Here are 3 prophetic words for 2019 to meditate on, as you stand on the threshold of a New Year.

From the outset, I believe the Lord is encouraging us to focus on His perspective—the Bible says our Father’s heart and intent towards us is good (Jer 29:11).

God is for you; He is not against you.

He is with you; you are not alone.

Your Father knows the path that you take and He has prepared His provision for you ahead of time.

Perhaps you have some challenges ahead, as you face 2019.

As you stand on the brink of your New Year, don’t look at circumstances ahead as a problem to solve. Look beyond them:

  •  See a gift from your Heavenly Father to unwrap.

3 Prophetic Words for 2019

Prophetic Word #1: 2019 is a Year of Discovery

‘Discovery’ means something is already waiting—it already exists and is awaiting you.

2019 is going to be a year characterized by discovery of the ‘more’ God has made available for you.

Discoveries lead to breakthroughs, inventions and innovations. Discovery leads to progress. During a season of discovery, you may find that you are out of your comfort zone.

  • You may feel as though you have marched ‘off the map’, like explorers of old

But God knows your location.

And there is something of great value your Father has prepared for you to discover.

You Will Discover the Richness of What God Has for You

When we visited the historic goldfields of Victoria, I was reminded that gold cannot be created:

  • Gold can only be discovered

People have tried over the centuries to discover some secret formula to create gold—to no avail.

The amount of gold on the earth is limited. But the amount of gold in Heaven is endless.

  • Gold represents that which is eternal; gold is seen in the streets and building materials of Heaven!
  • Gold is compared to that which is most valuable: Scripture. Your faith. Wisdom.
  • And gold is found in God’s intimate Presence, the place of His glory and holiness

Discovery means that in 2019, God has more revelation for you. He has made Heavenly resources and encounters available to you.

Your Father cares for your needs, great and small.

He is immensely practical. As 2019 dawns, place every physical need in the hand of your King.

Hear your Father say, ‘I am the source of all you need. I am releasing you from the fear of lack of supply!’ (Psalm 23:1)

Prophetic Word #2: 2019 is a Year of Release

“Do not remember the former things, Nor consider the things of old. Behold, I will do a new thing, Now it shall spring forth; Shall you not know it?” (Isaiah 43:18-19, NKJV)

2019 is a year of release from past pain and outdated, limiting definitions that have held you back.

In Genesis 26, Isaac was on his own voyage of discovery.

Just as gold in the earth is limited, so is groundwater.

  • And Isaac’s servants discovered water in the land, only to have the wells contended for by locals

Isaac could have camped in that place of dispute—he could have continued to contest for his rights—but he chose to release it and move on.

It’s time to release the past! God has new wells of replenishment, favor and supply for you to discover.

Isaac was able to release and move on because He trusted God: And he moved from there and dug another well, and they did not quarrel over it. So he called its name Rehoboth, because he said,
“For now the Lord has made room for us, and we shall be fruitful in the land.”’
(Gen 26:22, NKJV)

2019 is a year in which you will know, ‘God has made room for me here’. He is opening new wells of opportunity and provision.

As you start 2019, forgive and bless those who have wounded you.

  • Be released from the unkindness of those who have not believed in you.

Declare, “My God, You are sufficient for me! You are my Father and you are also the Righteous Judge! I ask you to move on my behalf. I praise You now, that You are working on my behalf to bring restoration.”

Prophetic Word #3: 2019 is a Year of a Turning Point

A ‘turning point’ is a moment or season in time when a significant change takes place—one that leads to new and greater things.

In Deuteronomy, we learn of a time in which Israel were doing a lot of ‘turning’, yet they were not making progress.

They were not discovering new horizons.
But that was set to change.

‘Then we turned and journeyed into the wilderness of the Way of the Red Sea, as the Lord spoke to me, and we skirted Mount Seir for many days. “And the Lord spoke to me, saying: You have skirted this mountain long enough; turn northward.”’ (Deut 2:1-2, NKJV)

‘You have circled this mountain long enough!’ (NASB)

The big picture was that the Israelites had been traveling in the wilderness for 38 years. But in verse 1, Moses describes it as ‘many days’.

  • Both for the short and the longer term, the nation had been stuck in a holding pattern

Anticipate areas that have frustrated you for a long period of time, being resolved.

