Prophetic Perspective: God is Healing Your Viewpoint

One of the joys and challenges of being prophetic, is that we carry a dream of what we see God doing in the future.

In the meantime, we find ourselves in a gap. Today, we’re faced with trials and difficulties (James 1:2-4).

Hear God saying, ‘I am healing your perspective concerning where you are right now.  And I am giving you courage to dream again!’

Connecting the Dots: Your Father Sees the Completed Picture

When you have a prophetic perspective, you not only believe what God says about your future—you can also trust Him in your present.

The prophetic journey is like ‘connect the dots’ activities that are found in children’s books.

  • The person who designed them has left clues to follow—dots that must be joined with a pen
  • When every dot has been connected, the full picture appears

You may relate to this right now, as you find yourself in transition in some area of your life. You are in a ‘dot moment’. 

You have left something behind, and have no idea how to reach what lies ahead. There are prophecies and dreams that have not yet been fulfilled.

In the here and now, you can trust your Heavenly Father. 

God has seen the beginning and the end. Your heart is towards Him. And He declares,‘It is good. You are good!’

God Looks at Your Life and Says, ‘It is Good!’

‘…being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.’ (Phil 1:6 NIV)

According to the Bible, your life is a work in progress, and that’s okay! No matter where you are, know that your Father is carrying His good work on in you until completion.

Incomplete, but Good!

During times of uncertainty and change, it is tempting to become discouraged and say,‘This is not good!’

But your Father is seeing from a different perspective.

When God created the earth, the Bible tells us several times, ‘he saw it was good’. (Gen 1:4, 9, 12)

He saw good, while His creation was still in process. Before there was the earth, before there was the sky; before there was any plant or animal life, before humanity existed.

God’s work was incomplete, and yet He saw that what He had created was good.

Today, know God’s favor is towards you! Receive the courage to declare, ‘God’s work in me is good!’

Be Comforted: God is at Work in Others

Not only are you personally in a process, but those your life touches are also a work in progress.

Sometimes our hearts grieve, because there is a gap between where others are now, and the destiny we know God has for them.

Today, you may have a son or daughter, grandchild, or other close friend or family member you are concerned about.

  • You may be seeking change in a person or group you are ministering to, or praying for

Hear your Father saying, ‘Let your heart be at rest. I am carrying on a good work. Pray without fear and worry.’

When Jacob Encountered God

One day, Rebekah urged her son Jacob to flee from their household, because his brother Esau wanted to kill him. (See Gen 25-28)

She was distressed and feared for both her sons’ lives.

But on that very day, one that Jacob later called, ‘the day of my distress’ (Gen 35:3), Rebekah’s son dreamed of an open heaven above him.

In that place of pain, Jacob had a revelation of the goodness and favor of God. And he named that place Bethel, which means ‘House of God’ (Gen 28:17-19).

It was a ‘dot moment’ in the plan of God. He had more up ahead.  Jacob’s life and relationship with God was still a work in progress.

Your Father sees not only this middle—this dot moment—but also what is to come. And He declares, ‘It is good!’

Today, let go of your worries about those you love, and those you are praying for. God is healing your perspective.

In this place of ‘the dot’—where you cannot see how God will fulfil your dreams from Him for you and others—you are in a place of Divine appointment.

Here and now, encounter the God Who loves you.


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43 thoughts on “Prophetic Perspective: God is Healing Your Viewpoint

  1. Susan caley

    What you have written about how we
    May be in one place and know that God
    has a plan for our life but we can’t imagine how we’ll get there,really spoke
    to me,The Lord recently gave me 2pictures of something He is going to do in my life,But this is conditional upon me
    taking off worldly things and holiness.Can’t do this myself but I feel
    encouraged that’he who began a good
    work in me will carry it on to completion
    until the day of Christ Jesus.’What the Lord gave you was so timely ,thank you,

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Yes it takes the pressure off when we can release that to Him. I declare that over you Susan, ‘no more pressure!’ You are walking in His favor and approval. Everything needed for our holiness and wholeness has been done by Jesus. It’s like there are times we can walk, and there are times He invites us to step into His River and let the River’s current do the work for us.

  2. Connie Manion

    Susan your sharing speaks to me as well. Without His help is seems unattainable. However, His promise is that through Christ Jesus ALL things were made possible. And, that Hebrews 11:1 KJV
    11 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. His eternal truth declares that -Num. 23:19 KJV God is not a man, that he should lie; neither the son of man, that he should repent: hath he said, and shall he not do it? or hath he spoken, and shall he not make it good? It is in the daily reminders that these truths become embedded in our souls. Which in turn brings forth His Divine nature, setting in motion the correctly aligned paths to our destiny. He is truly The Good Shepherd leading His sheep…as we ‘following’ Him’.

