Prophetic guidance, or ‘personal guidance’ as it’s also known, is a very important area, and one that touches every part of our lives.

But what does it mean? Firstly, ‘prophetic’ speaks of God’s intention, being conveyed or communicated by the Holy Spirit. And ‘guidance’ speaks of direction—the act of being guided, directed and led.

Prophetic guidance is when we hear God’s voice about a decision, action or direction that we are to take.

An example of someone who received personal prophetic guidance from God and acted on it is Abraham, who is known as our ‘father of faith’ (Rom 4:16).

Abraham set out from his home town and followed the call of God to Canaan. His obedience to prophetic guidance from God impacted the destiny of generations to come. You can read his story beginning in Genesis chapter 12.

3 Benefits of Seeking Prophetic Guidance:

1. It honors God when you seek and follow His plan for your life

Prophetic guidance acknowledges God has an overall purpose for your life. You want to honour Him in your decision making. As Paul said in Ephesians 2:
‘For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.’ (Eph 2:10, NIV)

2. You grow in intimacy with God as you seek Him

‘Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be’ (Psalm 139:16, NIV)
Our Father is a God of relationship. He wants to share with us and delights to have conversation with us about every aspect of our lives.

3. Your obedience to God will touch many lives for good

Prophetic guidance is powerful. Just Like Abraham’s response to God’s call to go to Canaan, decisions you make in the will of God have the power to positively impact not only your own life, but to have a ripple effect that can affect those around you, your family and generations to come.

Prophetic Guidance Master Class

When it comes to prophetic guidance, the more that is at risk, the more important it is to know we have heard God clearly—and not just concerning the vision or action we are to take. We must be mindful of the timing and manner in which we respond.

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Happy Birthday Enliven Blog

This week, Enliven Blog turns 8 years old!
When I started writing, I never dreamed of where it might lead. Since 2009, Enliven Blog has 400 articles, had 1.4 million visitors, has thousands of email subscribers, and has touched countless lives.

I’m so grateful for the support of my husband ‘The Hunk’ Malcolm Calder, along with David and Margaret McCracken and the David McCracken Ministries family. This is their journey too.

I’m grateful to you, my reader.

And most of all I’m grateful to my God – the only explanation for these miraculous events is that He is the ultimate Author. What will the next 8 years bring?

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14 thoughts on “3 Benefits of Prophetic Guidance”

  1. Munyaradzi Mugombi

    When I pray I shake the whole body that mean the power of God is in me.I hard to Prayers telling that I have a ministry.God will use me do it show that I have a calling


    1. Hello Munyaradzi, Each of us has a calling from God, so it’s a matter of discovering what that looks like to you personally.
      And that’s a journey over a long period of time. Reflection about how God has wired you, what you are passionate about, discussions with respected Christian leaders who know you, these are things that can help identify the calling.
      This article may encourage you:

  2. Happy birthday sister Helen!!! More grace to your pen. Thanks for the piece on Abraham. I felt God talking to me on this topic. In the last week of June this year, I was given a dream in which a younger brother of mine told me he was going to be tested in October and had been asked to read Isa. 51:1. In the dream I informed him it was about what God said about father Abraham. I encouraged him to be serious with it.
    Helen I have felt that I had been too long in my “wilderness” season. I had been directed to a place where I had started a prayer meeting. God had shown me countless powerful dreams in the area and my local prophet had also said very encouraging things to me. However I kept feeling I had been too long in the dark. I believe God gave me that dream and your current piece to assue me.
    Thanks sister and be blessed as always.

    1. I’m glad you’ve been encouraged by the article, Abraham! I pray you find the clear next steps forward.

  3. Happy 8th birthday to Enliven Blog! Thank you for your loving, insightful, and timely prophetic teachings, Helen. May God continue to bless you, your ministries, and everyone connected to you.

  4. Happy birthday, Enliven Blog!! Here’s wishing you many more better years!
    I enjoyed reading today’s post; It challenged me to seek prophetic guidance even more. Couldn’t help thinking how many pitfalls and wrong turns I could avoid by seeking God’d guidance in all things….

    1. Agnes, thank you for that!
      That is so true, also, I believe being sharpened in discernment is the other way to avoid the pitfalls and wrong turns.

  5. Congratulations on 8 years Enliven blog!!! Praise be to God!!!!
    May the Spirit of God continually guide you, fill you, all while granting you with the grace and wisdom to press into Him Helen. Thank you and I am always praying for you and your family.

    1. Thank you Tanika! Thank you for journeying with me and for your encouragement, prayer and support. I love the way you always share such great questions and insights too. My heartfelt thanks <3

  6. Congrats, many hapi returns. The next 8 years ; from Glory to Glory. Your annointing will not dry. God Almighty will grant you outstanding Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding, in Jesus name. God be with you all.

  7. This lectures are real eyes opener. More grease to your elbow. I am into intercessory ministry but it seems no one is ready for a full time of it. Thereby given me concern as am doing it alone. What is wrong and what do i do ? God bless you all.

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