As our prophetic journey unfolds, the enemy will attack us in the very area of our identity and destiny.

And sometimes, the very ones who should have been our protectors are the ones who have inflicted great pain.

If you can identify with that, Jesus wants you to know that your greatest encounter with Him is just ahead.

  • You are right on time for a heavenly appointment.
  • You will fulfil your calling

And you will lead many into a first-love encounter with Jesus (Rev 2:4). You will be known for revival.

Wounded in the Pursuit of Love

In Song of Songs chapter 5, we find the Shulamite in pursuit of her Beloved. Searching for him has taken her away from her bed, and out into the streets at night.

She is seeking the one who sought her first.

The Shulamite comes across a group of watchmen; night police and keepers of the city walls.

Their role is to look out for the residents of the city and their safety. They are employed as guardians and yet are perpetrators of the very evil they are supposed to be protecting her from.

‘The watchmen found me as they made their rounds in the city. They beat me, they bruised me; they took away my cloak, those watchmen of the walls!’ (Song of Songs 5:7 NIV)

They Held a Position of Trust

The Shulamite’s encounter with the abusive watchmen is a picture of those who are meant to be our protectors—and yet, one or more of them has hurt us along the way.

It may have been a parent, loved one; an overseer, a financial or medical advisor, a spiritual leader, or boss. It may have been someone in our own employ, ministry, or church.

They held a position of trust.
But instead of shielding us, they stripped away our covering, leaving us hurt and wounded.

If you can relate to this, the Holy Spirit is ministering healing to you through God’s Word. Jesus is wooing the wounded.

You didn’t expect the attack from that direction and it rocked you. But it couldn’t rob you of your resolve to pursue God’s Presence. And you kept going.

Now, you are emerging stronger and brighter. You are assured of your value; unwavering in your pursuit.

The residue of pain and shame is falling away, as you realize you are loved and desired by God! The King of the universe knows and calls you by name.

Hear Him say, ‘You are My beloved’.

Your Testimony is Being Revealed

“Nevertheless, make me this promise, you brides-to-be: if you find my beloved one, please tell him I endured all travails for him. I’ve been pierced through by love, and I will not be turned aside!” (Song of Songs 5:8 TPT)

The Scripture does not make light of the Shulamite’s wounds. The account is raw and honest. Yet still she continues to seek the one she loves—and adjures her friends to seek him too.

This is the very point at which those looking express utter amazement at how greatly she adores her Beloved!

‘How is your beloved better than others, most beautiful of women? How is your beloved better than others, that you so charge us?’ (Song of Songs 5:9 NIV)

Neither broken trust, nor the abuse of others, can hinder you from your life’s greatest calling—your love relationship with Jesus.

Your most powerful testimony is being revealed. The attention of many is going to be arrested by your tenacity and your love for God.

Now, the Song of Songs is about to reach its crescendo. The Shulamite will know her Beloved as never before.

Once Burned, but Now Emerging Glorious

This is not the first contemplation of the Shulamite’s trials.

As the Song of Songs begins, she tells us that her brothers—who should have been her caretakers—treated her harshly. They made her work without relief.

‘Do not stare at me because I am dark, because I am darkened by the sun. My mother’s sons were angry with me and made me take care of the vineyards; my own vineyard I had to neglect.’ (Song of Songs 1:6 NIV)

  • She feels the stares of those looking at her with a critical eye

We read honesty, authenticity and courage. The past has left its mark, but her history will not keep her from her destiny.

She has been emotionally bruised; her self-esteem has been dented by those in her own family. And so, she withdraws.

But the call of the Beloved reaches her.

“Come out from your place of hiding! Let me hear your voice! How I long for you to be fully mine.”

“The shadows of the past are falling away as you come into the brightness of my new day” (See Song of Songs chapter 2).

Your Love is a Testimony

Are you recovering from weariness or burnout?

You are about to receive a greater revelation of God’s love for you, and your value to Him, than you have ever experienced before.

Just as the Shulamite found the gardens of her Beloved, you are discovering the intimate place of God’s Presence. 

