17 Signs You May Be a Prophetic Intercessor (The Intercessory Prayer Gift)

Do you believe that God has called you to be a prophetic intercessor?

Intercessory prayer is simply praying on behalf of others—and when this is teamed up with a prophetic gift it can be powerful.

Prophetic prayer occurs when we pray with insights (prophetic revelation) received from the Holy Spirit. We may receive these insights during prayer, or pray about revelation that has already been received.

We can all pray prophetically. However, a prophetic intercessor is not only equipped with insight from the Spirit—the prophetic intercessor becomes the vessel through whom the Spirit Himself prays.

‘In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans. And he who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for God’s people in accordance with the will of God.’ (Rom 8:26-27)

The Ministry of Prophetic Intercessory Prayer

Prophetic Intercession“I looked for someone among them who would build up the wall and stand before me in the gap on behalf of the land so I would not have to destroy it, but I found no one.” (Ezek 22:30)

Anna is a Biblical example of a prophetic intercessor. She poured years into her God-given assignment of praying in the temple, leading up to Jesus the Messiah’s birth. (Luke 2:36-38)

It has often been said, that not all intercessors are prophets; however, all prophets are called to intercede. And in the Bible, we see specific examples of those in a prophetic office who took time to intercede for those people and situations they ministered into. [1]

So if you have a prophetic calling, I encourage you to read and be inspired by the list in this article, even if you do not see yourself as a prophetic intercessor.

17 Signs You May Be a Prophetic Intercessor

Following are some of the signs that I have observed (and personally experienced) in those who have a calling to the ministry of prophetic intercession. The first three signs are common to all of those who have a calling to the ministry of prayer:

  1. You believe that God has called you to pray and you love to pray more than most people do
  1. You place a high value on prayer and sometimes wonder why (or get frustrated when) others do not share it
  1. You have seen significant answers to your prayers

Specific Signs Related to a Prophetic Intercessory Prayer Gift

If you are called to the ministry of a prophetic intercessor, you will find that you relate to some or many of the following additional things:

  1. You tend to pray more at times when you feel urged by the Holy Spirit (you may know this as a ‘burden’ of prayer).
  1. Prayer is easy for you when you sense that the Holy Spirit has given you a specific burden or assignment. However, you find it  harder to pray when people assign prayer to you as a task, or give you lists and times to pray (unless you feel drawn by the Spirit to these). In the past, you may have been intimidated by those who are ‘task intercessors’, who happily spend hours praying over lists. [2] However, God is calling you to embrace your particular gift and calling and see it as He does—highly valued and powerful.
  1. You receive revelation from the Holy Spirit concerning what to pray and how to pray. You may receive prophetic insights concerning the situation you are praying about, to pass on or to pray further into.
  1. You may be more spontaneous in the expression of your prayer gift than others who are gifted in prayer.
  1. You have a strong sense of intimacy with the Holy Spirit when you pray—and this fuels your prayer life.
  1. Travail is familiar to you—a sense of birthing the purposes of God—and you may have experienced wordless groans or weeping in your prayer times. In this, you can identify with Hannah (1 Samuel 1:10-13) and Elijah—who prayed for rain in the birthing position (1 Kings 18:41-44).
  1. You do not always need to have specific knowledge about what you are praying for. Sometimes you pray in the realm of ‘mystery’. (1 Cor 14:2) It is enough for you to know that the Spirit has called you to prayer.
  1. When you have a prayer assignment, it may feel as though you are personally involved and invested in the situation. You may have a sense of identification in the Spirit with those you are praying for. You may feel what they are feeling, or sense God’s heart towards them, such as compassion, grief or mercy.
  1. You know the ‘secret place’ of prayer. Your prayer life is often hidden, and sometimes not understood or appreciated by people. However, your reward is found in the Presence of God.
    (As with all prophetic gifts and ministries, the ministry of prophetic intercession flourishes in local church community and benefits from oversight. It is a temptation for those with a prophetic prayer ministry to isolate themselves, especially if they feel misunderstood.)
  1. You experience a deep sense of satisfaction in prayer—especially in being at the right place, at the right time for your God-given assignment to pray on behalf of a person, group, region or situation.
  1. You may be sent by God to be in certain places at particular times to intercede on behalf of a situation, person or region, especially if you are a prophet-intercessor operating in a ‘prophetic office’ ministry.
  1. Your journey has been lonely at times. Even those around you who love prayer do not always understand the dynamics of prophetic intercessory prayer. You may have experienced some unusual manifestations of the Holy Spirit whilst praying (Rom 8:26-27), that others do not understand. (Note: It is very important that we focus on the fruit of the prayer, and the message of the prayer, rather than manifestations, when communicating to others).
  1. One of your challenges has been to learn to fully release the burden of the Spirit in prayer—not to hold onto it. You have also had to learn not to personalise or hold onto the emotion that identification (point 11) can sometimes bring with it.
  1. You prefer prayer meetings that have some room for listening to and being led by the Holy Spirit in prayer.
    (Note: This does not mean that other types of prayer meetings are wrong—we must always honour others who lead prayer meetings, regardless of their culture, methods or emphasis. They are not wrong—just different to us)

