Recently, I had a prophetic vision in which I looked into Jesus’ eyes, and reflected in them was something He wanted to show me.

Jesus seemed to be indicating, ‘See what I am seeing—this is on the Father’s heart right now.’

offer-your-giftsI saw long banqueting tables being prepared for a feast. Some platters were already in place; however, there were still a lot of empty spaces awaiting food.

As I watched this table, I became aware of the sound of a stampede in the distance. The sound was growing louder. It was evident that crowds of hungry people were on their way—but the feast was not ready.

Why, I wondered, were there so many spaces? Time was running out for God’s people to bring their plates of food to the table! Yet they were holding back for various reasons.

No More Excuses

Right now, there is an urgency in the Kingdom because many people need to ‘taste and see that the Lord is good.’ (Ps 34:8) They need the Good News. They need the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

The hungry can only ‘taste and see’ as God’s people bring their gifts to the table—as you and I are willing to share what God has given to us.

Why would people hesitate to bring a platter of food to a public table?

  • Perhaps they feel inadequate—they are measuring themselves against others who have more ‘fancy’ dishes and think that their own offerings are too plain, their recipes too simple
  • Maybe they feel intimidated—and they are afraid of criticism or rejection of their offering
  • Perhaps they are so overwhelmed with meeting their own needs that they do not have time to consider others
  • They could be simply lethargic, or have lost their own appetite, or…

Overcome Reluctance and Bring your Gifts to the Table.

Today, I believe it is on God’s heart to encourage you to share what you have with others.

Bring your spiritual gifts, your talents, your vision, to the table. If you are a leader, encourage others to do the same.

If you can relate to having a reluctance in sharing your spiritual gift, here are some encouraging truths to help you move forward:

Don’t hold back because you feel inadequate. God says you are appointed and anointed. Your adequacy is from Him. (2 Cor 3:4)

Don’t hold back because you feel what you have is too simple. There are people who need the simplicity of the gift and expression you carry, just as there are people who need plain food. There are many different needs and many different appetites.

Don’t hold back because you feel you do not have the time. What you carry in its barest form, released in a moment, may help feed a hungry person.

God can use what you offer to Him, but He cannot use what you withhold.

Don’t hold back because you are intimidated by other people’s gifts, styles or methods. What you carry is unique and highly valued to God.

You are significant and irreplaceable.

Your gifts are needed by Jesus.

And—there are lives at stake.

Choose Your Story…Change Your Life.

The Script Book

  • Have you ever felt as though your life is stuck in a pattern?
  • Would you like a clear, simple message to help yourself—and others—break free of limitations and live your God-appointed destiny?

God has a story for your life. It is the story of an abundant life—a life full of faith and purpose.

‘The script’ is any story-line that is at work in your life, that is not in accordance with God’s Word—and what He says about you.

In ‘The Script: Choose Your Story Change Your Life’ you will learn:

  • What a script is, and five ways it can come into operation
  • How to identify and defeat a counterfeit script
  • How to identify and break a generational storyline (curse)
  • How to replace the script with God’s story for your life

In ‘The Script: Choose Your Story Change Your Life’ I share my own testimony of breaking free from personal and generational scripts, and encourage you to live a life empowered by the Word of God.

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41 thoughts on “How To Overcome Reluctance In Sharing Your Gift”

  1. Greetings
    My name is Sophie from South Africa Pretoria.

    When I start working at church I started by Worshipping then Preaching and praying for people and prophecying. And I was cut off from everything without an reason.
    I kept being strong even though it was hard. After a week a group of women approached me and asked me to teach them the word. I agree and we started. And the leaders they were so agree that they called us a group of women of lies and they warn people to stay away from us. And we had to leave de ministry.
    I experience that in 4 ministries, and now I’m not attend any ministry. I’m just praying with people but is hard when I’m carring a massage because I don’t know where to deliver. Sometimes I feel like I’m not like before I feel like I’m short somewhere like I’m still lacking because I was hurt by the leaders… Even now I’m scared to go to church because I feel like they will distroy me at the end. Because I was getting attacks even spiritually.

