8 Signs You May Have a Gift of Prophecy

How do you know if you have a spiritual gift of prophecy?

It is common for people who are in the early stages of developing a prophetic gift to experience uncertainty and questions. If you can relate to this, the following list of signs will encourage you to keep moving forward and develop your gift of prophecy:

8 Signs You May Have a Prophetic Gift

1. You Desire a Close Relationship with God

Prophetic insights from the Holy Spirit, are sourced in an intimate relationship with God—His Presence is where you hear His voice and receive revelation from Him.

So one sign you have a prophetic gift is that you are not satisfied with a shallow relationship—you want to be close to Him.

That is because God has called you to be one who hears the whispers of what is on His heart—to learn what His intention is and pass it on to others. (John 13:23-25)

2. You Want to Learn About Prophecy

‘Follow the way of love and eagerly desire gifts of the Spirit, especially prophecy.’ (1 Cor 14:1).

A hunger or longing for a gift can be from the Holy Spirit, as He is drawing you towards God’s purpose for your life.

This is the hidden stage of a gift—where very few people, except those who are close enough to know the desires of your heart, are aware that you have the ability. But God knows—He has placed that desire within you because He is drawing you towards your destiny. ‘Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart’ (Psalm 37:4)

3. You Tend to Pray Prophetically

A gift of prophecy often shows up in prayer before it manifests in other ways.

  • You find yourself praying something spontaneously that you hadn’t thought of—and you realise the Holy Spirit has led you
  • You are praying for another person or situation—and you get feedback that what you prayed for was exactly what was needed
  • You discover God has given you knowledge in prayer that you could not know by natural means

Prophetic prayer is powerful—because you are praying according to God’s purposes. As 1 John 5:14-15 says, ‘This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. And if we know that he hears us—whatever we ask—we know that we have what we asked of him.’

4. You Have Had Confirmation that you Accurately Hear from God

A sign that you have a gift of prophecy is that you build up a track record of hearing from God accurately. For example:

  • People you have prayed for, or shared prophetic encouragement with, have given you feedback that your prophetic insight was spot on
  • You have found yourself thinking about a Scripture or message—and then your Pastor or another person shared the same one
  • You have journaled something you believe God is saying—and it has come to pass

Very often these kinds of confirmations are private—this is the Holy Spirit giving you are nudge to explore your prophetic gift further.

5. People Have Been Helped by Prophetic Insights You have Shared

Accuracy alone is not a sign you have a gift—in the Bible, a spiritual gift must be exercised in love and bear good fruit that honours God (1 Cor 13, 14).

The Apostle Paul said, ‘the one who prophesies speaks to people for their strengthening, encouraging and comfort… the one who prophesies edifies the church.’ (1 Cor 14:3, 4b)

So important questions to ask are:

  • ‘Have people been helped, encouraged, strengthened and comforted by the prophetic insights I have shared?
  • ‘Has the church been built up?’

The sign of a prophetic gift is that people are helped and drawn closer to God by what you have heard from God and shared.

6. You Find Yourself in Circumstances Where a Word from God is Needed

One sign of a prophetic gift is that God engineers circumstances to gently push you into needing to hear from Him. You find yourself in a place where you need to respond and act on what you hear. For example:

  • Someone you are praying with needs a word of encouragement from God, or
  • You have some personal circumstances where prophetic guidance is necessary

7. You Have Prophetic Values

Here are some core values that those who have a gift of prophecy tend to have in common:

  • A love for God’s Presence
  • A high value on hearing God’s voice and the prophetic gift and ministry
  • A passion about God’s prophetic promises
  • A love for holiness and justice and the righteous standard of God’s Word

You may wonder why other people don’t see things the same way as you do—but the reason is, God has placed prophetic values in your DNA. It’s how He has designed you.

8. You Have Been Through a Trial in Relation to Your Gift of Prophecy

A pattern we see in Scripture is that someone who has a ministry calling goes through a trial, or a failure, or what we might call a ‘wilderness experience’ in relation to their gifts. So if you have had difficulties, or you have felt shut down in the area of prophecy, be encouraged. This may well be a sign you are gifted and called in prophecy.

God has an end in mind. Don’t let the enemy hook you to a past experience through hurt or disappointment. Remember Proverbs 4:23 says, ‘Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.’

Do whatever it takes, forgive others and yourself; keep your heart free to move on, pick up your prophetic gift once more, because God is coming through for you.

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238 thoughts on “8 Signs You May Have a Gift of Prophecy

  1. Emmanuel

    I spontaneously pray for something i have not taught of especially in the course of praying
    somtimes too i don’t know if it is a word or a feeling that i get to pray for someone in the course of praying just within twinkle of an eye
    sometimes too i see snap flashes of light under my feet with chains lock on my feet whiles i am praying but i don’t get the meaning
    God bless you for allowing yourself to be a blessing to me. I am just a babe in the prophetic ministry, I know nothing and i am on my own because i am not sure of how been called as prophet seems to be like but through your encouraging mesaage i believe i will stay strong for the Lord

  2. Shawn

    I would lile to know when you dream everyday and all of the dreams happened in front of you especially about warning people or a church

    1. Jeremy

      As Christians, we have accepted Christ and so he lives in us and works through us. When I begin praying for specific people or situations out of no where, this can be your spirit/God leading you toward what to pray for or as caring individuals we will automatically start praying for certain people or situations because it just needs prayer. ? as for a vision. If it’s a flash of light, it could mean whatever you are praying or thinking about for at that specific time the flash is bringing light to it. Chains symbolize being held, sort of blocked or no movement. Research spiritual warfare. Make sure the source is good. Speak to your pastor. You want to be certain you pray according to Gods will when spirituality binding and loosening/ breaking chains. I hope this helps!

  3. Sharon Tillman

    Hello, Thank you for your ministry,I have many questions but I will ask only a few.
    Please advise:
    I hear The LORD voice tell me to do things: call Kim. I have never had an extended conversation with Kim. I called Kim and she was drinking coffee that I gave her for a gift when her and her husband moved to start a new church,in a cup that I gave her, writing thank you notes for the gift I gave her as well as gift that the other church members gave her also. As well, when The LORD told me to call her, I had to tell my husband what the LORD said and her had to take over the chore of making the morning coffee and it was the same flavor that I gave Kim.

