One of the joys and challenges of being prophetic, is that we carry a dream of what we see God doing in the future.

In the meantime, we find ourselves in a gap. Today, we’re faced with trials and difficulties (James 1:2-4).

Hear God saying, ‘I am healing your perspective concerning where you are right now.  And I am giving you courage to dream again!’

Connecting the Dots: Your Father Sees the Completed Picture

When you have a prophetic perspective, you not only believe what God says about your future—you can also trust Him in your present.

The prophetic journey is like ‘connect the dots’ activities that are found in children’s books.

  • The person who designed them has left clues to follow—dots that must be joined with a pen
  • When every dot has been connected, the full picture appears

You may relate to this right now, as you find yourself in transition in some area of your life. You are in a ‘dot moment’. 

You have left something behind, and have no idea how to reach what lies ahead. There are prophecies and dreams that have not yet been fulfilled.

In the here and now, you can trust your Heavenly Father. 

God has seen the beginning and the end. Your heart is towards Him. And He declares,‘It is good. You are good!’

God Looks at Your Life and Says, ‘It is Good!’

‘…being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.’ (Phil 1:6 NIV)

According to the Bible, your life is a work in progress, and that’s okay! No matter where you are, know that your Father is carrying His good work on in you until completion.

Incomplete, but Good!

During times of uncertainty and change, it is tempting to become discouraged and say,‘This is not good!’

But your Father is seeing from a different perspective.

When God created the earth, the Bible tells us several times, ‘he saw it was good’. (Gen 1:4, 9, 12)

He saw good, while His creation was still in process. Before there was the earth, before there was the sky; before there was any plant or animal life, before humanity existed.

God’s work was incomplete, and yet He saw that what He had created was good.

Today, know God’s favor is towards you! Receive the courage to declare, ‘God’s work in me is good!’

Be Comforted: God is at Work in Others

Not only are you personally in a process, but those your life touches are also a work in progress.

Sometimes our hearts grieve, because there is a gap between where others are now, and the destiny we know God has for them.

Today, you may have a son or daughter, grandchild, or other close friend or family member you are concerned about.

  • You may be seeking change in a person or group you are ministering to, or praying for

Hear your Father saying, ‘Let your heart be at rest. I am carrying on a good work. Pray without fear and worry.’

When Jacob Encountered God

One day, Rebekah urged her son Jacob to flee from their household, because his brother Esau wanted to kill him. (See Gen 25-28)

She was distressed and feared for both her sons’ lives.

But on that very day, one that Jacob later called, ‘the day of my distress’ (Gen 35:3), Rebekah’s son dreamed of an open heaven above him.

In that place of pain, Jacob had a revelation of the goodness and favor of God. And he named that place Bethel, which means ‘House of God’ (Gen 28:17-19).

It was a ‘dot moment’ in the plan of God. He had more up ahead.  Jacob’s life and relationship with God was still a work in progress.

Your Father sees not only this middle—this dot moment—but also what is to come. And He declares, ‘It is good!’

Today, let go of your worries about those you love, and those you are praying for. God is healing your perspective.

In this place of ‘the dot’—where you cannot see how God will fulfil your dreams from Him for you and others—you are in a place of Divine appointment.

Here and now, encounter the God Who loves you.


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43 thoughts on “Prophetic Perspective: God is Healing Your Viewpoint”

  1. Hello Helen,
    Greetings to you in Jesus name. Glory to God.
    Thank you so much for beautiful explanation, I loved it. it is very much helping me, encouraging me and teaching me to understand Almighty God. I am just nothing just dust I have only hope in Jesus Christ that He will transform me as a new person. I want to know exactly what He wants me to do for Him sometimes I am so confused and much pressure on my spirit through the enemy but I thank Jesus because He is helping me by His eternal grace, mercy and His unconditional Love right now through you to understand Him and have strong faith in Him.
    What ever u explained its very true. thank you very much. Thank you for your prayers and concern.
    God bless you and your ministry for Jesus very very much.

  2. chalebiwa maika

    thank you very much good people for such a great platform of encouragment.
    the topic on it own is sooo powerful…God is healing your viewpoint…wow! yes my viewpoint is very blurred right now its all crazy…i feel in my spirit i need to pray and fast for quite a lot of things that are going on right now but i feel so much overwhelmed. it seems like its too much and this throws me into complete prayerlessness.

    i do need healing in my viewpoint….i thank God he identified me and spoke.

    thank you soo much for this its amazing.