The Prophet-Intercessor

The ‘Prophet-Intercessor’ is someone who has a five-fold ministry office of a prophet (Eph 4:11-13), and who also has a primary calling and gifting of intercessory prayer. As mentioned in point 14, above, a prophet-intercessor may be stationed or sent by God to specific places to pray and make prophetic declarations.

A prophet who is an intercessor will have a greater level of authority in prayer and prophetic ministry, than a prophetic intercessor. He or she may be used by God to minister through prophecy and intercessory prayer in significant arenas—these may include nations or regions, governments, education, business and church movements.

Is Intercessory Prayer a Spiritual Gift?

Is prophetic intercession, or intercessory prayer, a spiritual gift? I personally believe so. The prophetic intercessor is graced and anointed to pray. One way of looking at this, is to see prophetic intercessory prayer as an expression of the prophetic gift.

Our God who created the snowflake and fingerprints gifts His people in many unique ways. Those of us who are prophetic intercessors know, when we find others who have a like calling, that we have found one of our own ‘tribe.’

Intercessory prayer is a significant ministry—and eternity will reveal the fruit and power of the hidden work of prophetic intercession.


[1] Some examples: Moses intercedes for Israel (Exodus 34:8-9), Daniel for the Jews (Dan 9:3-19), Jeremiah for Jerusalem (Jer 14:20-21) and Elijah prayed for the drought he prophesied to begin and end (James 5:17-18)

[2] For insights about different prayer gifts, I highly recommend Intercessors Discover Your Prayer Power, by FEMRITE, T; ALVES, E; KAUFMAN, K.  2000.  Ventura : Regal.

Prayer Warriors! The School of Intimacy and Prayer is Open

When I began to experience a significant anointing of the Holy Spirit for prophetic prayer 20 years ago, I did not know how to navigate many of the encounters with God I was having.

I saw miracles and breakthrough in answer to prayer, but I also made mistakes, and had a lot of growth pain as a prophetic intercessor.

Since then I have been a prayer leader, have been a minister on a prophetic team, and by God’s grace have developed in ministry as a prophetic writer and teacher.

Now I’m passionate about helping others on the same journey I’ve been on. And this week, a long-held dream has come to reality.

I’ve just launched the Enliven School of Intimacy and Prayer with the first series of topics, and I extend you a warm welcome to join me!

Currently on the Prayer School are self-paced video lessons on:

  • Intimacy with the Holy Spirit
  • Introducing Prophetic Prayer
  • Praying the Mysteries of Heaven
  • The Gift and Ministry of Prophetic Intercession
  • Angels and Encounters
  • Bonus mini-eBook on Prophetic Dreams

You can find out more or enroll in the School of Intimacy and Prayer here. Alternatively, you can view all online courses here.

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179 thoughts on “17 Signs You May Be a Prophetic Intercessor (The Intercessory Prayer Gift)

  1. Beatrice Kinsey

    This is definitely me. There are times when I’m sitting and from nowhere, my heart gets heavy and I begin to cry and pray. Other times when this happens, what I’m crying about, I begin praying about it. Sometimes it’s the Church, or an individual. And then there are times when I definitely know it’s the Father’s heart grieving or feeling joyous. In 2014, a prophecy came out about California being hit by a tsunami. But the Holy Spirit took me to Abraham’s prayer for Sodom and Gomorrah and gave me the burden to intercede. I’m glad I followed His leading instead of passing judgment. Thank you for helping me better understand what’s been happening to me.

  2. Amaka

    I am glad I stumbled on your blog.. I cried so much because though I believe I have the gift of prayer, the certainty became clear as I read your posts.. God bless you as I have rededicated my prayer life to God and understand what I am going through better..more grace

    1. betty ben

      this is very helpful, i am a prophetic intercessor, but my pastor said the intercessory ministry had to cease for awhile due to attacks.