    I felt strongly lead to a book store, I had no intention of going to.
    After being there for about 10 minutes The LORD insisted that I go and speak to a Man I have never seen before. I attempted to ask The LORD why,I don’t know the man. I walked to him and told him ‘The LORD told me to speak to you,but I don’t know why.’
    Then the words flowed from my mouth ‘ do you know anyone who would be interested in teaching male responsibility classes to teen boy’s.
    Tears came into the strangers eyes and he stated he had been asking The LORD to lead him to a place where he could mentor teen boys so they would not end up in a prison like the one that he currently worked for. He began within the next few weeks volunteering at the youth center that I taught teen girl’s classes.
    There are many more conversation similar to these where The LORD spoke to me with a clear winner voice or gave me the untion to go some place or to do something .

    I am looking for someone to help me understand this gift.

    Please advise.


  4. Jeremy

    I almost always am able to uncover deeper issues, feelings and thoughts of people I am speaking with when I specifically pull them aside to talk about what’s going on in their life. I almost always relate with what they’re experiencing because I’ve been in that situation. I find that I can almost always relate to every situation too because I’ve gone through so many trials in my life. I always felt like something else bad is going to happen to me it always does. Then I realized or it was revealed to me that every “bad thing” i went through was a another type of situation i can now relate with and help so many people in so many different issues/trials with love, compassion and experience. When I was a child my pastor asked people to come forward to be prayed over if they would like a gift of the spirit. I went up and said I would like them all… she smiled and said your life will be very challenging and difficult and am I sure… yes, I’m sure I replied. Since then until now I have been through so much pain, addictions, isolation, loss, separation, deceit/deceiving, lust, stealing, marriage, divorce, death, anger issues, physical pain, financial blessed times and struggles, I could go on and on really. How can I grasp a hold of who God has made me to be fully? I’m aware now of the answer. ? discipline…. is there any other advice you can give? Thank you and God Bless!

  5. Ezekiel

    i had a dream two weeks ago seeing myself in the midst of friend , my brother , one of my lecturer and my boss. They said to me ‘ why will you be a prophet’? and individual started giving instances of people they knew who had issues being a prophet. After a while i stood up and said ‘ i have been pursuing 4 things in my life and God has been helping me , for this reason i know God will help me as well’ i woke up …….pls kindly help me out on what to know and to do ….

  6. Joseph

    Hi yes i came apon many points that i went through as a christian and all that make me to cry because sometime when i say i want to be seriouse about God i always got discouragement sometime they say i pray like people of old testament.Please continue to build me through writting i want to hear God in all matter.Sometime ago i tlod my father that he is going to damage his car and he took me for granded and after he did he start hating me.

  7. Azumah Francis

    if you have the prophetic gifts and calling you would find your self caught in the spirit things things you have not thought of being revealed to you. Some times messages/things you have not thought of .

  8. Philomena Whitehead

    Thank you for sharing. I believe that I identify with all the eight signs. I am looking forward to what GOD has for me. Thanks for being a blessing to GOD’s people for his Glory.

  9. anointed micheal

    Good Morning mama my name is anointed Micheal, Nigeria ma pls i want to say something about my self, ma sometimes i do talk to people and it comes to pass and make i might say something to someone he or she would confirm it, but make i want to understand the holy spirit voice i want to grow up in my prophetic utterances want to be confidence that any thing i say is form the holy spirit. mama pls help me and teach me am willing to learn.

  10. Vivian

    Hi I’m Vivian. I also need help and guidance. When I sleep I dream and it comes to pass exactly the same way I dreamt. Some of the dreams it comes like warning and I know that if I don’t pray or cancel it if its the bad dream it will happen and that hurts me. I’m now having dreams about my colleagues and I feel like I should tell them but I don’t because some of them they are my seniors, I don’t even know where to start because some of the things they are sensitive I just feel like I should keep it to myself and pray about it but still every time when I see those people it’s like a reminder to what I saw in the dream. Please help me and another thing, when Im sleeping there’s this voice that comes and tell me what will happen but I don’t know this person who is telling me these things and I don’t see him , this voice comes to me as clear orders.

  11. Linda Stamper

    I have prophetic dreams and have had at least three eyes-open visions. I regularly see a white light around the heads of those I’m fellowshipping with. I have seen the light be faint and stationary as well as vibrant and pulsing. At our home bible study group, the Lord has given me 3 or 4 prophetic utterances in the last month. Although I have been walking with the Lord for almost 40 years, these things are increasing in intensity. Others have told me God wants to use me as a prophetess and that this gift will grow. What can I do to nurture this?

  12. Andre Debski

    you mention the gift is for encouragement, comfort and building up. what about warnings ? Paul was heading back to Jerusalem and many times and groups were warning what was awaiting him. Agubus and others . Also the call of repentance to the churches as found in Revelation. this could be tricky because i have witnessed it done badly .What do you think? blessing . andre

  13. Emily


    Thank you very much for the teaching on signs of a prophet. It is a great information to me. I’m acquainted with most of the points. I really need clarity on this matter. I sometimes find myself secluded and have an urge to pray. The prayer will take long and if I didn’t pray at that moment, the time I reach my private space, it becomes so heavy that I can’t bear it. I will start by praying in tongues, groaning and end up feeling pain (which will last when I finish praying) on the top of my stomach. The pain is inside the stomach. Thereafter, I will keep quiet and my physical senses will shut off. I can still hear people talking but won’t be able to respond. In that moment, I will be given some scriptures or instructions to do. Sometimes I found myself in another places, talking to people. Praying for them and the list go on and on…. Please help

  14. Trish

    I was asked by a man to work on 5 books that he had written so I met him at a star bucks. As we had our conversation he began loudly talking about the judgment of God and everyone around us was getting offended. I didn’t want the crowd to be left with the impression that God was angry and expecting people to perform for a religious spirit or be cut off so I responded to his argument with the blood of Jesus and the love of God responses. It went on for 3 hours. By the time we were finished he told me that most people don’t last 10 minutes and it was his job as a “seasoned prophet” to test people who not only have a prophetic gift, but are true prophets… I met him again to take a look at his manuscripts and he unleashed so much anger towards me, insulted me from head to toe. I asked him if he was attacking me out of his wounds of rejection because I know all about being wounded, rejected, abandoned, exiled, persecuted, etc. He said, it was a possibility that his wounds were making him bitter, yet he just wouldn’t stop the insults so I pulled my car over in a shopping center parking lot no further from his home than what he normally handles, I opened my trunk, got his walker out and made him get out of my car and I left.. He’s had 7 heart attacks, a partial amputation of his left foot, etc. 5 bottles of prescription meds. I tried to remain in love and understanding but I didn’t. Your thoughts? lol (I don’t find it funny, just outrageous) Could this be a sign that I’m a Prophet? When I read these words it makes me laugh but I am not being anything other than straight forward honest. This did happen and I am concerned for him and other people that he could be doing this to and in front of many who are not saved. As far as myself, I feel like there is something very important about myself that I am missing, a block, please pray for me that crystal clear clarity of what God needs me to do. I have such outrageous thoughts I’m unsure if its God, or I’m being tricked. God bless you and your ministry of Love.

