Shift the Atmosphere with Your Gift of DiscernmentI frequently hear from Christians who struggle with what they discern.

They may be experiencing physical, mental or emotional strain from spiritual warfare and demonic encounters.

When these people come across Enliven Blog, they are relieved to hear from someone who has experienced similar problems.

The Atmosphere of the Holy Spirit

It is true that in my early years of growing in discernment, I was adversely affected by negative atmospheres. However, that is not my experience today.

Today, I live with a continual awareness of the Holy Spirit being with, in and upon me. I know that the atmosphere I carry is one of “righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.” (Rom 14:17)

This is my usual experience, and if it is ever anything otherwise, I can quickly make my way back into that awareness of God’s Presence.

  • It is simply a matter of doing whatever it takes to get back into a place of reliance upon what Jesus has done for me. (Col 2:13-15) This may involve confession, repentance, an act of obedience, renouncing something—or most often, simply returning to a position of trust in God.

I know that peace and the experience of God’s Presence is my inheritance as a Christian—and it is yours too.

Take the Weather with You

‘Everywhere you go, always take the weather with you’ sings one of our favourite New Zealand bands. [1]

As people who discern and sense atmospheres, we have a choice. We can come under the dark clouds, or we can rise above them. Better still, we can participate with the Holy Spirit in shifting the atmosphere.

Determine that you are not going to be like a thermometer, going up and down with the temperature of the environment and people around you.

You can be a thermostat. You can set the temperature. You can take the weather with you. And the weather forecast in God’s Kingdom is “righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.” (Rom 14:17) [2]


[1] Crowded House, “Weather With You”, 1992
[2] The above article is an excerpt from the revised version of the book, ‘Unlocking the Gift of Discernment’

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22 thoughts on “Shift the Spiritual Atmosphere Using Your Gift of Discernment”

  1. This is excellent, Thanks Helen. The atmosphere in my home is all over the place, up high and down low, mostly due to my boys. I try very hard to stay steady and not let it steal my joy, and this is going to help a lot. From now on a thermostat!

  2. Am lifted with the good teachings and it has make me fill strong and no more fear and doutness to prophecy.I thank God for every thing.

  3. Hi Ms. Helen,

    Can you help me to be enlightened?
    When I became a Christian since October 2007, up to now I have a constant dream that occurs almost every month. For 9 years, I’ve been constantly seeing and casting out bad spirits in a dream. This includes like entering a house that I could sense a very heavy atmosphere and in my senses I’ve known an indwelling of a spirit. Sometimes, I literally see in my dream a bad Spirit and its possession to people I’ve known and even to strangers. Whenever I’ve had this events in my dream, I often cast them out in Jesus’ name while praying in tongues. That would always be the scenarios. I’ve often see people in my dream being possessed by bad Spirit or see spirit literally and sometimes their presence only in a certain place, and whenever I have these encounters, I always cast out and pray in tongues in my dream then I will be awaken with the clear picture of my dream. Also, there are instances that what I have dreamed of did actually happened and what is significant, in my dream, I’ve prayed sometimes in words I’ve understand but most of the times in tongues then I will wake up having the memory. So, what I’ve always done, I often pray for the people or scenarios in my dreams that God would take care of it.

    I don’t know its meaning and I’ve been looking for someone who can somehow can give an insight on my experiences. I’m also having a sensitive sense in the change of atmosphere, of sensing and understanding emotions eventhough the person I’m talking with is a stranger or first time encountered. I’m also aware if the one speaking is having an anointed or gifted life and even partly in struggle. I’m praying for it and haven’t have the clear understanding. I don’t know really and hope you can help explaining these to me.

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