  3. Tuduetso Amos

    This really make sense to me..i just don understand the way i pray..i wish we could pray all the time being led by the holy spirit,i hate prayer points,they never make sense to me most of the time..i feel so awkward most of the time..they think i dont love people because i love isolating myself..In the presence of God i have a weird way of manifesting the power of God..at some point i felt i was demon possessed..have been casted out several times but the manifestation continues,i know iam not possessed..i feel the hearts of people,i always feel i can give a person direction through the word if they follow it all becomes well…this ministry is sad,its a burden,you hardly think for yourself,i have a heart to mother..if isolation its a temptation i will work on it..i do well when iam alone or the broken heated,when i have a purpose to fulfill..to encourage people to be closer to God and look unto Him for help.i feel ordinary people cant receive my love..i give love to were is needed the most.it is sad how i live,,my life is full of drama which causes me to pray even more..i love the presence of God..it gives me comfort..it makes me happy but it makes me look like a fool before ordinary Christians..Thank you

    1. Morne Johnson


      Tuduetso, I couldn’t help for laughing, because what you have said there is 100% what I’m going through. I also thought that I’m demonic possessed many times, especially when the unusual manifestations began. I have cried out to God to help me and reveals to me, what’s happening to me. I even went for prayer several times, but nothing helped.

      Deep inside and of me I realized that this can only be the Spirit of God in operation. The heavy feeling on me many times made me to think I am under attack, but I realizes the Lord wants and need me to be in the gap at that times.

      And my manner of prayer is very unusual, crying laughing dancing etc and I remember that I always felt the need to pray for others, many times forget about praying for myself.

      But thanks to the Vessel of God for being obedient to the instruction of God to post this Godly Devine revelation of the Prophetic Intercessory prayer gift knowledge.

      I was desperate to get more insight and the Spirit of God is so faithful as always, to let me to this blog.

      May the Lord of Host continue to bless you.
      Keep up the mesmerizing good work of the LORD JESUS CHRIST.

  4. Janine Almonte

    Thank you for this blog. Wonderful teaching. Very helpful esp.to those who are on the stage of unfolding there gift. I can relate most of the signs but most particularly on number 13 and 17. Thank you for your gift of teaching. God bless ?

  5. Bukky

    I can relate mostly with no 9 , l remember prayer for two of my friends who are sick on time and l was crying withing my self and those two friend at last died. and l am at a loss , why is it when l was praying on their behalf and l was crying seriously, not emotional but unconsciously and it landed to death.

  6. Brenda

    I strongly agree and relate to the topic and it has answered so many questions that i had, i do not like to be told to pray for some things by people i prefer God driven assignment through the holy spirit.Prayer to me is my life and i enjoy it in the closet, i get more revelations in prayer and i see visions when i pray.

  7. Elizabeth Thomas

    I love the quiet secret place of prayer, and don’t respond well to points given out in a group situation so easily. I was thinking there must be something wrong with me. Mostly I speak to God, and then I read, and He speaks to me in astonishing ways through the Word.
    I have one question, I had a dream ( I dream all the time) and a beautiful angel came and stood in front of me. He smiled so lovingly at me and had his hands out to me; in one hand he had a small vial with some golden liquid that looked like mercury in a thermometer. He tipped the liquid into his left hand and the vial disappeared, he rubbed his hands together then smoothed this highly perfumed oil over my face. He finished with making a circular motion with the ball of his finger in the centre of my forehead. I had never smelled perfume like it, it was unbelievably lovely.
    The perfume stayed with me all day that day, and my daughter kept asking me what I was using. I wondered if you could give me any advice with this?
    I love to pray and my life has been quite isolated until now.

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      I love the dream, Elizabeth! To me it seems something to record and treasure as an encounter with God. Look up the significance of fragrance in the Bible, (e.g. Song of Songs comes to mind) I’m sure you will be encouraged by what you find.

  8. samie

    I can relate mostly 80% written in this blog I can sense God is talking to me at times and having an urge to pray and crying desperately for the holy spirit to come to me…all the glory and praises belongs to His name amen

  9. LaNanda

    I’ve been meaning to write over a month to tell you that I relate to all of the listed signs – except 14. I don’t relate to the groaning mentioned in 9, I I relate to the birthing.
    The Lord also speaks to me in dreams. Some make lots of sense, but others don’t. Recently I dreamed about a church elder’s ex-husband. He’d been a co-pastor years ago. It was utterly confusing. Last night, at Bible study, I realized that whatever the meaning of the dream was, it was for her good. I understood it as soon as I locked eyes with her. Still no clue about the meaning though.
    Also, and only other intercessors seem to understand this, I occasionally become drained spiritually. I feel it physically. It’s happened twice, after confronting heavy situations in prayer. Unusually heavy. Praying in tongues is healing for that. The first time it happened, a cold rapidly worsened to acute bronchitis. I’d never had it before.