  15. Americo

    I am really amazed on how clear are the 8 Signs I May Have a Gift of Prophecy. more that 90% happens to me. I have searched on google looking for someone to mentor me on prophecy. Things changed a lot since God told me to fast for 21 days. the first time He told me, i couldn’t do it because i was still working for the state. He repeated the order next year and i asked for holidays to do it.
    I have been praying for the Lord to help me develop this gift. Once God told me ” you are just preaching on the pulpit and do not listen to me. i have things to do in the service” Many times i had to interrupt or shift from one paradigm to another in the service, but it seems that doubt and fear influence me so much. I am an Assemblies of God pastor serving God in Mozambique. of course i am a Mozambican. please i need your help.

  16. Americo

    Hello my sister. I wish all the best to you.
    I am Américo and live in Mozambique, my country. I have accessed your blog looking for someone who can mentor me in prophecy. I know God blessed me with this gift by I need to mature in it. sometimes I fear to fail. I have been praying to the Lord so that I can be accurate, but I know that to have a mentor is also biblical.
    In two consecutive years God clearly told me to fast for 21 days, without eating, just drinking water. the first year I did not do it, because of my work. in the second year when the command came again, I asked for holidays just to do it. ever since I came back from the place where I had gone, I begun to see a new dimension in prophecy. Please will you mentor me?

  17. bernice

    1.have a deep hunger for God which overwhelms
    2.when i speak to people given a word and is cofirmed
    3,have become a support sytem
    4, dreams confirmed for people
    5, when purpose was revealed i was viciously attacked bodily.
    6.frequently pray for people i hadnot even thought of

  18. Mahle

    Hi.I used to get dreams as a child,and because I come from a spiritually strong family,I adapted that love and passion for God.I became engaged in church activities as a child and enjoyed evangelical activities.I would get dreams that often came true,my Mom realized this and told the family that I had a gift,but no one had taken it seriously(myself included).As I grew,I started drifting away from God and started questioning the word,I have stopped getting dreams that come true and have weird ones instead.I have tried to get closer to God again and I make an effort to engage in church activities,but I still feel like God has taken the gift away from me because he feels that I’m not ready for it.I really want to have a stronger relationship with God but I feel like it’s not happening.

  19. Aryam

    Am happy found this site .. Was reading about the 8 signs of prophesy .. I recognise 3 of the sighn which is 1,2 and I think it’s 7 says
    ( A love for God’s Presence
    A high value on hearing God’s voice and the prophetic gift and ministry
    A passion about God’s prophetic promises
    A love for holiness and justice and the righteous standard of God’s Word)
    Also I don’t know if it can help me interpreting this dreams for me ..
    I saw Jesus standing out side our house and my mother was in the Kiching washing we both can see her cus her window was open JESUS gives me a message even tho I don’t understand the message but I go and deliver WA he says to me and go back to him again .. Was doing back and forth to deliver messages ..
    Second dream
    I saw Jesus standing in my left hand looking beautiful and my husband inform Of me the thing is my husband can’t see Jesus and was wandering why he can’t see him while JESUS was in front of him ..but any ways JESUS gives me a word or a message to give it to him and the words weren’t even touching my toung but speaking it to him which was my hubby .. He would understand wa I was saying but I don’t and gave him messages twice then I heard my husband saying oh my God she is prophesying he said it twice and am thinking can u not see Jesus then I walk up after that ..
    By the way me and my husband are separated 4 month ago pls pray for me before that had 4 miss courages within 6 month .. I need ur prayer pls .. I saw a dream me and my husband both left from the same house at the same time , out side the door I turned right and he turned left both went our own way then I saw my self returning to the same house quickly and he turned a bit late to the same house and next me … Don’t know wa it means but pls pray for me

  20. Katlego

    I find myself able to see what is going on with other people in dreams and get confirmation from those people,I find myself hearing God message and he will later confirm through scripture ,I will seek God in decisions I want to make and God sends people to come confirm that I took right decisions…I find myself praying more for people n situations more than myself…I find myself seeing more into the spiritual world ,I dream supernatural dreams

  21. Debra Hancock

    Thank you for this ?
    I feel I’m coming through a “wilderness” experience. God is drawing me to a closer relationship with Him. My love for the Prophetic is energized by the memories that came to me while reading this post. Oh how He loves us!
    Confirmation ?

  22. Laura Junio

    I have always felt that I had the gift of prophesy. I have felt and wanted to be close to God more than the people around me. I stood out as different. My faith is stronger, and I have heard his voice speak to me inside my head. I have made mistakes discerning when it was him and when it was my thoughts, and now I know why. When I was younger I needed to turn to the scriptures to see if the warnings were from him. Studying God’s word and praying and spending a lot of time learning, worshiping and praising him has given me insight again that I thought I had lost. Like after three bad marriages, I asked God if it was right for a divorced woman to remarry. I told him it did not matter if I remarry, but I only wanted to ask him because so many people had different opinions on the matter. A week later a godly man who I had been only game friends with online started asking more personal questions. I found out he was being stocked and God showed me that he was the right one for me. God also showed him that I was the right one for him. To him he confirmed it by an Angel that appeared like a regular woman in his church and another one the day before. He told no one of me and she said you must go to Laura. I took a two week vacation and drove up from Florida to Wisconsin and we are just celebrated our two year wedding anniversary. He loves the Lord and was baptized a Southern Baptist leaving the Catholic Church. He now has ties with his family again and he is seeking what God wants for his life now. He works in the hospital and prays with patients and gives them hope in the Lord. I was in a bad accident and now can no longer work, but the Lord will be able to have me do his real work now. The reason he has put me here on this earth. I went to Google search to seek the way to sharpen and improve my skills. I also have the gift of serving, compassion, arts, and knowledge that certain people lack. God has used me to heal people and I can tell if they are going to make it or not in relationships and other things and I had that gift as a child. I can see things that will happen sometimes, depending on what God chooses to show me. I know if someone or something is watching me and if they are up to no good. I know if I need to stay away from something or some place.