    But all is the past now thank you for this article. You have boosted my physical and spiritual life.

    Thank you
    Be blessed always

    1. Hello Sophie, I’m sorry to hear of the hard things you have gone through. I pray that you will find a healthy church and ministry to attend. God has designed us to grow and minister in community – the body, as the Apostle Paul puts it.
      I’m glad you’ve been encouraged, thank you for leaving the note.

    2. Good Morning Sophie! I read about your hardship and your rejection at the hands of those who should be in leadership positions. For whatever reason, your direct experiences of negative human behavior rings as a testament to how real christian’s, the world over, are being received, now that we are in the latter days spoken of in the last chapters of the Bible! The minute we take up our cross for our beloved Christ Jesus, we ourselves become a target! My husband and I created a blog to express and share the supernatural events in our live, and our walk with Jesus. You too can share on-line, the message you carry and the purpose you feel. You can reach thousands of seekers using the internet and worship the Lord in private with your closest friends and family. I just wanted you to know you are not alone, to persevere no matter the blocks and obstacles, and to never ever give up being a shining example of a true warrior for God! Blessing upon you and your desire to spread the Gospel! Stacie

  2. Willie van Nieuwenhuizen

    Good day Helen, thank you for allowing the Lord to use you in such a powerful way and the info you are sharing with us. Helen, I have been on a journey with the Lord in a powerful way and also encountered demonic forces on this journey. I also realised acording to Jeremia 29:11 that the Lord has not only one plan, but several plans for me. I must admit that I have made some mistakes on this very long and frustrating journey and repented before the Lord for these mistakes made out of leaning on my own understanding, disobedience and frustration. The Lord has called me for several missions but found myself to be reluctant as I do not see any fruit on my actions. Also, I need the Lord to open some doors for me to continue with some of His plans. I learned that the Lord is using you to guide me and will appreciate it if I could communicate with you via email as well as on the blog.
    Thank you.

    1. Hello Willie,
      God’s grace is abundant and my own experience is that He has taken my mistakes and used the lessons I’ve learned for His glory. He will also make up for lost time! If you haven’t seen my article on Divine Acceleration, take a look here:
      For questions, I’m off email for a few weeks now as I’m on holidays, but will be answering comments on Facebook for the next week here:

  3. What a wonderful & timely word!
    I’ve been having these very interesting occurances where I would wake up with certain names in my spirit. They’d be playing over and over again, kind of loud, in my spirit. Upon waking up, I’d research their meaning as one time I woke up saying “Avi” which I found out was Hebrew for “my Father.” I figured that I must have been engaging in some form of spiritual warfare while sleep. However, I’m still trying to figure out where to put all of this. I always pray over it and for the name I receive–but it’s kind of like a one time thing as I don’t feel compelled to keep it going. I’ve even had the names of certain entertainers ( whom were no where on my radar) in my spirit upon waking–First & last names. Any thoughts? I’m really trying to steward this correctly and help as much as possible.

    1. I love the ways of the Holy Spirit – so diverse, and yet the common thread of His grace that runs through them. Yes I believe that responding through light research and prayer, just as you are doing – is exactly how I would be responding myself. Not something to labour over, just enjoy the moments with God.

  4. Hi Helen,
    Thank you for writing your blog posts they are so helpful and wise. I really enjoy reading them!

    I have been recently stepping out in faith and delivering to others what I hope and believe are prophetic words. I say stepping out in faith because I often have no idea what the significance is to the receiver of the picture or message I get (they usually mean nothing to me). Happily, I have so far been quite accurate and have been able to fulfil my “reasonable service” Rom 12:1 to God and to the body of Christ using my prophetic gifts.

    However, I have had a hiccup this last year with prophetic words for myself. In 2015, I thought the Lord directly promised me (that is not via another person but in my spirit) the purchase of an apartment in a specific suburb by October. I didn’t get any confirmation from others about this word. I tried to be wise, and didn’t forget this direct word from God, but I didn’t obsess over the word either, just in case this highly specific word was not from God. I let the word guide and direct my steps but chose not to be worried if it didn’t work out. However, glory to God, what I thought He had promised came true to the letter! The apartment was found and purchased in the promised suburb on the promised date and I moved into it in December last year.

