again. My husband & I had just been praying together, for lots of things, but specifically our teenage daughter before I opened your email. God hears our hearts cry and there is power in our simple words asking for His divine help. All glory to Him!
    God Bless you for your faithfulness in sharing what our Father puts on your heart.

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Oh yes and I join you in your prayers for her too! Father protect and guide and reveal your personal, powerful love for her

  3. Naomi Testimony

    Your prayer does not have to be complex, clever, or crafted, to release a miracle.

    Thank you for this Helen Calder. It has come at the right time. I’ve been in prayers for several days now. I had an impression in my spirit to do so. I had not planned for it. When I began it was a bit hard, but as the days go by God’s grace has been sufficient. At one time I was left wondering, “Is what I am doing effective? Are my prayers really being heard? Will they be answered?” Now I understand it is not about how I feel but the truth that my prayer holds power. I am encouraged to keep at it knowing that the prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.. James 5:16b

  4. Chimwemwe

    Dear Helen,
    As of late I have been anxious as to how to pray about a particular thing in my life. To call a spade a spade, this particular thing is concerning a boy. We have given a ‘best friend’ title to what we have as it seemed both of us were coming from an area where we were broken and hurt.
    Both of us failed to ask further of what was going on between us because we both said we were clinging on to what God was telling us about relationships. Many people called our friendship undefined as it seemed that we had boyfriend girlfriend Rules on something we called a friendship.

    I am lost on how to go to God about this one. When I want to cut off all ties, I feel like I am losing more than just my friend and I sense a certain discomfort in my Spirit each time I want to take such an action.

    The other problem is that we seem to have such a connection that we now feel whatever the other person feels even when far from each other. I would like to narrow this down to just an emotional connection but I am unsure if that’s all there is.

    This friendship has stretched me in all areas and I dont know what to do.
    We met at a time where both of us want to know God but at the same time were led to God on completely two different circumstances. On my half, I grew in the word because I was attached to a certain ministry and he seems to just be getting to know God.

    I remember being so scared after backsliding that if we were to meet, he would be advised against me by one of the people he prayed with. I don’t know why I always saw myself less. I always felt that any person I met would be warned against me for some reason. Hence he stuck around.

    Now he has been attending a certain ministry. I have felt the need to attend it too because I figured two cannot walk together unless they agree. I also just dont want to have us in a place where we fight because of different teachings of the word.

    I am really in a tough place and this came in just in time.
    Please help.

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi Chimwemwe, I am praying for you and for you to have insight and strength, and power from God to take the steps you need to move forward. God loves you and knows you intimately, He has your heart and future in His hands. I pray that also you will have wise counsel around you, to bring any guidance, wisdom and help needed at this time.<3

  5. Carol McCrary

    Thank you Helen..I needed to see this word. I have been praying for my sister, Sharon, who has stage 4 cancer and just yesterday received a bad report. I have to admit when I heard it my heart fell and I wondered if God even heard my prayers. I know He does and I know He answers just as He did for Daniel and so many others. And I also thought of the delay…the battle that sometimes come before the answer is made manifest. But God heard and God answered. I just needed to be reminded. Thank you for sharing Gods heart and truth to us.

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi Carol, I’m sorry to hear that. I’m praying for you and your sister right now, Father release your strength and healing power, and unmistakable signs of Your presence, and messages from Your heart to them!


    Thank you for this timely words of encouragement from the scriptures. And i pray that God would continue to use you and your family mightily with signs, wonders and miracles and with the gifts and demonstration of the power of the Holy Spirit accompanying the Word of God, for the blessing of many people.

  7. Joseph Seemahale

    Hi enliven, things are uptight i am running out of strength to pray and just pray for me because things go wrong at the edge of breakthrough is God saying something or is just life happening ? I need devine intervention and thank you for all the emails withencouragement

  8. Pastor Michael

    Hi Helen,I really thank God for you ,for the great work he is doing through you. impartation of the knowledge of the word
    of God into our generation.Truly I’m inspired through your messages.But I have a very big challenge which I have been facing in my ministry for a long time now and I have been praying over it and I haven’t received answer from God .The challenge is that when I pray ,I desire so much to hear from God and to see clearly,more specially when I’m praying for people to know the source of their problems and to proffer a lasting solution to them.For example,my neighbour had six children and the four of them died consecutively immediately after delivery ,the baby will just die just like.Only two children left with her . Sometimes when I see people passing through this kind of affliction I feel like removing it from them to free them.Last year when she took in again,I met her and I told her that ,I shall be praying for her until she delivers.Glory be to God she later delivered safe and sound a bouncing baby boy last week.On the 9th I was invited to come and name the baby and after the naming ceremony.
    The senior sister invited me to her house on the10th requesting for my prayers concerning her children that are misbehaving,so stubborn, according to her they used to smoke India hemp.Infact,she complained alot of things about the children.In this situation one need to know everything concerning the family spiritually before laying hands on aniyone for prayer. and also know God’s agenda for them. Thank you very much.

  9. Odell

    Morning on this 12th day of Msy 2020. I got your email and it was about prayer PRSYER HOLDS GREAT POWER. My God you are on targrt with that on how your prayer suppose to be. I had problems for years on praying. Just a few day ago Joyce Mayers I saw a sermon on Spending time with God and now you with pray. Your word was a blessing me thank you. Could you prayer for me my mind is not stable too much negative thoughts coming it and it’s a hindrance to me because of my thoughts I am sick in my body. Pray to be led by the spirit not the flesh. For my relationship with God to go deeper and stronger. Thanks you so much.

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi Odell, I’m praying for you right now and feel to make this declaration over you: you are free!


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