Upper Springs: Hear God Say, “Come Up higher!”

Sometimes the Lord says, “Come deeper!” and other times He calls, “Come up higher”.

“Beloved! Come up higher! I have more for you!”

Are you feeling weary? He is inviting you into the place of encounter, where you will be revived.
A fresh infilling of His Spirit awaits!

“Will You Ask Me?”

Recently, I was walking through a park in our local Dandenong Ranges, and came across a sign that said, “Upper Pools”.

In that moment, I heard the Holy Spirit say,
“Will you ask Me for both the upper and lower Springs?”

“Upper and lower springs”.
I knew immediately, He was referring to the story of Acsah—the daughter of Caleb, who asked her father for springs of water.

The “More” God Has For You

“…Caleb asked [Acsah], “What can I do for you?”
She replied, “Do me a special favor. Since you have given me land in the Negev, give me also springs of water.”
So Caleb gave her the upper and lower springs.”
(Judges 1:14b-15, NIV [1])

It is a story that can serve as an analogy for us today, for springs in Scripture often represent the Holy Spirit. [2]

Caleb has already given Acsah, and her new husband Othniel, a gift of land.
Now, Acsah requests, “Give me also…!” She asks her father for more!

The springs will provide a supply of water to the dry, south land that is their inheritance.

It is a reminder that we need the fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit upon our lives, our ministries, and everything we do.

“Don’t Settle for Less!”

“Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us…” (Eph 3:20, NKJV)

Your God, is the God of more.
It’s an invitation from the heart of the Father:
“Come up higher! I have more for you.”

What if Acsah, and her husband—having received both lower and upper springs as a gift—had only utilized the lower springs?

  • Whole sections of the land would have remained dry and barren
  • They would have been using only part of the land’s available irrigation

I believe this is a word from God for each of us today.

“Don’t settle for less than the fullness of what I have for you!”

“There are still untapped resources of My Spirit and My Word awaiting you”

Let us be those who will not settle for the “lower springs” alone—may we press on to receive all God has for us!

An Upper Springs Mindset

Acsah asked her father, “do me a special favor” (Judges 1:14, NIV) or
“Give me a blessing” (NKJV).

She knew she already had her father’s favor.
And that fueled her expectation.

God is inviting you into the security of His love. It is a place of abiding, where you can receive all He has to offer you.

  • You may need to be replenished and refilled
  • He may even be speaking to you about stepping into a new level of boldness, and spiritual authority

Acsah’s story reminds us, we are the beloved of our Father.

But we can’t receive an upper springs inheritance, with a lower springs mindset.

We must know we are heirs in Christ.

The Attitude of an Heir

Today, the Holy Spirit is ministering to you in the area of your identity and your calling. You are created in God’s image.
You are glorious!

Acsah’s name meant “anklet,” an adornment.

  • But in those days, it also meant the leg chains that held someone to stocks in prison

Acsah had every reason to have the attitude of a victim.

She had been treated as a chattel—given up by her father as first prize to the man who would conquer a city of giants! [3]

But she had the attitude of an heir.

A Higher Calling

Not only did Acsah and her husband Othniel receive watered lands for their inheritance, they received a powerful spiritual legacy.

The faith of her father Caleb—the Joshua generation—lived on in them.

Later, the Spirit of God came upon Othniel. He became Israel’s first judge and deliverer, and because of his leadership, the land had rest for 40 years. [4]

“Come Up Higher!”

This is a word that has the power to pull you into the more God has for you.

Whatever the inheritance He has marked out for you, whatever your function or calling, your Father says, “I have more of Myself to reveal to you.
You have My favor.
You are enough!”

“Beloved, don’t settle for the lower springs when I also have the upper springs for you.
Come up higher!”

Listen to My Testimony with the Upper Springs Word

Here is a short excerpt (17 minutes) of me sharing the Upper Springs message, that includes a part of my testimony.
Click on the following title and the MP3 will open in another window.

Upper Springs with Helen Calder MP3

(Depending on your Internet speed, the file may take a short time to load. Courtesy of Catch the Fire Auckland)

Ministry Opportunities in 2020

Helen Calder PreachingThis article is from one of my prophetic ‘Words for Women’.

I have a few spaces available for speaking, prophetic ministry and training for next year!

If you are interested in hosting me at your church or event, or to see more options, view my speaker’s page here.

[1] This story also appears in Joshua 15 (see Josh 15:19)
[2] I first heard the comparison between Acsah’s story and our need for the Holy Spirit from Ps Jack Hayford back in 1993/94! (hear testimony in MP3 above)
[3] See Judges 1:12-13
[4] See Judges 3:9-11

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42 thoughts on “Upper Springs: Hear God Say, “Come Up higher!”

