17 Signs You May Be a Prophetic Intercessor (The Intercessory Prayer Gift)

Do you believe that God has called you to be a prophetic intercessor?

Intercessory prayer is simply praying on behalf of others—and when this is teamed up with a prophetic gift it can be powerful.

Prophetic prayer occurs when we pray with insights (prophetic revelation) received from the Holy Spirit. We may receive these insights during prayer, or pray about revelation that has already been received.

We can all pray prophetically. However, a prophetic intercessor is not only equipped with insight from the Spirit—the prophetic intercessor becomes the vessel through whom the Spirit Himself prays.

‘In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans. And he who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for God’s people in accordance with the will of God.’ (Rom 8:26-27)

The Ministry of Prophetic Intercessory Prayer

Prophetic Intercession“I looked for someone among them who would build up the wall and stand before me in the gap on behalf of the land so I would not have to destroy it, but I found no one.” (Ezek 22:30)

Anna is a Biblical example of a prophetic intercessor. She poured years into her God-given assignment of praying in the temple, leading up to Jesus the Messiah’s birth. (Luke 2:36-38)

It has often been said, that not all intercessors are prophets; however, all prophets are called to intercede. And in the Bible, we see specific examples of those in a prophetic office who took time to intercede for those people and situations they ministered into. [1]

So if you have a prophetic calling, I encourage you to read and be inspired by the list in this article, even if you do not see yourself as a prophetic intercessor.

17 Signs You May Be a Prophetic Intercessor

Following are some of the signs that I have observed (and personally experienced) in those who have a calling to the ministry of prophetic intercession. The first three signs are common to all of those who have a calling to the ministry of prayer:

  1. You believe that God has called you to pray and you love to pray more than most people do
  1. You place a high value on prayer and sometimes wonder why (or get frustrated when) others do not share it
  1. You have seen significant answers to your prayers

Specific Signs Related to a Prophetic Intercessory Prayer Gift

If you are called to the ministry of a prophetic intercessor, you will find that you relate to some or many of the following additional things:

  1. You tend to pray more at times when you feel urged by the Holy Spirit (you may know this as a ‘burden’ of prayer).
  1. Prayer is easy for you when you sense that the Holy Spirit has given you a specific burden or assignment. However, you find it  harder to pray when people assign prayer to you as a task, or give you lists and times to pray (unless you feel drawn by the Spirit to these). In the past, you may have been intimidated by those who are ‘task intercessors’, who happily spend hours praying over lists. [2] However, God is calling you to embrace your particular gift and calling and see it as He does—highly valued and powerful.
  1. You receive revelation from the Holy Spirit concerning what to pray and how to pray. You may receive prophetic insights concerning the situation you are praying about, to pass on or to pray further into.
  1. You may be more spontaneous in the expression of your prayer gift than others who are gifted in prayer.
  1. You have a strong sense of intimacy with the Holy Spirit when you pray—and this fuels your prayer life.
  1. Travail is familiar to you—a sense of birthing the purposes of God—and you may have experienced wordless groans or weeping in your prayer times. In this, you can identify with Hannah (1 Samuel 1:10-13) and Elijah—who prayed for rain in the birthing position (1 Kings 18:41-44).
  1. You do not always need to have specific knowledge about what you are praying for. Sometimes you pray in the realm of ‘mystery’. (1 Cor 14:2) It is enough for you to know that the Spirit has called you to prayer.
  1. When you have a prayer assignment, it may feel as though you are personally involved and invested in the situation. You may have a sense of identification in the Spirit with those you are praying for. You may feel what they are feeling, or sense God’s heart towards them, such as compassion, grief or mercy.
  1. You know the ‘secret place’ of prayer. Your prayer life is often hidden, and sometimes not understood or appreciated by people. However, your reward is found in the Presence of God.
    (As with all prophetic gifts and ministries, the ministry of prophetic intercession flourishes in local church community and benefits from oversight. It is a temptation for those with a prophetic prayer ministry to isolate themselves, especially if they feel misunderstood.)
  1. You experience a deep sense of satisfaction in prayer—especially in being at the right place, at the right time for your God-given assignment to pray on behalf of a person, group, region or situation.
  1. You may be sent by God to be in certain places at particular times to intercede on behalf of a situation, person or region, especially if you are a prophet-intercessor operating in a ‘prophetic office’ ministry.
  1. Your journey has been lonely at times. Even those around you who love prayer do not always understand the dynamics of prophetic intercessory prayer. You may have experienced some unusual manifestations of the Holy Spirit whilst praying (Rom 8:26-27), that others do not understand. (Note: It is very important that we focus on the fruit of the prayer, and the message of the prayer, rather than manifestations, when communicating to others).
  1. One of your challenges has been to learn to fully release the burden of the Spirit in prayer—not to hold onto it. You have also had to learn not to personalise or hold onto the emotion that identification (point 11) can sometimes bring with it.
  1. You prefer prayer meetings that have some room for listening to and being led by the Holy Spirit in prayer.
    (Note: This does not mean that other types of prayer meetings are wrong—we must always honour others who lead prayer meetings, regardless of their culture, methods or emphasis. They are not wrong—just different to us)

The Prophet-Intercessor

The ‘Prophet-Intercessor’ is someone who has a five-fold ministry office of a prophet (Eph 4:11-13), and who also has a primary calling and gifting of intercessory prayer. As mentioned in point 14, above, a prophet-intercessor may be stationed or sent by God to specific places to pray and make prophetic declarations.

A prophet who is an intercessor will have a greater level of authority in prayer and prophetic ministry, than a prophetic intercessor. He or she may be used by God to minister through prophecy and intercessory prayer in significant arenas—these may include nations or regions, governments, education, business and church movements.

Is Intercessory Prayer a Spiritual Gift?

Is prophetic intercession, or intercessory prayer, a spiritual gift? I personally believe so. The prophetic intercessor is graced and anointed to pray. One way of looking at this, is to see prophetic intercessory prayer as an expression of the prophetic gift.

