Hear God Say, ‘I am Turning Overwhelm Into Overflow’

Today, I believe God is ministering to those who have been working hard, or have faced trials over an extended period.

Perhaps, as the year is closing, you are wondering how you are going to get everything finished.

You may face challenges of faith.

Hear your Father say, ‘I am turning the overwhelm into overflow!

Sometimes, a Miracle is Followed by a Trial

Matthew records a time the disciples had been busy with a lot of service and ministry (see Matt 14:13-36).

  • They had participated in the miracle of feeding thousands supernaturally, but there had been a lot of hard work

And then, Jesus pressed them to take their boat back across the lake.

It was dark. It was late. They were tired. And they were heading right into a storm.

We read that the boat was being buffeted about by the waves. And if you can relate to that in some way today, know this:

Jesus is still your answer. And your hope in Him is well placed.

At the End of Your Strength is New Hope

As Jesus’ first disciples discovered, the life of faith is not always easy.

  • And even the privilege of serving Him can bring us to the end of our strength

If, like the disciples, you find yourself engaged in a struggle you never expected, know that Jesus is in control!

Your dependence upon Him is going to result in praise.

In the Moment You Can’t See, Jesus is There

The disciples cried out in fear when they saw Jesus walking to them on the water.

Sometimes, the Lord allows us to be in a space of time where we are operating in the dark.

 Jesus is visiting us, but our vision of Him is distorted by the storm.

For a time as our faith is tested, we feel unsafe and vulnerable.

  • We can’t see clearly, but He has a plan. One that will take us to the other side and give glory to Him!

When Jesus entered the boat, the wind calmed.

The disciples’ cries of fear turned to exclamations of worship.

Today, call on Jesus.

Jesus is turning your overwhelm into overflow. He is transforming worry into worship.

A Move of God Awaits You

The disciples’ boat safely landed on the other side, where they could rest.

  • And they were about to experience a powerful move of God bringing an overflow of healing to many

At this year’s end, you can trust Jesus to safely bring you to the close.

He is your Deliverer in the storm. And He is Lord of the wind and waves.

He is full of grace.

Lift up your eyes, for your King is here—and great things are up ahead.

Prayer and Declaration

Jesus, I bring every care and pressure to You. And I call out to You, both for myself and for others who are in the midst of a buffeting and trial.

Right now, I declare to the wind and the waves, be stilled in Jesus’ Name! All oppression and pressure must go. Every conflict must be turned back. Darkness, be rolled away. I declare my God is faithful. He is at work, fulfilling all of His promises.

Lord, I choose to trust You for what I don’t understand with my natural mind. You are Lord of my life and my circumstances. I choose to turn my heart to You in worship. I receive your fresh anointing now, in Jesus’ Name.’

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Christmas Greetings

Warm Christmas greetings from us in Melbourne, Australia! We pray that you and those surrounding you may be touched by wonder, at the kindness of God Who sent His Son Jesus.

Thank you for sharing with us this year on Enliven Blog.

From our home to yours,
Malcolm and Helen Calder

Enliven Ministries

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If you are in a situation where you can relate to this right now, let’s agree together in this prayer. Let me know in the blog comments section below, or on Facebook or Instagram.

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34 thoughts on “Hear God Say, ‘I am Turning Overwhelm Into Overflow’

  1. Kimberly Lowe

    Thank you my precious sister for all your efforts to help equip the body of Christ with the propetic insights and assistance of the Holy Spirit! It means so much to me and im sure to many brothers and sisters as well. You have a gift to make prophetic insights understandable! Thank you and bless you. You are so appreciated! I pray a special blessing and surprise my sister! Amen

    1. Dr. Jemimah Muturia

      Hi Helen greetings. Your blog is an answered word from God to me. I have had persistent tribulations over three years until they became part of me. For the last one month the storms raged to an extent that I only hoped I would not be swallowed up. Your word which has touched me most is that Jesus in Lord over the winds and the storms! Also when the disciples welcomed Jesus to the boat, the stormed calmed and they landed on the other side peacefully and rested. I believe my resting is at hand because my savior Jesus is Lord over the storms and He is in my boat. May the Lord bless you and give you double portion in every area of your life.

  2. Shamekia Graham

    You have no idea how prophetic and on time these emails come to me. I just got home from the hospital thinking something was wrong from being overwhelmed with responsibilities and then I get this email. My God!