  3. Susan Caley

    Your message in which you said that God sees that the work He is doing in us as Good, even though we are still a work in progress really encouraged me..Also that God is doing a work of healing in us. One day recently I was having a time of prayer when the Lord suddenly said’shame falls away’.The things of my past came into my mind that I still felt shame about.Then the Father showed me as that all that shame was upon Jesus when he died on the cross.
    He had paid the price for them,I need carry them no longer.I felt like a weight had been lifted from me.God is good!!!

  4. Karena Maultsby

    Thank you for Susan for this reminder to trust God enough to know that he is truly working for our good and for his good pleasure. In this time, I find myself holding on to hope, declaring his word over my life and choosing to believe what he has promised me. I also evaluate what I am to be learning and seeing in the inbetween. Blessings to you and your ministry!

    1. Carrie

      Hello. This word is for me! As I’m going thru with my 19 year old grandson. He’s become so angry and bitter. I’ve tried helping him but just can’t seem to reach him. But I continue to intercede for him, asking God to give clear direction. I won’t give up on God!

  5. Keisha

    This word spoke directly to me on this Morning. I (Keisha) have been seeking to know if I am in the perfect will of God. God has made me some promises and as you said…NO, it doesn’t look like anything is happening to where the promise is coming to past, but as you said we have to connect the dots in our lives and continue to trust God. Sometimes it becomes challenging especially when things seem to be going in the opposite direction of the promise, but God is FAITHFUL!!! He is trying to get me to a place of rest and to have his peace and this is what I’m working on for my life. Thank you for this word on today!! It has been a great encouragement!!!

  6. Treasure B. Gama

    Thank you so much for the message and am just in that place where am asking myself should I answer God’s all for my life, but at the same time am not ready. I think I need more before I start cause right now am in place where am facing challenges in church, work and even in the streets. Its like I have mark which attract people to my life but at the same time its a fight because most of them there in the dark. I discern them and they strike its war everyday.

    1. Melissa

      Wow! This is an amazing teaching moment for me as I have been seeking God for a job for 5 months now and just recently became discouraged and weary. Your word is confirmation that God is right here with me and working out the perfect job on my behalf. I am reminded I need to trust Him. Psalm 46:10; Be still and know that I am God.

      Thank you for the Word!

  7. Chizaram

    Wow sometimes I have no idea where I’m heading I have promises beyond promises from God and many times I doubt I think because of my unfaithfulness or I’m always thinking that I’m unworthy so I doubt His love and provision. I guess this tells me Hes in control and somehow through it all he’s leading I just hope that he would help me be still and quiet down to hear him more and to help me allow him to help me

  8. CL Mareydt

    God bless you … this is a VERY BEAUTIFUL & HOLY expression & I sense the HOLY SPIRIT all over your expressed words … & we know HIS WORD does not come back void … but is accomplished to where it is sent.

    Peace & Love to you!

  9. Wanda

    Thank you Lord! This is confirmation. God is working on my behalf. Sometimes It feel like God has forgotten me but God is purging me and it has not been easy….mentally or emotionally. God is connecting the dots. Thank God for you. May God bless you for your faithfulness in Jesus name.

  10. Connie Manion

    Oh Helen…big lump in throat. Fought back tears as I’m driving to work. This ministers to such a deep place in my spirit. Thank you is insufficient, but will have to due.

  11. Twila

    I am struck by some of the words in your blog this morning, including “I am giving you courage to dream again.” Over the last 6 months I’ve been on a journey of working through doubts and fears around my relationship with God to finally trust Him fully and determine to have a daily, intimate walk with Him where there is no turning back. But in the last month or so after a couple months of illness, I lost sight of my purpose and passions for life as I am adapting to the life of a retiree where work was my motivation and stimulant to move forward and keep going. This week, Heavenly Father revealed to me that I have stopped dreaming (i.e. having hopes for my life like a reason to get up in the morning, a purpose for my days each week, etc.). When He told me this I felt His encouragement to start dreaming again about the possibilities in life as I follow Him and live for Him. Dreaming and hope are closely linked. His revelation was freeing to me, and sparked again a passion for my life which I had before, and had actually asked Him for again just 2-3 days prior. So I’m fascinated by your opening comment which also encourages me to keep focused on what God wants in my life: “I am giving you courage to dream again!”. He did that this week after I had asked for His help. Your words affirm what God has spoken to me. I am indeed in a huge transition period of my life, where my entire life has been focused on work and now I’m anxious about my new focus and purpose(s). As you said, “the past is left behind” and I’m learning how He wants me to live in this new phase. I am encouraged by your verse shared – Phil 1:6. This reminds me that the new work in my heart that He is doing will be carried to completion. It gives me hope for the growing I’m doing now in going deeper than ever with God, as well as giving me hope for my future that even though I don’t know His plans for me that He will lead me through it, so I need not fear or be anxious about what I don’t see right now. Thanks for sharing this word with us. It’s encouragement to my heart this morning.

