I believe God is speaking to those who are experiencing a contradiction in their life or calling right now.

There is a conflict between what you believe God has promised, and what is actually happening.

Hear your Father saying, ‘I am releasing my Spirit of faith to you! I am enabling you to declare My will in the face of everything that is contrary.’

  • You are not limited by that contradiction

Some Whisper, and Others Shout

Our English word ‘contradiction’ is derived from two Latin words, meaning ‘speak against’.

And in our journey of faith, there is a certain kind of contradiction that ‘speaks against’ what God has promised us. It may include:

  • A weakness
  • A financial or physical limitation
  • A closed door or circumstance

Some contradictions whisper, while others shout: ‘That’s impossible! You cannot go that way!’

The Backdrop of God’s Glory

A contradiction ‘speaks against’.
And it may sound logical; it may even make a powerful argument.

But faith declares:
‘Nevertheless, God!’ My Father is turning that ‘no’ into a ‘yes’!

Faith thrives in the midst of a paradox.

That contradiction will become the backdrop for God’s glory to be revealed.

They Tried to Dim Your Light

Your contradiction may be an opinion, spoken by others.

‘But the inhabitants of Jebus said to David, “You shall not come in here!” Nevertheless David took the stronghold of Zion (that is, the City of David).’ (1 Chron 11:5, NKJV)


In the Bible, a ‘no’ is often a setup, allowed by God, that will result in a turnaround.

One that will bring Him glory.

Others may have tried to dim your light.
People may have tried to stand in your way.
But you can declare today, ‘Nevertheless, with God I can and I will!’

Her Misery Defined Her

Sometimes, a contradiction can strike at the heart of our very identity.

Naomi’s name meant ‘my delight’, or ‘pleasant’—but tragedy struck her family, leaving her bereaved of her husband and sons.

  • We know Naomi was a woman of faith, because she inspired her daughter in law Ruth to turn to God (Ruth 1:16, NIV).

And yet for a season, Naomi allowed her misery, not her identity, to define her:

“Do not call me Naomi (pleasant); call me Mara (bitter), for the Almighty has dealt very bitterly with me…” (Ruth 1:20-21, NKJV) [1]

Naomi was in pain, but that was not the end of her story.
It was the beginning of the turnaround.

Today, hear your Father say:
‘No matter what has happened to you, no matter what others have done to you. No matter what you have lost, this is your identity:

You are my delight!’

That contradiction doesn’t define you.
That life’s experience doesn’t define you.

  • Your spiritual heritage defines you
  • Your identity in Christ defines you

God says, ‘Who you are as My daughter, My son, defines you.’ 

Another Chapter is On the Way

Hear Jesus say, ‘I am the Author and the Finisher of your faith’ (Heb 12:1).

A contradiction can be like a conflicting storyline.
But the Master Storyteller has declared, ‘This is My great plan for you!’

  • Those ‘facts’ may speak one thing
  • But your Father says another

And as a great Author, God is the master of plot twists and turns.

That contradiction serves as a signpost, indicating you’re on the right track.

Another chapter is about to open.

Activation: Declare, Nevertheless!’

That contradiction is not your limitation.
But yes, it does exist for now.

So, be honest.
Be like the Psalmists, who turned pain into praise.

Speak out that contradiction, and what it declares.
Then, speak out what your Father says.
‘Nevertheless! My Father says…’

Pause. Let the words of God’s intention hang in the air around you.
Feel the strength of those words. Sense the Presence of the Holy Spirit with you.

He is filling you now with joy.

[1] Strongs H5281, H4755

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47 thoughts on “Prophetic Word: God Is Turning That ‘No’ Into A ‘Yes!’”