  1. Naomi Testimony

    This is such an eye-opener. So timely. I need to go up higher. I choose to hear God say, “You have My favor. You are enough!”
    I’ll listen to the testimony later. Thank you so much Helen Calder.

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      I was just reminded of this, when I read your comment, Naomi
      …“Rejoice, highly favored one, the Lord is with you; blessed are you among women!”
      Luke 1:28 NKJV

      1. Naomi Testimony

        Helen Calder,
        I know what that means. Thank you for the confirmation.
        All glory and honor be to God forever.

  2. Bonnie

    Glory to the Lord of all mercies. This is to me some confirmation. Many a times when I pray I almost always get this nudging that, “There’s this higher level you can still rise to. There is still more of what you still can hear and receive!” Many times I’ve only stopped and thought, “What do I have to do to get to that level?” This comes when I’m up pursuing my Spiritual gift of Discernment of Spirit. So this word is so meaningful to me, and I believe God for more and new strength to rise up and reach for what my Heavenly Father has for my life. Lord, I have walked around in somebody else’s outfit long enough, I now come to receive my own attire in Jesus’s name.
    Thank you Helen, and may God continue to bless and use you to reach many with His word.

  3. Gaewyn Harvey

    Such a blessing, as I am preparing to lead a prophetic art group tonight, I moved a large prophetic painting from the wall to take with me and then I heard your word come alive, the two came together, it was the hand of Jeses coming through the porta in the paintingl, speaking just as you shared, Come up higher, to the upper springs that I have prepared for you as your inheritance, Im releasing you into more, something fresh…….. I heard also that this is a word to share with other women tonight as encouragement to embrace how Father God sees us, daughters of the King. Thankyou Helen you are one of Gods treasures and I have been so uplifted many times through your teaching and prophetic word.

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      That is so wonderful, Gaewyn! I love prophetic painting. I pray the atmosphere in your meeting tonight is highly charged with the Presence of God, that the ‘power of the Lord would be present to heal’ (Luke 5:17) many in their hearts and lives, and this will be a turning point to remember

  4. Jules

    Last month i woke up with these words sounding in my ears, “MATCH UP”. This is definitely a confirmation. God bless you Ma

  5. Charlotte

    Good evening! I have been receiving and reading your post for about a year now and just felt the need, after so many times of wanting to respond, to respond today. This one would not allow me to not say anything! It popped us as soon as I finished praying “Lord, this is the confidence that I have in You..that if I ask anything according to your will, you hear me and knowing that You hear me, I have what I ask of you!” Thank you sooooooooo much!! He is telling me to “come up higher!”

  6. Ronelia Hughes

    This teaching is so refreshing and on-time as I am learning step by step how to go higher. The Father has said there is a higher place I need for you to be. Yes, new garments, new mantles, gifts that have been dormant are now being activated. This truly a confirmation. Your blogs so minister to me. Thank You!

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      I love that Ronelia, He is breathing to life that which has been dormant!
      We’re in Spring here in Australia and there are signs of that all around. Many trees are receiving their new ‘mantling’ – what is in their DNA is being released, after the dormant season. What is in your DNA spiritually, destined by God, is being released.

  7. Jumaima Nkabinde

    Thank you very much for the word today. I woke up with my spirit down with an unknown longing. Now I know I should go up higher to get what my Father has in-store for me. Thank you Helen.

  8. Elle

    Hi Helen,
    Thank you for sharing this. Just exactly a week ago I saw the words, “more Lord” in my mind, it was written in cursive and print in a linen-like cloth. You just helped me understand these words mean for my life.
    This also made me recall a dream that I had some time ago that I didn’t fully understand until today— until after I read this. Thank you and praise the Lord!

    Thank you also for the resources that you provide through your school. I am learning a lot.

  9. April Willrich

    I’ve also heard the LORD say, “Ask for more,” many years ago. His instructions have never changed so thanks for reminding me that we serve a God who can do exceeding, abundantly above all we can ask and think. I remember at the time asking God to heal bodies, release provision in Haiti, reconcile relationships, more grace, more mercy, and more of His compassion and love. Yet, there is still greater that God wants to do and greater that we can ask for. And even now, I would love to go to a higher place with the LORD in intimacy.

  10. Geoffrey Lule

    Praise God Helen. I have been practicing my prophetic ministry on a small scale, like on one on one. But last month I approached my pastor and I asked him to be my mentor. He directed me to his wife who operates in the same gift as me. They both have been helpful to me.
    But since the beginning of this month, I have been feeling a little low. As if I’m not in touch with God. But after reading your message I understand now that God has been waiting for me to ask Him for the upper springs as well, so that I can operate at even a larger scale. He has it all. He is my father.
    Thanks alot Helen for the prophetic word.
    God bless you.


