What is a Divine Appointment?

Divine AppointmentA Divine appointment is a moment in time, in which:

  • You encounter God
  • You come across a person or group that is significant in God’s purposes for you, or
  • A circumstance take place, that you realize has been set up by the Holy Spirit

It is a miracle moment.

You may have entered a Divine appointment, knowing it is one. But often, a Divine appointment is unexpected! It is only during or afterwards, that you become aware of its significance.

A Divine appointment is an event that has been orchestrated by God.

6 Characteristics of a Divine Appointment

1. A Divine Appointment Often Takes Place in a Vulnerable Moment

It was a day Jacob later referred to, as “the day of his distress” (Gen 35:3).
He was fleeing for his life, away from his childhood home—and his murderous brother.

Late that day, Jacob reached a stony, lonely place. “A certain place” (Gen 28:11).
Night was coming on, and he could travel no further.

Jacob had no idea he was about to encounter God. For he hadn’t stopped there by choice—only necessity.

A Divine appointment often happens when we are at the end of our capability.

This is the grace of God—that He is saying to many of us today, “Where you are—this place, this moment, this season in your life: I am with you.”

You may have ended up somewhere you weren’t expecting.
It may seem dry; it may be hard.
You may feel vulnerable in some way.
But He says, “This is your place of Divine appointment.”

2. A Divine Appointment Turns Your Distress to Worship

That night, lying on the hard ground, Jacob had a dream.

  • He saw a staircase reaching from Heaven to earth, with angels traveling up and down it
  • Above the stairs, stood God Almighty—telling Jacob of his identity, his purpose and destiny!

He awoke and realized, “This place—is not what I thought”.
He had stumbled into a Divine appointment.

And Jacob declared with wonder,
“How awesome is this place! This is none other than the house of God; this is the gate of heaven.” (Gen 28:17)

Because of that encounter with God, the place of Jacob’s distress turned into a place of worship.

“Early the next morning Jacob took the stone he had placed under his head and set it up as a pillar and poured oil on top of it. He called that place Bethel” (Gen 28:19, NIV)

Today, hear your Father say, “I love you! I am here!”

As God interrupts the darkness with His glory, your heart will turn towards Him in worship.

3. At the Divine Appointment, Your Perspective is Changed

At Bethel, Jacob’s expectation changed.
He was no longer running from his past—he was stepping into his future.

“He called that place Bethel” (Gen 28:19).
Jacob renamed his location.

From now on, future generations knew that place as “Bethel”, meaning “the House of God”.

Today you can anticipate, that as He did for Jacob, God is giving you grace to rename your location.

  • Dry, tough place
  • Hard place
  • Place of waiting
  • Challenging place

You realize, “This is my place of Divine appointment. God is in this location!”

4. At the Divine Appointment, Your Fear Meets God’s Favor

In his flight from home, Jacob was motivated by fear—and probably, stung by regret.
He had just cheated his brother Esau out of his father’s blessing.
Now, Esau was plotting to murder him.

He was alone, his father Isaac was dying, and Jacob would never see his beloved mother again.

  • In spite of all of that, at the height of Jacob’s pain, God showed up in His glory

Instead of shaming him, God called, “Jacob! I’ve chosen you!”

Fear met the favor of God—and Jacob was never the same again.

Today, receive the touch of the Holy Spirit upon the eyes of your heart.
Be assured that God is present in your pain.
And not only that, He doesn’t shame you for your mistakes.
Instead, He extends His favor towards you.

Jesus reaches out His hand through your fear, to rescue you.

5. At the Divine Appointment, God Reveals His Grace to You

A painful circumstance is usually complex.
And in Jacob’s situation, it was not only that he had failed.
His family had also failed him.

  • Our messy situation, or painful transition, may be the result of others’ mistakes, as well as our own
  • We may recognize our own flawed choices have, in part, led to where we are

And yet, and this is the very place God shows up. Here, your Father says, “I choose you!”

There was nothing Jacob had done to deserve this favor.
God’s favor towards Jacob was not based on personal merit: it was founded on covenant.
Simply, Jacob was an heir to the promises given to his father and grandfather.

And like Jacob, you are an heir of a covenant; and of a promise, through faith in Christ. [2]

Now, no matter what has been before, He says, “I have a hope and a future for you.” (Jer 29:11)

6. In a Divine Appointment, Everything Changes

Jacob’s life was changed by the revelation of an open heaven above him.

