Prophetic Word: Receive Your Fresh Anointing

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So Jesus said to them again, “Peace to you! As the Father has sent Me, I also send you.” And when He had said this, He breathed on them, and said to them, “Receive the Holy Spirit.” (John 20:21-22, NKJV)

Do you sense God is calling you forward into something new? Perhaps the Holy Spirit has been indicating an area of your life in which it is time for change.

If you can relate to this, receive this encouragement from your Father today:

There is a fresh anointing at the gateway to your obedience.

  • To say ‘yes’ to obedience is also to say ‘yes’ to the anointing for that obedience.

You can see the trial associated with stepping out of your comfort zone. You feel the vulnerability and discomfort. But know that you are not going alone.

Hear God say, “Don’t look forward and shrink back, but look up and receive. For I am with you”.

There is greater intimacy awaiting you.

You are Being Prepared with a Fresh Anointing

Your Heavenly Father is inviting you to get out of your comfort zone and into the miracle zone, where you are dependent upon Him.

Hear God say, “I am not going to ask you to step into a new place of obedience without empowering you.”

‘But the Spirit of the Lord came upon Gideon; then he blew the trumpet, and the Abiezrites gathered behind him.’ (Judges 6:34, NKJV)

  • You are clothed with the Spirit
  • You are being prepared with a fresh anointing

Ask, ‘Do I Want More of God?’

‘It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.’ (Gal 5:1 NIV)

You have complete liberty to follow Jesus. Now, nothing can hold you back.

You can be free of the questions, ‘Do I want to pay the price of that change in my life?’ or ‘Do I want that responsibility?’ Or—’Am I capable of doing this?’ 

You discover another question altogether. And that is:

‘Do I want more of my God? Do I want Him to have more of me? Do I want more of the Spirit’s anointing?’

Look up and say, “Yes Lord, I want You. I desire the full measure of all You are and have for me!”

Know that His Spirit fills you, and in that freedom, move forward.

Obedience is a Relationship

“Come,” he said. Then Peter got down out of the boat, walked on the water and came toward Jesus. (Matt 14:29, NIV)

Obedience is not a task; it is a relationship. It is following a Person. And where the Person goes, you go.

Because you love Jesus, you want to be with Him.

‘I am my beloved’s, and his desire is toward me.’ (SOS 7:10 NKJV)

The reason you can follow Jesus, is because you have awoken to the fact of His pursuit of you!

You say, ‘Oh Love that wilt not let me go!’

God is healing your view of obedience. It is not duty; it is not drudgery. To obey is to be with your Father in what He is doing now.

He says, “Step towards Me, and you are stepping into My River”.

You can be assured that your Father already occupies your future. Step out and join Him.

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Hi from Down Under

Hi everyone, I am in my hometown of Auckland, New Zealand this week, spending time at a conference and with my family, which is why this post is briefer than usual.

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65 thoughts on “Prophetic Word: Receive Your Fresh Anointing

  1. Jamaludeen Husain

    Thank you so much for all those words of encouragement,I have learnt so much,I apply those words to my life and I also share it with the church,I am a pastor and I pray that someday you can come to my country.

    1. Carrie Pargo

      This Prophectic word was for me! For truly I’ve been feeling deep in my spirit that God wants to do something new in me. I feel a pulling out of my comfort zone! Yes!
      My Pastor spoke this very word to me ! Oh my God!
      Please pray for my boldness to go where God is taking me.
      Grace and Peace

  2. Susan Caley

    Your latest word’’as the Father has sent me,so I send you’is so meaningful to me.
    The Lord said that verse to me this week and I asked him to confirm it.I want all that the Lord has for me,I long for more
    of Him and I have a deep desire for the
    Lord to anoint me to heal others.I have
    said ‘yes’ with all my heart.I don’t know
    what this means for me but I say ‘yes’.

  3. Kevin Miles

    your timing couldn’t have been much better those words of encouragement confirm the changes i am feeling in the atmosphere like a fresh anointing surrounding me.

    I am so great for the continuous post and prophetic word over my life, I receive ever word.

  4. Carolyn

    Thank you for this timely and prophetic word. I have been serving the Lord for sometime and now I feel Him calling me into a deeper, more intimate walk with Him. I am ready to totally surrender to His Lordship through the leading of the Holy Spirit.