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Yes, LaNanda, we do need to take care to replenish when we have given out spiritually 🙂

  10. kia

    OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!! This is definitely me and my bestie. We talk about this all of the time. It is definitely isolating because people don’t understand and I think that God intentionally isolates us or doesn’t want us to fit. You could also think that you were bipolar. (not to offend anyone). Because one minute you are o.k and the next you are not. It shifts suddenly. Most of these I can agree with, but definitely #17. It’s just that in that moment it is so strong and heavy. And you want to cry and sometimes be angry with God. So I’m still learning. I’m not a task prayer either, I pray when I feel led. Just recently, I was heavy burdened to intercede on the behalf of a city. So much was going on at the time. I cried out to the Lord and had to repent, and that burden lifted. So I’m still learning. But soooo grateful for this site.

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi Kia
      I’m so glad you found us, it certainly helps when you can get the bigger picture and understand that there are many others who are just like you 🙂

    2. LaNanda

      I agree. Not long ago I was thinking about how much it hurt to not fit in with my own family. The Lord revealed that was actually Him at work. He wanted me to be a person who knew how to stand alone. Also, He needed me to not be so attached to my family that I would put them before Him.

      1. kia

        Thank you Helen for the reply. I’m sorry I put #17 and it is actually #16, 14, and 11. I also just want to reply to LaNanda. It is isolation, but I often think of Moses.(just a thought). I have many more questions, and you all have helped me tremendously. One of the greatest challenges for me is going into my flesh when I feel the tug or pull. I have to learn to stay in the spirit by fasting and praying. Thank you all soooo much.

  11. shaunte

    I just realized this is my Gift . The Holy Spirit puts specific people on my mind to pray for and sometimes i feel a deep feeling of what they are feeling or dealing with.

  12. L Gibson

    I’ve recently had the experience of a deep travail and weeping while a prophet was releasing prophecy over people at my church. I quietly prayed in tongues and wept so much that someone told me later that they thought I was crying because God had not released a word for me through him. I didn’t know how to explain that the emotion I felt wasnt selfish at all but a burden. I also pray much more powerful and seemingly effective prayers when I feel led or under the unction of the Holy Ghost to pray specifically. This all feels so unusual because Ive never heard anyone speak about it.

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hello – your experiences are not unusual to the many of us who share the gift. I certainly understand your experiences and praise God for them!

  13. Jude

    I feel the spirit of intercession have left me because I find it difficult to intercede like before , what must I do to restore this spirit ? Thanks

    1. Lilian Ochieng

      God is faithful and will store to you anything that the enemy has stollen yet it was meant for you (Joel 2:25-26). Just repent the sin of omission or commission. I believe either one of these could have caused you to lose your position in prophetic intercession. But believe me, God is not yet through with you until He accomplishes His will through you. So, after repentance, just wait hopefully upon the Holy Spirit and He will strongly come upon you again to do His will through you. Amen

  14. wellem

    Hi thank for this website… Introduce: my name is WELLEM i live in Doom Island, Sorong City, West Papua, Indonesia. Here we have Prayer Group always pray in small the house of pray.. 3 schedule every week.. You know i like to read Website and i feel blesed about Intercessor. I want to joint but i am in Other pleace.. We can share pray.. Thank you verry much. GOD BLESS YOU

  15. Beth Renwick

    Please tell me from where you are quoting this: We can all pray prophetically. However, a prophetic intercessor is not only equipped with insight from the Spirit—the prophetic intercessor becomes the vessel through whom the Spirit Himself prays. (This has been my experience)
    It is not in your blog.
    While I agree with many of the “signs,” I have a level of uncertainty about confusing the Office of the Prophet with that of Prophetic Intercessor. I agree that the Office of Prophet should have the five-fold calling or gifting.
    Its been my experience that when we receive the Holy Spirit all the gifts come with Him. However, God develops or draws out these giftings as He wills and usually developmentally as he takes us through the trials that He uses to develop us a Christians who serve Him.
    I have been an Intercessor since before I knew the word. I serve in a Healing Room at my church. Often I find I do speak prophetically as I feel led by the Holy Spirit. At times I begin praying and move into speaking prophetically words that are not coming from my mind. These have meaning for the one being prayed for. I believe one can be a prophetic intercessor and not hold the Office of the Prophet.

