Recently, I felt the Holy Spirit pull my attention towards an object propped up against a corner of my office wall.

As I looked closer, I noticed it was the tiller from my husband’s small yacht. [1]

A tiller is used to steer a yacht. It is a lever and stick that connects to the rudder, which directs the boat to turn left or right.

Today, I believe God is saying to many, ‘I am calling you back to your life’s central purpose.’

‘When you are secure in My greatest purpose for your life, you will stay on track. I will lead you in ways that will astound and amaze you.’

Don’t Lose Your Purpose

I remembered that a few months ago, when my husband Malcolm went to the yacht club to sail his boat, he saw the tiller was missing.

Without that piece of equipment, he couldn’t sail.

He could get the boat into the sea; he could put up the sails. But without the tiller controlling the steering, that yacht would be at the mercy of the wind, waves and tide.

  • With no tiller, the boat could end up anywhere—on the rocks, out to sea, or remaining at the shoreline

Like that tiller, when our core purpose is securely in place, it directs everything we say and do.

When we don’t have a firm grasp on our life’s central purpose, we can be buffeted about by circumstances, our feelings, or the opinions of others.

The Tiller was Restored

Malcolm returned home that day disappointed, because a new tiller could be expensive. He asked around the yacht club and heard nothing.

  • But the next time Malcolm went to his yacht, there was another tiller in his boat!

It wasn’t his old one; it was a better, higher quality one. He was grateful for the kindness of an anonymous giver.

The Holy Spirit is at work, revealing the Father’s purpose for your life. And if you feel as though you have lost your heart’s sense of purpose, He is restoring it to you.

Overlooked by People but Chosen by God

In 1 Samuel 16, God sends the prophet Samuel to anoint the next king of Israel, from among Jesse’s sons.

Seven fine looking young men are paraded before Samuel.

Seven—it is the number of completion, of perfection—and yet God speaks to Samuel and says, ‘I haven’t chosen any of these’.

  • When Samuel asks Jesse if there another son, he finds out there is one more boy who has been overlooked

David is the eighth son; he is the youngest and is out in the field taking care of the sheep. When he is finally presented, God says to Samuel, ‘Rise and anoint him. This is the one!’ (1 Sam 16:12) 

This is God’s word to you today: ‘YOU are the one! I have chosen and anointed you. I call you, ‘Beloved!’

You are Called, ‘Beloved’!

The name David means, ‘beloved’ [2]. And this speaks of the heart of this young man’s purpose and identity:

  • He loved God and knew he was loved by Him.

When no one was watching, when nobody cared—as he was doing menial duties in the fields—David was worshipping with all his heart.

Like David, your identity and your purpose, first and foremost, is that you are loved by God and chosen to be His.

And you may wonder why you are stuck in the mundane while you dream of greatness, but your Father says,‘I have not forgotten you! You are the one I have chosen!’

This is Your Security in Life’s Greatest Trials

Just as the yachtsman grasps the tiller—the boat’s steering—you can hold on, no matter how rough life gets. You are secure in your God-given identity and your reason for living.

Before David reached his destiny of kingship, came a terrifying moment when it seemed he had lost everything (1 Samuel 30) [3].

While David had led his men away on a fruitless mission, an enemy had come to their town Ziklag. Their homes were burned, their possessions ransacked and their families stolen away.

The men were so angry, they wanted to kill David.

At that critical moment, stripped of everything, David returned to his single guiding purpose. He turned to God (1 Sam 30:6).

When David had nothing left, he still had his relationship with God. He was able to trust.

And because of that, not only was everything restored to him, he was able to step into his destiny of kingship.

  • When trouble comes, and things don’t seem to be working out the way you want or expect, know that you are secure in your central guiding purpose.

The Holy Spirit is at work today ministering to you, healing your heart. Hear the Father say, ‘You are significant. You are chosen. You are my Beloved’.


[1] A photo of the tiller is in the above photo. Malcolm’s yacht is a small one-person (2 max) sailing and racing yacht (or sailing dinghy) called a laser.

[2] Strongs H1732

[3] See my article with more insight on this story of David and Ziklag here: ‘4 Things You Can Do in a Crisis’

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  1. Good morning Helen

    I dont know how long have i subscribed with the Enlivenblog and today is my first time reading your email. God is really speaking with me here because I dont know my purpose anymore, I really believe in God and need to know my purpose in life and wants to be God’s messenger as He have planned about me.

    I have lost the God given Prophecy gift and I really need it back to work for God the way He intended me to be, please help


  2. Hi Helen! that is insightful continue praying with me for God to actualize the gift in Jesus Name.

  3. Hellen , I am so sorry I was not able to respond for familiars struggling’s.
    If it is possible I need your prayers support for my second named Zawadi Martine34year.
    She left university degree because of a Nigerian young boy who said he wanted to marry her.
    He took an other girl from his country has 2kids with her and has 2 kids with my daughter who now
    is in polygamous marriage. Me and my wife are affected trying to convince our daughter to quit
    the man but she doesn’t listen to us we are praying and praying but no any change.
    However thank you for the last lesson sent me may the Lord bless you.

  4. emmmanuel tetteh

    Thanks Helen. is a blessing meeting you. i have series of dreams the whole of last week. God showed me a dream concerning the local church i fellowship with. things are not really working as it should. i believe God is drawing my attention to stand in the gap in prayer for the church for things to be transform. i believe strongly about what you are saying and is a blessing meeting such people like you. i would like to know more about the Holy Spirt. bless you

  5. emmmanuel tetteh

    Pls i would like to know what the Holy Spirit is say concerning my calling. thank you

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