Our God who created the snowflake and fingerprints gifts His people in many unique ways. Those of us who are prophetic intercessors know, when we find others who have a like calling, that we have found one of our own ‘tribe.’

Intercessory prayer is a significant ministry—and eternity will reveal the fruit and power of the hidden work of prophetic intercession.


[1] Some examples: Moses intercedes for Israel (Exodus 34:8-9), Daniel for the Jews (Dan 9:3-19), Jeremiah for Jerusalem (Jer 14:20-21) and Elijah prayed for the drought he prophesied to begin and end (James 5:17-18)

[2] For insights about different prayer gifts, I highly recommend Intercessors Discover Your Prayer Power, by FEMRITE, T; ALVES, E; KAUFMAN, K.  2000.  Ventura : Regal.

Prayer Warriors! The School of Intimacy and Prayer is Open

When I began to experience a significant anointing of the Holy Spirit for prophetic prayer 20 years ago, I did not know how to navigate many of the encounters with God I was having.

I saw miracles and breakthrough in answer to prayer, but I also made mistakes, and had a lot of growth pain as a prophetic intercessor.

Since then I have been a prayer leader, have been a minister on a prophetic team, and by God’s grace have developed in ministry as a prophetic writer and teacher.

Now I’m passionate about helping others on the same journey I’ve been on. And this week, a long-held dream has come to reality.

I’ve just launched the Enliven School of Intimacy and Prayer with the first series of topics, and I extend you a warm welcome to join me!

Currently on the Prayer School are self-paced video lessons on:

  • Intimacy with the Holy Spirit
  • Introducing Prophetic Prayer
  • Praying the Mysteries of Heaven
  • The Gift and Ministry of Prophetic Intercession
  • Angels and Encounters
  • Bonus mini-eBook on Prophetic Dreams

You can find out more or enroll in the School of Intimacy and Prayer here. Alternatively, you can view all online courses here.

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179 thoughts on “17 Signs You May Be a Prophetic Intercessor (The Intercessory Prayer Gift)

    1. Ange

      Many times I have not understood the manifestations that come with intercession. An example being…while someone in a prayer line is being prayed for I am slain in the spirit and if they are being delivered, whilst I am slain in the spirit, it’s like I have a sword or a dagger or other weapons in my hand, I can feel them. I am wielding the weapons on behalf of the person being set free. When the delivery is over I feel a tremendous peace until the next one is prayed for. Have you ever heard of this type of intercession before.? I have more to ask butIwill out this forward first.

  1. Tania Hopping

    I believe with all my heart that I have been given the gift as a prophetic intercessor. And your 17 examples I can personally relate too since I became born again back in 2002. And it has only been since reading this….that I know that GOD has answered my “prayer” about understanding the gift that He has given me. Thank you GOD.

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      I’m so glad to hear this article has been a blessing to you, Tania. What a special gift God has given to you. Many lives will be changed through your ministry of prayer.

  2. Tracey Lynn

    Hi Helen,

    Thank you so much for posting this article. I would like to share some of my experiences and thereby hopefully encourage someone else.
    I can personally relate to most of the points you listed. I remember a time about ten years ago, when I thought that I must be extremely ‘weird’ because people did not understand me and there were times when I felt so alone. I would pray for people and the Lord would give me specific things to pray for and they would ask me “now how did you know that, that’s exactly what I’m going through…”. I soon realised that it was the Holy Spirit revealing things to me and God wanting to use me so that I could pray for breakthrough and blessing. I also remember the first time that I experienced travail – I was in a prayer meeting and started feeling a very heavy burden, I didn’t know what it was for I just knew I had to pray. I also started weeping and couldn’t stop- so I prayed and wept until the burden lifted.
    Later on, I had experiences where I prayed for people and it was as if I ‘felt’ what they were feeling. This was confusing at first, because I thought that it was what I was feeling, but the Lord showed me that it was His way of leading me to pray for the person.
    I was so relieved to meet a lady that could relate to these experiences that I was having in prayer and she helped me to realise that the Lord uses these ways to minister to people.
    And I am so grateful that the Lord is using you to teach people more about their prophetic gifts. You are helping many to eliminate the confusion and questions that may often come with the prophetic.
    Thank you so much Helen. May the Lord bless you and continue to use you.

    Tracey Lynn

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      That is so good, Tracey Lynn, thank you for sharing your story as so many need to hear the journey ahead from someone who has been there. I smiled when I read about feeling ‘weird’ yes so relate to that! Thanks and blessings! 🙂

  3. Malfa

    Amen and Amen…. 100%. Most of this points are just describing my life. Especially numbers 12,15,16 makes me ? because I thought I was the only one going through such. If one have not being in a situation where The Holy Spirit gives u a directive and your pastor is against it, until u go back to God and ask God that, father is this really from you? If is from you touch your servant… And later you see your pastor supporting, you have not seen anything. Being isolated like ppl don’t really understand u. I’m very happy to know and understand what I’m going through. God bless you and revel more to you as u keep sharing with us.

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi Malfa, it can be comforting and encouraging to hear that others have had similar experiences in their gifts. Every gift and ministry has its own unique challenges.

      Prayer is powerful! Thank you for sharing.

  4. Elizabeth

    Yes, thank you for this article! This is the gift that has brought me the most joy (and the most pain before I understood what was happening to me)! I relate most to the experience of identification with the person I am praying for, wondering why others didn’t share my passion for prayer, and significant answers to prayer. I also have felt quite lonely at times, so thank you for speaking encouragement and encouraging us not to isolate! If I understand Travail, I have experienced it as a welling up inside….like a bubbling up of understanding of what God is doing, and like the holy spirit is praying through me, bringing it to pass. Is that correct? I have experienced that a lot. 🙂

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Oh yes, Elizabeth, yes joy and also pain in the growth of understanding and appreciating the gift. The other gift I’ve experienced that in has been discernment!
      I think travail is different and personal for each intercessor. At times for me it has been just as you describe and yet at other times a release of deep feeling of the Spirit’s grieving over the person or circumstance He is bringing about a change in. Part of my journey has been in navigating what to minister in prayer publicly, and what to hold until I am in the private place with God…I feel some travail is like that.

