Whatever your dream; whatever has been prophesied over you—whatever the Holy Spirit has revealed to you concerning your destiny—with God, there is always more.

Today, as Enliven Blog is about to reach its 9th anniversary, I share five lessons I’ve learned about the call of God from my own personal journey.

1. Be Assured Your Father Has Been at Work From the Beginning

It can be astounding when God calls you into something, and then He opens your eyes to how He has been at work all along.

Looking back, you see a trail of clues.

While you were on the journey, you had no idea how events were going to unfold. But there comes a day when you see how your Father has been at work all along.

Prophetic writing has been like that for me.

For many years, the chief focus of my writing was private journaling. I spent hours every week recording prophetic insights, and copying Bible teaching notes that inspired me.

  • I have a stack of handwritten diaries in a cupboard that no one has ever seen

And I never anticipated it being any other way.

During the 1990’s, my pastor wrote in the margin of a course assignment, ‘You have a gift of writing that God will use someday’.

And then, there were the newsletters I wrote to friends, family, partners and missionaries. This was during the years my husband Malcolm and I were in full time ministry with a mission agency. [1]

Reports began to trickle back that the Holy Spirit was ministering through my writing. People were crying and laughing, touched by God’s Presence, as they encountered Him while reading my stories.

It is only recently that I have come across even earlier clues.

2. If You’re Called to Prophetic Ministry, Love God’s Word First and Foremost

I found it hidden on my bookshelf recently; a yellowed and tattered copy of a book called ‘Come Away My Beloved’, by Frances J Roberts. The inscription inside the cover reads, ‘To Helen on the occasion of your baptism’.

I was 16 years old.

How I loved that book of prophetic writings! It became worn, torn and faded. Many times, a paragraph from its pages leapt out at me. It was the Holy Spirit ministering a prophetic ‘now word’ from my Father.

I learned that a personalized prophetic word could be spiritual food. But by that time I had already discovered the main meal: that was, irreplaceably, God’s Word.

As a teenager, I read my small King James Bible from cover to cover. And I will never forget the time I sat listening to Professor E.M. Blaiklock teach from Luke 24 about the disciples meeting Jesus on the road to Emmaus.

The reason the elderly scholar was able to describe it so vividly, was because he had actually been there. As was his custom, he read his New Testament from the original Greek, translating into English as he shared.

God used Professor Blaiklock’s passion for Scripture, its language, culture, geography and history, to light a fire in my young heart. The power of the encounter I had with God and His Word that day strengthens with every year that goes by.

I pray the Holy Spirit stirs such a passion in you, above and beyond your love of prophetic ministry, to know and love the Bible.

3. Understand Some of Your Destiny Will be Held in Mystery

To be honest, in spite of this trail of clues—now visible looking back over the decades—the call of God has taken me by surprise.

  • I never saw a ministry of writing up ahead
  • And I never anticipated prophetic ministry as a primary focus

Through all the years of praying and dreaming about revival—during all of the years my husband and I served in missions—we never saw this coming. [2]

Perhaps you are in the middle of your own journey right now. Transition can be painful—you don’t see the way ahead. But Your Father sees. The One Who loves you knows. He is working all things together.

Hold on to your expectation about how your call will be worked out, lightly.

Be prepared for your Father to unfold and reveal aspects of your calling He has held in mystery.

You can trust Him.

‘Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us…’ (Eph 3:20, NIV)

4. Know God Can Turn Your ‘Mess’ Into a Message

The book ‘Prophetic People in a Changing Church’ is an account of my journey of failure, deliverance, repentance and restoration, in prophetic ministry and prayer.

The friends who helped me publish the book and create a website, urged me to begin a blog. And I did so reluctantly at first, not knowing how I could sustain it.

Not only was Enliven Blog born out of my repentance journey, I also started blogging at one of the lowest points in my life.

During the year 2009, I was recovering from burnout.

So, when website analytics inform me that as I approach this 9th anniversary, some two million unique visitors have found Enliven Blog, I know without a shadow of a doubt this is all about His grace.

Truly, Jesus can turn your mess into a message. He can turn failure into favor.

And that weapon that was formed against you—the one the enemy tried to knock you out of the battle with—is the very weapon you will take in your hands.

Your Father says you are already an overcomer.

5. Stay Dependent Upon the Holy Spirit

By Jesus’ grace, you can do this. He’s got this.

Enliven Blog is on a journey. As much as I seek His heart, as much as I love Scripture, I live with the knowledge that I see ‘through a glass darkly’ and that Enliven Blog is always going to be an imperfect reflection of all our God is, and all He wants to do.

It is a humbling reality to live with.

Yet I’m also glad to acknowledge that, because prophecy and prophetic teaching must always turn us back to further study of the rich treasure that is His Word.

And to hear from Him for ourselves.

So, here are nine years of writing; around 440 articles. I own up to everything that is weak. But everything that lasts—every person who is fed, empowered and who encounters God—all glory goes to Jesus.

What is Ahead for Enliven Blog?

As I cross over nine years and into the tenth, I know there has been a shift. Recently, the Holy Spirit is leading me to write more prophetic words—messages from God’s heart and His Word to His people.

In finding the book by Frances J Roberts given to me at my baptism, I realise my Father has known all along. I have come full circle and yet have only just begun.