  3. Martha Smith

    Hi Helen,
    I had no clue how to go around through the pressures of life, some of them are immovable. But you give me hope how to press on. What an amazing prophetic ministry.
    Thank you Helen,
    May God Richly bless you.

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Bless you Martha, as Paul said to Timothy, we ‘fight the good fight of faith’…it’s an ongoing journey.

  4. Florence

    Thanks a lot for the uplifting message. My life has been full of challenges to an extend I wandered if GOD hears my prayers. I even said GOD in the old testament when people sought your face, you answered them and that encouraged them. I have been trying to seek your face, study your word, confess it and belief it. But the maintains still remains. I just pray that indeed I would see overflow and breakthrough not breakdown because I am now familiar with breakdowns.

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi Florence, I’m praying for you right now… may faith be stirred up in you to know His Word for you is true. Be comforted and strengthened

  5. Themba

    Oh hi Helen to God be the Glory for all your blogs they are so relevant. Thank you again for this one, it was so uplifting my faith is encouraged. Infact this came at a time where I needed a word from the Lord I believe this is the message for me. With challenges from time to time its easy to sought the will of God for others while they are not aware about your own situations that you need your own miracle as well. So now I am relieved in my spirit as I have been in prayer about my own situations to the Lord and has used you to provide answers to my situations, so I am happy and I thank God for you. Be blessed this festive season and have a blessed Christmas with your family, ministry and everybody associated with you Amen. We look forward to many other words of wisdom from God through you.

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi Themba, I’m glad the word was encouraging for you – have a blessed Christmas, and all around you too

  6. Addie W Holt

    Years ago God told me through other prophets I have prophetic word in me. How do I get started? I want to lift up people spirit.

  7. Rebecca Ditsele

    Hi Helen

    Thank you for this prophetic word , God bless you my beloved sister in Christ , you are a Godsend in the body of Christ .

    Since Friday last week , storms of life raged against my life , I spend a sleepless night yesterday crying unto God ,I am confused at the turnaround of events around my life , I felt unsafe and vulnerable , But God in His infinite mercy , planted this prophesy into your prophetic being , it is timely and accurate , I feel like a huge burden has been lifted off my chest and my mind , my vision of Jesus was blurred but now I can feel Him around me .Thank you woman of God , you are highly appreciated . My God richly bless and elevate you. May He continue to fill you with His love for His children in Jesus’s name .

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi Rebecca, I’m sorry to hear it’s been so tough for you, may you now Jesus’ Presence and peace encompassing you and new freedom from this day onwards
      The path of the righteous is like the morning sun,
      shining ever brighter till the full light of day. (Prov 4:18)

      1. Rebecca Ditsele

        Thank you Helen , Merry Christmas to you and you loved ones , I thank God for your life , God bless you .

  8. Hilda


  9. Mary McGee

    God bless you Helen! Merry Christmas to you and your family.
    I thank God for your life. Thank you for the Prophetic word!
    I am super excited for you and what God has in store for you and your family in 2019! My God , My God, higher heights!
    Hoping to meet you on day.
    May the oil GOD place upon your life keeping flowing & flowing & flowing!




  11. Ruby

    Thank You Helen!!! for your obedience, your love, your passion and desire to teach and be a mentor to soooo many including myself who are just wanting guidance to grow in this Magnificent gift of prophesy that God has given for His Glory. I was just praying this week that the Lord would help me find a mentor to help guide me and help me grow in maturing in my gift of prophesy. I believe he lead me to YOU and your blog site for a purpose.

    The article I received and read today speaks to my heart. This 2018 year has been full of a lot of trials and tribulations and pressure for me but the Lord continues to see me through. The end of the year is near and most overwhelming for me because I have to take an exam that I have already failed twice to move forward into my destiny and calling. As I go a third time I am holding on to my faith and promises I know the Lord has given me, that I will pass my exam and that this year can be closed. So that in 2019 I can begin to fully operate in the purpose that God has for my life. I thank you for your encouraging words and your wisdom may the Lord Jesus Christ continue to elevate you.

  12. Maria Aleth Mendoza

    Thank you so much, Helen. God always speaks to me through you. I am encouraged, always. God bless you and your family more with joy and peace.

  13. Duncan Shamenda

    May the name of the Lord be praised in the highest. Helen i thank God for using you to deliver such a profound word in my life especially at a time such as this. i believe this my word for the season. Though my year has really been tough, i can end with rest in my heart knowing Jesus is there for me. Thank you, my life has been impacted.