  5. Gerard

    Hello, My name is Gerard I must tell you that I have been blessed from your teaching. I’ve been reading your teachings for over a year.My passion for the prophetic has grown tremendously. I’ve sways desired prophecy & discernment over all the gifts since salvation. I’ve flowed a little bit I’m prophecy and do love to pray . I can sense both Angels, demons& the Holy Spirit but that’s about it nothing super spiritual would you know if this is in the realm of prophetic prayer? I’ve read your gift of discernment book and was blessed. My deepest passion in prayer is ware fare &

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi Gerard,
      It’s great to hear from you!
      Yes it sounds as though you are touching the area of prophetic prayer..generally speaking prophetic prayer is praying with or using revelation from the Holy Spirit, and He is revealing to you things that are taking place in the spiritual realm.
      I encourage you to continue to grow in this powerful gift

  6. Irene Kyriacou

    Hi Helen, thank you so much for this GOD Breathed Prophetic Teaching, such an Encouraging and Strengthening Word from the Heart of GOD for all those in Prayer ministry. Yes, I too can relate to all these 17 signs, and I do believe it is an honour to stand in the Gap on of behalf of others in the Ministry of Intercessory Prayer. Heaven will reveal the impact our Prayers have had in the life of many Precious Souls being Saved. I Love that Our LORD JESUS CHRIST is Always making Intercession for us, and Precious HOLY SPIRIT makes Intercession through us, Romans 8:26-34 is so COMFORTING for me to know, I love it.

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Thanks so much Irene! You have touched on one of my great passions, intercession for salvation. May our desire to pray overflow and keep us in pursuit of the throne room!

  7. Maureen

    1234689 13!
    Many thanks. Recently I had an unusual two days when I seemed to see pictures of people and I prayed in tongues ans as led. Never had that before but am grateful for the experience. There is such power and joy in talking with God. Thank you for your articles

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Amen! Yes the Holy Spirit will always lead us into new adventures of prayer with Him. Thanks Maureen!

  8. Janine cossar

    Hi Helen, I thought your blog on prophetic intercessory was interesting. I feel I have been locked away with God for awhile now. Recently I experienced something of the supernatural. Although I h e been praying for a certain church which I believe wasn’t really a church as u would know it, more like s bless me club!!. Well on my way home from visiting my mother on a bus, I believe I was lead to bindup the forces of control manipulation, and disception, It wasn’t what our minds would envisage to be the perfect place with a bus full of people, but I did feel release and now I understand the head pastor has resigned, which I believe was necessary for the church to move forward. I believe I possibly have a tendency toward intercessory prayer and with the prophetic edge. I have other stories but this was the most recent . I can relate to a lot of what you suggested to be an prophetic intercessory. But I guess like spiritual gifts God uses us at His will ?

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi Janine, sounds like you have had some interesting experiences along the way.
      Have you read my book, ‘Prophetic People in a Changing Church’? Would love to send you one if you haven’t.
      Yes our gifts and ministry have ebb and flow times as God is leading us and the Spirit directs. 🙂

  9. Lenelle Hill

    I relate to every last one!!!!!!! Thank you for this article, it was very helpful! I am encouraged! God bless!

  10. Jessa

    Thank u for this wonderful Articles of yours. First I didn’t know about this gift but I now realize that it is exactly what Im looking for.
    I really don’t know before why most of the time I pray for someone and I don’t even know that my words in my prayer is the exact thing they need. Or it is the burden that carry anf don’t know how to over come.
    Now I know that I am no longer the one who pray for them but the Holy spirit itself.
    It is such a great thing to know that God use me this far even I am a youth and called myself as a baby Christian. Thank u so much ms Helen! God bless 🙂

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi Jessa, it’s great to hear from you. I’m glad you’ve found the article inspiring, God is using you in significant ways!

  11. Debbie Patten

    WOW, is all can say. I KNOW the Lord led me to see this. First I was prophesied over & named Deborah by my great grandmother while my Mom was pregnant with me. Then had a pretty bad childhood. At 16 I became a drug addict& alcoholic & practiced witchcraft & homosexuality for 18 yrs. Then received JESUS at 38 yrs old. Got baptized & baptized in the Holy Ghost pretty quick. In 2000 at my church revival this man sat behind me prophesied over me saying, is your name Deborah& I said yes. He said, God says you are going to be an intercessor..not only that but an intercessor on a corporate level. Being a pretty new Christian I didn’t know what he was talking about. Shortly after that I was trained by the Lord to pray & do deliverance prayers. So much has happened since it would be to much to write. By the way I am doing Exactly what prophesied. Recently we changed churches & Suddenly I feel like something major has shifted & I’m having more visios & dreams & prophesying over people. My prayers are stretching me someplace new..if that makes any sense. Anyway, thank you for your obedience of writing this.
    The LORD just keeps healing & stretching the broken little girl I was. Blessings

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi Debbie,
      what a wonderful testimony of God’s grace! He is using you to His glory. Thank you for sharing with us and I pray God’s blessing on your ministry.

  12. Samuel gbuushi

    Thank you very much, you have being a blessing to me through your write up lately.
    I don’t know if i am called to be a prophetic intercessor, but late last year i had had some strange incounters with lord in the couse of prayers the more i pray the more i want pray, at times i could pray for hours i don’t really what i am praying for, also i often have peace after prayers. i also had the holy spirit manifested himself to me through my hands in form of fire. (after deep worship and prayer i will sence of feel heat in my both hands in form of fire) i also experince the following signs in your article , 4,8,10 and 13. what do i do? Were do i start from and what type of spiritual gift is that. Thank you and God bless you.

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi Samuel,
      what wonderful experiences and encounters with God! Continue to pursue Him in prayer, but also make sure that you are involved and serving in your church. Let others see the good fruit of the Holy Spirit at work in your life.
      It would probably benefit you to learn more about the gift and process of prophecy. Also, be open to pray for others, the heat in your hand may mean that God will use you in that way, so in a relaxed way offer to pray for people when it is appropriate and see what He does.

