3 Keys to Unlock Your Prophetic Thanksgiving

This week, my husband and I celebrated an early Thanksgiving dinner with members of our family who are US citizens. It was a significant moment for us as a family.

As I have prayed about what to share today, this is what I believe is on God’s heart for many of you this week and beyond:

As a stone cast into a lake causes ripples outwards, or as a drop of ink onto blotting paper spreads—

When God’s Presence touches you, those closest to you are impacted first.

Whether it is a traditional celebration of Thanksgiving or simply giving thanks to God, taking a prophetic approach to thanksgiving is a powerful means of releasing God’s purpose into your life—and the lives of others around you.

1. See People Around You Through a Prophetic Lens During Thanksgiving

‘So from now on we regard no one from a worldly point of view. Though we once regarded Christ in this way, we do so no longer.’ (2 Cor 5:16)

‘Prophetic’ very simply means we have insights about our Father’s intention—His heart, thoughts and plans—given to us by the Holy Spirit.

Sometimes relationships get damaged through decisions and events, or the actions and attitudes of others. When we see a person through our Father’s eyes, we see someone of value, we see someone God loves and a person Jesus died for. We see from His redemptive viewpoint. We perceive someone who has a future and a hope.

The Holy Spirit enables us to view a family member who has caused us pain through the cross of Christ.

We forgive, because He has forgiven us—and the fruit of the forgiveness that we release to others, is that we are set free. [1]

It is one thing to forgive an act or actions that have damaged you; it is quite another to forgive a person of the ongoing consequences you have experienced since then. Today, I believe the Spirit is releasing new and deeper levels of forgiveness.

As the Holy Spirit ministers healing and the Father’s love into your heart, you are enabled to forgive. And true, heartfelt thanksgiving becomes the natural overflow of God’s work in your life.

2. Take a 3 Dimensional Approach to Prophetic Thanksgiving

“I am the Alpha and the Omega,” says the Lord God, “who is, and who was, and who is to come, the Almighty.” (Rev 1:8, NIV)

Hear your Father say, ‘I am the God of your past, present and future! I am redeeming your past. In the present, I am working all things together for good. I have a future and a hope for you to journey into’.

3-dimensional thanksgiving is when we give God thanks for our past, present and future. This means that we can:

  • Express our gratitude for what God has done in the past—and embrace His redemption in Christ for past pain
  • Thank Him for all that He is and has given to us today—and by faith see Him present and at work in our trials
  • Thank God for the future fulfilment of His prophetic words and the hope set before us

When we give thanks for what is yet to come, we acknowledge God is good and is the source of what He has promised. We are receiving His promises by faith ahead of time.

This is prophetic thanksgiving.

3. For a Prophetic Thanksgiving, Pray for Others Around you and Sense What God is Saying

Sometimes we think that prophecy is solely for people we minister to, or for evangelism. We can forget that our Father has our family members on His heart too.

Whether you are celebrating Thanksgiving as a holiday, or simply seeking to explore prophetic thanksgiving, let gratitude overflow into words and action.  You don’t need to preface a prophetic insight by saying it is a prophecy or ‘word from God’. Speak life-giving words of encouragement and release Heaven’s intention into those around you.


[1] Some Scriptures about forgiveness: Eph 4:32, Mark 11:25, Matt 18:21-35

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16 thoughts on “3 Keys to Unlock Your Prophetic Thanksgiving

  1. Jeba

    Thank you Jesus. Amen. Hallelujah!
    JESUS, Thank you very much for your love on us. Thank you very much for your Wonderful Name. Thank you very much for the Blood shed at Calvary for giving Eternal life. Thank you very much for the COMFORTER who abides in us. Thank you so much for the Word of God , Jesus.GLORY TO JESUS!

  2. segomotsi

    hi Helen,I thank God for your posts , they encourage me as i am still trying to find my place in Gods work.I believe that i am not just anybody i am somebody whose Gods grace is upon and i believe that God want to use me to impact the lives of his people.Pray with me that nothing should distract me from believing God.May Gods grace be with u and yr family.I love you

  3. Mulugeta M.

    Thanking,I really blessed and I would like to say God Bless you and increase the influence of you Ministry Over the world.

  4. Rozanne

    Thank you Helen for such words of confirmation and reminders to see others through the Abba’s eyes, the eyes that see far off when we are sitting on His shoulders, He lifts us above the clouds of doubt and fear and to the promises of Isa 41:10; Jer 29:11; and Jer 33:3. I keep seeing these numbers on the clock; number plate on a car, multiple times. So I’m praying Lord show me great and mighty things I know not!

  5. rose wachia

    thanks alot
    God bless you

    Iam happy with the above topic

    it happens our Pastor in our church preached the same mesg

    be blessed

  6. Laura D

    What a confirmation! I was having my prayer walk thanksgiving week as Jesus looked up to Heaven with 5 loaves & 2 fish giving thanks to The Father is was multiplied so I prayed this over my past present & future! Thank you Helen I’m always blessed and so encouraged by you!

  7. Kathryn Newton

    Love to read your wise words Helen – I wish I had heard this years ago! I often get a line of a song in my head – especially during my secret place time with God, this may be an old chorus or hymn or even a secular song (He wants to hold you until the fear in you subsides for instance) I then often have to google it to find the lyrics/songwriter etc. It is often a powerful way He speaks and encourages me.
    Yesterday during worship at church the line of a song was ‘let me be singing when the evening comes’ In the back of my journal I also write titles (books/chapters) and have hundreds of these. So with that line yesterday I wrote ‘singing when the evening comes’ – (rejoicing in the finish)
    Bless you in your ministry and thank you for all your prophetic insights.

  8. Lily

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    Hi Helen,
    When I click on this link, why the price of $18.75 increased to $26.25. I saw this link dated 21 Dec 2017 and it was yesterday date. This week half price should be $18.75 and not $26.25.

    Next can this course help me to fight with demons. I get many physical demonic attacks and I had many deliverance. Last time I was a buddhist. What I wanted to do is to be free from demonic attacks. I had enuf of all these demons stuffs. I wanted to squash all these demons under my feet. Will I be able to stop these demons from attacking me or rather have power that the demons will flee from me. If I pray, there will be power and demons and sickness will flee from me. Is this an interactive course? If I have questions, can I ask you? I would appreciate your reply to my questions and reply to my email address. Thanks.

    God Bless

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hello Lily,
      Sorry about the confusion! The link on the Prophetic Thanksgiving article (dated November, Thanksgiving week) was for one week only and so it expired well over a month ago. The current article has a 30% dated 21st December has a reduced course price available until 17th January.
      Every person’s situation is unique. The spiritual warfare course will help give you Biblical strategies to overcome in your battle, I suggest you look at the course material and decide whether it may be of benefit to you. Also, I can’t give personal counselling, although I am available to answer questions on the discussion board but general questions only. Personal counsel regarding what is going on in your own life needs to take place with people you are personally journeying with and who can weigh up and discern what is going on, also from a pastoral care perspective. (also I’m now on vacation until mid January so won’t be available between now and then for enquiries)
      I hope this helps answer your question, Lily.

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