  23. Maria Dimba

    Thank you four of the above have matched me which is desire to have a close relationship with God, pray prophetical, confirmation that I hear frm God, have prophetic values

  24. Rebecca

    What a great confirmation! ! I relate to all the points above. Wonderful to read all the manifestations like this.

    Exactly how I experienced it! I am new to the prophetic, so I am learning to develop the gift of prophecy. Many people told me that they could see that I move in the prophetic, but I think it is just lately that I started to accept it and look more into it. But I am so happy for the encouragement that it is to others and how I am able to help others through the prophetic voice of the Lord.

  25. Lydia

    I know I have a prophetic calling,i have been telling people the message God shows me in the dream and it comes to pass,before I slide back, I always love being in the midst of prayer,i always feel sad when ever I remember my calling is not progressing

  26. cosmos Mutini

    I think I have a gift of prophecy and l would like to learn more and understand my calling.Whenever l preach or share the word of God l find myself giving prophetic word all of them have been fulfilled.God have even gave prophecies about my country and to my surprise they have been fulfilled too

  27. Gloria Weatherall

    I mostly hear God speaking to me and I write down and what I write down someone else would come alone and confirm, but sometimes I phrases and that gets me , so I am trying to learn more!!!

  28. Leevitah

    Greetings! I’ve been put this desire in my heart to learn more and more about the gifts of the Holy Spirit. I see myself in all of the points above. Before talking with a prophetess I was asking God for confirmation. And yes, without telling her anything she told me that God is going to use me and I will strongly flow in prophetic. I feel it in my spirit. I don’t know what should be my next step neither how or if I have to tell this to my pastor or just let God to let them no. Thank you and blessings !

  29. martha

    i am realy not sure but what my husband told me is he think if i can go deeper into the word I will be a prophetess and i never asked him why but what i dream most of the time i always dream that i am going somewhere only to find people with weird clothes blocking my way when i try to change direction i still find more people even sometimes water blocks me and i cant cross over to the other side and i think thats the devil,one day i dreamt God telling me to preach Jesus to my cousin i just called him and told him about the dream last night again i dreamt that it was the same cousin his mother and my other aunt we where in something like a house of which i find myself closing the door and asking them that do they know what sin is and asked my cousin does he know that there is heaven and hell and this dream looked like real and i woke up excited about it last year 2016 i dreamt a very big voice that filled the whole bedroom saying to me “martha wait a little while dont get up”the voice didnt tell me how long should i stay in bed,but some sends after that voice my alarm rang 04:20am which is the time i got up every morning i just told myself that was God’s voice trying to warn me against something i dont know, there are 12 people that i even written their names down that i pray for every day one day in my sleep i heard voice which in a dream was a voice of God saying “tell 4 people people you’ve been praying for they’ll get their deliverance and others they still have to stay there but they will be healed,and can you please help me with this one too,i dreamt my son 10 years was standing in the corner of our bedroom while my husband and i sleeping as i was looking at him i saw a necklace with a small cross and in that dream i asked my husband why is our son wearing that and my husband said because he is going to be a pastor and as i looked at him i saw his face shining bright like a light and in front of him there was this big or fat short man trying to block my son but this light also was disturbing this man.what i know about myself i know i always asked God to give me wisdom and to know Him better and i always tell Him to use me because in this life theres nothing else that i want but Him i used to pray for people laying hands on them especially the disabled once believing in God that He will heal them one day i dreamt a woman saying to me read timothy where i found ‘dont be hasty in laying on of hands’ theres when i stopped laying hands but just praying for them theres lot thanx evryone

    1. Rain Allen

      Hello Martha, you can prophesy and I think the people with clothes represent taking off the old way of thinking and in faith, putting on the new way of the word of God. Meaning believe in Faith you can and you will because his word says so! Know his word, this I have learned and still learning! Also the water blocking is you launching out in the depths of the spirit of God. Ezikel 47! Meaning learning to trust him, even when you can’t understand all of it! Sorry I had to reply because it was just necessary! Love you and move fourth where you are with the Lord. Trust him he has given you this gift!!

  30. martha

    hi allen thanx for your responce i have have something that i cant shake off my mind maybe you can help me i have a brother he is in the list of peo[le i pray for,ever since we were growing up i believed even now that theres some sort of curse or attack in him last year 2016 i planned to take him to a certain prophet we were suppose to go there 2october 2016,i prayed about it and ask God that if the prophet we going to is not a guinine man of God neither of us should get any healing or deliverance on 30th just 3 days before we could go,it was friday night i dreamed God saying to me”martha don’t seek help for your brother now wait for april”when God said april i was expecting this year,and i spoke to my cousin about it and she said there are many aprils maybe God wasnt speaking about 2017 april,and i still praying for him and still asking God which april is it i know and believe God will do as He promised and i thought of joseph in the bible when his dreams came to pass after 13 years

  31. Glory

    Calvary greetings to you Helen Calder,
    My name is Glory Iheme, by the grace of God, i am a child of God and a lover of God and his word.
    For sometimes now i have been struggling virtually with everything, i don’t know maybe because i have fail to listen and do what God requires of me.
    I am the first child in the family of Three boy and three girls, I have been married for almost 9 years, the Lord was gracious to me, i became pregnant barely one month after my wedding, i had problem with the pregnancy when i was seven months, i had emergency cesarean and still lost the child, i was in a coma for a week, when i got to know about his demise, i almost died, but as god would have it, i pulled through. Great men of God had prayed and told me about me becoming a mother again and over again, yet i gave been completely denied of those prophecies.
    Things became so difficult for me, though i work, but all my life even as a child i have loved doing business and i was doing well in my petty trading, in my adulthood, i have done one or two businesses but every thing before me crumbled and i find it difficult starting all over. Problems here, problems there. In one of my quietime, i cried to God and asked Him questions, immediately after that prayer, i heard a voice and He told me to keep praising Him, this was loud and clear, i looked around to see who was talking and couldn’t see any, that was the first time He would speak to me. The second was after being prayed for by a man of God, God came in my sleep and told me to serve Him, that He will do what He will do. As if that was not enough, Whenever i visited or come in contact with men of God, God will tell them to tell me that the only solution is to serve him that i am a tool in his hands and that he want to use me for His glory,but am not making myself available for Him to use. Not one not two, up to about 7-8 men of God on different occasions have all said the same thing. One of them even talk about my struggles with God and said “You are telling God to do your will before obeying His voice and doing His will”, and he warned me “until you obey Him, no way for you, you are a great woman of God and He want to use you for His glory”. Really, he said my mind, i have being like, God want me to serve Him, yet He made me unable to have children and always making life difficult for me. ideally, i want be a business woman not woman of God. After that meeting i became perplexed as I know I can never fight God and win. But how can God me a terrible sinner?, though i go to church, work in His vineyard, never in this life would i imagine God calling me specially to serve Him. I believed my kind of Christianity is enough and the best way that suits me. One thing about me is that i love being in the house of God and whenever i am in His presence, i feel secure and delighted, am always looking forward to be in His presence every time, there is no Sunday service He doesn’t visit me.
    I have asked Him to forgive me as i am ready to do His will.
    From all account I know I have an unfinished business with God, but the thing is that i am confused and don’t know where and how to begin, I have struggled with God for more than 8 years.
    Please I need help, kindly give.

