Prophetic InsightsHave you ever tried to reach out with a spiritual insight, such as a prophecy or discernment to someone, only to be rebuffed or criticised?

It is sad when people resist the ministry of the Holy Spirit. They miss out on an encounter with God and the gift He has for them.

This can be difficult, especially when we have done our best to be obedient to what the Holy Spirit is telling us.

3 Reasons Some People May Reject Your Spiritual Gift—and What to do about it

Here are three reasons why using your spiritual gift, such as prophecy or discernment, may upset some people—and some ideas to help you respond appropriately when each occurs.

1. It Happened to Jesus—and it will Happen to us

The power of the Holy Spirit was continually manifesting through Jesus’ ministry, and not everyone liked it. Instead of rejoicing that people were being set free from demons, the religious leaders of His day accused Him of being possessed by a demon Himself!

Jesus told His disciples that they would experience the same persecution that He did. He said, ‘If the head of the house has been called Beelzebul [prince of demons], how much more the members of his household!’ (Matt 10:25) [1]

Jesus warned His disciples that being like Him was going to get them into trouble. (see Matt 10:24-25)

The Apostle Paul gives instructions on how to respond to persecution:

  • ‘Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse.’ (Rom 14:14)
  • ‘Do not repay anyone evil for evil’ (Rom 14:17a)
  • ‘Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.’ (Rom 14:21)

Our natural human response to persecution is to be defensive, to get offended and leave the situation hurt, or even to lash back.

However, persecution is a signal that the Holy Spirit has a special gift for you. He gives you power to forgive, to speak well of your accusers, to be gracious, and to move in the opposite spirit of goodness, acceptance and love.

2. Spiritual Warfare is Taking Place

‘The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds.’ (2 Cor 10:4)

Spiritual warfare can impact the way people perceive your ministry and the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

We need to be especially aware of this when sharing with non-Christians, and pray accordingly. ‘The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the gospel that displays the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.’ (2 Cor 4:4)

Spiritual warfare can also come against us personally—for an example, consider the way Jezebel responded to Elijah when he had a powerful victory over the prophets of Baal. (1 Kings 19)

One sign of spiritual warfare is confusion. The enemy attempts to twist or distort what people hear. There is a negative or resistant atmosphere.

There are many ways that you can combat spiritual warfare. [2] These include:

The enemy hates your gift and wants to shut you down. But God has a plan and purpose for your gift. He has fruitfulness and influence for you to step into.

3. Your Approach to Using the Gift Needs to be Adjusted

When people take offense at our spiritual gift of prophecy or discernment, it is easier to look to something outside of us for the source of the problem—such as demonic attack, or the other person. But what if there is something that we are doing that is causing the problem? This is something I learned the hard way! [3]

Some signs the issue may be with us personally include:

  • There is a regular pattern of people getting offended or upset when we use our spiritual gift of prophecy or discernment
  • The offense happens between us and a leader in the church—especially if it happens more than once, or in repeating situations
  • Non-Christians often resist receiving a prophetic insight from us

What can we do when we see these signs taking place? Here are 4 things we should always check when we are ministering in prophecy or discernment, especially if people are responding negatively to what we are sharing:

A. The Love Check (1 Cor 13:1-2)

  • Am I genuinely tuned in to God’s love for this person?
  • Am I expressing the insight from God in a loving way?

B. The Attitude Check

  • Am I free of judgments (negative opinions or criticism) towards the person (or group) I am ministering to? (Rom 14:4, Matt 7:1-2)

C. The Culture Check (1 Cor 13:1-2)

  • Am I sharing my insight in a natural and relaxed way?
  • Am I refraining from using Christian or prophetic language the receiver may not relate to or understand?
  • Am I ministering in a way that is in harmony with the environment? (This includes the culture of my local church)

D. The Accountability and Accuracy Check

  • Am I sharing the insight in a way that gives the recipient room to weigh it up? [4]
  • Do I honour the leadership of my church?
  • Have I followed existing protocols and guidelines relating to using prophetic gifts?
  • Do I personally have accountability in my prophetic gift? [5] Have I discussed this situation with my oversight and been open to adjustment?

Don’t let one person with a problem stop the flow of the Holy Spirit through you.

Resist the temptation to respond to offense by becoming hurt or discouraged, or being afraid to step out again. Instead, use the opportunity to grow—in humility, in character, and in your gift of prophecy or discernment.


