‘See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?’ (Isa 43:19a, NIV)

When God says, “I am doing a new thing”, He is saying this:

“I have a new normal for you; life as you know it, is going to change.”

A Problem and an Unusual Coincidence

Prophetic Word, A New NormalAs February 1st, 2017 approached, my husband Malcolm and I were facing a crisis.

We had just launched Enliven Ministries, and I opened the new bank account with a deposit of $50.

The new ministry came with a lot of monthly website-related expenses.

Then, completely unforeseen by us, Malcolm’s work contract came to an end. And his pay ceased on the same day my former salary stopped!

When an unusual ‘coincidence’ intersects with the timing of God, or a message from Him, the Holy Spirit is at work.

It is a God-incidence that heralds a miracle, or Divine intervention.

And even though it was a tough time, we knew that somehow, our Father was going to provide for us.

An Unusual Object in a Vision

A few days before the end of January 2017, we were attending our home church, Planetshakers, and during the worship I had a clear impression from the Holy Spirit.
I saw a silver shoehorn.

It was an object I’d never seen before in a vision, and it mystified me. [1] So, I was looking at the shoehorn and thinking, ‘Lord, what is this all about? What are you saying?’

And I sensed Him say to me,
‘What I have for you in this season is going to be such a good fit, that you are going to need the shoehorn to get into it.
And it is not going to be something you can do in your own strength. This is a gift of My grace.’ [2]

An Hour Later, This Happened

After church, we walked into our home and sat in our front room chatting. And Malcolm started to talk about the suit and shoes he was going to wear to a job interview the following morning.

Shoehorn, Novices in the New Prophetic WordHe went to get the shoes, which were a birthday gift from our son that he hadn’t worn before.

As Malcolm opened the box to retrieve the brand-new shoes, I suddenly remembered the prophetic picture I had that morning, of the silver shoehorn.

So, I was telling Malcolm about the vision of the shoehorn and what the Holy Spirit was saying.

After loosening the laces, he reached into the box for the second shoe, and pulled out…a dark grey, metallic shoehorn.

We were utterly astounded and knew we were in a moment of confirmation of the Lord’s word to us:

‘What is about to take place is a gift of My grace’

More ‘Coincidences’ and a Breakthrough

The next morning, Malcolm was in a boardroom of a company, making a PowerPoint presentation. And I was also in a boardroom—of a different company—sharing the word of the Lord with them.

  • Melbourne is a huge city, but we happened to be in exactly the same suburb at the same time

On the laptop Malcolm was using, the image of a lion appeared on the overhead screen first—on the desktop wallpaper.
That morning, I walked into another boardroom, where a painting in the room depicted a magnificent lion.

Within two weeks, Malcolm had a new job and I had sufficient funds in the Enliven Ministries account to pay my first month’s expenses.

God has a ‘New Normal’ for You

If you’re like me, and are prophetic, you love to hear about major encounters, and Heavenly visitations.

  • But what if God simply wanted to take you into a lifestyle of walking with Him in a new way—encountering Him in a different way than you had before?

You discover God has a ‘new normal’ for you, in your journey of intimacy with Him.

Since the silver shoehorn incident, we have experienced many similar ‘coincidences’ that have clearly been God-incidences.
Divine appointments.
And unusual events.

By January this year, these signs were accelerating. God was doing something in our lives that we had no frame of reference for.
Not just every now and then, but we were walking in it (or into it) constantly.

And one of the unusual things about this, is that these encounters are happening to Malcolm and I both, simultaneously (even if we’re on opposite sides of the world), or as 2 connecting pieces we each have.

Now I have to be honest—I have been way out of my prophetic ‘comfort zone’. As Prophet David McCracken [2] said recently:

‘God wants to gate-crash our momentum with an encounter.’

Novices in the New

One evening a few months back, Malcolm and I phoned our brother-in-law, Stuart Allan, just had to say, ‘HELP! We don’t know what God’s doing!’

Stuart and Lynley pastor CTF Auckland, and are not only family to us, we’ve been journeying together in the move of the Spirit for 25 years. [3]

And Stuart, in his wise way, shared a word the Lord had spoken to him and Lynley once:

‘I want you to be novices in the new, not experts in the old’.

And Stuart went on to explain, ‘The Kingdom’s always advancing…and our Father wants us to live in dependency upon Him, so that what we minister is of Him.’

‘I want you to be novices in the new, not experts in the old’.

That word struck me like a thunderbolt, because every week, I have thousands of visitors seeking answers to questions on discernment and prophecy.
I’ve been journeying in the prophetic for over 40 years, and Enliven Blog is nearly ten years old.

And yet right now, when it comes to the realm of hearing from God, I’m feeling like a child starting school. [4]

Be a Learner in God’s Kingdom

‘And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.’ (Matt 13:18, NIV)

Novices in the new.
What does this mean for you today?

It’s not about a particular gift, or type of prophetic encounter.

This is about an attitude of being a learner and a child in God’s Kingdom.

Having room to grow.

It’s going to cost us our comfort, because to be a ‘novice in the new’ means admitting we don’t know much.
That we don’t have it all together.