  1. Kathleen Louise Taylor

    I praise God for this post, I fasted and I prayed but when I finally stepped out in faith and prayed over a sister who is blind in my old church, nothing happened. I met with a sister from that same church after fasting for 35 hours, no food for just water. She brought up a scripture of how a man told Jesus his son was in need of healing but his apostles could not heal him. Jesus asked him if he believed he could heal his son, the man said “yes”, but help my unbelief. My sister said I see that this man knew the works of Jesus, he healed all that came for healing “but this man had issues with self esteem”, (he felt he was unworthy) so maybe it would not work for his son because of him. Well that was spoken by her last Friday, she was spot on. I thought I overcame my abusive, violent life and put it under the blood of Jesus. Well Sunday in Bible study, that very story was read and pastor was teaching how the disciples had fasted and prayed but when this happened they could not heal this boy,,,I felt the word of Jesus as an answer to my question come of the page, you of little faith, how long do I need to be with you? This kind is different and is cast out with fasting and prayer,,, but,,,they did fast,,,they did pray,,,, Jesus words spoke to me, Faith was what was lacking due to my past linking me to unworthiness. I need to share with you just how powerful God’s call on my life is. I know that I am a prophetess due to the past 3 years of training the Holy Spirit has taken me through, from prophesying to stangers on the streets, words of knowledge, being led into warfare without knowing the demonic until the death and suicide Spirit came after me after I prayed over a person who admitted to me, I I did not come to pray for her that night, she would not be here, she was going to end her life that night. My prayer had two stratigic points, place protection on her life, let no evil come near her and knock her out. Put her into a deep healing sleep Lord. During that prayer she was yawning and her eyes were heavy. She apologized and told me, Im so sleepy, I said praise God!!! I left and they followed me to my house and I became aware of the evil presence as soon as I lay in my bed. The evil was intense and it moved closer to me, I said you are not the Holy Spirit, you are evil, get out in Jesus name, it moved to where I could fell it houvering my feet and slowly my legs, I felt fear strike my heart but when God first started to teach me, he taught me to overcome fear. I immediately knew I needed to take fear out and I knew how to do this so I cast fear out in the name of Jesus. It was still slowly rising to my hips I knew one thing in my basic Christian instinct, that was that Jesus bought me with his blood, I am covered by the blood of Jesus so I spoke that evil spirit and told it, you have no athority over me, God is my protector, in the name of Jesus Get out!!! It pulled back to where I first sensed it but I could still sense that it was still there so I prayed to God and asked him to protect me and to knock me out!!! I put on the all night preaching channel and fell asleep, but the next day I call my sister the teacher of the Bible and told her what Happened and she prayed a warfare prayer for me, she told me don’t you dare fear those demons, you have pissed them off!!! She said remember that they cannot do anything that God will not let them do. She shared Psalm 91 with me. I went home and blessed my house and declared That this house belongs to God, all my family belongs to God, Satan get out in the name of Jesus. This I felt was by accident, until I stepped into a situation when God placed a burden on my heart for people in I hope, the entire restaurant. After that incredible burden was placed and my heart was weeping for people this place I opened my mouth and fire of the Holy Spirit came over me, the words came out so powerful, nothing came from my brain, it just came out of my mouth. After it was given, I left and became violently ill. I tried to call that teacher sister but as my finger went to his her name on speed dial, I was overwhelmed by naused and violently heaving, my finger hit the number as I prayed God please make her answer!!! She answered on the third ring but she said there was no one on the line. She hung up and called back but the call would not go through. She hung up and called again, the call did not go through. On my cell I heard her pick up because the ringing stopped but what I heard was a powerful static that seamed to jump out of the speak part of my cell. I dropped the cell and layed back crying to God,her words came back to me from the first demonic experience, don’t you dare fear them, they can only do what God allows them to do. I cried our to God I know that they can only do what you allow them to do, so God why would you allow they to do this? Right across my heart a msg came to me, SPIRITUAL WARFARE. I get visions, I pray for revalation on what I am about to read in the Bible and make it meaningful to me, give me understanding, so God gives me Isaiah 6 the whole chapter, I read it and I feel a call to ministry, this is speaking to me as a call to ministry, I read it three times and it powerfully grips me from when Isaiah said he is a man of unclean lips to where the cheribum takes the live Cole from the alter and places it on his lips and say you sins have been forgiven you you are now clean, the greatest tugging at every part of my heart, my stomach was the Lord said who can we send for us. Isaiah said, here I am Lord send me!!! That was Saturday night on Sunday the next day, pastor gave a sermon on Isaiah chapter 6. He told us God gave him this very scriptures when he asked God “am I being called to preach the gospel”? After church I call pastor aside and I told him that God had given me that very book and chapter last night as I asked him for understanding and revalation to what he led me to read that night. Pastor said Kathleen praise God!!! This is confirmation!!! I’m about to wrap this up, one early morning I woke and started praying like I have been doing most early hours like 3 or 4 am when I get woke up. This one morning was different, I was still half asleep praying for people God has placed in my path, all of a sudden my body felt as if I was filled from the inside with an electric radiating power like I have never ever felt in my whole life,,, I knew this was the Holy Spirit and I know this incredible power it radiates then it moved in me until it ran down both arms radiating all the and shot out of my hands. I was more awake and in shock over what just happened, I said Lord what have you done, I know it was power, I know that was the Holy Spirit, why Lord, that was so powerful, I said Lord would I be able to walk with that much power and not die? Then I stated praising him, then I said Lord can you do that again? HE DID IT AGAIN ELECTRICAL RADIATING POWER SHOT THROUGHOUT MY BODY LIKE IT WAS FILLING FROM INSIDE OUTWORDS AND IT WAS POWERFUL AND IT LEFT THE SAME WAY RADIATING DOWN MY ARMS AND “SHOT” OUT OF MY HANDS, I FELT IT LEAVE ME THROUGH MY HANDS. PLS TELL ME WHAT YOU GET WHEN YOU READ THIS. I WANT TO DO GOD’S WILL!!! I BELIEVE HEALING IS MY CALL,,,I have been working in hospitals for over 35 yrs the sick and the broken have my heart. God bless you sister for having this blog, the past 3 yrs I have walked in amazment as the Holy Spirit leads. I believe the post today is prophetically tied into the reason I fasted in the first place.