  13. Margaret

    I am just in so much amazement right now. This is totally me….most of the time I pray for hours or I will spend a whole day just praying. God talks with me all the time about different people and things and he truly leads me to praying and fasting.

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      What a special gift of prayer, Margaret!
      Rejoice in it, God is good and His gifts are good. 🙂

  14. Shelly

    Hello Ms. Calder,

    This article is very insightful, thank you! I do have a question though. I am new to this. I was saved and backslid and renewed my relationship with God a little over a year ago. I have been told for years by those close to me that I have a calling on my life, but never sought God as to what it was, instead choosing to run from it. I just recently began to seek an answer from him through prayer and it was revealed that I am called to prayer. My prayer life before backsliding was phenomenal to say the least. Very intimate. I encountered many “strange” incidents. One of which was very serious but at the time I had no idea. I was talking to my pastor and I saw something behind his eyes. I can’t describe it, but it did prompt me to ask him if he was ok. He said yes, but 2 days later he had a massive heart attack and had to have quadruple bypass surgery. I felt horrible. As though I missed it and could have helped, but now I believe that was possibly a sign from the Holy Spirit for me to intercede on his behalf. I can identify with several points from the article. My question is this. In conjunction with prayer, I am lead to do ALOT of fasting. The fasting combined with the prayer makes me feel “open” for lack of a better word which does cause me to withdraw from others so that my spirit does not get “contaminated”. Is that something that I should pray about or can that be some sort of protection? This was really hard to put into words, and keep short, lol. But I hope that you understand what I’m trying to convey. Thank you again for sharing your wisdom!

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hello Shelly! Thank you for sharing your experiences, and also for your question.
      Withdrawal from others – this can either be healthy (short times with good fruit/outcomes, leading to greater blessing overflowing to others) or unhealthy (accompanied by suspicion, or fear, hindering fellowship, or preventing others receiving a blessing through your life…etc). It’s best to ask a leader who is close to you and whom you trust, and can see the fruit of what is taking place in your life to make an observation and be open to what they say.

  15. CL

    Thank you so much for this! God has led me in this type of intercessory prayer for about 6 years, which has grown significantly in the last 2-1/2 years. . .but I have always felt very alone in it. My intercession ministry has been led exclusively by the Holy Spirit with no examples (except those I see in scripture) of the types of ways God asks me to pray and how He is continually teaching me. Just recently He has begun to open my eyes to many, many others that have a similar type calling. I know I needed to learn from Him first and exclusively (and still do!), but I appreciate the confirmation this article has given me – and boldness to press on even though most around me don’t get it. . .I see God moving and am excited about what He is going to do. . .All 17 of these signs applied to me, and I was so blessed to be led to your article. Thank you so much!

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi Linda, nice to hear from you!
      If you put your email into the subscribe box on your page, and go through the opt in process, you will receive all the new blog article releases.

  16. Evelyn

    Thanks for this article. I connect to this article. I have on many occasions been led to pray for certain people, countries that I visit as the Holy Spirit leads. On most of those time I would cry and feel the pain of joy of the situation e.g if God is saying that He is pleased with someone, then I feel the joy and if it is praying for someone’s deliverance then I feel the pain. On those passionate times I feel like I have received answers to the situations. I am looking to understand this gift and grow it as it is something new. What books, videos or general material would you recommend?

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi Evelyn, I’m not very up to date in terms of what books are available on this subject, but I do recommend James Goll – podcasts on the topic of intercession and any of his books contain very good in depth Bible teaching. Also I’ve been listening recently (podcast) to recent general teaching on prayer by Mike Bickle on The International House of Prayer Podcast and found it very inspiring, practical and balanced.

  17. Perebotei

    please i need help in the area of intercession prayer. How can i be praying for people and how am i going to no what i should be praying about them.

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi Perebotei,
      Some thoughts are:
      – pray and ask God to lead you in prayer – listen to the Holy Spirit
      – ask the person how you can pray for them
      – pray the Scripture – choose empowering Scriptures to pray over
      – always pray in a redemptive way, remembering God’s kindness, knowing God’s will is always to lead them closer to Him

  18. sorin

    Thank you for sharing! It has remembered me about the most delightfull moments in my life. To feel and understand the heart of the Holy Spirit and let it flow through my heart and mouth.
    Thank you!

  19. Stephanie


    I have been experiencing the manifestations whilst in prayer and worship since about 1995. Many times I will shake , my hands , my head, my feet, I will weep, travail in birth, have a sense of hitting in my chest, and pulling up through my chest. At the time the manifestations started I was despritely trying to understand why I was experiencing them, and of course took it to prayer. I had always been called to prayer for people especially when others were in times of danger or involved in car accidents, with names and situations placed on my heart , unable to leave prayer until praise, peace and worship rose in my heart. The Lord spoke to me about each manifestation and I realised that he had placed a breakthrough anointing on my life. I have felt eyes on me many times and had other well meaning Christians attempt to deliver me , but as the LORD asked me ” what do you want more your pride or me” the answer was easy.

    Truth is prophetic intercession is not well understood and considered strange at the best of times, however our desire for God and prayer forces us to continue to pray and seek the LORD with everything we have, prophetic intercession becomes a by product of our worship and desire for him. It’s never the focus.

    I thank you for these forums where people that have these manifestations on their lives can realise they are normal and have a defined purpose in God through intercession, not to shut down their call, for fear of others and lack of understanding. We need those that will stand in the gap for others.
    I have done much research over the years in relation to intercession and am still hungry to learn all I can. There is always so much to learn in God.


    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi Stephanie, I’m sorry I missed your comment, thanks so much!
      I love the revelation that you received about having a breakthrough anointing on your life. That says a lot about the cutting edge on the gift of prophetic intercession – I say, ‘amen!’ to that!