As you come ‘around the mountain’ for the last time, you discover a horizon that wasn’t available to you before.

Trials of the past are bearing fruit. Your discernment and insight has been clarified and sharpened.

And in 2019, Jesus will be the only explanation for what people see taking place in and through you.

Prophetic Activation for the New Year

If this word has resonated with you, I encourage you to time to pray about and meditate on these words (especially the Scriptures) along with other things the Lord is speaking to you. The 3 words can be considered separately, over 3 days or 3 weeks.

Bible References for ‘Year of Discovery’:
Be inspired by those who went on a voyage of discovery in Scripture, including Abraham (Gen 12:1) and Naomi and Ruth (Ruth 1).
Gold: first mention of gold (awaiting discovery) Genesis 2:11. Gold in Heaven, Revelation 21:18, 21. Compared to gold: Scripture, Ps 19:10; faith, 1 Peter:1:7; wisdom, Prov 3:14. Gold in God’s intimate Presence, Exodus 25, 1 Kings 6.

Pray about your own prophetic word for 2019

You can hear from God personally about your upcoming year! Following is an article about how to receive your own prophetic word for 2019: ‘How to Receive Your Prophetic Word for the New Year’

Prophetic Training in 2019

Are you inspired to press in to God for more growth in your prophetic and prayer gifts in 2019? I warmly invite you to take a look at the Enliven Prophetic and Prayer Schools.

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Enliven Blog is on holiday:

  • The next Enliven Blog post will be released on 17th January 2019.

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67 thoughts on “3 Prophetic Words for 2019 (Year of Discovery)”

  1. Thank you Helen for the prophetic word for my life and living in 2019 God willing amen . For God is so worthy to be praised, today is my first time reading the Post, for 2019 Happy New Year to you and Ministry. May, The Lord our God The Precious Holy Spirit and Heavens Angles bless you and ministry in a special and prosper way for 2019 , In Jesus Christ Name amen. Some of the word’s that you have spoken were spoken into my life also. awesome praises God amen.

  2. My name is Desiree, and I’m writing to you for some sort if help. From a young girl I always enjoyed been in GOD’S presence, I always felt an usual putting towords the things of GOD. I know stuff before it happens, I sometimes hear the voice of GOD telling what I should do. I’ve tried so hard to run away and not wanna know things because of the pain and the rejection I experience from been different. My life is in constant turmoil, sometimes I feel like a female JOB. I don’t know how to harness this gift, as much as I would love to enjoy this gift , I feel like it’s a curse. Where I’m from no one really knows how to help me harness this gift, so I’ve just given up. I can’t let anyone in cause I’m able to read their thoughts loudly, behind their false smiles. I kinda given up on the human race and I hate myself for it. Church don’t do it for me anymore. I find myself drifting into pratices I mabe shouldn’t be, like listening to meditation and trying to understand what the Buddhist know that I should know. Please help me. From a distraught me to you. I hope this reaches you. Love Desiree

  3. I thank you so much for all the prayers you made for me and I really appreciate the present of God in your life. All the prophecy was accurate. I encountered the holy spirit last night it was so real. Thank you for everything may God continue to bless and increase you from glory to glory Grace to Grace

  4. Thank you Helen. I am very encouraged by your message,and partnering up with Gather God and what he has for me in 2019. Blessings to you,faithful women of God and the blessing you are to us all.

  5. Jafiada Sarah Hall

    I am richly blessed and spirit lifted. Am so glad to be in this medium.
    With love. Jafiada Hall

  6. Thank you so much for these words. It literally saved me from lack of hope for something better to come. I’ve been struggled to keep my head over water in my life. I have kind of given up and been very very sad for a long time. I didnt want to believe good things for this year because of disappointments. But in a magic way (Gods spirit of course) I felt a hope coming up again, and in a special way when you mentioned the gold – I´ve got a prophetic word of a gold nugget from someone in 2018. And my name is Victoria so it hit me very much when I read “the historic goldmines of Victoria”. A confirmaiton of a gold nugget. I have written all these prophetic words down and read them every day now.
    (Maybe it sounds a bit weird some of it – Im danish and dont write english perfect ;-))

  7. Dear Helen!

    Amazing: this requires lots of purity and then walking by faith. I have experienced many changes and maturity in me and my husband’s life. Its because what you planted inside of us is producing fruits. Please help me how to activate my talents so that i can be of a great, pure vessel for God to use.
    I cannot wait to enroll the next class. Please pray for me also that i may not burry the talents God has given me.
    May God continue to increase your passion for others.