  32. martha

    hi it was last year when i dreamed someone telling me to read psalm39:2 which reads “but when i was silent and still not even saying anything good my anguish increased”can you maybe clarify this? and last week again i dreamed a voice telling me to read Mark5:5 which reads night and day among the tombs and in the hills he would cry out and cut himself with stones

  33. Steven Bauer

    To all that seek prophesy and The Truth, love is the key to unlocking His secrets. If someone says they hate you, love them back, if someone mocks you, love them back. When Satan attacks you in any way, shape, or form, love the person that he is controlling with all your heart and evil will run like a coward. Stand confident in your faith and do no let anyone tell you otherwise. God will see your love and will reward you. Ask yourself what would Jesus do and follow through with complete confidence and faith in Jesus Christ. We have not because we ask not. Continue to give thanks to The Lord as He is controlling our destiny. Always give thnaks to The Almighty for this is His Holy Work and not ours. We may falter and lose our path, but God will strengthen us and force us back on the path of righteousness. Today, we are scoffed at by the men and women Satan has deceived to extreme measures. We will be attacked and ridiculed, but ronni avail as Jesus and The Holy Spirit will protect us. Know it is not the person attacking you but Satan and his evil ways. Jesus Christ has already won the war against the deceiver, but Satan will stop at nothing to turn our hearts against God. We have already won! Satan cannot win and he knows this for he is trying to destroy as many souls as he can before His Second Coming. The time is near, stand fast and hold onto The Holy Spirit within you, as He will guide you in your path, however hard it may be. Prayer and The Holy Word of God in The Bible is our most powerful weapon against the evil one. He cannot stand it, for he will snare and get angrier and angrier the more we spread The Good News of The Gospel. Know he cannot harm you as The Almighty will see your love and protect you until it is your time to be received into heaven. Satan is a wasp without a stinger. His only weapon is fear for death has no sting!!! When you see evil pray for the soul that is lost. His Second Coming was prophesied many years ago. Look to the sky and sky alone to watch for Him and His signs of His Second Coming for Jesus will come in the clouds, just as he was taken up into Heaven many years ago. Be prepared and pray to Jesus to ask him to reveal your path for you. We are all a part in His divine plan and none without a spot in Heaven. All thanks be to The Lord. In the name of The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. Amen.

  34. Kamantha

    Do not ignore the calling of the Lord! When the Lord commands you… obey at once. Never make excuses. the Holy Spirit comes using any form … do not doubt… test the spirit in the name of Jesus.

  35. Geraldine Okoronkwo


  36. Jessica

    Long story short… I’m not very religious and my prophesies don’t have much to do with what I’m seeing other prophets say… I found out I was adopted at 25 I screamed so loud and literally shell shocked myself.. I had what seemed like an out of body experience And from then on a lot of synchronized things happened to me.. anyways I started writing everything down that came to mind I told my parents I wanted to write a book and dedicate it to my dad a few days later my parents gave me my adoption papers and inside was a card I had made for father’s day when I was a kid it looked like a little book and said I dedicate this book to my dad… I also got a piece that I made for mothers day that oddly resembled the items on my shelf which was a teapot butterflies and hearts (there’s so many things from here on that I can’t even get to) the next day I was shaken up and stayed home from work I sat at my kitchen table trying to remember other pieces I made as a child and all of a sudden I remembered that I had made a picture around the age of 9.. it was of a husband wife and 2 children going to cut down a Christmas tree.. this picture had a family name written on it that I won’t say but that was the name of my boyfriend of almost 8 years… when I remembered this I drew it out exactly as I remembered it and I know it’s real I even won 5 dollars for it at school cause the teacher asked me whose family it was and I said I don’t know… just a family.. aparently I was being creative… I was so proud I took the picture home and hung it on my bedroom wall. I bugged my parents for over a year and they swear they don’t have it.. most likely it was thrown out. Me and this guy (with the exact same last name as the picture) broke up after this incident he still thinks I’m crazy and I would give everything just to see proof of this picture because I’ve searched high and low and have not seen a single child who did anything similar to this… I also remember drawing a picture of my dog and my exes dog.. the picture of my exes dog had her name on it molly had the same grey fur blue eyes and purple collar.. of course I have none of these as proof but I know I did them when I was a kid I even remember teachers questioning me whose dog is this? Is this your dog? And I would say no just a dog I imagined and kids would laugh because they drew their own dogs and cats.. anyways I think about this imaginary family picture every single day and it haunts me because if I talk to anyone about it I will just be called crazy.. since that day of my adoption news I dream almost every night and they are so so vivid. I don’t really have anyone to talk to about this and it hurts. There’s a lot more to the story but I will leave this here and see if anyone has any feedback for me thank you!

  37. Jean

    Thank you Helen for this post so encouraging. I have a desire to be used by God in the prophetic Please pray.

  38. Carl Bingham

    When I was young I felt an inner strength. But I knew it was not for physical power but something else.
    Also I have always feLtd alone and I have never mixed well with others.
    My thoughts and opinions were always different from others. Thenjoy spirit of
    god is with me now. It was god who called me but I have always wanted to know the truth. The spirit keeps testing me by negative thoughts which I try desperately to ignore. Carl.

  39. Kenneth Knight

    Last year I went through a sudden breakup after 7 years relationship with me ex( who not saved). Then I heard a voice say you and her are not done yet. Then went through the holiday in a deep spiritual cleansing with the holy spirit. There he reveal to me my sins, growth of trust and faith. Most of all a revelation of my destiny in christ. I had visions and dreams of me and my ex coming back together, she accepting Jesus, blending our families, moving to knoxville, Tennessee and starting a couple ministry for husbands, wives and families according to Word of God through Jesus in 2017. Since the beginning of the year most of what I envision has come true. Ex came back to reestablish our relationship, family is blending and my relationship with God got stronger.

