Being caught in a storm is no one’s idea of a “Happy New Year”.
And yet, it has been a reality for many this past week.

Today, I believe the Lord is bringing reassurance to those who face hardship or uncertainty.

Your Father says, “I am with you.”
In the middle of the mayhem, is a miracle!

The Song in the Storm

Song and Glory in the StormAs 1 January 2020 clocked over, we found ourselves in a sudden storm; a painful transition within our close family.

Whilst this whirlwind of change has brought grief, we have also seen evidence of our Father’s great mercy.

It hasn’t been the New Year we expected.
But it has been one in which we have seen our Father at work
—and we discover:

There is a song that you can only hear in the midst of the storm. 

So, if you are also in a storm right now, this song is for you:

“This I recall to my mind,
Therefore I have hope.
Through the Lord’s mercies we are not consumed,
Because His compassions fail not.
They are new every morning;
Great is Your faithfulness. (Lam 3:21-23)

The Bruised Heart of Australia

On a national level, here in Australia we are in the midst of a storm of unprecedented proportions—a firestorm.
Bushfires are ravaging our land.

To be Australian right now, is to have a bruised heart.
There are shadows of pain in the midst of our New Year’s celebrations and summer vacations.

No one is untouched; the devastation of fire is everywhere—in conversation, in news, in media.
The smell of smoke leaks into our homes.
It steals our breath.

And this firestorm shows no sign of abating—but, for a miracle of soaking rain.
And so we pray.

For this we know:
Our Father is neither the author of natural disasters, nor is He a remote spectator—rather, He is a God of love who is present with us in our suffering. [2]

Glory in the Wilderness

Today, know that whatever storm or uncertainty is touching your own life, and that of your nation, God is present with you.
And that is the beginning of miracles.

In the book of Isaiah, God brings a message of comfort to His suffering people, and a promise:

“Every valley shall be raised up, every mountain and hill made low; the rough ground shall become level, the rugged places a plain. And the glory of the Lord will be revealed, and all people will see it together. For the mouth of the Lord has spoken.” (Isaiah 40:4-5 NIV)

The “wilderness” is the very place that God promises to visit His people with His glory.

The desert is the picture of a dry, vulnerable, barren place, where enemies and threats seem ever-present.
Where snakes and scorpions live.

So, if you are experiencing the sting of spiritual warfare, listen for the song of the Lord, and lift up your hands.
God’s glory is coming to your wilderness.

Glory in the Storm

When God wanted to introduce Himself in all His glory to the Prophet Ezekiel, He did not take him up to Heaven, as we might suppose.
God visited him right there in Babylon, where he and his people were being held captive. (Ezek 1).

And there Ezekiel saw, coming from the distance, a great storm, drawing closer.
It was God’s Throne—His glory emanating in Heavenly brightness.

So if today, you happen to find yourself in the wilderness, or in a storm—perhaps, one you didn’t expect.
And your New Year has not brought the breakthrough you wanted.
Look closer.
God is present. In the eye of the storm, He is with you.


[1] “Mayhem” is a word meaning confusion, disorder and violence

[2] Is there a prophetic meaning in natural disasters?
Where is God at these times? I pondered this question here: Earthquakes, Prophecy and the Heart of God

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We wish you a Happy New Year.

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26 thoughts on “There is a Miracle in the Midst of Your Storm”

  1. Thank you the message Helen, but we are concerned of what is happening in AUSTRALIA right now. I will stand with you in prayer.Let the rain fall over Australia and put out the fire. We believing God in impossible situations.

    God keep you safe and your family

  2. We are in the middle of a storm right now. But we have a “Great Peace” that can only come from God. We feel that a “ Transition” a Great Move oh God is about to take place. So thank you for your encouraging words sent by God to encourage us in the middle of the “STORM “ God bless!!!!!

  3. Without the peace of God I don’t know how I’d ever get through life and especially when there is a storm. God is faithful when we ask Him for His peace and help. One thing I learned last year was that when I needed help I was asking God to help me THROUGH a situation and not asking Him to carry my burden. Kind of like when one just grits their teeth to get through something. After I realized what I’d been doing for YEARS I repented and started telling God that I needed help, that I couldn’t do the thing I needed to do, and that I was afraid. Simple things to say but an eye opener. Prayed this many times a day last year around this time and God was so good. Within minutes this peace would come over me, a peace so strong and not generated by myself, it was amazing. No, it didn’t change what was happening , meaning the thing I wanted Him to change or rather to change it the way I wanted it to change, but His peace was the answer to prayer. This would be accompanied by His grace, meaning HIs supernatural strength, to do what He’d show me to do. Some people think that God’s peace is like some simple pat answer or thing to pray but it’s not. He gives that peace the way the world and our selves do not. It’s a peace that we do not and cannot generate on our own, it comes from OUTSIDE ourselves. It’s also a huge answer to prayer even if things don’t go how we want. A death, lost job or the many “Why God why?” questions. Our flesh wants answers and God doesn’t always give that but He gives us His peace. And think of it this way, would you rather go through something feeling scared, or uncertain , upset? Or would you want to go through it without having roller coaster and or tortured emotions? I’d rather have that peace. No, it doesn’t always make sense at the moment but it’s the better thing and God is good and He will give it if we ask Him.

  4. Hi Sister
    Been dignaosed with cancer in the uterus. They said it’s mixed serous and endometrioid endometrial carcinoma stage 1 Grade 2 and it was cranky. They removed uterus and tubes including ovaries on 27th Nov. 3rd Jan 1st cycle of chemo and radiation to follow. Treatment Will last till June 2020. They have the jab for white blood cells and the pain is so unbearable. Meanwhile songs are being played on Google and they actually lift me up. Then today I read Psalm 27 and there was excitement as the verse Bad men came near me. They wanted to eat my body. But it was my enemies, the people that fought me, that tripped and fell.
    Psalms 27:2 EASY

    Bad men came near me. They wanted to eat my body. But it was my enemies, the people that fought me, that tripped and fell.
    Psalms 27:2 NLV
    2 When sinful men, and all who hated me, came against me to destroy my flesh, they tripped and fell. 3 Even if an army gathers against me, my heart will not be afraid. Even if war rises against me, I will be sure of You.
    That encourages me so much and reading your blog brought another excitement to my SPIRIT man once again.

  5. In the midst of the storm God has given us peace,
    Recently I have been through many storms, emotional, spiritual, in my family, and financially. God has been my strength in the midst of the storm. My God continues to use you to speak to his people and this generation that God is able to bring peace to every storm

  6. Pastor thank you for this word I pray that my miracle is here in 2020 through the storm. I decree and declare with my voice and speak it bold and confidently that I confessed my miracle is on it’s way. IN JESUS NAME I PRAY AMEN!

  7. Hi Helen. Sorry about what’s happening in Australia. The wild fires. My prayers that God can send in the rains fast.
    I am also in the midst of a storm. 2020 I was expectant of a new wave of break through, financially and spiritually. But each day that passes things are becoming tougher and tougher. I lost a job, my wife is pregnant, I have to meet school fees for my children. I don’t see how am gonna manage all this.
    But thanks to God for you. Amidst all this mayhem God uses you to reach out to some of us with a prophetic message. To inspire us. Myself I feel encouraged and I know very soon God is gonna change this situation I’m positively.
    God bless you all.

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