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hello Beth, yes the text is highlighted with a quotation to make it stand out, it’s just a part of the whole article.
      I agree with you. The prophetic intercessor and the Prophet-Intercessor are two different levels of ministry and the latter refers to the fivefold office of the Prophet with an intercessory calling. I have acknowledged the ministry of a Prophet-Intercessor in some statements, but the overall article refers to the gift and ministry of the prophetic intercessor.
      Very good thoughts, thank you Beth. May you be richly blessed in your prophetic healing ministry!

  16. Louie

    Thank you for this site. I live in New Zealand. I have been getting up at 3am most mornings and i will spend 2-4 hours feeding on Gods word. I feel so filled with His presence after this and then i will pray for 2 hours. I absolutely love spending this time in His presence and sometimes (it may sound weird), but I can smell and taste the word in my senses. When I go to pray, at times I get a INTENSE weeping that is soooo intense . I have wept fervently for my nation and for His fire to come upon the church. At times the Holy Spirit directs me to put certain songs on and I weep profoundly as God is communicating His eternal love towards me through the songs. Its like Hes singing over me and it is sooo intense and powerful, I absolutely love it! Some of these songs are secular love songs and its like Hes showing me His deep affection for me! I also have heaps of dreams and some of them i don’t quite understand, but I know that they are prophetic and I sometimes even war against evil spirits in my dreams. I genuinely love to pray and love the presense that comes from it.

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi Louie, New Zealand is my country of birth and I spent many years interceding for revival in NZ – I’m so glad to hear you are ministering this way!

      1. Louie Fraser

        Awesome. Thanks Helen! Love your Blog! Very incisive and encouraging! Be Blessed!

  17. Lilian Ochieng

    My testimony: I am so encouraged that some servants of God have got the same calling like mine. Indeed, prophetic intercession is usually misunderstood by many brethren. I am one of the intercessors who really manifests the feelings of the Holy Ghost widely (ranging from crying, weeping, groaning, warfare tongues, groaning, pleading/interceding tongues to rejoicing through either clapping of hands/laughing or shouting “thank you Jesus” when my spirit senses victory). These manifestations become intense with the presence of the Holy Spirit and l may switch from one action to another. I get slained upon my belly most of the time the atmosphere is charged with the heavy presence of the Holy Spirit. At times the Holy Spirit just uses sign language to pray through me e.g. kneeling down, raising of hands, lying flat on my belly, standing up and clapping- all done without talking. The later happens when a servant of God is praying in understanding loudly in the churcj and the Spirit prays through me in agreement with the servant of God. It is a good experience and l just love being in the presence of God that way. Unfortunately, some breathen misunderstand me sometimes and this makes me enjoy this kind of prayer when am alone -away from people. I also enjoy prayer led by the Holy Ghost Himself and most of the time l just offer myself to Him with no prayer request. I have learnt always to ask for cleansing from sin then just worship Him in the spirit and l will then find myself totally given to the Holy Spirit intercession. Nevertheless, because of the effectiveness of this kind of prayer, personal resistance from the enemy is also real. But God has been faithful since the year 2000. I am now even rejuvenated having read for the first time about experiences of other prophetic intercessors. I can relate to almost all the 17 points. Wao! I thank God that even though l have not physically met many Christians with this gift, it is now very clear to me that l have gotten the confirmation about the calling upon my life and how it works! I am very grateful to the authors in this blog. Glory be to God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Thank you for sharing Lilian, I’m sure many can relate to your experiences

  18. Nombulelo Moeleso

    Oh Helen you don’t know how much you have helped me may God keep on using you I really appreciate what I am learning from you I have found someone who understands me even when I don’t understand myself someone who knows every season I am in when I start to ask myself questions I find answers in your blog and find myself edified I thank God for you

  19. Pastor M. Mapiye

    This is mighty powerful, hallelujah!!!, may God give us more of these in our local churches. Amen,

  20. Jennifer

    hello Helen. towards the end of 2016, I realized I was given the gift of intercession. I can relate to some of the points and I am very happy and grateful to God for using you to point out the obvious to me. I usually feel odd when given prayer points to pray in a group. I feel different and weird and odd in the midst of others. I’ve experienced that deep travail several times. not too often though. sometimes for my church other times for my family. thank you for helping me understand that it’s a gift. God bless you richly

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi Jennifer, I can certainly identify with that too. Blessings, <3

  21. Alfred Brown

    Prayer Request:
    God save Eric McDonald
    Eric needs miracles of healing-
    He suffers from mental and emotional problems.
    He has a strong hold of fear-He needs Deliverance from all of these demonic activities.
    Eric needs salvation.He needs to have his soul healed.
    He needs to be cleansed and purified from his sins, from his past, from the wounds and hurts that he has suffered!!!!People have hurt him….
    He needs to be set free-He needs the grace to know Jesus, to believe in Jesus, to trust Jesus.He needs to put of his fears and hope in Jesus Christ.He needs to find the peace of Christ….to trust in Jesus and learn to be the friend

    We do not know where Eric may be.He is weak and vulnerable. Pray God will protect I’m.He needs a safe place.He needs Christian friends and a good Church.A Church that will be his home, his safe place, and his healing place!!!!

