I believe there are many reading this, who feel as though you have come up against a wall.
And perhaps you can identify with this today:

  • Something has been hindering your progress, or that of an issue, person or group you care deeply about

Hear your Father say, “I am turning frustration into faith!”
I am empowering you to pray like never before.

Angels are Waiting to be Employed

This reminds me of a prophetic dream in which I saw two angels, lounging against a wall.
Their arms were folded and they were leaning against the wall in such a way that suggested they were bored, and had nothing to do!

In that moment, I was asleep, but the Holy Spirit was using a dream to open my eyes.

  • The reason the angels were “unemployed” was that they were waiting for God to give them a command
  • And my Father was waiting for me to pray, before He would issue that command

A Switch is Taking Place!

“This, then, is how you should pray: “Our Father in Heaven, hallowed be your name” (Matt 6:9, NIV)

“Our Father!”
“My Father!”
Jesus teaches us to begin our prayer by addressing our Father.

And then—before we go into our personal needs or requests—to pray, “Your kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” (Matt 6:9, NIV)

It is an expression of our heartfelt desire, but more than that: it is a proclamation.
A declaration.

See it right now— a switch is taking place!

That issue you are praying about, is no longer earth-bound.
God’s Kingdom is located there.

Active there.
At work there.

Prayer Precedes Power!

The manifestation of God’s Kingdom is power!

The Apostle Paul said this:
“For the kingdom of God is not in word, but in power.” (1 Cor 4:20, KJVS)

Your prayer is more than words—it is God’s power being released, as you partner with Him.

See by faith, God’s Kingdom at work in your situation as you pray.

And where God’s Kingdom is at work, His power is being released.

That Wall is Coming Down

Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” (Matt 19:26)

And I believe that is His word to us today.
See the switch.

You are declaring God’s Kingdom, His rulership, over that circumstance. Over your life. Over that person. That ministry. That location.

It’s Not out of Reach!

See Jesus, loaves and fishes in hand, looking up, simply giving thanks to His Father (Luke 9:6).

  • Power-releasing prayer is not out of your reach
  • The prayer Jesus demonstrates is uncomplicated

Before He raises Lazarus from the dead, Jesus looks up, and prays:
“Father, I thank you that you have heard me. I knew that you always hear me, but I said this for the benefit of the people standing here, that they may believe that you sent me.” (John 11:41-42, NIV)

Then, Jesus calls in a loud voice, “Lazarus, come out!”

Something has Shifted

This is for you! This is your inheritance and the legacy you pass on: Be assured that as you pray in Jesus’ Name, something has shifted.
God’s power is being released. The Holy Spirit is moving.
Angels are at work.
And that wall is about to come down.

Let’s pray together now:

“Our Father, dwelling in the heavenly realms, may the glory of your name be the center on which our lives turn. Manifest your kingdom realm, and cause your every purpose to be fulfilled on earth, just as it is fulfilled in heaven.” (Matt 6:9-10, TPT)

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47 thoughts on “Your Prayer is Releasing God’s Power! (Prophetic Insight)”

  1. I literally started praying at my church on my way to work every morning the last few weeks; the prayers you spoke of have been my prayers. I have been praying a long time for my friend Vera to return to the LORD, and felt the wall you speak of. It appears nothing is changing, but I know GOD is still at work. This is a great encouragement to me I am praying the right things, and I am going to see Him move on her behalf. Thank you.

  2. This word is right on time Helen, yes the wall needs to come down , my finances are stretched to max as I was in a car accident ,lawyers and insurances negotiating on my behalf for financial restoration and physical healing for my son James and myself ,since july2017 . There seems to be a wall definitely blocking the outcome for both of us .
    God is faithful and has always been ,but this has caused frustration for James and myself as there seems to be confusion, delays ,… Please be in agreement with us that the wall is coming down and God will be glorified in all of this . I bless you Helen and your ministry in Jesus’s name , Please pray for Canada to remain a christian country as I am praying for the states also .
    God’s hand is upon you and all that you put your hands to may turn to gold !


  3. Thanks so much servant of God,for that prophetic word.that prayer will release God’s powe.for sure I have been challenged.
    Angels are not working,why???coz they have not been commanded,why are they not commanded,coz I have not prayed.this is a mystery,we keep on blaming God,for our fault,may God forgive us,we repent.i need your prayers,I have not been fully in prayers in recent time.

      1. god bless helen.yes i find a wall around me and my family.that is falling right now .i need your prayer helen.i love the lord.but i know the enemy is attacking me and my familly.please pray for us hod will keep moving in us.and our faith will get stronger every day.please pray for my daughter.and my wife god will give them peace.god bless

  4. Thanks so much Hellen, may God bless you abundantly. Am so much blessed with this teaching , encouragement. I feel strong, I believe my faith is going to grow and get reinforced . Am really yearning to get to understand God better and to understand the gift of prophesy which I was told by two people (a prophet and a prophetess) .I’ve not yet got to understand prophesy , how it works and how it is generally. My prayer request is that I may get a deeper understanding about it . Another one is a prayer request for financial breakthrough /academic assistance so that I may continue and complete my college course in Kenya which has been unsteady due to financial problems. Your teaching has truly blessed me . Thanks once again , more grace in doing God’s work.

  5. Thank you my Sister dearest for your prophecy. It is 11 pm Canada time today I shed many tears so disappointed. I am standing for my marriage for couple of years this has effected my health, yesterday I went for the 2nd MRI of my head. The condo was split the Lawyer made a mistake he refused to acknowledge his error hung up on me. Who is there for me beside my Jesus. When I pray I ask the Lord “is it just words do you hear my prayers”. I receive the prophecy in Jesus Name the walls are coming down Lord is restoring everything that was stolen. You are so precious to the Lord to bless you with a special gift. God bless

  6. I love this. I’m actually going through a state of frustration in my life due to life hurdles. It’s been hard even praying to God…all i do is think and worry. My prophetic gift has been confirmed by different prophets but I’ve not been able to start seeing.

  7. Erastus Rajab kahindi

    Thanks for your prophetic word you’ve really touched my heart ipray financial breakthrough for your son’s wedding pray for my also that I may have money to build a house for my family be blessed

  8. Thank you Helen. I always had been reading your blog but today I have a little courage to write.
    Today I met my girlfriend’s male friend who has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and prayed for him. Actually before I saw him I had been praying for him. I was concerned what if I pray for healing he doesn’t get better. I decided to forget about it and prayed for him laying hands onto him.
    After that moment, I realised praying for the sick is not signs and wonders but also it is act of God’s love. By prayer, people will encounter God’s presence and how much he loves and care for them.
    As Jesus said with only a mustard seed of faith we can move a mountain. I want to continue pressing onto Jesus for healing.
    Your message is good encouragement for me to pray even though I can’t see instant result.

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