  20. Shaaron

    I have been running from this for past seven years plus, since second husband passed away. I see now that all the women in my family of origin have this gift to some degree or another, especially my mother who passed on a few years ago. I never appreciated it then. But now? You have answered a number of questions that I have begged God to illuminate for me ever since the disintegration of my own family decades ago—divorce, suicide attempt, depression, infidelity, spiritual warfare on a level I never knew existed—-all in order to “take me out” of the battle over a region in which I was “waging war.”
    Occasionally, God would get my attention: praying/interceding over cities I lived in. Prophetical prayers and visions about people and communities, but I could never “stand alone” through it all. Scared to death at times might be more applicable.
    Last stronghold? Never finding a believing community that could stand with me or help me to understand what was necessary, I kept having extramarital affairs. I see now that this was Satan’s final stronghold on my life to weaken me and to get my attention on how to serve myself.
    Am seeking a like-minded community of prophetic intercessors, but they are nearly impossible to come by …..feel pretty isolated in this. Thanks so much for having this blog.
    Trying to come to grips with what IS!

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi Shaaron, thank you for sharing – yes community is a great thing and God’s plan for our help and protection too. I pray you find the fellowship you need.

  21. LaToyoa

    This teaching has truly been a blessing to me. God called me to be an intercessor a few years ago and I nevwr understood the difference between prayera and intercession. I started learning through leadings of the Holy Spirit and other intercessors. These last few years God has taken me into prophetic intercession and it has been a great experience. ALL of the 17 signs I can relate to, especially the one about wanting to isolate and it being lonely because of being misunderstood. Also not wanting to pray corporately because I would be given a agenda and I pray according to the Holy Spirit. I also have to constantly remember to release the burdens back to the Holy Spirit because I feel it spiritually after praying for others in my own prayer ministry Prayers on Purpose. This has truly blessed me as well as your other teachings. I will be sharing this with others. God bless you!

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hello LaToyoa, I’m glad to hear the article has been a help to you. I have experienced all of these things myself and it’s a joy to be able to share with others. Your prayer ministry sounds great!

  22. Jedidiah

    Sometimes when the burden comes it breaks me and lead me to tears before I know it I will start praying. It just looks as if am the one affected or someone close to me. At that point, I suspend every other activities to go down on my knees to pray. After then, I feel greatly relieved and happy

  23. Carol Hlabiso

    Hi Helen
    Indeed our God is good! I came across your blog because I was desperately looking for answers. I am very sensitive in the spirit, I easily perceive the presemse of the Holy Spirit before other people can do so. I also sense the presence of evil spiritsso strongly, it could be a sudden heaviness that falls upon me and as I pray to shake it off my eyes will open and I will actually see the demon responsible. During my prayer time God will show me people to pray for and most times He won’t show me the problem but I would just pray as I sense the leading of the Holy Spirit. This has been a very challenging area for me because I thought if God asks you pray for someone then He has to reveal what the problem is. Now I have found the answer! I was thinking that may be there’s something lacking in me that is why God is not revealing everything to me. I am so relieved to hear that God does not always reveal everything, we operate by faith. You have no idea how you have just relieved me of a burden I’ve been carrying for years. God richly bless you!

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi Carol, isn’t it wonderful when you discover others are on the same journey and things are explained! This happened to me recently too, so I know how freeing it is. Be blessed!

  24. Charlene

    I had read a few places on this page. How I got here wasn’t by accident either. I didn’t realize the position I have with the Lord after what I have read, I am shock. This place with Him has been personal and in what He shows me and the discussions we have had also. I have had questions and haven’t had answers until now…I don’t know if I make any sense. I appreciate you sharing this page on the internet. It has helped me some what. thank you

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi Charlene, your thoughts remind me that our intercessory prayer journey is personal and private, and yet there are others also sharing the same journey. It’s wonderful when we discover each other!

  25. Ruth Johnson

    This article is like a drink of fresh water on a very hot day! This is the first time I could really put a label on the type of intercessor I am. I began over 20 years ago with travail during prayer. I have also had other outward manifestations during worship. I do feel a strong sense of the Holy Spirit during both prayer and worship. More recently, I have been in a prayer group with other prophetic intercessors, and I can see more of this gift coming out. God has given me prophetic words for people while I have prayed for them. I also have had visions or a picture to share with them. Everyone who I had been praying with has been dispersed, and I have suddenly felt the loneliness creep back in. I thank God for Lance and his 7munderground to help me stay on track. More on the loneliness- I believe the spiritual warfare is intense for us, and if not against us, then the attack is on our family and spouse. This is so difficult especially when they leave the relationship. But God will never leave us or forsake us. I feel we are difficult people to be around for someone who is living a double minded life. You cannot lie to us, that is for sure! Anyway, thank you for putting all of this into words. God Bless You

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Thank you Ruth, I can certainly identify with a lot of what you are saying! Bless you. 🙂

  26. Sue K

    I identify with all the 17 points you have listed. Its like you are actually talking about me! I have been called to the office of the prophet and I’m also an intercessor. I have been given an assignment to a different country too. The thing is, for a long time I’ve been telling GOD I have nowhere to pray… This is because of the manifestations of The Holy Spirit as people would not understand. I’m also never satisfied at prayer meetings, because The Holy Spirit moves at His own time and phase. I usually have this deep longing to just lock myself up and pray to my heart’s content.

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Yes I know what you mean, Sue. There are aspects of our ministry of prayer that we can only release fully in the private place with God. So true!

  27. Charlene

    I am very grateful that the Lord lead me here. I didn’t know about any of this. After reading the above, I can actually relate. It had been a long time I did not understand why I could not relate to people. Since walking with the Lord from 1979 until now, I just did not understand many things clearly until now. It is wonderful to find people who are like minded and I don’t feel so alone. I love my friends very much but sometimes they think I came from another planet. My husband is use to me and actually my biggest supporter. He’ll even ask if the Father said anything to me about what ever circumstances we have going on. Just lately, we got promoted in a place we never had before and I don’t mean to be vague, but it is an awesome place to be right now. Thank you again and I look forward to check out more of your resources. I had a mentor, but we had moved 2,000 miles away and it was growing up time for me. It just so awesome to see the Father bringing everything together at His time. God Bless You….I barely got started in sharing…I love the freedom here.