  5. Helen McMartin

    Very timely for me. I was blessed reading, it’s confirmation of what I have been sensing the Holy Spirit doing in my life. Enlarging me, for growth in His Spirit. A new season. Never been here before.
    Thanks Helen

    God bless you more and more,


    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi Helen, yes there’s so much more ahead! Dream the big dreams and let Him fill them and He will unpack and roll out all you need <3


    Thank you Father you are really faithful..your Words comfort me & build me to deep intimacy with you,,your Word give me assurance to walk with possibilities. to mother Helen I really bless the fresh anointing I received,,no words can contain to express the goodness of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  7. Lunga Sowazi

    I write back at you with nothing sadness in my heart and to say that this word speaks to me and I feel helpless and I ask God to just help me……

  8. Ambang

    I sense the Lord doing a new thing in my life esp in the direction of education. I’m ready to go with faith in my heart wherever He leads.

  9. Darlene

    My husband has left me for another woman. We were both on fire for Jesus and his fire went out. It’s been 3 months… I was hoping for restoration but I don’t know if that will happen. I am not sure if I know what the next step is but I feel like God is asking me to step in the river. I literally did that a few weeks ago. I had a pouting out on me to pray for my city, Red Deer Alberta, for marriages, for the church, marriages in the church and for men to start stepping into where God is calling them.
    New Wine has been 2 words that get me through tough hours/ days
    Knowing God hasn’t abandoned me ge S me through the days

  10. Petra

    Hi Helen

    Thank you for your word this morning. I am struggling in a certain area, but I trust that God will come through.

    Is there a way that we can chat personally if possible?



  11. Hilda

    Hi Helen,thank you so much for another encouraging post.I am ready to step forward and join my father.Even though it’s not easy for me but because i said yes to him,i am ready to be used by him,to bring back his sons and daughters back to Israel.

  12. Samuel Yeboah

    You’re favored and giving us great insight in the knowledge of God.More fire, more anointing to you. May God bless you abundantly.
    I’m in Accra, Ghana and i wish to be there with you for knowledge of God.
    I like the Prophetic modules but I can’t afford right now. I have Prophetic office

  13. segomotsi

    I have been praying for more of God in me and less of me.I am so much encouraged when u also spoke about that because i want to be vessel that can be used by God.

  14. Ernest Masta

    Hi Helen, my name is Ernest and I am from Zambia, Central Africa. Thank you for the prophetic word that you sent me. It’s timing and appreciateness is amazing. I have been a congregational pastor for more than two decades. Am now sensing the Lord leading into itenerant ministry, to go to the lost house of humanity. It’s new terrain, uncharted territory, not knowing exactly how things would turn out, but I’m willing to obey my Lord and king. My heart is burning with the desire and passion to win the lost. Thanks once again.

  15. Lanie

    Hi Helen,thank you for the encourung words,I thank God that everything you written avobe is all happening to me,and im so bless with all the prophetic words you have written,Godbless

  16. Dingaan

    Thanks Helen ,I have been waiting for a long time now. Each time I want to go -there is this pulling down, especially leadership, it seems as if our going will be difficult for us and that I cannot make it–but inside that small voice always saying “I wiil be with you,go…“ it seems I listen more to man than God. Thanks

  17. June

    I look forward to your prophetic message every time. Truly thank God for you & bless you Helen, always bringing a timely word in season. Welcome back to NZ, will you be speaking here in Auckland? 🙂

  18. Keith Baker

    Hi Dear friend

    We have received a word of the Lord for evangelism. Our church has rejected that call. So we are now waiting instruction from the Lord. Can you please ask the Lord.

  19. Melanie Sudduth

    Thank you for that word! It was truly powerful. I retired in January of 2018 and I am attending seminary. It is an daunting task, 12 books to digest and comprehend, papers to write, quizzes and tests to take, getting use to a whole new process. I haven’t been in school since 1997 but God specifically said, “You have not chosen me but I have chosen you.” Yes, at age 65, getting out of my comfort zone has made me know that I have to totally lean on Him.