  3. Thankyou so much Helen for hearing from God to share a word in season for me to take ‘courage’ and dream again. I have had dreams shattered and doubt creep in that has clouded my belief that God has a good thing for me. Over the past 18 months now I have had this picture of a classroom blackboard, but it is blank. It’s like I’m waiting for something significant to be written on it that helps me on the next part of my journey. Interestingly enough, I came across an online course titled “Called” by John Bevere. I looked at the promo video and saw a blank blackboard, but when John was sharing things scriptures would come up in white on the blackboard. So, I did the course and took heaps of notes and I am reflecting on those notes and asking what am I called to do? The course was about discovering your calling, developing your calling and then maximising your calling. I also understood it a lot to be about our character lining up with God’s word in order to fulfil the call God has for our lives. After this course I have continued in search for what it is God has desired me to do. I have been going through soul searching and surrendering and realising that when my dreams were shattered years ago that I gave up the courage to dream again and have faith in God for my future. This article about God healing my viewpoint is so timely and I have realised I need to dream again and not fear, and know that when I have a dream from God that I will it is from Him. Thankyou again for sharing such an important word.

  4. Michael Maranan

    One day in our church my brother in Christ said to me that the Lord has a big plan for you(me). So i was amazed and happy, but your right…i’m in the midst of DOT right now and i’m still in progress,,,sometimes i have sin again to the Lord and thinking “i’m not worthy for the plans of our Lord” and confused. Can you pray for me and also propheshy what God is planning for me 🙂 thank you and more power to your blog…

  5. Dear Helen, I trust that this mail finds you well?

    Firstly, I would like to say thank you for stepping out into your calling and allowing the Lord to use your life to impact many lives.

    This Word that you sent really spoke to my heart. I seem to believe that I have a gifting. I don’t know if I can some it up as it being in the Prophetic wholly, because I dream a lot and often am attacked in them.

    I can’t pray in tongues, even though I have asked the Lord for that gifting. I really need some direction. Would you please stand in the gap with me as I really would love to know what my purpose is and how I would be used in furthering God’s Kingdom.

    Stay blessed,

  6. Dear Helen,
    This prophetic word has been personally directed to me in response to my prayer and confession that I humbly, poured out to God when I became overwhelmed with grief due to my sins, the discouragement that has been Satan has been whispering to me that I am a failure, unworthy of Gods Grace and that I have nothing to hope for because I’ve been unable to get my life together and and start fulfilling God’s calling on my life that I have been aware of since my childhood that was also prophecised about my life so I literally broke down crying from the depths of my soul about the tremendous sorrow I feel that has gotten me to this place of repentance and that I need his Supernatural Power to help me because I have done everything I know to by my own strength and I now know and except the fact that I can not get through this season on my own so I’m letting go and giving him control of my life, because there is a battle within myself that I feel is coming to a conclusion, but the timing of me crying, praying for strength, and confessing all this was the night before I read this particular prophetic word, because the next morning when I checked my emails I randomly selected this one, but it was confirmed that this was in response to the before, when I opened up my Bible that day not looking for any scripture in particular the 1st Page I opened was Deuteronomy – 4th Chapter and I was lead to read from there to Chapter 8 so I knew then God was responding to me through you so I am now encouraged so please Helen and other believers in Chirst pray for me.

  7. Hello everyone, thank you for all the messages (and emails) related to this post.
    Due to circumstances, I haven’t been able to reply to them all, but I’ve read them and pray for you, may the Holy Spirit seal and protect the work He has done to bring healing to your perspective. I pray with you for the turn around and breakthroughs to be manifested in your lives and loved ones.
    He is faithful. <3

  8. I just want to say Thank You. Thank you for your biblical inspiration. You just don’t know how much your emails means to me and your blogging. I have learned a lot from your post and with great understanding. Again I thank you WOG

  9. I was just writing in my journal about how I was grieved with my husband and the way he responded to me about a revival service he came with me to. He is unsaved and still battling between serving the Lord fully and staying in bondage I almost let it discourage me but I read this prophetic blog it encouraged me to change my perspective because God’s working even when I can’t see it he’s working

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