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi Charlene,
      my husband is a great supporter too. We joke about that book title ‘Help I’m Married to an Intercessor’ (Eddie Smith) My husband reckons he could have written that 😀
      I also know about the ‘other planet’ feeling, it’s certainly wonderful when you find a tribe of others who understand you – one of the things I love about our prophetic team.

      1. Charlene Klinkenborg

        Miss Helen, I’m going to be very honest with you. When I began my new life in Jesus in 1979, a whole new world opened up to me. I didn’t understand a lot things about Christians, let alone being one. When I met the Holy Spirit, I discovered another place new for me. Before I met the Holy Spirit, I was not a good reader. I couldn’t understand the bible at all. After I met the Holy Spirit, the whole bible came alive for me. I would talk and have conversations with the Lord, as though it was the most natural thing for being a Christian. My worship was very visual in seeing many things that I didn’t understand at that time period. I would share with Christians around me, but they couldn’t understand how this could happen because they didn’t have this kind of experience…long story short, I started to keep all this to myself but I would still have these experiences. As growing up, things change even my relationship with Him. I’m hesitant to share openly these things. I would hear people say how much we need to pray, and so I would follow what others had taught me and it was hard because I couldn’t understand what was going on…then I would go talk to the Lord about all this and not understanding and we would talk about subjects and share each others thoughts on the matter….Well, about three years ago, I had discovered something I didn’t know. The mentor person asked me a question what I thought to be prayer and this person already knew the kind of conversations I had with the Lord. I discovered I had been praying all this time and it was considered prayer. It was a big wow to me…because I was trying to conform by what others would say about prayer and be so frustrated because it just didn’t fit and I couldn’t keep up with it. I am one that doesn’t pray like everybody else. I can only follow what the Lord gives me in my heart. I can’t pray over something that isn’t in my heart. I gave up praying that way and stayed with my relationship with Him and didn’t think I was an intercessor, especially prophetic because I didn’t fit into the guidelines of who they are until I read what you have above…after all these years…pieces are fitting together…even after my experience I with this last election with Mr. Trump. This site to me has come at the right time and I truly believe the Lord wants to help me grow up more deeper in places with Him. Thank you.

        1. Jim H

          HI Charlene.
          Intimacy with Christ is paramount. Standing on His word is your foundation. Loving Him and others is evidence of your relationship with Him. These are tested, but the fruit is revealed through perseverance and the trials that follow. Keep it up. Expressions of God’s heart are released through prayer, and the peace of God is tangible evidence of the increase of His Kingdom. If it isn’t happening already, God will bring others to you to be a support in this type of ministry. Be blessed.

        2. Helen Calder Post author

          Hi again Charlene, I can totally relate to you about praying only what God puts on your heart. That is definitely my experience too. If it’s from the Holy Spirit, prayer flows.

  28. Gord

    Thank you for this article. I have walked most of this road for 36 years now, many of those years in isolation within my own church community, often not understood, often nearly taken out. But He is Faithful and now I lead a prayer movement within my own local church, and we are learning and walking in prophetic intercession which is greatly affecting the whole church and beyond. We know our place in the Body finally, serving on our knees, and with joy we see other parts of the church increasing in fruit, including souls saved and lives changed weekly. I am employed full time in a secular management position, and my wife also works full time. What a privilege to find a place of service in the Body of Christ that undergirds the ministry of the church. I have copied your article and intend to share it with our group of intercessors next meeting.

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hello Gord, I’m glad you have found the article helpful. What a blessing you are in the ministry of prayer. May you be greatly encouraged.

  29. Tracy

    I came from a small community Church and I still wonder what gifts I truly have and how I need to walk in these gift. Once I was down in prayer at church and began to see a vision of someone with a gun I couldn’t make out who but I knew it was a male an female fighting in my vision I was as a ghost whispering in there ears scriptures rebuking dark spirits around I seen the gun go off An the female hit the floor I began to pray hard and weep an cry an press further into the spiritual realm then a second shot it was the male and as I started to rise a voice spoke and said he refused to listen it’s to late for him I continued to pray for her . By now my whole church was praying because. They realized I was in a spiritual battle of some kind . I ask God to reveal this I had no idea what had happened . The next day front page news was a man shot his wife then himself she stayed over night at the hospital with a gun shot thru her neck. Doctors were in ahhhh that it didn’t hit a arteries . I realized the women name an I knew her later I ran into her and told her how God had spared her she said as she laid there she could hear someone praying but couldn’t understand them. This isn’t the first time something extraordinary has happened I watched God raise a woman that had been pronounced dead on the seen of a accident back to life once again the spirit of the Lord had quickened me of a accident . I had no idea then it happened . I was there praying for her eyes fixed and dilated doctors saying she’s gone but I couldn’t help but continue praying knowing God would show up and he did . Now there’s church service when the holy spirit quickens me I can’t contain it I begin to pray in the spirit and singing there’s times I’m quickens and begin singing an praying this has brought rebuke to me by many to a point I’ve stepped back asking for someone to explain these things to me !

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi Tracy, it sounds as though you have had some significant experiences!
      One of the things I have learned is that when you feel a ‘travail’ (strong burden in prayer which could result in a commotion, noise or unusual manifestations) coming on, rather than bring it in public, contain it and take it to God in the private place. It’s a wise and loving thing to do. Many people would not understand what is happening, or it could distract them from what God is doing personally or in the group.