I will continue to produce prophetic teaching and training posts. By now, Enliven Blog has a great deal of training that is freely accessible, and I will continue to build upon it regularly.

Enliven Resources, Courses and eBooks—Our Birthday Gift to You

During the rest of July, You can purchase our courses and a selection of eBooks from our online store at a 20% discount.

Providing additional teaching through eBooks and courses enables us to provide more mentoring to those who would like to receive it. The sale of these resources also helps support the ministry of Enliven Blog.

We’re on a Break

I have never been able to write and schedule postings ahead of time, and often—especially recently—receive the inspiration for a post just as I’m due to write!

This is why when my life gets busy with engagements, or I’m on a break—as I am during the next two weeks—Enliven Blog takes a break too.

It’s time for my husband and I to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary.

1. We started serving Asian Outreach as volunteers in 1987. Malcolm was National Director of Asian Outreach in New Zealand from 1995-2002, and then here in Australia from 2002-2004.
2. ‘Enliven’—the name of our ministry and this blog—is a synonym for ‘revive’.

I cannot share a post about my writing journey without making mention of those people who have influenced and contributed to it along the way. I have just updated the thank you page here.

I would love to hear from you! Leave me a note in the comments section below or on our Facebook page to share how this teaching is meaningful to you this week. 

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79 thoughts on “How to Fulfill the Call of God for Your Life (5 Lessons from My Prophetic Journey)”

  1. Hi Helen

    Well done my wonderful friend and faithful minister of our incredible Father! Your years of faithfulness have blessed multitudes. You write with life flowing!

    Congratulastions also on 35 years of marriage! May this timely break be refreshing in every way!

    Love and blessings to you both


    1. Thanks Steve, and also to you on completing 10 years of writing ‘Believing in You’ daily devotions.
      I have learned it’s only by Jesus’ grace – and oh praise God, that grace is abundant!

  2. Congratulations on your anniversary and I hope you enjoy a wonderful and relaxing time together to celebrate your love for each other!
    Thank you so much for the writings and insights you provide us. I feel a bit like a sponge when I read your words as I try to really learn and understand/apply to my life. (I’m okay with that..lol) I have been feeling like God has been leading me in a certain direction the past few years. I have taken the first step toward that goal, but the end (as you said it might be) is a little fuzzy yet to me. I’m okay with that because I can see that God has been leading me and allowing me to go through things throughout my life to make me ready for this. I am so thankful for the Holy Spirit’s leading and scripture and the fact that God knows all and has a great plan for me! Thank you, I so appreciate the work that you do!

  3. Thanks Helen for such encouraging write up i’m really blessd. please keep up the good work.

  4. Thank you so so Mich Halen you really uplift me every time you write, I am so touched and I find myself falling in love more and more with the Holy Spirit every time I read your writings !

  5. Priscus Elishamah

    Shalom. I thanks God to be one of your students madam. Though the prophetic ministry has been tough journey to me, I have find your articles very helpful in every time I feel like to give up. Am struggling a lot in terms of resource to minister ,please pray for me .I love this calling ,I don’t want to give up. My prayer everyday is that Our heavenly father grant me a special grace to go on until his will accomplished in life.
    Thank you for writings.

  6. Thank you so much for the “Enliven Blog”!!! Thank you for surrendering and submitting yourself to GOD our father, Jesus our elder brother, and the Holy Spirit!!! Through your obedience many have been blessed tremendously!!! I can’t begin to tell you how many times as I walk through this prophetic journey, your posts have encouraged me to keep pressing in and moving forward towards the Kingdom mandate assigned to me!!! Thank you so so much!!!

  7. Helen….just found ur blog tonite as I sought Yah earler about a pending need & heard the answer from a teaching on fb to, “endure” basically, that Yah would be w/ me IN the situation w/ me & NOT deliver me this time. I shared that to add….that I took a snap shot of ur quote that (para) “the same weapon the enemy used against me would bring my victory in the end!” Thx…I needed that tonite. I’m not sure what tmoro will bring but I received two great words via internet & what else can a girl ask for? Left job Jan ’18 for call into ministry & a prophet from another country anointed me in Apr. Ur words tonite brought comfort so continue ur work. Congrats on 35! Beautiful! Kimberly – WV, USA

  8. Dear Helen,
    Revival is coming. Your prayers are being answered right now
    God bless you

  9. I am in need of prayer. I also believe I have calling in prophetic ministry through my journaling over a few years, which I believe were/and are inspired by the Holy Spirit. I know I have a calling for the Lord’s kingdom; Im just uncertain of whether it IS as a prophet of God. However, I believe He has led me to your online course, which I will likely take to explore this further in my obedience to the Lord, and love for Him. Regarding my need for prayer, I am experiencing job burnout of 26 years in the insurance industry, and it got so bad that I actually walked off a contract job the other day, with no other means of earnings at the moment. I told them I wouldnt be returning. Now a day later im panicking and calling other recruiters to help me find work in the same field Ive burned out in. This cycle of living paycheck by paycheck, doing highly stressful deskwork is draining me. Please pray for me that Jesus will take my “mess” and make a message out of it, indeed. My worklife added to my knowing that I have a calling from God and need to fulfill it, both are really putting me into a pressurized state of mind, and I know this is not what the Holy Spirit intended. I appreciate your insight.

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