The pursuit is worth it.

You are emerging stronger, brighter, wiser.

And your story will stand forever, evidenced in the many others who have been won by your example of love. 

Prophetic School News ~ Study on Prophetic Decree

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Plus, I’ve included a downloadable worksheet with the notes from this teaching, which includes a questionnaire and prayer outline to help get you started with your own prophetic declaration.

  • Making prophetic decrees is a great way to develop and lean into your spiritual authority

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115 thoughts on “Prophetic Word: The Wounded are Rising (& Leading Revival)”

  1. Hi Helen, I can really relate with this message.. I need prayer for restoration in my career… As regards my calling.. Still yet to If you can personalize it … I will be very grateful.. Thanks

    1. Hi Charles, am praying for your right now for your career and role to be restored and upgraded

      1. Hello Helen, thanks for the prayers.. I believe God will restore me back to my career with promotion to a new role.. God bless you ma

  2. I am from New Zealand. I read your message, just 1 hour before reading I was praying in tongues and in Spirit and uttered prophetically the same words you said, that the Lord will heal those who are wounded and care for them. 1 hour later, I open my email, I read your words. I was shocked.

    I was repeatedly attacked in church that targeted my ethnicity and the core of my identity. I never expected racists in church, but they exist and are there. I faced this in several churches. As a result, I stopped going to church for many years. My issue is not against individuals, but against the spirit that did this as individuals can be influenced by demonic spirits. I hope God will protect me and enable me to return to ministry again in the future. Pray for me.


      God can reestablish you again. Remember His calling upon your life is irrevocable Romans 11:29 For the gifts and the calling of God are not subject to repentance. So pick up from where you stopped. The Lord is with you.

    2. Hi Kiwi (I’m also a Kiwi) I’m so sorry to hear that. We came from such a lovely multicultural church in New Zealand, and I’m sad to hear you have had a tough time. Jesus is a Redeemer and He’s redeeming the pain, He’s redeeming the years. He loves you and is calling you. Praying for you now


    Dear Hellen, I just can’t describe how spot on this message fitted so perfectly in my situation. God forever be blessed for using you

  4. Thank you for this message. The Lord reminds me that He can take the wounded-weakness in me and use it to strengthen me for the ministry out reach towards others. Yes, in weakness, we are made strong that others might be drawn to Him also. I can identify with the woman in SOS. It is by pursuing Christ that we gain our strength and identify beyond what is projected upon us by others. The Beloved is Our Redeemer.

  5. Helen, your WORDS… so many specific targeted words… brought a well spring of tears and Thanksgiving. Praising Jesus for His continued pursuit of me. Broken but not destroyed. Crushed but not without breath. Internally bruised, but eternally strengthened by and for His Kingdom Family on earth as it is in heaven.

    I am praying for you!! I am interceeding for you and your ministry. For His protective Watchmen over and surrounding you. That you might continually feel the freedom that only comes from being in the presence of The Lord…. in that secret place. You, dear Helen know it well. I bless you in the name of Jesus and ask Him to release more of Himself into every nook and cranny of your being. Filled to the brim with more of HIM! May we dance in the overflow of His presence…in you. Encouraged… to bathe in the fullness of His presence …within our own hearts and minds.

    Thank you for your continued diligence… and a heart that shares the wisdom and understanding that can only come from spending time in the secret place with Him.

    You release what I call “one-anothering” … walking each other home through His Kingdom family on earth. I receive it in Jesus name. Thank you for encouraging us to ‘occupy ‘ until He returns.