    Pray for Eric’s miracles!!!
    Thank You,
    Alfred Brown

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi Alfred, praying for Eric now… amen to all of that, may Eric be saved and transformed in Jesus’ Name

  22. Sy

    Thank you for this blog..now i understand what im experiencing.. i just dont understand why.. In my dreams He keeps telling me that to tell the people it is time..but i dont understand..i have been experiencing this dream for years..he let me see what will happen..but who would believe me?? What can i do about it right..i kept asking why me? Im a sinner..i dont deserve any of this..but he told me to follow him and he will save me

  23. Janette Rouse

    Hi there,
    Thank you for posting your article. So, here it is the 7th of June 2017. When did you write this article? If you perchance you do see my comment, I humbly ask if you might pray for me? I am weary from having a misalignment in my body for about 14 years now, that is there to remind me to ask the Lord to bring alignment to His Body. I have only shared this with a few people and have been strongly rebuked. Time here does not allow me to go into how this has come about and I would not want to burden you with it. After reading your article you understand more than most about the dynamics of prophetic intercession. I am hoping you will understand that I am not in rebellion or delusional. Your prayers would mean so much.
    Thank you for your time and consideration.
    Most Sincerely,
    Jan Rouse

  24. Peter Olabode

    Bless you sir, I would be glad if you can send me more related write up on the ministry of intercession and Intercessors. Shalom. Commdr Peter Olabode

  25. Gemma Dean

    I was reading Rees Howles Intercessor and he says (quote) There are three things to be seen in an intercessor which are not necessarily found in ordinary prayer, Identification, Agony and Authority (unquote). Reading your today puts that and a lot of other things into perspective for me, thank you.

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Thanks for that Gemma, must be time I pulled that book off my shelf and read it again! 🙂

  26. Mary Boswell

    Iam very grateful that my friend shared this website to me, she’s the one who told me that she believes that I have the gift of prophetic intercessory. I have learned alot from this site, I get an urgency led by the holy spirit of a burden , and a strong sense of intimacy with holy spirit when I’m in my time and place with Him. I can see and feel what or whoever I’m praying for. I have cried deeply and at times can feel or sence the place where they are , the urgency is so great that I can’t stop praying. I do have a hard time understanding how to release this fully over to the holy spirit, the issue is so pressing and so intense that I feel like I have to pray about it daily so that this issue can be moved on. When I’m in my prayer time , time goes so fast that I don’t want to stop, 2 hrs can go by so fast. I enjoy my intimate time with the holy spirit. I want to learn more and grow .

  27. Helen

    Thankyou for sharing Im the leader of our intercessory ministry, I’m very blessed with every thing n every word you share. God bless your callibg n yiur ministry.

  28. Helen

    Thankyou for sharing I’m the leader of our Intercessory Ministry, I’m very blessed with every thing n every word you shared. God bless your calling n your ministry.

  29. Adegbite Daniella

    Anytime I’m alone,I just get this urge to pray… The Holy Spirit gives me certain prayer points and people to pray for while I pray,I would shed tears and sometimes I groan seriously like it’s written in the Bible in Romans 8:26-27… Most times I cry due to this intercession because it seems like I don’t get to reap the fruits of my labour over the people I pray for… I get scared all the time thinking I’m doing the wrong thing by praying for those people… I don’t know what to do about the fear I have but I really think it’s my calling and I feel like I should take it up so I don’t fail God and waste the gift of the Holy Spirit… I’m really scared…

  30. Staci

    Number 5 is SO encouraging to read! I’ve always felt off that I couldn’t be like other people of prayer and do prayer lists or books, for example like the books that list off countries and the way to pray for them. It was,and sometimes still is, like pulling teeth when I’ve tried to go that route. But when the Holy Spirit lays something on my heart I pray for a length of time and it doesn’t feel like a list or a heavy burden. I struggle though with a feeling of guilt that I should be praying intensely EVERY DAY and ALL THE TIME and that I’m not doing enough to go after the Holy Spirit to pray with Him. God doesn’t press guilt on us so I think that I’m comparing myself to other people of prayer cause my prayer life is not like theirs. Reading this article and the responses from other intercessors let me know I’m not alone in some things/questions and it’s a relief. Thank you very much for all the hard work you’ve put into this blog, Helen! It’s been a great source of help,learning and encouragement!