Up until now, Jacob had not known God personally. To Jacob, He was the God of his father and grandfather.
But from this time on, He would be known as “the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob”. [3]

In the midst of his pain, Jacob was assured of his identity and purpose.
And years later, he led his own children back to Bethel.

  • Another generation had a worship encounter with God.

When we are led by the Holy Spirit, every moment is sacred.
But a Divine appointment stands out as a tipping point—afterwards, things will never be the same.

This is your miracle moment.

[1] You can read the story of Jacob’s encounter with God at Bethel in Genesis 28.
[2] 1 Cor 11:25, 2 Cor 3:6, Gal 3:16, Gal 4:21-31
[3] Gen 50:24, Exodus 3:6

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52 thoughts on “6 Characteristics of a Divine Appointment”

  1. God bless you pastor. I have been receiving your blogs for some time now and j just want to let you know that i thank god that he has blessed you with such a prophetic anoiting. Every time i read your email it speaks directly to my circumstances.not to get off subject, but thank you for the story of jacob. I believe that in this season of pain ,pressure, and the many challenges that i am facing in life that this is also my divine encounters with God.. To God be the glory..

    1. Thank you Vanessa.
      I’m praying with you right now, for breakthrough in the challenges, and also that you will be increasingly aware and confident God is at work, moving on your behalf

  2. Thanks Helen, you are so on point with this message by the Holy Spirit. I was in a dry place with the gift God has given unto me. I asked God to open up some doors for me to use my gift as a Music Composer and song writer, pianist and singer. I was on my way home from choir practice feeling dry and empty not being able to present my music to the choir. I had a dream of being on television and someone ask me to lead in worship. That morning I got a call to come and Lead Praise and Worship at a church for New Years Eve service. The Holy Spirit told the First Lady to call me by faith and she did and I excepted the engagement to lead the whole service as the “Minister of Music “.Praise God!!!!!for a ” DEVINE APPOINTMENT ” Amen!!! Thank You

  3. Thank you very much woman God. This is very relevant to what God did for me this year(2019). I had applied for the citizenship in 2011 and I got rejected 11 times appealing all the rejections but nothing came up. God gave me the revelation at the end of 2018 and I declared that 2019 is the year if fixing my eyes on Jesus, the author and the finisher of my faith. I was given about five orders to leave the country with only 14 days to do that but I would go on and appeal that order to leave the country bearing in mind that I am not alone in this situation because God said even if I may go through the valley of the shadow of death I shall fear no evil bcz He is with me. In April this year I got a final rejection a final order to leave but I just reminded of His promises and in may I got a call from the department of home affairs requesting that I must write detailed email explaining about what happened since 2011 bcz my case was now under investigation and I must not leave the country and a good cause letter was given to me and later on I got my permit. I saw God appearing at that moment when I was vulnerable but His Grace is sufficient, I love Jesus and I thank God for your inspiring sermons on your blog. I believe someone is gonna be encouraged by this testimony even though I had to summarise it.

    Thanks to God the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit.

  4. Thank you so much for this powerful prophecy. It speaks directly to my life. Right on point. My mind is being transformed ang refocussed. I was at the point of throwing the towel in but this message is so uplifting. May the good Lord contnue to use you mightily as you contnue to impact lives with His word.

  5. God bless you so much ma. You have always been on time each time your emails came in and I will just be getting answer. Lately I’ve been having a burden like God is about doing something in my life but I don’t seem to get it and your message of divine appointment came in again. It keeps my faith strong I know God is about doing something but my fear had been not to miss out on what He is seeking to do. It had been a battle of fear and inadequacy. I am still reading the book *setting my prophetic free* because lately I feel so empty and its like I lost all I had. But you sent word sometime back to say God was turning the delay to glory.
    Ma all this keeps me in a state of expectation.
    May God increase you in grace ma.

  6. shalom ma , I have been trying to enrol in the school but paying from Nigeria is not easy , but a brother in the US agreed to pay on my behalf , pls how do I tell him to pay , he was asking me of the account to pay to thanks i need to beat the 15 January deadline pls

    1. Hi Jude, In this situation, the easiest way is for your friend to make a donation via our donation page. Then he (or you) can email me at [email protected] with the signup details, I.e. your name and email address, then I could do a manual enrolment for you.
      The donation page is here: https://www.enlivenpublishing.com/blog/donate/
      Be aware that there Will be some days over the next couple of weeks where I will be on vacation and unable to assist. However, will respond at our earliest time possible.

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