  12. Pen

    Connect the dots makes so much sense to me and helps me to wait. I believe God is making a way for me back to my home state, but I cannot see how because I don’t see all the dots. Very helpful. Thank you!

  13. Peggy

    Yes…it was perfect timing to read this article. Tears welled up to the point of surroundings becoming blurry. Even though there are presently trials and difficulties…after reading Prophetic Perspective: God is Healing Your Viewpoint…I have peace and don’t feel forgotten. God is so pure and beautiful!

  14. Christina Alameda

    Thank YOU MY LORD FATHER GOD,” Thank You Helen Calder, “GLORY TO GOD.” GOD”S WORD this morning enlightens my heart with a sense of HIS” Peace and confirming HIS” work and leading me into my destiny. As I been prayerfully seeking GOD” regarding the many challenges and to get going into my destiny. I’m humble ?Knowing GOD” Is in full control and HE Will see everything through completion and that this is a divine appointment in my life. Thank YOU my LORD FATHER GOD.” LOVE And GOD BLESS You ALOHA Always Sister Chrissy Honolulu Hawai’i ?????

  15. Terri

    This Word from His heart is so very timely and appreciated. Singing…”When I don’t understand, I’ll choose You. When I don’t understand, I’ll still choose You, God. When I don’t understand, I will choose to love You, God.”
    Bless you, Helen.

  16. Denise

    Every time I read your blog I feel you are speaking directly to me. I am on a dot right now. God is teaching me discerning of spirits. I no longer look at the flesh, but see the demonic spirit that is attacking through the flesh. I am able to defeat hate, hurt, anger and bitterness. They no longer are a stronghold on me.

  17. Roger

    Thank you Helen.You have ministered to me directly. God bless you. I am a pastor.I have been preaching God’s unconditional love for the past 3yrs.About 7 months ago I did receive some wonderful prophecies about how God is going to use me to touch the lives of many. And also will be operating more in the prophetic and healing. I noticed that I have started operating in these gift strongly.However recently I noticed that I have not been feeling well myself.The devil tried to put all thoughts of discouragement in me.I stood on the promises of God concerning my health and the prophecies I have received to resist the devil.I have made much progress in my health.I know my healing is accomplished more than 2000yrs ago.
    I am trusting God for total recovery. Thanks for your timely message and be praying with me.I would be pleased to hear from you personally.

  18. Roger

    Thank you Helen.You have ministered to me directly. God bless you. I am a pastor.I have been preaching God’s unconditional love for the past 3yrs.About 7 months ago I did receive some wonderful prophecies about how God is going to use me to touch the lives of many. And also will be operating more in the prophetic and healing. I noticed that I have started operating in these gift strongly.However recently I noticed that I have not been feeling well myself.The devil tried to put all thoughts of discouragement in me.I stood on the promises of God concerning my health and the prophecies I have received to resist the devil.I have made much progress in my health.I know my healing is accomplished more than 2000yrs ago. I am trusting God for total recovery. Thanks for your timely message and be praying with me.I would be pleased to hear from you personally.

  19. Natasha

    Wow Hellen… Thank you for always sharing what God is revealing to you each week… I am truly blessed by your This Word… Heal my VIEWPOINT LORD!!!???

  20. William ODell

    You article on “God is a consuming Fire” really touched me. I am an 80 yr. old man that God continues to
    use. The scriptures in II Timothy led me to come before the Lord in total surrender, asking Him to make
    changes in me to enable Him to use me even greater. For some time I have been pursuing the Gift of
    Healing. I have been listening to Kenneth and Gloria Copeland’s teaching almost every day, and I am very
    excited to be used that way if it happens. I believe God wants to be glorified today by the sick being healed.

    I love your emails!!!