  30. Cherie Fourie

    I realised I have been called as a prophet-intercessor. I had a vision a few months back of me squashing a dangerous spider between my thumb and index fingers-which symbolise the 5 fold callings of a prophet and an apostle.
    I am not sure yet if this should be a public ministry or a personal one but seeking the Holy Spirit for wisdom. I love doi.g intercession as well . Thank you for this lovely blog/ministry

  31. Angelica

    Thank you for posting this article! For a long time I’ve been confused about my spiritual gift reading blogs and reading the bible but intercessory prayer isn’t mentioned specifically as a gift which left me confused because its the main way God works through me. He places a burden on me to pray for people at complete random and it nags at me until I comply. most times I don’t even know these people well and since I’m a bit shy it takes a lot of courage to go up to them especially since God doesn’t always reveal what to pray for until I’m praying . I relate to a lot of these points especially when God reveals things to you to pray about of others or while I’m praying a name pops up in my mind. I would say I’m still in the developing stages since I’ve been newborn christian for only 4 years and I didn’t notice the gift until 1 1/2 ago. When i first started practicing my gift i also began to recieve a lot of spiritual attacks in my dreams sometimes the very night i had prayed. It was disturbing! I wish there were more folks with this gift I really could use a mentor.

  32. Marian Smith

    Hi God called me to intercessory pray some time ago but I actually started walking in it about 5 years ago. Since then it has grown and God leads me to certain things I pray for. I have a Bible class that I am teaching to be prayer warriors. But as I have been working with them not all are called to prayer but all can pray so that is my aim. God blesses me with thoughts from the Holy Spirit as I pray which at times surprised me that these words were coming out of my mouth. I am working in my church and have a small group at the Edmonds Library here in Wa. which are not Christians whom I consider my pre-small group as my goal is to win them with kindness and the power of God. We have had certain significant things happen this year. A grandchild awarded to an evil grandparent after prayer was revisited by the court and order reversed. Child is now with the parent. We prayed for a daughter who had cancer. She went for a second visit to the Doctor before surgery and all cancer had gone. Several of the people have let me pray for healing because of sickness. So this is what I am operating on at the moment. God has shared specific vision with me of things that will be happening in Everett and I am preparing for that time to come with drawing closer to God and praying for healing for people (enlarging my faith).

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi Marian, I love hearing of the answers to prayer, what faith building testimonies! I say ‘amen’ to your small library group being touched by God.
      May 2017 be a year of great fruitfulness for you

  33. Janet Dulin

    I seem to be sent to people for special ministry and prophetic words of encouragement. Usually to women who have a call upon their lives. I also identify with the inability to pray lists and I depend on the spirit more for my prayer. I love praying with the Bible open and God directing. I first learned I was called to prayer shortly after being saved and when I read Eze. 22:30 could not stop crying and said “here I am send me.” I love learning from others to expand and deepen my prayer life.

    1. Marian Smith

      I pray for my Bible class at the end of the session and I usually pray with discernment and knowledge. God just gives me understanding to know what is going on in their lives and I pray for that. Sometimes I will be praying for someone and the Holy Spirit gives me insight in how and what to pray. It is always a great blessing when I pray like that.

      1. Antoinette Hjelte

        Hi Marian,

        I’m grateful for discovering you on this page. I, too, am a prophetic intercessor and can relate to what you have shared. I live in Redmond and would love to get together with you for coffee, or tea. Finding someone who is part of Lance’s private 7M Underground and that lives in my area, well, I feel blessed. If you would consider being open to getting together, I’d appreciate connecting. I know that our email info does not get published, but you could find me on Facebook, as Antoinette Olsen Hjelte. I look forward to hearing your thoughts. 🙂

        1. Marian Smith

          Hi I just received your email on prophetic intercessors. That would be great to get together. I am 72 yrs old. Just telling you so you don’t think I’m a young person. I am retired and most of the week is open. I do have tues Wed and Thurs morning from 9-12:00 that is not available due to commitments. But other than those times I’m available. Here is my email: (removed by moderator for safety reasons) Let me know when you’d like to meet.

          1. Helen Calder Post author

            Hi Marian, it is so delightful to have you two meet here on the blog. One time I had intercessors connect in the far North of Wales who met on Enliven Blog. I love the way Holy Spirit moves!
            I’m just going to take your email address that you posted off your comment, as it’s been on a couple of weeks (I wouldn’t want the spam engines finding it!) Love and blessings from Down Under!

  34. J.

    Thank you for this article, Helen. I relate to all of these signs – especially being sent to a specific place to pray for people. They are always at a crossroads or crisis point in their lives.

    3 years ago, my former pastor’s wife told me that I am a prophetic intercessor during a women’s meeting. I had never heard that term before so I Googled it. There wasn’t much information on it. What little information was available sounded like I would literally have to die for people. I said, “No thanks!” Then I ditched classes taught by the head of my former church’s intercession team.

    A year later, I was “forced” to stay with the head of our intercession team in her house for a month. By this time, I had been in some crisis situations where I know I was the only one called to pray for people. I read books in her library. She also sat me down to watch a video of a renowned “prophet of the nations”. I could relate to what she said.

    And then God graduated me super fast into a prayer ministry that I started as a child…but stopped for many reasons.

    I thank God for your blog because now I can just link to a post for prophetic people who do not yet know that they are called to some form of prophetic ministry – instead of scaring them with too much info. too fast. lol

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hello J., sounds like you have been in a season of ‘Divine Acceleration’. May you continue to grow in wisdom and faith and favour in your ministry of prayer. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  35. Antoinette Hjelte

    Hi Helen,

    Thank you for sharing your insight, the 17 points, and your wisdom regarding intercessory prayer. I can relate to all of what you shared, and have also read all of the comments below. For the first time, I feel like there is a community of intercessors I can relate to, and it’s such a blessing! I’ve been walking around my apartment these last couple of days just musing to myself that God answers my prayers, because of prophetic intercession, and to Him be the glory! This is because miracles happen when I pray, simply put, when the Holy Spirit prayers through me. This seems so simple, but I keep growing in it and never cease to be amazed when God manifests His answers to prayer.