    Greetings in the Most Precious Name of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ!
    I thank our God and Father of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for speaking through you the encouraging and precise Word of God. I do believe that God is speaking to me to “Come up Higher” in His glorious presence and into the beauty of His Holiness. Thank you for your prophetic Word from the Holy Spirit. May our Heavenly Father continue to use you, your Family and the Church that you are ministering mightily.

  12. Constance

    Wow. Thank you Helen for this timely word. The Lord has blessed me through your writings. I recently shared a message with a group of believers on the need to press into the fullness of our inheritance in God. And came across this article again today. It’s a confirmation of the call of our Heavenly Father in this season. God bless you and enlarge your territory in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen.

  13. Connie Manion

    As I listened, I felt His Presence and also went into a gentle travail https://youtu.be/j3WwM3Z8Lqw. Please pray for me. I’m experiencing neurological problems. One possibility is MS per my doctors. He’s referring me to a Neurologist, to get extensive lab work and probably a spinal tap. I am having memory, writing, spelling, grammar and some kind of strange visual issues where I’ve damaged my car 2 times in the past 2+ months. You’re words Always minister His Presence to me Helen. Bless U?

  14. Martha Kiende Mwithiga

    Very inspiring message,settling not on less.i have learnt a new thing, that I should always want more because my father has, glory to God.

    I request that you pray for me for healing,am unwell,my body is paining every where.
    Thanks and God bless you.

  15. Tante Lane

    Hello my name is Marie Lane I’m writing because I feel like I’m stuck I lost my son a year age I’ve been drinking and smoking I want to be free from all of this I know God is a deliver and a healer I just feel like I can’t let go I’m just stuck


      Thank you for sharing this most anointed song of worship to our Heavenly Father. Indeed we are “Standing in His Presence on Holy Ground”

  16. Rosana

    Hello Helen, my name is Rosana, I am a pastor in a city near Sao Paulo – Brazil. We have a ministry that feeds pastors. I’m always following you on twitter and reading your articles. I want to thank you because that word has built me up so much. We are going through a phase of spiritual brokenness and we needed that word. Thank you so much

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi Rosana, I’m glad the word ministered to you, and praying for you right now the Spirit visit your ministry with grace and glory …Ps 84:11

  17. Tracy

    Praise the Lord Jesus Christ,
    I bless Jesus for using you mightly.
    I have been longing for more of God recently and earlier this week on 5th November on my way to church the holy spirit brought to my attention a crane used to build a sky craper being lowered down to pick up cement and I felt so much peace, as the word God has used you to send out speaks go higher and deeper and encourages me to have an heir attitude to reach out and ask my father for more as Achsah and to Know that I have my father’s favor.

    May God richly bless you Helen.


    Thanks Helen for the word of this moment that inspires us to desire fresh encounters & to yearn for more of GOD .This reminds me that i still feel empty so that i can have more room for him to fill me afresh. God bless you so much

  19. Nakeda Johnson

    Hello Ms. Helen. This article is a blessing to me and Right now word for my life. I am in a time where I feel God calling me and preparing me for something but I just don’t know what it is .You see I thought things were going to happen one way in my life and I believe I got some of it right but now it’s time for me to trust God in the process. I am determined to seek him like never before and to come up higher because I have always seen myself small or lower than other people do to childhood trauma.I thought I was healed and I was still walking around thinking I was whole. I would put down myself down , making myself feel small while putting others up calling it honor and respect. I had a false perception of what true relationship and honor was.

  20. Vince Whitaker

    Hi Sis, brother Vince here from PHX AZ. Almost immediately while absorbing this Word, the Spirit spoke to my heart ; The Upper Springs Feed the Lower Springs ; i.e. “But seek first the kingdom [upper] of God and his righteousness, and all these things [ lower] will be added to you. ” We professing Christians can live, breath and prosper within the realm of the lower springs (earth) to a measure … however, the Word shouts to us that we have even a greater portion if we choose to abide in the Upper ( e.g. upper room where the descipless received the Holy Spirit) and in doing so, the Word tells us that we then have possession, dominion, authority beyond what we may have previously experienced in the “lower” … I’m with you Sis, let us willing seek abiding in the Upper Springs! Thank you for your servant leadership, inclined ear and obedience in bringing forward Truth! Shalom & Favor Vince

  21. Zoleka Lusiti Ms

    Dear Helen, thank you for sharing this prophecy, you have once again touched me. I want both springs, the upper and lower. I have just run out of words to explain how much deep you have just provoked me with this prophecy, really, really I needed to hear this. May God continue to bless you and use you to reach out to people like me, in Christ Jesus.??


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