      1. Bongeka

        Hi Helen,how are you?i would like to know if things will change when we pray during these last days.We all know that we live in very challenging times and when you pray it feels like there won’t be change.At the same time Gods heavy presence ,the presence of the Holy Spirit draws us in to intercession like never before.Is this to say things could have been worse if we didn’t stand in the gap to interceed for the world?

  31. Adah Ebute

    Thank you so much for the write. It had really cleared so much doubt that I had concerning prayers. I pray for God’s grace and strength.

  32. Kim

    My goodness! Thanks so much for these points, they explain so much. I am under the authority of a co-pastor who walks in the Office of the Prophet, she was the one who called out the ministry of prophetic intercession in me about 10 years ago because I didn’t really know what was going on. I am always eager to learn more. That feeling what others feel and experiencing the heart of God while praying for others is me. However, I never really understood why I didn’t enjoy the lists my previous church would ask us to sign-up for during times of fasting and prayer. They just didn’t work for me, but being awakened to pray at 3 am (although I was tired) gave me more satisfaction and fulfillment. Thank you so much for that insight!

  33. Nahomie Riche

    Oh my goodness, I’m finding out more n more who I am, who God created me to be…The Lord led me to this site. The devil has stolen my identity for so long, I am in tears because I’m forty but I feel like now my life is trul beginning. I isn’t that something? Thank u for your Service to The Lord. Thank you.

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      That’s beautiful Nahomie, I say, ‘amen!’ may it be a new season, exploring the riches available to you in Him, unlocking the fullness of your identity.

  34. Carys

    This is me. I often feel called to pray and it starts with feelings for a person, feeling a burden or troubled as they might be feeling. I learn’t years ago to pray for the people, places, after hearing later about the troubles that someone was going through.
    I pray, and pray, and find it very difficult to work or do anything while this call is on my life.
    A question that I weigh up each time…do I tell the person that I am praying for them? It may come out of the blue, often the person isn’t a christian and may think I am weird (I don’t mind so much being thought of a weird,but I am also abit shy). However I do know that some people have found it enourmous strength to know I was praying, on the other hand I don’t want it to be about me. Do I tell the person I am praying for them.

  35. Carla Wright

    Thank you so much because this lesson is really helping me to understand me. As I was reading this, I felt as if you were speaking directly to me. It was personal, I felt like My Father sent you directly to me. I can feel it in the pit of my belly. I want to say, how did you know this about me except my Father told you. My spirit is screaming YES!

  36. Jean

    This is interesting. I definitely am not a prophet, but from the things you mention, perhaps I am a prophetic intercessor. I find it extremely difficult to pray for things in prayer groups where there is a ‘list’ or whatever.
    I have found that once I get deep into prayer (especially when using tongues), what I originally started praying about (mainly from my mind), can change total direction and find myself interceding differently and for things I don’t understand…so then I find myself doubting it…is it Scriptural, is this way off base? I have also felt ‘led’ to pronounce or decree things, which I am certain many Christians would not understand in the least. Because many Christians often pray for ‘good’ things, not realising that ‘good’ things in themselves do not always fulfil God’s greater purposes or greater good. At least that is the way I see it.
    I am pretty sure from my experience that many Christians would say I musn’t pray the way I do…but what am I to do?
    Also, especially in the last few years, I simply do not have the words to intercede…it is so much more like the groaning etc. More and more I feel so deeply for the whole earth and its inhabitants – yet in the past others have said, well, start off small with family or things close to you. Of course I do pray about immediate things/family etc…but I find that when I do that it’s like my heart expands to include everyone. I don’t know if this makes sense to anyone…it makes me feel as though I’m a bit weird or mistaken…and then I can get almost afraid to pray/intercede. It would be nice if someone could give me some advice. I don’t want to be heretical or depart from the way God wants me to go and who/what I’m supposed to be.
    Sometimes God has shown me things which I don’t understand (although they are at least partly Scriptural)…but I’m not always sure how much is God and how much is my wild imaginings..or worse, the enemy dropping things into my mind. So I’m not always sure how to proceed…and hope God won’t hold it against me if I’m doing something amiss>

  37. Linda Mbane

    Hwow this is amazing it answered all the questions I had I wish I can get books both of profetic intercessor and of intercessor I am very curious

  38. nontokozo

    hello Helen.