[1] See Mark 3:22 where this accusation took place. Beelzebul, or Beelzebub, is another name for Satan. Info also here:

[2] See the article 11 Ways to Respond During Spiritual Warfare

[3] I wrote about my journey, mistakes and restoration in the book, ‘Prophetic People in a Changing Church.’

[4] This is important. See How to Create a Safe Environment to Deliver Your Prophecy

[5] See The Power of Prophetic Accountability

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5 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why Some People Reject Your Spiritual Gift (And How To Respond)”

  1. Hi there I trust that you well .I belive its no coinsidence for me stumbling upon this site ..I need some urgent advice and help regarding recurring dreams I have over a long period of time. I’ve been have recurring dreams about dogs at first the dogs was just all around me. Growling at me as if they want to bite me. One dog sometimes and more than one dog at times ..until 3 months ago when I had another dog dream but in this dream 3 dogs cornered me and one dog had a face like an olden lady but the dog was dark brown in color and had long hair and the dog bit me. That’s the first time out of all the many dog dreams I had. That the dog. Bit me ..and last week I had another dream of 3 dogs cornering me and they bit me but only on my hands and back side ..and the next day I had a dream again that I was chased but everywhere I tried to hide there was dogs laying or standing which mean I can’t hide there then I had to start running again in the dream ..the dreams I have about dogs is happening too many times and its over a period of years that I keep dreaming of dogs ..sometimes some of my old friends is with me in the dreams with the dogs. But mostly its just me alone …and in reality I’m not a dog person I don’t even have a dog or think about dogs in any way. Please if you can shed some light on my dreams or direct me to someone who can I’d be very happy ..Thank you .GoD BlEss You alL
    Ps I wouldve loved to contact you direct but I trust that I will hear from you again

    1. Hi Shane,
      Thanks for leaving the question. Have you come across this article I wrote a few weeks back?

      There should be some thoughts there to help you. Sorry, we don’t give dream interpretations online.
      However, if this was happening to me, I would definitely seek some prayer ministry.

  2. Hi Helen,

    It’s Chontae. How are you beautiful? I know it’s been awhile since I’ve messaged but I’m always coming back and reading your blogs both on here and Facebook. Thank goodness for Facebook.

    Your ministry has blessed me dearly over the years how long has it been 3 years now. I’m so blessed by you and just wanted to let you know. Actually you’ve inspired me greatly.

    I love this article wish I had this before I to learnt the hard way. I think about my own experiences one I’m thinking of now is where I’ve tried to warn my leaders of things via prophetic dreams and not having them believe me and then that thing happens and these things are not your everyday things but have been life altering in our church which caused two major splits. I think the biggest thing I’ve learnt during those times is as long as I’ve done what God has asked I’m covered by him whether persecuted, no-one believing me, not feeling supported it can be a tough process I have had to work through, I know God has been with me when I look back and reflect. In saying all of this, this has grown me something drastically not that I would encourage us to go through it but Im grateful for our Father in Heaven he’s so merciful and gracious to us and knows the pain and suffering as His Son Jesus endured exactly what we may go through. I really love point number 3 great practical advice and keys for keeping ourselves with clean hearts and hands. Love this dearly.

    Blessings Helen
    From New Zealand

    1. Hi gorgeous Chontae, it is so good to hear from you! Quick hi from the USA. I am glad to hear the blog has been a blessing to you. You are one of Father’s champions. XHelen

  3. I’m a little scared and confused, my husband passed away 3 months ago I had this overwhelming feeling that I needed to help him into the light. I believed he was going into darkness because I saw him half his face the other half Demon like. So make a long story short I lite candles and proceeded to talk to him and try to guide him into the light everything I did and said was positive, all of a sudden I felt very overwhelmed and I knew instantly that there were many Spirits around me I pick up my cell phone and what I caught on my cell phone camera was unbelievable I brought the darkness to me or unveiled the Spirit World not to sure exactly my whole house was in this greyish black atmosphere and there are Spirits in the pictures and things that don’t look human and I don’t see any of this while taken picture’s I could feel them but the strangest thing is I took a picture of myself its just my face with a bright light in front of it kind of floating in the air. I always have known I’ve had Spirits around me but never thought anything like this. I honestly don’t know what I did I’m sorry to say I’m not a religious person I am a kind and loving person who always try’s to stay positive no matter what I’m hoping you can help me and explain to me what happened and if I’m bring Spirits here without even knowing cause my Husband used to always say because we traveled a lot and I was with him 17yrs that are houses aren’t haunted his wife is. Please Help Margaret Barone

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