  20. Dolores

    Hi Helen,
    Lately everything you’ve posted is referring to me it is exactly what is going on in my life right now, you have confirmed it Glory to God it is real

  21. Mary McGee

    God bless you Helen, the word is so timely for me. I have been praying for more, fresh anointing and newness. My God!!!!! God is truly moving quick! Thank you for the confirmation. I pray that God will continue to take you to higher heights, new levels and new dimension as you say yes to HIM!
    Love you and thank you for your obedience to GOD!
    May the Lord continue to shine His face upon you and your family.
    I thank God for your life!!!

  22. Mary Doucet

    Greetings from Saint John, New Brunswick,Canada! Yes, walking on the water. It’s an art, and speaking of art, I started painting a year ago, and this is my stepping out place. Tools for evangelism, not self-taught, but to the glory of God and for His glory. He will make my name great but I will point others to His. This is my mission, in Jesus name. Amen.

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi Mary, from Down Under!
      I love art and painting. May you experience a powerful anointing on your gift!

  23. Lillie Ricks

    Thank you Helen for this”on time word. I receive this word for myself, as I have been feeling that it is a time of “Transition” for me. Actually, I am excited about what God has for me to do! I have been experiencing glimpses of what He is saying/ doing, however, I do not quite fully understand what He is saying to do, or how to begin doing what He wants me to do. I keep asking Father where are the “Connections””to stepping into the New season” or the people He has connected me to. May He continue to bless your work Helen, and you minister words of Encouragement and Exhortation to His people!

  24. Bruce

    Thank you Helen,
    As always spot on, each of us who subscribe to you are dealt with by Father and the move of His Spirit touches us and guides us throgh you. Thank you Father for your obedient prophet.
    I have had a dream that corrolates exactly to this issue today. Not that it was any different at other times but today is so right there. Thank you.
    Bruce Chalmers.

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi Bruce, thank you! I love the way the Holy Spirit ministers to us the same word in different ways and from different quarters

  25. Pansy

    Oh, thanks much for The Word you sent me. It resonates in my spirit. As a matter of fact, I am feeling the anointing as I walk in obedience. Recently I took a step of faith and the Lord was truly there with me. This time as I stepped out in obedience, no doubting, there was a great difference. I am encouraged. The Lord bless you.

    I am writing from Jamaica.

  26. Sherry Boyd

    Hi sister!
    This word was definitely for me. God is calling me deeper into the anointing He has for me around prophecy and words of knowledge. Could you pray for a double portion of faith to step into all He has and all He wants to do in and through me? Bless you. Thanks for all you are and all you give of yourself to Him and His Kingdom for His glory and fame xxx

  27. Lizzy

    Hi Helen
    God s faithful,thank you for the word it s really for me..I feel like there is a breakthrug in the spirit that God is doing something,,I take every word that you have spoken.May God use your more.
    God Bless u


    Thanks Helen,

    This post and many others have given me the push that I so much needed. I am in the process of taking a huge step in Ministry as I move to pursue another vision. And, tell you what? It has not been an easy decision. Thanks for your timely Prophetic Word.



    My Dear Friend, I am overwhelm with joy to come in contact with your ministry. I am presently a local pastor serving in Nigeria and I wish to have you render more assistance in the area of insight to God’s ways, please.

  30. Lindsay

    I see a ball of fire in side you, bright and burning, the Holy Spirit’s work and movement. Another word He is showing you; one that is the color white.

  31. Angela Amsterdam

    Angela Amsterdam , Wednesday 19th 11:07

    I was really blessed by this prophetic word it is confirmation to what God is saying to me. I really need to step out in obedience to what God wants me to do. It is also very encouraging to know that he will anoint me for the task and to know he will be there with me. Thank you so much Helen for allowing God to use you in such a way. This wasn’t the first time but the first time I am commenting ,God bless you.

  32. Lazarus

    I want to share my testimony , on the 3 October 2018, I wake with a shocking dream, where I saw someone being killed in car accident and I was in tears. Then I immediately wake up and pray for that person to be safe and I called her. On the same day indeed she was involved in a car accident. I want to thank God for using and allowing me to listen to the Holy spirit and no one was injured.

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      An awesome testimony of Holy Spirit alerting you to pray, Lazarus! A great reminder of the power of prayer, too – thanks for sharing

  33. luana salvador

    Thank you very much for that word, I have really been challenged to enter a new dimension of my life, and I say “yes” I know it will not be easy, but the Lord is with me, in my weakness he perfects me. Blessings for you and your family !!


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