It’s about having a relationship with Jesus. It’s about growing in intimacy with God.

What Malcolm and I have been experiencing, has been like a ‘spontaneous combustion’.

We find ourselves in a move of God we longed for, and yet at the same time, never expected. It’s spilling over onto people around us.

Our conversation every day—even through tough times—is about what God is doing and saying.

Countless times, we look at each other and say, ‘Did that just happen?’ We’re living in a sense of wonder.

Your Own Awakening and Encounters

If what I’ve shared stirs you, I want to agree with and believe with you, for your own awakening and encounters.

Leave a note in the comments section below, or on our Facebook page.

Right now, the Holy Spirit may be bringing something to mind for you, and He’s saying, ‘Surrender your life; your gifts, skills, ministry and work over to Me. Give Me your family and relationships.

Whatever your personal area of ‘expertise’ is, take off the lid. Be a novice in the new.

And remember, you have your own personal relationship with God, and your encounters with Him will be unique to you.

As you can imagine, there is a lot more to the ‘shoehorn’ story, and I’ve shared some of it on the School of Intimacy and Prayer here.

[1] I mostly receive visions via an image (still, moving, or a series of images) that comes to mind. Usually when I see an object that is silver, God is speaking to me about His grace, as silver represents redemption in the Bible.
I believe all prophetic insights should be weighed up.

[2] Prophet David McCracken is a spiritual father to us, and apostolic oversight to our ministry. He is at www.davidmccracken.org

[3] Lynley Allan is Malcolm’s sister. Stuart and Lynley are a part of John Arnott’s movement. You can see them at www.ctfauckland.com/team

[4] Jesus has a lot to say about having the attitude of children in the Kingdom of God—I will be sharing on this more in the next few weeks.

Prophetic School News: More on ‘The Seer Gift’

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113 thoughts on “Novices in the New: God Has A ‘New Normal’ For You”

  1. Good morning from Canada my sister,

    This word resonates so greatly in my heart. Last night we were leading worship at our congregation. It was the first night of an event of God called Heaven Made Visible. The speaker play an incredible Holy Spirit taught flute in fact he was supernaturally taught 9 instruments by divine instruction. We ended up completely revising our worship and moving into a complete spontaneous time of worship and adoration in our Fathers rooms. At that moment I realized ” I know nothing of God and yet I love Him dearly and felt like a sponge of my Father?” I absolutely love this word and I am already declaring I am a novice of the NEW and I love the learning by my Teacher the Spirit of truth.
    Thanks for the true anointed prophetic teaching and apostolic ministry you represent.
    Bless you in the glorious name of Jesus Christ!

    1. Hi Scotti, I stayed up late last night to answer comments but had to leave them eventually, it’s hard to be on the opposite side of the world from most of my readers!
      Wow what an awesome worship time and yes definitely that theme of letting go and discovering the MORE of our Father. I have been feeling the last few days it’s like being in a library, and I’ve been familiar with and accessing one shelf of understanding and knowledge, one section, but He’s stepped me back and I realize there’s this whole massive library of all there is to know of God and I know comparatively nothing! Yet Holy Spirit knows all and it’s the Father’s delight to share with us! (1 Cor 2:10) And like the shelves, the ‘framework’ of the Scriptures helps us stay on track as we explore with Him.
      That’s the joy of being a ‘novice in the new’ and I pray this overflow for you and team in the worship.

  2. Thank you for your very timely word, Helen! I feel like I’ve been on the cusp of something new about to break forth for a long time. It’s been a long season of waiting. Just yesterday, a friend and I sent messages to each other at the same time about the same thing. It was not a coincidence to both be on the same page at the same time for some clarification. It is as you said–when an unusual ‘coincidence’ intersects with the timing of God, the Holy Spirit is at work! I had just surrendered some things to the Lord a few hours earlier, and the timing of that on the same day is no coincidence, either! He makes all things new <3 I had so many 'new' things happen last year–adjusting to being divorced after 26 years, Lyme disease finally in remission after 15 years, going back to college in my 50s for a completely new career. All of these events were huge, and yet God doesn't leave me there to be an expert in the old, but He keeps bringing me into even more NEW thing!!! Getting my first novel published soon 🙂 Thank you for your encouragement! I'm excited to be a novice in the new!

    1. Wow Lisa what an extraordinary journey and testimony. Remember Elizabeth (mother of John the Baptist) – being older qualifies us for revealing the works of God and being used of Him to bring forth the new works He is doing. Congrats on the new novel too <3

  3. Hi Helen,

    Thank you for the work you do. I truly enjoy what you share from the Spirit of the Living God and at most times your blog confirms what has been happening around us. I have had quite a number of God-instances. Even when I at times seem to loose focus God still proves me wrong by these instances.

    I am however at the space between where I was and where I am going… the picture of the man leaping between two mountain peaks on your Facebook page, I just love it. That is me right now!
    I must admit that the space in between feels dreadfully long… and I am eagerly waiting to see God’s Glory manifest in various areas of my life, one major area is finances. I know God is going to shock and surprise me, His going to knock me off my feet.