    thank you for the post. it refers to me so much, but my challenge is when someone is leading prayer/ intercession , i find it difficult to connect with them in prayer and the Holy Spirit gives me scriptures to read instead of doing the prayer pointers. from that time i am lead by the spirit of God on what to pray for.
    when i am leading prayer, deliverances do happen in our midst and people manifest. now i under stand my gift so much after this article. i am a PROPHETIC INTERCESSOR.

    thank you so much

  39. Gladys Dube

    Sometimes I feel like crying and I mostly I see things before they happen,Please help me understand this,and I am not the talkative person and I love too much help me to find myself

  40. Robert Hand

    I want to bounce something off of you. I belong yo XP Shiloh Fellowship,
    Patrica King. This past week their were two people that suffered massive heart attacks and were rushed to the hospital. As I waited on the Lord in how to pray into this. I received this from the Holy Spirit

    Father in the name of Jesus I thank you for supernaturally removing any weakness in the Artery Wall caused by any blockage that prevents the artery from functioning the way the Lord designed to Amen!
    I thank you for removing all the cause and the effect of the aneurism anywhere in the body from the top of the head to souls of the feet. Amen!
    Dealing with a massive heart attack or a sudden stroke
    I prayed for two people who suffered a major heart attack. It was about 15 years ago, I received a phone call from my mother, she told me her sister my Aunt Marg who lived in Moncton New Brunswick ; three thousand miles away from where I was living at the time in Kitchener Ontario.
    I had no money to fly down and go to the hospital and lay hands on her and believe that Jesus would healer her the way that he chose to do it.
    My mother said the following to me. God told me to call you, you were going to heal my sister. I said Mom “ I have to get off the phone, I need to seek the Lord on this.”
    After Mom hanged up the phone, I went before the Lord. I said Lord I don’t know what to do? After waiting on the Lord for about three minutes, I heard the Lord say this to me.
    “Take authority over the blockage that is on the left side of the heart and command it to dissolve and leave your aunts body in the name of Jesus” I did what the Lord told me to do and left the rest in his hands…
    The next morning the phone was ringing off the hook. My Mother said to me “Bob what you did? My sister is being released from the Hospital she dancing all around the room. The doctors are shocked by her sudden recovery. They can’t explain it. My Aunt lived for a long time and passed away from natural causes.
    Since then I prayed for a man who had his own Pizza shop in Oakville Ontario. I prayed the same thing for him and he miraculously recovered from a major heart attack. So I know that this works and it will work for you as well when you pray because it is a word of Knowledge directly from the mouth of God.

    Here is my question? Is this a word of Knowledge or Prophetic Intercession? I know they are miracles all I did was seek the Lord in how to pray and what to pray Amen!

    I await your response,

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Awesome testimony! During times of prophetic prayer/intercession we can both receive and pray supernatural insights from the Holy Spirit (this can include words of knowledge). In its essence, it’s simply prayer led by the Spirit.
      Let’s agree in prayer for complete healing for those recently admitted to hospital, too, in Jesus’ Name

    2. Gladys

      Greetings to all my brothers and sisters in the Lord I had a vision through dream after morning devotion 3a.m God showed who attacked my sister Holy Spirit have the discribsion and the clothes of the person she is wearing and when I tell my sister she confirmed the vision

  41. Arlene

    Praise the Lord,
    This is my first time coming across this blog. I believe its God’s timing for me to branch out and confirm I have the gift of a Prophetic Intercessor. I have been walking with the Lord for over 30 years now. When I first got saved I was my pastor armor bearer for 16yrs. When he went home to be with the Lord. . Now God has me settle at a very large ministry that has many lost souls that need to give God their hearts. God has used me all these years to intercede for his people. Mostly men. In this season with the Lord He wants me to embrace my gift the more and understand it the more. I believe He wants to position me in ministry to another level openly.

  42. Arlene

    Its really good to know I am not by myself. Thank God for my brothers and sisters in Christ whose sharing the same experiences that can leave you feeling alone and strange at times. To God be the glory for the things he has done.

  43. Kristen

    Thankyou, I was getting really worried. This article really helps! May the Lord bless you! See you in haven subshine?

  44. Rahul lohra

    Thanks you have done hard work. God bless you.
    Question: When i pray for something or somebody in prayer i also get answers and see angels doing the things which i am praying that time , I want to know my calling about this..

  45. Hannah

    Could a dream I had tonight about be this? I deampt like I was seeing a teenaged girls memories from the holicost. It was like everything was normal and even a song is haunting my mind called hi Lilly .. I looked it up and it’s from Russian decent ; Hungary; Poland. Then;it turned to seeing Nazis killing and rounding up people and pushing them into a train. I had fallen asleep at around 4 a.m. praying in the Spirit.

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