    But also, holy spirit revealed that we are supposed to be prophetsure for families unity, open Christian retreat centers in Tennessee, France and Italy. Based on God’s plan of rebuilding the family unit.

    Things have slowed down alot, she still not saved, she and I moved back to her home state and town north of where we supposed to go. Visions and dream that God tell me sometime come true and others do not. Holy Spirit told me I’m in training and God’s often hides his prophetson before sending them out. I’m feeling in wilderness. Lord says this is a detour for her to be saved.

    Lately Lord saying the time for destiny has come and speaking in tongues in different languages of french, Italy, heavenly, and native American. But I have feel a hindrance and seen no supernatural manifesting of things in the natural. What can be the problem? Help!

  40. dawn marchelletta

    every thing that you have stated above is what I am experienceing I am having prophetic dreams that are bast on the bible and I am having vishions to and the dreams i have had have come to pass and the vishions have to and i just cant get enuff off my Lord Jesus i am so hungry and thirsty for my Lord Jesus and I have been lead by the spirit to tell the church that I go to about the dreams and vishions that have had and they have greatly helped the church and when I pray I find my self praying for the lost and for my family members and for those who have back slid and gone a stray from the Lord and I cry for them in prayer and the feeling is so strong that I curl right up into a ball and pray and cry for them and I cant see what is so attractive about the world that they wont come to the Lord I just cant see it I dont under stand and I also can hear the Lords voice to and I have to and I need help to under stand what is going on with me because it is a gift that just started developing

  41. Thomas Gipson


    I am writing this today because I am trying to figure out what’s been happening to me. (Please bear with me, I have to get out every detail.)

    Recently, I just separated from my wife for the second time and it looks like we’re headed for a divorce. It was my fault so naturally there was remorse. My heart was on fire it seemed like. LIke my whole world was crashing down. The way my marriage ended seemed like a malicious attack to destroy my marriage but I don’t know why. While I did do wrong, I was accused of doing something I didn’t do. It seemed like no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get my marriage to work. It felt like I was always being attacked.

    Anyway, from that separation my heart hurt so bad the only thing that made me feel better was to listen to messages on grace. I’m a Christian and have been since 2008, so this was my natural default. That and astrology. (I also struggle with looking at astrology. I hate it but I’ve lived a life where I never learned to trust people because they always took advantage of me. I know it’s wrong cause I’m a Christian and want to let it go.)

    Anyway, the deeper I got into the scripture, the more I started learning stuff in the bible I never knew. I started to watch videos about spiritual gifts, seeing angels, etc. It intrigued me because back when I first became a Christian I was in Christina Music group. One day, the members of my group were in a circle praying. The next thing I know, I could see myself, my wife (girlfriend at the time), and half of another person in our group. There were 5 of us total. What was weird was I could see myself but my eyes were closed. The next thing I know, I see what looked like an angel come from the ceiling with something in its hand. It looked to be a bowl of some kind. It poured something on my head and started to feel drunk or something. Everything started to spin. It lasted about 4 minutes.

    Fast forward to know. After watching videos about prophecy, spiritual gifts etc, I became interested if I had any gifts. I began to really get intrigued and would watch videos and read the bible about this stuff for hours. I began praying in tounges for long periods of time and really started seeking God. My mind was changing rapidly. Even through all this hurt and pain, I just kept seeking him Then, on Nov 23 as I was reading my bible, the words seemed to be jumping off the page. I could almost feel a shift in my room. It seemed like the Bible was talking to me. So I started talking back because I felt so drawn into it. Then, all of a sudden I asked a question and it felt like something came out of my chest. Like a pull, but at the same time, I could see words in my head. It was a scripture. It was John 16:14. I then read the scripture. From there, I asked, “what does that mean.” It happened again, but this time it was John 7:14. I then asked what do you mean y that. Then I heard a voice in my head. It was like everything went silent but this voice. It said “I want you to create a website based on this topic. I am giving you the gift of prophecy plus the gift of faith and healing.” I then said, I don’t know anything about that topc. then i heard “I will give you the words to say”. Then it went away.

    I was completey in shock. Right after that, my body got extremely hot. LIke fire, and I heard a really scary voice in my head that said “Your wife will marry this person, you will have to marry this person, this is your punishment. you will have to watch the woman you love, love another man. Hahaha!”

    At the time, I felt like i was supposed to be peaking in tounges so I did. It was the scariest moment of my life. That voice sounded so mean and sinister.

    From that point, weird things have been happening to me.

    I’m so lost and so confused. I’ve talked to several people in my church about it but it seems no one can provide answers for me.

    Oddly enough, the first voice told me to create a website around a topic. Which is crazy because I’m a digital marketer by trade… and… the topic was the very thing that made my wife leave twice.

    Was this real? Was this a real gift or a false gift? I just want to know. seriously.

    This is a 1000% true story. SOunds weird i know. But it really happened. What does this mean?

  42. Carla Wright

    I believe that I have the gift of prophecy because there was one instance when I was at work and I just began to sing this song out of nowhere, and the next patient that came in for me collect a blood sample entered as God had me singing this song, she was a young girl that had attempted to take her life by cutting her throat. God did not allow me to stop singing that song until the patient had returned to her room. A few years ago I had a dream and in this dream God told me to go in and anoint and to come out quickly. In this dream there was a black dog with a brown face inside this house and a hawk flying over the dog and the voice kept saying go in and anoint and come out quickly.

  43. Brianna Tanner

    I have lost my job and I have a 4 year old son and everything is pulled against me! My fiance is doing the best he can but we need a major break through and I have made some mistakes due to my anxiety which I can’t 100 percent blame but I’m asking God for favor with getting my rent caught up really all the bills and a closer relationship with him and my family friends as well as forgiveness in Jesus name I hope someone agreed on this with me amen!

  44. Thomas Gipson


    My name is Thomas Gipson. I wrote a few weeks ago and haven’t heard anything back. So I decided to try again.

    Back in Sept I separated from my wife. (My fault.) We are still currently separated. During this time, I went through tremendous pain and lost my direction in life. My world was turned upside down. It was then that I decided to press into God. As I did that, I began learning more about God, but especially the Holy Spirit. The more I learned about the Holy Spirit, the more I began to want a relationship with him. After praying and asking God to baptize me in the Holy Spirit, I began speaking in tounges. It was then that things began to change. I started praying in tounges for long periods of time and really grew a hunger for him. I began wanting to sincerely follow God with everything in me.

