To wonder is to marvel; to be amazed and astounded.
To wonder, is to pause as you contemplate something (or someone) that is unlike anything you’ve seen before.
Wonder is more than a “wow”—wonder is awe.

And right now, we have moved into an interlude of wonder.

An Interlude of Wonder

God is Turning Weariness to WonderAn interlude is “a short period when a situation or activity is different from what comes before and after it”. [1]

We are entering a season of wonder, in which the Holy Spirit is moving in ways that are new to our generation.

  • There is an increase in prophetic signs
  • Angelic activity is becoming more noticeable
  • The Kingdom of God is breaking out

And while in recent decades, we have had encouragement in prophetic ministry, and at times, excitement—we are entering an interlude characterized by wonder.

And this season of wonder will lead to the “fear of the Lord”. [2]
For a time is coming when hearts will fall at His feet.

Eli Settled in his “Usual Place”

In the story of when young Samuel first heard God’s voice, we read,
“And it came to pass at that time, while Eli was lying down in his place, and when his eyes had begun to grow so dim that he could not see.”
(I Samuel 3:2 NKJV)

The NIV reads that the priest Eli “was lying down in his usual place”.

And as I wrote last year, this note in the story struck me. I felt the Holy Spirit provoking me with an alert—a warning—
that many of us who have been around for a long time in the prophetic, are in danger of becoming like Eli. [2]

The ageing priest was losing his eyesight; he was lying down, being at rest in his usual place.
He was stuck in his familiar way of doing things.
Asleep in his comfort zone.

If it feels as though a “sameness” has crept into your journey with God lately, He has a fresh encounter for you.

Today, I believe God is saying, “Pay attention! My favor is towards you.
I have more for you, than you are aware of or expect.”

You are free to emerge; to get out of the mold and into the more of what God has for you.

From Weariness to Wonder

The boy Samuel, in the meantime, lay down to sleep, but was surprised instead, by an encounter with God.

You may have felt weary, or even worn out. But God is turning your weariness into wonder.

A Samuel anointing is here. There is a fresh encounter with the voice of God, and it’s available for all of us, young and old.

It’s time for us to get out of our “usual place” and seek the intimate Presence of our Lord.

Spiritual Relocation

A word of spiritual relocation has been sent from Heaven!
Those of us who are prophetic seers, are about to be awakened and refreshed.

Remember, the name “Samuel’” means “heard of God”, So, be hungry; ask for a fresh encounter with Him.

Be open to discover new ways of hearing God’s voice and responding to the Holy Spirit.

For the Samuel era is here.
And your Father, Who loves you, has a fresh encounter for you to walk in.


[1] See_
Whilst this is an interlude, and different to what has been before, it is also a prelude.
A prelude is “something that comes before a more important event or action that introduces or prepares for it”, see_

[2] I shared this word and Scripture in May 2019: Prophetic Insight: It’s Time to Enter the Miracle Zone

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48 thoughts on “An Interlude of Wonder (and Prophetic signs) is Here”

  1. Great word that is helping me to believe for more of God. I am stuck in the same old same old and I am staving for more of God ( His deep things). I am seeking new places and different things to hear more from God. If I don’t hear or see new things from God, I can not operate in the realm of the Kingdom. Thank for your heavenly input into my life and way of thinking.

  2. thank you for this word this afternoon. My wife and me have been looking and waiting for GOD to show us what has for us. we know and feel as though we need to extend ourselves. this word and other prophecies we have heard are an encouragement.

    thank You

  3. Hi Helen thank you so much,cause everything the Lord said through you it’s manifesting,may the Lord richly bless you,keep on equipping us

  4. Hi Helen thank you so much,cause everything Lord said through you it’s manifesting in my life may the Lord continue to bless you,truly you equipping us

  5. Hello, Thank you for that confirmation. I have been weary but have been pleasantly surprise of the outcome lately. I I Thank you for coming into my life through my tremendous journey. Bless You.

  6. So if this doesn’t come to pass in my life this year then what does that mean? I keep reading and hearing about things like this over and over and have for years. Been waiting for over 21 years for dreams to come to pass and I’m tired. So very tired. I’ve been waiting for over 21 years for something to happen in my life, had many false starts AKA “stepping out in faith”, and now I am middle aged and I’m STILL WAITING. There are kids, as in teenagers and college age kids, who have more answered prayers than me and are doing more in their lives than me and I’ve been waiting since I was in my early 20’s. I have stepped out in faith and I have spent money and time and tried to get things going and moving in my life and without much happening. Been told it’s my fault cause I don’t have enough faith, or to keep waiting because of God’s timing, that the enemy is causing obstruction in the spirit, etc. etc.. There’s always a reason or an excuse. Reading posts like this make me tired, sad and angry and want to sob. Please pray for me.

    1. I hear you. I think my entire church is in this same boat, but it is not for me. So I decided to search out another church, and the church has a great web page with lots of information on it. But in reading this information, I was reminded of the Enliven Ministries, where I had taken a couple of courses several years ago. From that time to just 2 days ago, I experienced a downward spiral that kept taking me deeper and deeper until as David in the Bible says My body ached, my mind was consumed. I am presently reviewing my course material and reading the material of the church that I was researching. I am very surprised with how much The Holy Spirit has turned me around in just a couple of days. I do not think that I will be changing churches. I am looking forward to doing new and great (sometimes small) things for God. So may I encourage you to hang in there and when your turn around comes, It will be glorious indeed. Walter

  7. I am so encouraged and enlightened by the material you post. I would have loved to receive ‘Set Your Prophetic Gift Free’. if you do not mind.

    I am trusting God to bless me financially so I can also contribute positively.

    Remain blessed

  8. I come to you in Yahshua Hamashiac Messiah name and asked that you join with me in prayer for Dwayne Taylor to be released from the power of Darkness and born again by the Blood of our saviour.And asked that we destroy the works of Satan in seeing people brought to salvation from Sin and Death! .I’m looking for Miracles to take place.And also pray that Sandra Cherry be removed from his life she’s doing everything to stop him from growing in the Truth.There is a whole list of heathen nations coming against this .May Yahweh Will be done and also pray for all deception to be binded up.

  9. I’m asking that the SPIRIT OF TRUTH break thru this atmosphere and a strong move of YAHWEH hands come thru the sky and let the Ruach ho kodesh Spirit bring changes…tearing down strong holds and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of YAHWEH

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