  14. Angelina Musyimi

    How do sent my payments because it wanted to enroll in one of courses.please in want to learn and be mentored. Having been following you through these teachers. May good lord continue giving you more insight so that you keep on teaching his children.

  15. Melanie Luderer

    Thank you for this word Helen. It was so timely and encouraging for me in an overwhelming time. I am believing I will come through to the other side and experience the move of God. So appreciate your ministry and pray that God blesses you as you bless the body of Christ.

  16. Sandra Chaychuk

    Helen, I relate to every line of this word. I read it multiple times to let it sink in and very thoughtfully through the declaration and prayer – and will need to do it many more times. I praise God for your (and His) encouragement. It’s hard to hear the pat advice and correction that so many give who have not done enough work to get tired or attacked by the enemy. It’s so refreshing to receive encouragement from someone who gets it. Thank you for being faithful to position yourself to hear from the Lord to minister to His body! I don’t often find time to respond to your words, but I am always greatly encouraged by them. And they’re always right on time and exactly on point! Thank you so much for your faithfulness! I greatly appreciate your prayers and teaching! May God overflow on YOU on your home ! Joyous Noel! 🙂

  17. Peter

    Thanks Helen for your encouraging message I receive from you in a weekly basis. God has surely shown you a target to hit! I really feel blessed and may the Living God enlarge the place of your tent, in Jesus name.

  18. Becky T

    I saved this article in my inbox for when I would have time to really take it in. I’ve been waiting on a promised of God that came through a prophet a few years ago. The timing is now (this school year) according to the prophet’s words. Rough seas has been the way of things for years. While reading this article, it occurred to me that God is working on my faith. I’m looking at the giants in the land instead of focusing on the promise. Wow. Reading the Bible, I usually say, “I’d listen to God,” but of course, that’s the hindsight view. Being in the raging storm, it is hard to see God’s promises. Thank you for this word. In my storm, I will remember that God is with me. The promise is real, and I will try to have faith, or ask God to supply it for me. Thank you Jesus!

  19. Mary Matthews

    Greetings My Sister Helen, I promised to write you again shortly, and I believe in keeping my word. In
    reference to my soon coming “cruise” to your country is fast approaching. Will be traveling with four friends,
    but it appears that your words are only for me, because I am not getting the response that I thought.
    Nevertheless I will stay in touch. I am an “intercessor” Retired NYC teacher, and an Elder in my church.
    Your article entitled, “Angels Are Waiting at Your Wall” has been implanted in my spirit and I Bless you for
    sharing. I truly believe that what I am facing in my travel, i.e. taking a leap of faith, I am indeed
    entering my “Miracle Zone.” The Lord, has given me much including over 45 years of developing and
    working with young people in the “South Bronx.” This ministry had been run from my home, specifically
    for children who did not go to church. Will send you added information on the Great things that the
    Lord has done and is doing in my life. My contact with you has been I believe, a Divine Appointment
    Continue to be Blessed because you are and have Blessed me. Mary Matthews

  20. D.Bennet Jose

    Today message is relevant to my situation.
    I am in a dilemma whether to leave the Government Job and continue in my previous private job
    ( Consultancy in Valuation of Immovable Properties and Assets)

  21. Twila

    I appreciate the story you shared about the feeding of the thousands, then the boat trip of the disciples. It encourages me as I have been disappointed in myself for moving from a time of faith and intimacy with the Father and seeing His acts in my life, to the last few months where challenging situations came, and resulted in a storm inside of worry and fear, confusion and lack of coming to Father with those things as I should have. Worry and upset can distract us so easilyi from God and His love. But, New Year’s Eve when I met with God as I always do, putting my eyes on Him, He started to lift some of the upset and help my focus get back on Him. He found me and met with me….and this story of Jesus coming to the disciples as they worried, reminded me of my own renewing experience of God, and HIs words to mejjust days ago. It is a comfort to me, to hear once again, about how the disciples, after coming from an experience of seeing God provide, became worried and perhaps overwhelmed, just as I have been overwhelmed taking my focus off God when I should have focused on Him even more. Reading this reminds me that I am not alone in feeling overwhelmed in the struggles sometimes, not always knowing what to do, or knowing one must stay close to Father, but failing to do so for various reasons. Your word has encouraged me. Thank you..


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