As our prophetic journey unfolds, the enemy will attack us in the very area of our identity and destiny.

And sometimes, the very ones who should have been our protectors are the ones who have inflicted great pain.

If you can identify with that, Jesus wants you to know that your greatest encounter with Him is just ahead.

  • You are right on time for a heavenly appointment.
  • You will fulfil your calling

And you will lead many into a first-love encounter with Jesus (Rev 2:4). You will be known for revival.

Wounded in the Pursuit of Love

In Song of Songs chapter 5, we find the Shulamite in pursuit of her Beloved. Searching for him has taken her away from her bed, and out into the streets at night.

She is seeking the one who sought her first.

The Shulamite comes across a group of watchmen; night police and keepers of the city walls.

Their role is to look out for the residents of the city and their safety. They are employed as guardians and yet are perpetrators of the very evil they are supposed to be protecting her from.

‘The watchmen found me as they made their rounds in the city. They beat me, they bruised me; they took away my cloak, those watchmen of the walls!’ (Song of Songs 5:7 NIV)

They Held a Position of Trust

The Shulamite’s encounter with the abusive watchmen is a picture of those who are meant to be our protectors—and yet, one or more of them has hurt us along the way.

It may have been a parent, loved one; an overseer, a financial or medical advisor, a spiritual leader, or boss. It may have been someone in our own employ, ministry, or church.

They held a position of trust.
But instead of shielding us, they stripped away our covering, leaving us hurt and wounded.

If you can relate to this, the Holy Spirit is ministering healing to you through God’s Word. Jesus is wooing the wounded.

You didn’t expect the attack from that direction and it rocked you. But it couldn’t rob you of your resolve to pursue God’s Presence. And you kept going.

Now, you are emerging stronger and brighter. You are assured of your value; unwavering in your pursuit.

The residue of pain and shame is falling away, as you realize you are loved and desired by God! The King of the universe knows and calls you by name.

Hear Him say, ‘You are My beloved’.

Your Testimony is Being Revealed

“Nevertheless, make me this promise, you brides-to-be: if you find my beloved one, please tell him I endured all travails for him. I’ve been pierced through by love, and I will not be turned aside!” (Song of Songs 5:8 TPT)

The Scripture does not make light of the Shulamite’s wounds. The account is raw and honest. Yet still she continues to seek the one she loves—and adjures her friends to seek him too.

This is the very point at which those looking express utter amazement at how greatly she adores her Beloved!

‘How is your beloved better than others, most beautiful of women? How is your beloved better than others, that you so charge us?’ (Song of Songs 5:9 NIV)

Neither broken trust, nor the abuse of others, can hinder you from your life’s greatest calling—your love relationship with Jesus.

Your most powerful testimony is being revealed. The attention of many is going to be arrested by your tenacity and your love for God.

Now, the Song of Songs is about to reach its crescendo. The Shulamite will know her Beloved as never before.

Once Burned, but Now Emerging Glorious

This is not the first contemplation of the Shulamite’s trials.

As the Song of Songs begins, she tells us that her brothers—who should have been her caretakers—treated her harshly. They made her work without relief.

‘Do not stare at me because I am dark, because I am darkened by the sun. My mother’s sons were angry with me and made me take care of the vineyards; my own vineyard I had to neglect.’ (Song of Songs 1:6 NIV)

  • She feels the stares of those looking at her with a critical eye

We read honesty, authenticity and courage. The past has left its mark, but her history will not keep her from her destiny.

She has been emotionally bruised; her self-esteem has been dented by those in her own family. And so, she withdraws.

But the call of the Beloved reaches her.

“Come out from your place of hiding! Let me hear your voice! How I long for you to be fully mine.”

“The shadows of the past are falling away as you come into the brightness of my new day” (See Song of Songs chapter 2).

Your Love is a Testimony

Are you recovering from weariness or burnout?

You are about to receive a greater revelation of God’s love for you, and your value to Him, than you have ever experienced before.

Just as the Shulamite found the gardens of her Beloved, you are discovering the intimate place of God’s Presence. 

The pursuit is worth it.

You are emerging stronger, brighter, wiser.

And your story will stand forever, evidenced in the many others who have been won by your example of love. 

Prophetic School News ~ Study on Prophetic Decree

Today I’ve uploaded a teaching to the Enliven Prophetic School on How to Make a Prophetic Decree. Students can find it at the end of the section on ‘Maturing in Prophetic Ministry.’

Plus, I’ve included a downloadable worksheet with the notes from this teaching, which includes a questionnaire and prayer outline to help get you started with your own prophetic declaration.

  • Making prophetic decrees is a great way to develop and lean into your spiritual authority

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115 thoughts on “Prophetic Word: The Wounded are Rising (& Leading Revival)”

  1. Akinkuotu Dayo Oseyemi

    Thank very much you were a helping hand to this generation. More strength in Jesus name

  2. Hi Helen,
    Since day one, when God brought this divine connection to me and you, all the messages brought a deeper meaning to me. I sense the courage and strength i found in your teaching.
    I have been going through the enemy’s attach lately, but the unconstitutional love of God gives me endurance. And in the middle of it and through it all, my adversary could not have the peace and the joy God gave me.
    It reminds me the unchanging God we serve. I love this portion of
    Mathew 10: 16 ” I am sending you out like sheep among the wolves, therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves” We’ll see revival like never before if we don’t become weary.
    Thank you Helen, your obedience to
    God has brought me to another level of faith.
    Please continue pray for me and my family.
    God Bless you!

  3. Every message here has been a great blessing to I love this divine connection.God bless you mightily.Amen

  4. Hi Helen. I’m a Pastor of a church. I’m waiting on my encounter with the Holy Spirit. I do want to be an instrument of God. So people can be delivered and set free. Not for my glory but God gets the Glory.

    1. Hi Helen!

      My Spirit sense the outpouring power of God soon. Revival is not far from this day! The LORD told me there is an open door before every wounded! Though the very ones that i trust, that are to shield me instead strip me! But, i have seen the move of God in all these!
      I’m confident of what God can do in my life and the lives of others!

      Thank you Helen for this encouraging message! My heart is inspired.
      Every word in this message lined up with where i am right now!

      Please, pray for me! & Healing for my family members who are seriously ill.

      Thank you Helen!

  5. Lesley Snellman

    Thank you as I read this thoughts of this is me a description of me in so many ways. Yesterday I had to something and whether it was the time of day where I was all brought things back and this was a perfect description of me of much of my life thank you Father God for holding me keeping me safe thank you Lord for your love that keeps me in so many ways even when times are tough and you seem so far away you hold me without my realising. Thank you Father for your Words of promise of truth of healing.

  6. I’m in awe of to hear the voice of God through this message I like this woman have experienced the hurt by them that should have been helping but instead brought pain through family and with 2 pastors actually one who ordained me and I couldn’t understand why this person would then began to treat me in such cruel ways and say and do things out of alignment but as I was facing this I heard the voice of the Lord day woe to the shepherds who scatter my sheep …. I said he understands and he loves me. I stopped going to a physical church since then I’ve received from online and I teach at times on periscope, waiting for God to give me direction to where to go and what he wants me to do , pray my strength thank you soooo much for your teachings.

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