An Interlude of Wonder (and Prophetic signs) is Here

To wonder is to marvel; to be amazed and astounded.
To wonder, is to pause as you contemplate something (or someone) that is unlike anything you’ve seen before.
Wonder is more than a “wow”—wonder is awe.

And right now, we have moved into an interlude of wonder.

An Interlude of Wonder

God is Turning Weariness to WonderAn interlude is “a short period when a situation or activity is different from what comes before and after it”. [1]

We are entering a season of wonder, in which the Holy Spirit is moving in ways that are new to our generation.

  • There is an increase in prophetic signs
  • Angelic activity is becoming more noticeable
  • The Kingdom of God is breaking out

And while in recent decades, we have had encouragement in prophetic ministry, and at times, excitement—we are entering an interlude characterized by wonder.

And this season of wonder will lead to the “fear of the Lord”. [2]
For a time is coming when hearts will fall at His feet.

Eli Settled in his “Usual Place”

In the story of when young Samuel first heard God’s voice, we read,
“And it came to pass at that time, while Eli was lying down in his place, and when his eyes had begun to grow so dim that he could not see.”
(I Samuel 3:2 NKJV)

The NIV reads that the priest Eli “was lying down in his usual place”.

And as I wrote last year, this note in the story struck me. I felt the Holy Spirit provoking me with an alert—a warning—
that many of us who have been around for a long time in the prophetic, are in danger of becoming like Eli. [2]

The ageing priest was losing his eyesight; he was lying down, being at rest in his usual place.
He was stuck in his familiar way of doing things.
Asleep in his comfort zone.

If it feels as though a “sameness” has crept into your journey with God lately, He has a fresh encounter for you.

Today, I believe God is saying, “Pay attention! My favor is towards you.
I have more for you, than you are aware of or expect.”

You are free to emerge; to get out of the mold and into the more of what God has for you.

From Weariness to Wonder

The boy Samuel, in the meantime, lay down to sleep, but was surprised instead, by an encounter with God.

You may have felt weary, or even worn out. But God is turning your weariness into wonder.

A Samuel anointing is here. There is a fresh encounter with the voice of God, and it’s available for all of us, young and old.

It’s time for us to get out of our “usual place” and seek the intimate Presence of our Lord.

Spiritual Relocation

A word of spiritual relocation has been sent from Heaven!
Those of us who are prophetic seers, are about to be awakened and refreshed.

Remember, the name “Samuel’” means “heard of God”, So, be hungry; ask for a fresh encounter with Him.

Be open to discover new ways of hearing God’s voice and responding to the Holy Spirit.

For the Samuel era is here.
And your Father, Who loves you, has a fresh encounter for you to walk in.


[1] See_
Whilst this is an interlude, and different to what has been before, it is also a prelude.
A prelude is “something that comes before a more important event or action that introduces or prepares for it”, see_

[2] I shared this word and Scripture in May 2019: Prophetic Insight: It’s Time to Enter the Miracle Zone

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46 thoughts on “An Interlude of Wonder (and Prophetic signs) is Here

  1. Sibongile

    Hi Helen,thank you so much for this prophetic word and confirmation from the Lord about the Spiritual relocation and intimacy with Him. I’m really expecting this season of wonder that is coming… bless His Holy name.
    And may God continue to bless you and your family & increase you more and more in Jesus’ name.

    Can’t wait for this season of awe…

  2. Rani Pillay

    Hi Helen. I am blessed to have a prophetic word such as this. My husband and I have entered the Samuel era. We are now living in awe and wonder of His glory. We have extreme favor with God and man. We have relocated spiritually and are now living in the promised land. Its amazing how you have prophesied the very things that has and is happening to us. We truly live in awe of Him. I love you Jesus. My source of life. Thank you Jesus

  3. Yoel Stuart,prophet

    All I can say is your always spot on in SEASON and what God is doing and saying, may the King of all Ages EXPAND the borders of your Ministry to His People!

  4. Don Henderson

    So good Helen… Yes indeed, I am in wonder and awe of our amazing father, and oh my word I think you are so right that a time is coming of “falling at His feet” in total awe I might add… How my soul longs to worship Him in Spirit & Truth and total abandonment in the fullness of relationship with Him.

  5. Christina Mcleod

    To God be The Glory for this on time msg. The Lord knows I was just crying out my Heart to him asking him what am I doing wrong ? with my walk ???? The Lord knows I needed to hear this personally.


    gracias a Dios,tengo la respuesta,espero mas luz del E.S. muchas cosas no entiendo.saludame a los miembros de tu familia y ruego ORE POR MEXICO,y por mi.Saludos.

  7. Rhae Swisher

    God has given me an interesting word, somewhat similar:
    Look beyond, Look up, and Look ahead.

    Briefly – it is time to look beyond our past – Isa. 43:18. To many Christians are living in their past failures, mistakes, etc.

    Look up – God wants us to move just as your prophetic word says. We can’t follow God by looking down.

    Look ahead – If you look at Lamentations 3:21-23 and Isa. 43:19 we see God saying my mercies are new everyday and I’m doing a new thing. Combine that with the first word in Heb. 11:1.

    God is doing a new thing, now, right now and we must have a NOW kind of faith to grab hold of it. As the word you received says he’s calling us to get up from our resting place. From our comfort zone. And move with Him! Our comfort Zones are where we create our own wildernesses.

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful word from God!

  8. Tuzet L Clark

    Thank so much for this word, you always seem to post in ths time I need it the most. God is calling for us to Enter into his rest. God wants to reform, refresh, and rekindle the fiery love that we omce had for him & I’m ready for this turning point iny Life. God bless you for being a simcere & obedient WOG. I appreciate all your blogs and I’m ready to be awed at the beauty & holiness of our God.

  9. Michelle

    Dear Helen,

    THANK YOU. the words have just opened up my mind to the Mystery of our GOD. I always thought that finding random thoughts in my head was just that – random thoughts, But I realise now, that this is the voice of God… and having stepped into a spiritual environment of transformational power, I am BLESSED to be on this Journey with God, My Savior, my ROCK, my strength and the reason why I breathe…. Thank you Lord, for your Grace, which has always been sufficient. I am gazing forward with AWE and WONDER at the NEW things God has in store for me in this Season.

    May your Ministry receive His Grace and Blessings into eternity.


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