  21. Connie Manion

    This message is for Treasure above. I hope you see this. You have answered God’s call and are in His perfect will AT PRESENT. He wants you to know you are getting foundational preparation work right Now that will provide a solid foundation for what He has for you down the road. Do not despise the days of small beginnings. You will at some point look back and understand why He has had you where you are and will be glad He took the extra training time with you. He wants you to succeed in His Kingdom as a good father would. So release the feeling of discontent and embrace the work He has you doing now, knowing this is preparation time for the ‘greater works’ He will put your hand to. Blessings

  22. Kathy Wilson

    This word is right on!
    Confirmation of what God is doing in this season in my life.
    Thank you for sharing.

    In Him

  23. Dineo

    Thank you for the word of God and the powerful teaching….. I was going thru a phase asking if I am in the perfect will of God nd his righteousness, nd now after hearing this teaching nd word of encouragement I now stand with the word of God.. PHIL 1:6

  24. Lenore

    Yes, I definitely have loved ones I am deeply concerned about. I’ve been walking with God since I was 17 and yet have one child who practices homosexuality, one that’s on drugs with a 31/2 yr old that can’t talk or use the toilet. I can identify with being distressed over my sons. I guess this word means that God has been hearing my distress and will complete the good work in them that was begun.

  25. Trish

    Helen, you are so appreciated and your ministry is as comprehensive as your heart is pure. I think people like you put much more of yourself into serving God and others than you get recognized for and I wanted to let you know that I noticed how kind and special you are. This word you shared nailed my circumstances to a T and has provided so much comfort for me. God has shown me things that are so big, its literally mind blowing to think that I could actually play a role in what Hes doing after being made to feel so small by the people I will always love the most. Anyway, enough said and thanks again. Jesus, The Fathet and Holy Spirit are so full of grace… Its time for the church to extend grace to one another and the most unloveable in this world without measure. Thank you for the encouragement. Blessings to you, your family and ministry. God Bless!

  26. Leanne

    G’day Helen,,
    Thankyou so much. I haven’t really thought of the mess I’m in as being ‘Good’, particularly as it seems to be my default mode. Your message encouraged my heart so many times. I had just been praying, asking God to give me His perspective on everything. You have the ‘tree’ perspective. I usually only see the veins on the leaf! (Yes, I’m a ‘detail’ person.) There’s ‘me’, the situation I’m in, and those around me. I’m not isolated, but affected by those around me.
    May you continue to be refreshed and renewed as you give out to so many.

  27. Cynthia Johnson

    Thank you so much for this on time. God has me in a place of trusting and waiting on the promises he promised me. Begin the mouth piece of God, we face many changes and challenges. I’m in a big transition in my life. But God is good and he sees the good work in me. I continue to press through and pray. And wait on my next assignment. Until than I am resting in the rest of what God has me. Thanks for your prayers and encouragement.

  28. Conny Wieland

    Herzlichen Dank für die Worte zum Thema: Ich heile deine Perspektive.
    Es spricht mich sehr an und berührt mein Herz. Vielen herzlichen Dank! Liebe Grüsse aus Deutschland!

  29. Sunny Obu

    Good evening Woman Of God
    I am grateful to Almighty God for directing me to this website, am really bless reading from you.

    I’m in need of favour because right now am down and in debts. Its really a trying period but I believe that prophetic utterance will bring a relieve.

    Please my prophet pray for me and declare the mind of the Most High concerning me prophetically. I need financial favour and breakthrough.

    Thanks a million times.
    Yours in His vine yard
    Sunny Obu

  30. David

    Thanks a lot Helen I’m a reader of your blog and I haven’t read your blog for a while but when I opened it up today I was greatly blessed. It was like you were talking to me. It addresses some of the things the Holy spirit has been hinting me. Thanks a lot Helen God bless you greatly.

  31. Molins

    Hello Helen,
    Greetings to you in Jesus name. Glory to God.
    Thank you so much for beautiful explanation, I loved it. it is very much helping me, encouraging me and teaching me to understand Almighty God. I am just nothing just dust I have only hope in Jesus Christ that He will transform me as a new person. I want to know exactly what He wants me to do for Him sometimes I am so confused and much pressure on my spirit through the enemy but I thank Jesus because He is helping me by His eternal grace, mercy and His unconditional Love right now through you to understand Him and have strong faith in Him.
    What ever u explained its very true. thank you very much. Thank you for your prayers and concern.
    God bless you and your ministry for Jesus very very much.