    Holy hugs,

    1. Hi Patrina, such a beautiful comment and I sure appreciate the holy hugs. Thanks so much. Keep dancing and praying. <3

  6. I feel that I have overcome past hurts and comes easily for me, however I did get angry about it for a few years not so long ago. What I have been promised is to see into the hurting person’s heart. All that really matters is that we impress God even if we stand alone (We never alone) He tests us to see if we will be able resist temptation of tit for tat, butter for fat. I have one person I have to overcome with but I prefer to stay far away from her because she intentionally bullies me. This has been very painful to me and I truly long to be there for her. She insulted my mother many years ago, in front of people that don’t like my mom. and I have just not been able to overcome that.I love all these people and just want peace among-st them. Is it me that is in the wrong, it is really painful to feel like this and I have prayed for years about this. It is one prayer that has not been answered. I don’t, by all means ponder on it but I also don’t like feeling like this, it is not comfortable to have that in me. I know God says we must bless those who hate us and pray for them. I do that, I think. I have cried many tears to God about this for years. I am just as much a sinner as she is. Since she came into my life, I became insecure. It is strange, however on the other hand, I know God says we must stay away from busybodies, wdo. I am now questioning if is her words affecting me because she really loves to make up her own stories, she is known for it. No one has to tell me, because I always test others by listening to them speak to other people and some up their fruit. Our words are alive, very very alive. As for my promise, it is not easy to accept, it is huge. I have been called a horseman by a pastor. The other church I went to believes in one being the Apostle of a mega church, so I was often prophesied about having wealth on a scale like I will not believe. Part of God’s promise is partly money but it will not be for me, as I really like living by faith. My dream is to help others in so many ways. I try to sew to make an income for my family and to help my hubby but every time I start it I get ill. I have been ill for many years now and I don’t want a diagnosis. I rest most of the time and spend time in the word and researching because I cannot have enough of God. I never complain about my illness and am always happy and ready to encourage and correct my family. We were millionaires 10 years ago but gave everything back to the bank (2008 crash) with smiles on our faces because I did not want my children to get scard. I am glad that happened and knew it would happen because everyone was becoming puffed up with pride. I was the founder of the business but I walked away from it. My hubby and I went on the wayward path after that but eventually I turned back to God. I am pretty much like Isaac who dug wells and others take off with it, because I can’t handle the greed of it as well as unethical practices. At this stage I don’t even know what to pray for my husband in his job because there is so much corruption in real estate. He is being blessed and works very hard. He wants to start a real estate company of his own again but I am not sure what God would want for him. Beautiful thing about this all is that my kids 23, 21 and 18 don’t want to leave home and our family stands together united and in peace as well as love. I am very happy and blessed to have you cross my path, it has meant a lot to me. I have not been attending church and at this stage don’t want to. God is my healer and as long as I rest I feel strong in the Lord and don’t pay attention to it. His will be done and not mine. God bless you, Helen. I hope one day I will be able to speak into your life, as well.

    1. My dear sister Geraldine, remember you are what God says you are in Jesus name, keep meditating on the word of God, do not let God’s word depart from your mouth, meditate on God’s word day and night, declare the word of God over your life. You are blessed and more than a conqueror and will achieve what God has called you to achieve in Jesus name Amen.

    2. Hi Geraldine, it sounds as though you have been through so much. It’s wonderful to hear of the closeness and love of your family. God is faithful and you are growing in wisdom through it all. Stay open to people and to the call of God, He has more for you, His plans are good.

  7. Wow,Praise God for the wonderful prophetic really happen to me already as I step forward on my calling,

  8. Highly esteemed woman of God, thank you for allowing God to use you, this prophetic message speaks to my life, May God continue to use you mightily.
    You are blessed.

  9. Thank you so much Helen for this spot-on insightful and most helpful blog post. It has blessed me on my journey and I have copied it into the back of my Bible.

    1. Hi Rosamund, I’m glad to hear it’s been meaningful ~ and that’s a great way for us to keep special words or Bible studies in view

  10. Hellen ,God speaks with you. Its now a year i am very sick , sometimes i feel might die any time , but i have God’s promises over my life. After reading this post i felt some spiritual energy coming back. I know God’s promises are yes and amen! Pray for me Hellen. Stay blessed.

    1. Yes yes and Amen! Praying for you Peter! May His ministeing Angels come along side of you and infuse you with His needed spiritual restorative energy … and physically hold you up to walk in His strength , in Jesus name

    2. Hi Peter, His promises are yes and amen! I’m praying for you right now. May you know His strength, physically and in every way

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