    Thank you!

  8. Hi Helen. This is straight from God and He works in such mysterious ways. On January 9nth, God disciplined me. I cried for More than s day before He released me. He showed me how I have been like an ostrich who leaves her eggs in the sun. I never saw it before, how I was neglecting my children. That day something changed in hidden Israel’s realm. I went upstairs to my kids rooms and started screaming that everything unclean must get out our house. I started screaming at the kids friend’s that they must leave. The bkids dispersed. This could not be the normal me because I don’t scream. It could only have been God. My son told me off and how he feels That completely freaked my flesh and spirit out. I cried out later later to God , to save my children , I then asked Him to do it and to teach me how to deal with this all. As I started praying all these things clouds came over and a huge thunder storm started. When I was praying lightning hit our internet, it came right into our house and my kids saw it. The Bible says , that He marks the places where lightning strikes. When I stopped crying the rain stopped. (That same day the locust plague hit Mecca) Well on Saturday, I started changing, suddenly I just wanted to start putting my family first. (I have been very sick for a long time now) On Sunday, I cooked. My 23 year old son has been cooking since he was 14. He wanted to. I am physically a lot of pain when active, not being self righteous here. I started cleaning my house on Monday. BTW, my son was very apologetic for screaming at me. This is a time for repentance and we are being purged , like Psalm 51 says, with hyssop. Those of us who truly love God will accept His reproach and start to produce more fruit. He is going keep pruning us from now so that we can produce more fruit. He is going to do this over and over until we walk the straight and narrow path. I am starting to understand the parables as well. We are going to experience a so called bipolar, emotions. He is speeding time up as well. I am losing the since of time like never before. I am getting less and less selfish. If it is happening to me then it is happening to the rest of hidden Israel. God truly works in remarkable and astonishing ways. God bless you richly in Jesus name! This is a time where God is teaching us patience. Love to you dear sister.

  9. Hi Helen,
    Thank you for the effort and passion. These are the times i would chose to drive to your house to check with you in person. Because things are becoming real! Its working, i hope to make you understand my essay.
    I had a dream a week ago. In the dream i was skiing leaping and bounding over the mountain top and on rocky high lands and forest. As i continue to ski, i saw 2 people skiing behind following me i became nerves and scared, but i had a feeling of confidence. Few minutes later, i saw the 2 people passed by me. I came to a small stream of water and crossed over, and came to a street that looks familiar, but the street split into 2. On the left is the old street no longer in use, on the right hand side, the street looks current, and it looks like a detour of the old street on the left. I was confused and scared because its getting late to where i wanted to go. It looks like the 2people behind me went through the right hand street because
    i had glimpse some people passed through there. However, in the dream i felt, that is not the street i should follow for my direction. I saw a car behind me drive through the left hand street, i scream to stop the car for direction, but it didn’t stop. I found myself on the foot of a mountain watching the car drive through, to detect whether the street is a detour or not. Before the car vanished, i saw it came to a rocky stream and saw the driver pushing the car by the back through the rocks and the waters, i was astonished if this car is not going to be flooded. In the dream, i was not longer skiing, but climbing on the mountains, and came to a mountain that i cannot climb. As i stood on the foot of that mountain, i saw the passenger woman who was in the car drowning, trying to find her way out of the river. When i look closely, the woman was not drowning, but something strange is being done to her! The driver or one of the passengers was kicking her head on the rock in the river. As i watched, the woman was kicked by the head on the rock for the second time and she died! And i woke.
    I know you mention about the different kinds of dreams we as Christians dream, it can be Soul, Spiritual etc. Please help me understand if the dream is spiritual or Soul. Also if a dream can be a message to a group through us, how i can deliver such message?
    Thank you Helen!
    May continue increase your talents.

  10. I am encourage by your prophetic word, I do belive its speaking to me.
    May god continue to bless and prosper you.

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