    Then, one day after praying in the spirit for about 15 minutes an extremely loving presence was felt in my room. It was so calm and loving. When it came, I heard “holy, holy. holy is the lamb of God”. And that voice told me certain things. It told me: I was being blessed financially, I’m free from two addictions I was facing, and my marriage is being restored.

    I didn’t know what to think. It was insane.

    Then, one night after reading my bible I felt a pull on my chest, and I saw a scripture in my head. It was John 16:14. I read it. I then asked God, what does that mean. I then Got another scripture: John 7:14. I read that also. It was then I received instructions. I was told to create a website on a specific topic. It was then told I have the gift of Prophesy, the gift of faith and healing.” I was completely shocked by what I heard. I walked around my house completely awestruck. Then, out of nowhere, my body got really hot. From there, I heard in an extremely loud voice, that my wife (who was separated from me at the time) would marry a specific person, and I would also do the same. It was a punishment of some sorts.) It was the most terrified I’ve ever been.

    From there, things got really bad for me. I began losing weight, hearing voices, and all sorts of things. It was terrible. However, in the midst of that, I felt god trying to tell me something. I then soon realized that the voices I was hearing wasn’t God. It was the spirit of divination. I used to look at astrology while being a Christian. I actually looked at it so much I unknowingly I loved my life by it.

    I actually had to say a prayer to get the spirit to leave me. When I did, I heard the spirit curse and growl. Instantly, I felt better.

    I then began to have weird dreams. I had a dream that a Christian friend of mine was able to interpret. God was giving me a blank slate. A chance to start over.

    Anyway, I’m gettting attacked by the enemy in my dreams now as well. It seems like every step I take that is wrong, God is really paying attention or something. I feel awful when I let him down. It was never like this before.

    Anyone, I want to know if I have the true gift of prophesy or a fasle gift from that spirit of divination. I can say that I feel God is really doing something in my life. I feel as if I’m being transformed. My character is improving so much. That’s really been the theme for the entire month. I feel like I’m being prepared for something. But I’m not sure what?

    Is there any way you can help me? I don’t want to go out into the world to preach Gods word and I be a false prophet. I would never want to represent Jesus Christ in that manner. He’s too good and awesome for that. There are already enough of them out there. I don’t want to add to the number. All I want to do is what he wants for my life to the best of my ability. Nothing more…. nothing less.

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hello Thomas – love your hunger for God, just a quick response as there have been too many questions on this post for me to reply to them all. I do encourage everyone to do a search here on the blog if they have questions, as I’ve hundreds of articles on here now on prophecy and discernment.
      This article may help you in terms of preparing for a calling: https://www.enlivenpublishing.com/blog/2016/08/16/how-to-prepare-for-a-fivefold-ministry-calling/
      I can’t give personal counsel on demonic attacks but encourage anyone having difficulties to find a church and leadership who will help you by observing and speaking into the situation from a closer viewpoint. We are never meant to battle these things alone.

  45. Kayla

    I’m so glad I found you. I signed up because site is a great help And the bonus was an e-book on this topic. But it didn’t come 🙁 I was overtaken by a vision I received last night. Sorry if comment long. (figured more info you may understand what’s going on with me and push me in right direction to do this right.)

    You mentioned it’s in our DNA and we may have walked away into wilderness in this post.. I saw the spiritual world as a very little girl! It scared me however I could tell I was being guarded and just tried to ignore what I saw it was random and rarely but always intense. I was under five when it first started. I was not from a family that believed in christianity when younger. DNA??? I was invited to Sunday school by a neighbour when I was about 5. My parents never came but I went. Then we moved.

    My family started going to church when I was about 13. I walked away into the “wilderness” late teens. Because my family was very abusive to me, and I got angry at God when no one in the church cared enough to protect me from my “hypocrites when I needed it as it was very clear,” so like many I lost that warfare not knowing what it was and headed for that “wilderness” for many years! I believed in him but stayed away not knowing the spiritual truth.

    I have had visions throughout my life. All accurate. From car accidents across the country real time, to needing to tell friends “please don’t go out tonight or travel another way to work.” My friends all listened to me because of my track record. I prayed that they ( visions) would be taken away. Though I didn’t know then it was for prophecy . And I didn’t want to be a “fortune teller”. And it scared me that I knew when dangers arrived. They were taken away except once when he showed me something in a huge time of need for me. (I again wondered why I had this ability)

    I since became a Christian again and was baptized last year. I swore off all things spiritually that led me astray as I understand things intensely now. I recently told him I knew prophecy was something he gave me younger. Not understanding why he gave it to me until I learned of the gifts.( I know satan can use that for wrong things via people too) I also never really prayed about it seriously before because I was not ready prosy and afraid he would think I was ready before I was. I also told God I would love to be able to help heal people. That was the gift I really wanted! I told him he knew my heart and what he preferred me to do. (I was really thinking he’s give me something else) lol

    Last night I prayed regarding a situation and said I needed answers and I was leaving it in his hands and will do his will. So awaiting his reply on a go ahead on something. I also Been praying lately I didn’t know what he wanted for me and from me. But I was willing to do what he asked of me. I asked for the courage I would need for my job he would give me.

    However, when I was praying last night.. I fell asleep. (ooops) I was awoken though.. I was wide awake aware of my surroundings before and quite awhile after trying to figure it out, and then I saw (with my eyes still open but vision took over) I was walking onto a plane. I saw the windows as I was walking down the isle for my seat. Then in air the skies were dark, I saw a “war in heaven” and a fallen angel was under plane as we flew over it. (It was flying low) It’s black wings on this being were spread open. All I could do was say “Oh heavenly father” out loud over and over as I was seeing this. My heart and spirit were extremely overwhelmed!

    Next thing plane was on ground not a land but a safe crash? I saw the propellers on wings slowly come to a halt yet there was no runway in middle of nowhere. I saw snow falling, And I was looking out the window as frost flowers were starting to cover window. I saw me? Or someone else outside walking away from plane and covering with a blanket as they kneeled down for rest in the small leaveless trees for shelter. (there was snow on ground). Then a bearlike creature (but not a bear) went to devour the persons under the blanket.