  2. I thank God for sending this word through you and thank you for speaking as you heard. Just the night before I had gotten a no that would continue to cause delay in my academics. I cried and all that has happened over the past few years came flashing and I started to feel like it was all a mistake on my part. I felt like that’s it, I’m done, I give up. But while I cried the song ‘God will make a way’ sang in my heart. I slept and in the middle of the night saw your email, it encouraged me so much. From the very next day God began to work and I’m not afraid anymore. Trusting that He will come through for me.
    God bless you and this ministry

  3. Helen
    Your words delivered once again right time right words I desperately needed your words of hope. Recently the church I attend was having their annual presbytery meetings.
    One of the Prophets that previously prophesied over me movements of God of my past declaring them as new things I would experience in my future . I’d been in prayer preparing myself for Prophetic Ministry. Found myself distressed people who knew me knew that was being referenced was my past. I was looking forward to what God had for my future. This same prophet came again this year to prophesy over other church members I chose to walk in forgiveness. I found myself challenged where this one prophet is concerned wondering why it happened. The enemy’s assignment throughout my life has been to work through others to cut me down, hold me back, judge me. I found your words encouraging thank you so much.

  4. Oh this message is timely. It is coming to me at the time I need it. May God bless you continuously as you bless others consistently. I am glad to be a part of this family.

  5. Hi
    I met this prophet and she is praying over me with her husband. My concern is that sometimes when they pray over me during deliverance all I see is darkness which is worrying me.

  6. Thank you for this. I have been praying for a long time for my friend Vera to return to the Lord and be set free from deception. Recently it appears all things are contradicting what I know the LORD has promised me concerning her life. Please pray for my friend Vera to be set free from deception and return to fellowship with the LORD. Pray the veil is lifted from her eyes and she is turned from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of God. Pray she is delivered from ungodly influences and yields to the Good Shepherd. Pray her broken heart is made whole and that she would walk in the fear of the LORD, not the fear of man. Thank you.

  7. I saw your youtube on Divine Acceleration.
    I would like to request agreement for acceleration of leg injury healing and total restoration I have been dealing with since 2017.

  8. Prolific dreamer

    God Is Turning That ‘No’ Into A ‘Yes!’
    You are my delight!’
    That contradiction doesn’t define you.
    That life’s experience doesn’t define you.
    Your spiritual heritage defines you
    Your identity in Christ defines you
    God says, ‘Who you are as My daughter, My son, defines you.’

    Thank-you so much Helen – God’s timing is perfect, as always! May He bless you abundantly for your obedience to Him

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