    Waiting is painful though… and the silence is loud!

    Loving what you do and hopefully I will soon be able to make a financial donation to the site.

    Much love,


    1. Hi Ronell, yes I remember I used the image of the leaping man in my prophetic post about ‘the miracle is in your gap’ and I pray that for you too. That you will know what He’s doing NOW and that the Holy Spirit will both put that joy in your step and also lift you into the new He has for you

  4. Ambani Sandani

    Hi Helen thank you for the email and indeed I am agree with you for the past few months my focus is on having an encounter with God, I am believing God for the encounters. Also as I was reading this email God reminded me of the word HE said to me last night. HE said I will rebuild the walls. I still don’t have a clue on what but I believe.

  5. Adrianne Johnson

    This has been my heart’s cry for the last few months! I would like for you all to be in agreement for my own awakening and encounters with God and His Word!

  6. Hi
    1997 I felt the Holy Spirit laid the Healing gift on me, but I did not grow, last year in a new city the church we are attending got a new pastor who believes healings still happen today and spoke on it at bible studies, this year we had a lady at our church from “our fathers healing centre, “ My wife and I felt we needed to take their course, about a month before I seen a tweet about the 25PWC in Calgary Canada Spirit Now conference and felt a strong desire to attend , God made that happen that was two months ago and yesterday I found out there are subthemes at the conference and one is
    “Come as Oil” to bring healing to the nations.
    God is amazing he had this all planned out for my wife (Emmy)
    and myself (Jack)
    Praise God, Thank You Jesus

    1. Hi Jack and Emmy, I love that how wonderful that God has themes for our lives and He threads it all together, you will see Him pour as life-giving oil through you, and you will be vessels to bring His healing to many.

  7. Balwanyi isaac

    Hi, Hellen
    Thanks so much for obeying the Holy Spirit to work in you. I must say that am so much humbled by the messages receive in my email, for they come in the right time when iIneed God to speak to me, well something happened today and I feel like sharing it to you and the people visiting this site. God gave gifts to all of us but few realize it and learn how to operate in them to help others. Today evening as i was alone sitting on a Verlander, the spirit started speaking to me about the life of a Christian, I don’t have a platform to share this message to the rest but hope it reaches out to as many Christians as possible so as to uplift their spiritual lives. He said these word, “U wanna know the truth?, fine, the truth is your life is not like theirs right now, you can’t be like them, can’t do the same things, cant go the same places, you just can’t be like them even a little bit, because u were once them but not anymore. U used to enjoy clubbing just like them, drink just like them and u used to hung around them a lot but something supernaturally unexplainable happened to you not them. And it all happened when you were around them and they didn’t seem to notice it because it didn’t happen in the physical realm but in the spirit. U later realized a voice calling you and u didn’t seem to give it much attention so it stopped. It came again saying: you are mine and my own, you are special to me and to the world, in me you are blessed, in me you are wise and you are strong and it said: before you were born, I knew you, I sanctified you and ordained you.. Then a sense of belonging started to alarm in your ears then later on to your heart.. Questions started to pile in your mind and felt the need to answer them but you still didn’t get to know who you are or where you came from or what your life is turning to be like, then things started shifting, making turns was the order of the day, you started to do things differently, u started handling your life gently but why?? Because a voice came to you and said: ‘ YOU ARE MINE”, So the truth now is you are a child of God and the royal blood of heaven runs through your veins, you live for him, act like him, and to some point you will die because of him then live with him again in the heavenly places. So now your life has nothing to do with them,because they don’t own you, before you were formed in your mother’s womb, he says, ‘I knew you, he created you, literally he gave you a life, he is your father and your God and that’s why your life is not like theirs.”
    My Email is [email protected] incase you want to reach out to me…
    God bless you Hellen and rest of you here.

    1. Yes Balwanyi, what a powerful message, to be born again is to carry His royal DNA and forever changed.

  8. Hi. I am encouraged by the thought of a new normal in the Lord.
    I am encouraged by the thought of being a novice of the new.
    Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you Carrie, amen to that for you…Father’s goodness being manifested in new ways in your life

  9. Amanda ( and Dan) Kuykendall

    My husband and I both appreciate the writings on your website. We are former pastors and missionaries who have been out of the loop for several years due to life changes and several surgeries. Despite this, we were able to attend a conference which opened our eyes regarding reaching Muslims and sparked something that is beginning to burn brighter daily. We have lots of experience in varied fields, but this is totally new to us- and we do feel like we are starting over- or maybe as you put it- novices in the new. We have had a few things that keep “popping up” for both of us like you mention; including a very specific dream. We recognize the Lord is up to something. We can see the vision forming, yet not the way there yet- probably because He is asking us to be certain to follow and make this journey “with” Him in this new way. Thank you for your ministry of encouragement.

    1. Hi Amanda and Dan, we were many years involved with a mission agency, and when Father shifted us out of that season we found it very hard at first! Looking back, we can see Him at work positioning us for greater things than we could have imagined. And that’s my prayer for you, you will know this is what He’s up to right now
      ‘Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, 21 to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.’ (Eph 3:20-21)

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