    I’m not sure it was me as my little son was not with me ( I think i may have saw him under that blanket but was not trying to stop what I was seeing to focus on what I was being shown. I never leave anywhere without him he definitely was not on plane with me though. I new this was in the extreme north when it happened. I have no reason to go there at all as a matter of fact, am planning on a move back to latin Americas for my son and I (he is from there).

    So I am completely unsure of how to take this vision. I prayed after to understand. I truly felt it had nothing to do with me but of the spiritual warfare happening in world now. I asked for confirmation from him and not the enemy but no word. Usually I find “don’t second guess what I saw.” But this is different because I am a christian now and was afraid I would be handed the gift of prophecy considering my track record. And now it’s even more important to not make any mistakes in understanding or verifying who it’s from.

    I will now read rest of your entries to try to figure out how I am supposed to find purpose of this and what it means, and what I am supposed to do. :-/ I started a website to try to have others understand the warfare part of their life. To understand our heavenly father is not he one harming us. But now I’m thinking really? Am I going to have another “category?” I find it odd he gave me this as I am preparing a site to launch it within a week or two it’s not up yet. It was not something I was planning on talking about unless sharing others doing the prophecy or teaching such as yourself.

  46. Donnamarie Pierotti

    Thank you for what you have written in a clear and understandable way. I found it easy to relate to. I’m 56 and I was born into a Catholic family. I am no stranger to abuse, being called a liar (when I never did) being abandoned (when I stuck up for friends so desperately wanted to belong to the popular clique and who lacked the ability to read others as I had so easily as I had, people whom ridiculed them (not me) behind their backs. And then these so-called friends abandoned me after I had loudly defended them. Also, because I did not play by everyone else’s rules, I never cared or wanted to be accepted by all. I have been riduculed, physically hurt (with my mother’s full knowledge). I’m sure I don’t have to say anymore else except that I have suffered my entire life, both emotionally and physically and I have been very abused mostly by my parents and then by my first husband and his family. But, my mother did something very meaningful when I was just a toddler – she read me a book about Jesus and I instantly believed in Him. Jesus carried me throughout my entire abusive childhood and through my terribly abusive first marriage. I know how to suffer greatly and so I didn’t expect to be treated any differently by my first husband who was really quite cruel and evil. Ever since I was a small child, my mother would tell people that I was psychic because I would say things that became true. I didn’t have any idea of what she was talking about. Then my grandmother died however way before she died, I began weeping one night, telling her that I didn’t want her to leave me and telling her that she had been the only one who had loved me. My grandmother hadn’t been diagnosed yet and was still working full-time but then became very ill, was diagnosed with kidney cancer and died. She was only 56 and I was 10. When I was 20, (and my 2 brothers were 18 and 14) I kept my 14 year old brother in my room until he promised me that he would never get into a car with my 18 year old brother. I told him something terrible would happen if he did. My 14 year old brother was in my room for about 4 hours and I told him that our other brother was drinking excessively and taking many drugs. This was the Sunday before Thanksgiving 36 years ago. That Wednesday I received a phone call at work telling me to come home right away because my brothers had been in an accident and I knew immediately that my youngest brother had died. I had had several other experiences between my grandmother’s death and my brother’s death and my mother who professes to be Christian, paraded me around using the occult to find information through me but I fought hard to participate because I felt so strongly that it was evil and wrong (and I hadn’t been taught yet that the occult was through satan). At 21, just about 4-5 months after my brother had died, my mother insisted that I come to a church she was attending so I went. I refused to participate because everyone was loudly speaking in tongues and I had no idea what they were talking about. They were also all falling down saying they were slayed in the Spirit. The priest began walking down the aisle. He did not stop to acknowledge anyone but then stopped when he came to me. He touched my arm and looked at me in the eyes and told me I had the gift of prophesy and then he continued to proceed down the aisle. I was blessed with a wonderful and kind second husband and when I looked up into his eyes I immediately knew that he was the man who I had been searching for my entire life and that Jesus had sent him to me. In between then and now, I have said many things that have become true but I haven’t been believed until they have happened. I knew that Donald Trump was going to be our President and I kept telling my husband to calm down and to stop watching television. My husband kept asking me how I knew and I told him time and again that Jesus had told me. I was once away from home and in a shuttle from the airport and I met a very young man in army fatigues. I began talking to him and then I gave him $20. He tried to refuse it but I told him that I knew he needed it. He thanked me and said that he had no money at all and that he was trying to get to his friend’s home in Chicago. That $20 was all the cash I had with me but I have never been afraid because throughout all of my suffering, Jesus has always been with me and Jesus has mostly carried me and I have a very simple belief. I am not a great Biblical scholar although I know my Bible. I cannot recite Scripture but I do know that Jesus died for my sins and I know that I’m a great sinner and that I have made countless mistakes. In fact, I make them everyday. When we had a serious hurricane pass over us recently, my husband kept fretting over everything and kept putting on the weather channel and I kept assuring him that we would not sustain any serious damage and I told him to calm down because Jesus had told me that everything was going to be fine and it was. And sadly, a high school friend committed suicide the day after Christmas. I know his twin sister well as she is a friend. About a year ago, my friend told me that her brother (who has been a lifelong alcoholic and has been very depressed) had finally told the family that when his mother forced him to go on Retreat, he was sexually molested by one of the priests. He told his family how awful it made him feel and how depressed he was. I strongly urged my friend to give him my phone number and to tell him my story, as I had been molested as a very small child and raped three times). I told her that he needed to call me and that I could help him. I did this twice. I told her I was afraid for him and that a loving family isn’t enough, that he needed to speak with someone like myself who had experienced the same thing. Can you please give me some direction because I hear God speaking to me. I identify myself as a Christian and I talk about Jesus to people. I don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing. Sometimes, though, God will put a thought into my head, always kind and generous and I obey Him immediately without question. Could you please give me your opinion and guidance. My husband believes that I have this gift. I thank you most sincerely in Jesus’ name, Donna Pierotti PS I have read that God chooses people to suffer. Can you shed any light on this?

  47. Portia

    Greetings once i was staying with my aunt and i left place because she wasn’t treating me well and after i left i had a vision that she has placed a yellow plastics with muti in one of my drawers, and i decided one day to go get my clothes i found the plastic exactly where i saw it in the dream. One night i had dream we attending a crusade and the man of God called out my name and said i need you to pray for these people and the power of God was present.. few days ago i was ordained as a Pastor but i would really love to know my exact calling because my Pastor doesn’t see my gift…. i always feel that i need to engage more in prayer and i have a desire to be used by God in prophecy… your help in this regard will appreciated.

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