    The Lord has opened up an opportunity to pray a couple of different times for two women at this Bible study I had been attending at my church. This was in a group setting of prayer time at the conclusion of our study time. When I heard a big problem, I stepped in and prayed (in a proper and respectful manner) and I prayed with tremendous authority, as a seer and one who proclaimed from a position of being seated in Heavenly places in Christ Jesus. Two major answers to prayer came through. One lady’s daughter was scheduled to go in for brain surgery 3 weeks after we prayed. It was her daughter’s second time of having cancer. We prayed as a group and it turns out her daughter did not need surgery. The doctor wants to monitor her. Glory to God!! The other lady we prayed for in our group, well it was also a miraculous answer to prayer. This is the first time I had ever prayed in a group setting. I just felt the Holy Spirit welling up inside of me and just had to open my mouth. This is very new, as I’ve only ever prayed one-on-one with someone on the phone or in person. When praying in a one-on-one situation, I see in the spirit a word or a picture and pray into that. I feel this immense intensity and authority that rises up inside of me, in the spirit realm, and the spiritual reality becomes more visible and because even more powerful than what the my natural eye can see.

    There have been phenomenal miracles each time, but it’s not like it happens every month. I am in isolation and need to get out more (one of the points listed above). The Lord has said it’s time, so it’s a new step of faith for me. I’m new to the church I’ve been attending, so don’t quite know how to fit in, and feel like I’m standing on chicken legs, so to speak. However, God knows this, and I have to open and attend.

    This is what I know about prophet intercession: it is unusual, and God sure would like to have many more prophetic intercessors. The is much ground to be taken in the spirit, where the real battles lie. I know this and am comfortable taking territory, so to speak, when praying one-on-one, but God wants to stretch me to be out in the open because there are more victories to be won — and all for His glory. I know He must have touched others when I have prayed. I’ve been told this is what has happened at a home Bible study I attended, and that the way people pray at the conclusion of the study has prayed as a result of how I pray. The Lord is just looking for us, and everyone we can reach directly or indirectly, to step out in faith more and more. And in a safe and loving environment like being connected to a local church community.

    His kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. The expressions of what prophetic intercession looks like seem to be as varied as the colors of the rainbow, so to speak. But, on this page we can find like-minded, and prophetically gifted intercessors and friends.

    Once again, thank you Helen, for opening up this opportunity for everyone to learn more, and to express themselves.



    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hello Antoinette, thank you for taking the time to share your encouraging and faith building testimonies, and your insights. I know the Holy Spirit is calling many into this ministry of intercession in this season, and I feel that as I read your words.

  36. Anpace

    Hi Helen, God bless you for this blog, infact,I am grasping and learning alot about who I really am and what I am called to be and do.Yes I do relate in all the above signs and worth noting about my gift is the number 9, I once held our ministry in position and all the intercessors at the alter for 4 hours in serious groanings in the Spirit and wailing.Then, I wasn’t yet a member of the church’s intercessory group but I had a quiet prayer life.when they noticed I had been on the alter for long during praise and worship hours, they all joined me and started weeping and wailing and some where asking God to please respond to my groaning.After this experience, the church authorities asked me to join the intercessors because they said I had given birth to a new way of talking to God.Points 11,12,13,15,17 are just exactly who I am, infact most of my life after acepting Jesus,I have been a loner.I beleive I have the gift of a Prophet-intercessor, I am also a preacher of the word with dotted manefestations of word of knowledge and a good sense of Discernment of Spirit by the grace of God ,but my strongest gift is preaching the word of God with power and Rhema. After having an encounter of fire baptism by the Holy Spirit in one of my retreats with him, I have hardly preached a normal message. I sometimes want to minister normally, but before I realise , it usually is a power packed fire session full of authority. I seriously desire more intimacy with the Holy Spirit and This Blog is a great tool for me. All of who I am today, the Gifts of God and it’s manefestation in my life have all been imparted upon me by the Spirit of God and not by the laying of hands. I have recieved deliverance of afflictions and illnesses on my prayer alter. Please, there is so much I desire to know that I don’t yet know and I really love what I am grasping on this blog. MAY GOD BLESS YOU BIG TIME FOR THIS. Anpace

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hello Anpace, it sounds as though God is moving powerfully in your life! Thank you for connecting with us.

  37. Brittney Banks

    I have that gift of prophetic intercessory …I feel different pains and burdens from people I know and don’t know…God wakes me up all times a night to pray for people … Also I have dreams about things and it would come true…I feel things in the spirit about people if they’re bad…And etc

  38. Beatrice Kinsey

    I often wondered about this calling but wasn’t sure if what I was going thru was also part of the prophetic or prophets. Numbers 3-4 certainly describes me, esp., lonely times. There are times when I’m sitting, watching TV, and will begin to cry about something the Holy Spirit laid on my heart or shows me. And I will begin to pray about it. One Sunday morning, I woke up with someone at my church on my heart. I began to pray for her and asked the Lord what I was supposed to do with what He’d spoke to me. When I got to church, He had me share what He had me pray on her behalf lay hands on the couple. A month later, what they’d been seeking came to past. But I thought this was the prophetic. I’ve been wrestling with my calling possibly being a Prophet. Your article helped me to know that Intercesion is very important and should be embraced.

  39. Bernhard

    God is so faithful. My prayer time daily with Him is becoming deeper and more intimate daily. He is answering my prayers as I pray the scriptures and remind Him as He asks us to….. Jer 29 : 12, James 5 : 16 and many more. Hallelujah!!!

  40. chris

    Thank you for this insight, it’s a rhema word in due season for those in this “strange” place. Sometimes I feel like I’m in 2 places, like the song “heaven touching earth”. It can be lonesome and sometimes hurtful as people can be rude & nasty in their being critical.

    I understand what the apostle felt when he told Jesus to call lighting down on such people and I also feel the immense love that Jesus felt when he asked God to forgive such people.

    It’s difficult to find a church that accepts this powerful gift or truly understand it
    without them being “weird”.

    I pray continously, sometimes I hear myself praying while asleep!! I interpret dreams and am a dreamer.
    Some bring dreams to me or I may “overhear” someone talking about their dream and give the meaning.

    I’ve had a few visions that were meant for others, I find those frightening and ask God to spare me those.

    Nevertheless my life is the “abundant life” that Christ spoke of, being a vessel for God to work in and thru. It’s never dull, always exciting to see the world thru spiritual colored lenses. A reason for continual praise!!!
    Your insight was comfoting ,soothing and a refreshing word. Thanks again



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