    I haven’t heard from God so specifically about my circumstances before so to have that experience was wonderful! Then, at the beginning of this year I felt God was speaking directly to me again. This time I felt He promised me marriage in 2016. I said thank you to Him and continued on with my life. A short while later, He said that I would meet my husband in June/July. I tried to apply the same principles as I had done in 2015 with the apartment and just let it direct my steps. I didn’t tell any of my friends about the specific date that I felt the Lord had given me, because I wanted to keep that information to myself.

    A short time later, a friend of mine was prophesying over me and she prophesied that I would meet my husband in July confirming what I had heard God say!!! I was pretty floored and confident that this indeed was God. It felt spiritually like the same voice I heard in 2015 and I had confidence from the experience with the apartment that I could trust that God could give specific dates and that that level of exactness didn’t necessarily mean or point to the influence of the enemy.

    July came and went. No husband as far as I could tell 🙁

    I was very disappointed but tried to look on the bright side. I asked God what was happening and felt He said that I’d “passed the test”. When I prayed about it I felt He meant that I hadn’t gotten obsessive over men I’d met, and I had also tried to expand my social circle. Then I felt like He said that there would be some kind of conclusion to this word in December, that I’d know or meet my husband then. And THEN after telling no-one again about December, a friend prayed over me and prophesied over me that my husband would come into my life in December. PHEW.

    Ok so that was a long post, but basically I want to ask your opinion on how specific dates for prophecies works? Is there any wisdom you can offer in this area? I want to trust God based on my amazing experience last year, but this year has been very difficult!!! I wonder if I should just give up waiting for a specific date connected with a prophecy to come to pass or if I should be praying and expecting a certain timing from Him. I’d love to know what you think about this.

    Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi Elizabeth, yes specific dates is something we do have to be very careful about – the ultimate test of a prophetic insight that is dated is…does it come to pass? Hold the expectation lightly and release it if it doesn’t come about.
      We do advise those who are growing in prophecy to avoid prophesying concerning relationships and babies – (in fact, we make it a prophetic guideline) simply, these areas touch on strong emotions and a word that is not purely from God can bring great disappointment.
      Praying you have a wonderful peace from God this Christmas, Elizabeth!

  5. Hi Helen ( amazing Prophet)
    thank you for all your Enliven Blogs you send .You have made such a difference in my life every time i receive your Blog I Hear from God and it speaks strait to my spirit and is always current in my life.
    I’am a worship leader and i struggle with a lot of Spiritual attacks leading up to Sundays reading your Blogs all ways encourage me. I have never known a person who is so gifted in what they do like you I pray God will continue to Bless you and Your Husband’s Ministry so you can continue to hear Gods Heart for his people , Thank you again from the bottom of my Heart xxxx Anna

  6. hello my name is praise akpeme from nigeria. please I need serious prayers, since I married I been believing God for the fruit of the womb and been having miscarriages. I need God v
    isit this January 2017 for the fruit of the womb.thank you and God bless you.

    1. I will pray for you to receive the Grace of GOD! Just believe in JESUS CHRIST ! And To GOD be the GLORY!!!

  7. THANKS for that right now WORD about the table. God has given me a passion for the message of PURPOSE and DESTINY. I HAVE been APART OF churches but didn’t seem to fit. I HAVE A hunger for prophetic ministries like your. I go to prophetic links like yours and I read A LOT OF articles that really help me. There’s no ministries like yours HEAR IN THIS small town. I’m hungry for prophetic ministries. Again the article help me really SPOKE to me. I believe I am one of those who are to share DESTINY FOOD with those who who are going. Please keep me in PRAYER. Am not sure if FATHER GOD WANTS ME TO START MY ON OR I DO AND JUST AFRAID TO STEP OUT IN FAITH. PRAY THAT I GET CLARITY. THANKS

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