  32. chalebiwa maika

    thank you very much good people for such a great platform of encouragment.
    the topic on it own is sooo powerful…God is healing your viewpoint…wow! yes my viewpoint is very blurred right now its all crazy…i feel in my spirit i need to pray and fast for quite a lot of things that are going on right now but i feel so much overwhelmed. it seems like its too much and this throws me into complete prayerlessness.

    i do need healing in my viewpoint….i thank God he identified me and spoke.

    thank you soo much for this its amazing.

  33. Shane Bekker

    Thankyou so much Helen for hearing from God to share a word in season for me to take ‘courage’ and dream again. I have had dreams shattered and doubt creep in that has clouded my belief that God has a good thing for me. Over the past 18 months now I have had this picture of a classroom blackboard, but it is blank. It’s like I’m waiting for something significant to be written on it that helps me on the next part of my journey. Interestingly enough, I came across an online course titled “Called” by John Bevere. I looked at the promo video and saw a blank blackboard, but when John was sharing things scriptures would come up in white on the blackboard. So, I did the course and took heaps of notes and I am reflecting on those notes and asking what am I called to do? The course was about discovering your calling, developing your calling and then maximising your calling. I also understood it a lot to be about our character lining up with God’s word in order to fulfil the call God has for our lives. After this course I have continued in search for what it is God has desired me to do. I have been going through soul searching and surrendering and realising that when my dreams were shattered years ago that I gave up the courage to dream again and have faith in God for my future. This article about God healing my viewpoint is so timely and I have realised I need to dream again and not fear, and know that when I have a dream from God that I will it is from Him. Thankyou again for sharing such an important word.

  34. Michael Maranan

    One day in our church my brother in Christ said to me that the Lord has a big plan for you(me). So i was amazed and happy, but your right…i’m in the midst of DOT right now and i’m still in progress,,,sometimes i have sin again to the Lord and thinking “i’m not worthy for the plans of our Lord” and confused. Can you pray for me and also propheshy what God is planning for me 🙂 thank you and more power to your blog…

  35. Jade

    Dear Helen, I trust that this mail finds you well?

    Firstly, I would like to say thank you for stepping out into your calling and allowing the Lord to use your life to impact many lives.

    This Word that you sent really spoke to my heart. I seem to believe that I have a gifting. I don’t know if I can some it up as it being in the Prophetic wholly, because I dream a lot and often am attacked in them.

    I can’t pray in tongues, even though I have asked the Lord for that gifting. I really need some direction. Would you please stand in the gap with me as I really would love to know what my purpose is and how I would be used in furthering God’s Kingdom.

    Stay blessed,

  36. Vicki Lynn

    Dear Helen,
    This prophetic word has been personally directed to me in response to my prayer and confession that I humbly, poured out to God when I became overwhelmed with grief due to my sins, the discouragement that has been Satan has been whispering to me that I am a failure, unworthy of Gods Grace and that I have nothing to hope for because I’ve been unable to get my life together and and start fulfilling God’s calling on my life that I have been aware of since my childhood that was also prophecised about my life so I literally broke down crying from the depths of my soul about the tremendous sorrow I feel that has gotten me to this place of repentance and that I need his Supernatural Power to help me because I have done everything I know to by my own strength and I now know and except the fact that I can not get through this season on my own so I’m letting go and giving him control of my life, because there is a battle within myself that I feel is coming to a conclusion, but the timing of me crying, praying for strength, and confessing all this was the night before I read this particular prophetic word, because the next morning when I checked my emails I randomly selected this one, but it was confirmed that this was in response to the before, when I opened up my Bible that day not looking for any scripture in particular the 1st Page I opened was Deuteronomy – 4th Chapter and I was lead to read from there to Chapter 8 so I knew then God was responding to me through you so I am now encouraged so please Helen and other believers in Chirst pray for me.

  37. Helen Calder Post author

    Hello everyone, thank you for all the messages (and emails) related to this post.
    Due to circumstances, I haven’t been able to reply to them all, but I’ve read them and pray for you, may the Holy Spirit seal and protect the work He has done to bring healing to your perspective. I pray with you for the turn around and breakthroughs to be manifested in your lives and loved ones.
    He is faithful. <3

  38. Renee

    I just want to say Thank You. Thank you for your biblical inspiration. You just don’t know how much your emails means to me and your blogging. I have learned a lot from your post and with great understanding. Again I thank you WOG

  39. Alexus

    I was just writing in my journal about how I was grieved with my husband and the way he responded to me about a revival service he came with me to. He is unsaved and still battling between serving the Lord fully and staying in bondage I almost let it discourage me but I read this prophetic blog it encouraged me to change my perspective because God’s working even when I can’t see it he’s working

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