Kick Start Your Prophetic GiftHave you ever felt a little dry when it comes to hearing from God, and find it difficult to receive prophetic revelation?

It may surprise you to know that even those of us who are actively involved in prophetic ministry have occasional times of dryness.

Perhaps you are aware that busyness or weariness is affecting your intimacy with God. In which case, it may be time to review your priorities and your schedule.

Be encouraged:

Becoming aware of your spiritual dryness, and that you are finding it difficult to hear from God, is an indication that the Holy Spirit is drawing you to receive more from Him.

3 Ways to Kick-Start Your Prophetic Gift

When prophetic revelation is not flowing as easily as it usually does, here are 3 things that I make a point of prioritizing:

1. Take Time with God Without Agenda

When life is busy, it is easy to fall into a pattern of filling our devotional and prayer times with requests.

For example, there may be some important things happening in your world—ministry engagements, relational difficulties, people with problems, issues at work, or an urgent need for guidance. If you are not careful, finding out what God is saying about those things can become your main focus.

Maybe He wants to speak with you about something else entirely. Or maybe—He just wants you to be with Him.

He is calling you back to intimacy.

Today, Jesus invites you:

‘Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.’ (Rev 3:20)

I like to take time alongside rivers or lakes, walking with God, enjoying being with Him. Or spending private time in worship, with fresh, anointed music.

These are the things that I return to and prioritise when life has become off-balance.

You will have your own unique way of connecting with God.

Feeling prophetically dry may not be a problem in itself—it may be a symptom of your need to get closer to God.

When you re-establish intimacy with Him, you will know His voice. Your prophetic ability will flow again.

2. Refresh your Connection with the Bible

When we are having trouble hearing from God and receiving prophetic insights, it is not a time to get intense—it is time to get back to basics. For example, we can check that there are no barriers hindering us from hearing God’s voice.

It is no coincidence that feeling dry in terms of hearing from God are also times when it is difficult to connect with the Bible.

After all, the Bible is His Word and the primary way His Spirit speaks to us.

We are blessed these days with the technology that can deliver Scripture to us in many ways. We have the printed Word—and we also have the ability to listen to audio Bible or receive it digitally via the Internet, through computer software or Apps.

You are no longer limited to time and place to connect with God’s Word. Now you can listen or read on the go—anywhere, anytime.

After years of studying the Bible on the printed page, I have been taken by surprise at the impact listening to audio Scriptures has had on me. Many of the prophetic teaching articles I have written in the past year have come from ‘aha’ moments when the Holy Spirit has spoken to me while listening to the Bible via an iPhone App.

If you are having difficulty in connecting to God through His Word, I encourage you to try a different method of engaging with the Bible. Take a fresh look at your learning style and go on a journey of discovery.

3. Use Prophetic Journaling

After taking care of the two most important things—intimacy with God and engaging with His Word—there are some practical things that you can do to stir up your prophetic ability.

Taking some time for focused journaling can help ‘prime the pump’ of your prophetic gift.

This means taking some specific time before God, seeking Him for prophetic revelation. The Holy Spirit may speak to you through a Scripture, Bible story, or a picture (vision), word or idea.

Then, note it down.

Remember that the Holy Spirit speaks in light, spontaneous ways.

Using your preferred media, record and explore what God is saying to you. Let the inspiration flow and then weigh it up in prayer. If you receive something that goes beyond simple encouragement into the area of personal guidance or a prophetic insight for another person, remember to weigh it up carefully and practice prophetic accountability.

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13 thoughts on “3 Ways to Kick-Start Your Prophetic Gift”

  1. Truly helpful. Its been a hard few weeks but this post has enables me to get back to where I belong.


    1. Sorry to hear of the difficult time David, believing with you for a fresh touch of the Spirit on your life this week.

  2. Andrea Richardson

    Thank you Helen. Last time we spoke through here I was really struggling with dryness from God. Thank you for your prayers. I have pressed into him and I have been listening to the audio bible and God has taken me to a whole new level of relationship with him. Before I had to make a conscious effort to make have intimate time with God and it was mostly giving my requests to him. Now I hunger just to sit with him in his presence and ask for nothing.

    I just had an aha moment when reading about prophetic journaling. Before I gave my heart to Jesus and I was playing in the new age world my Christian brother told me to ask God to reveal himself to me. I started seeing changes when I did that and one day I sat down and ‘wrote a letter’ to God. At the end of the letter I wrote a prayer to him. When I put my pen down He answered that prayer in such a significant way that I don’t have to look back over my journaling to remember. That moment will never leave my memory recall. It was the moment I truly realised and believed God was real and it was life changing. And I just remembered a vision my daughter saw for me of a pen and paper and I just had revelation that God is telling me to write to him again. Another form of communicating with him. I love to journal. Love letters to God.

    Thank you Helen. God Bless

  3. Helen I have been feeling depressed, and not hearing God’s voice. I know that I have been busy and probably not taking time to be with my Lord. Please pray for a special touch, and insight into what I am reading. Blessings Helen.

  4. Hi Shirley, am praying for the fresh touch of God’s Spirit on your life. Will send you an email in a little while, thinking of you.

  5. Dear Helen,
    I don’t know if you remember me, but you prayed for me for breakthrough because I am living in a rather unwanted situation without a good job, there is still sadness because I miss my prophetic mum and I live under my spaced out landlord who turns up the music at night so that I have to flee and ask a friend if I can stay on her sofa one night and in the flat there is something that causes allergic reactions.

    Now the housing situation has not changed yet (please if possible pray again especially because I need a new job too and I wish so much that I could leave this flat and this town), but in the last months I get more and more messages from Jesus when I sit and pray and later I find the things really happen. Of course I wish I would get more such messages about what I can do and where Jesus wants me to work and live. Yet I am grateful for what I get and sometimes quite astonished. I knew beforehand who would win the football world cup. I knew the the daugther of a friend would separate from her husband and now I hope I will learn to discern more and more, because though I am in this unwanted surroundings and unfortunate situation God tells me things like that when I listen closely and trust.
    I am also grateful for what you wrote here and I would like to thank you because so very often you write about topics that are exactly what I needed to read. This blog is a spiritual oasis I always find some good freshwater here. 🙂

    I hope I will find a way to leave this place soon, because when I talked to someone the other day, it came up that my landlord seems to be driven by dark forces and the whole house seems to have a negative atmospere. I pray everyday and bless everthing and hope that Jesus will save me out of this soon. On top of all this my husband from I am seperated has now had the idea to get the divorce and though he claims to be Christian, too, seems to want to win a contest for undesired sly behaviour and I had to find a good lawyer to defend myself. I am still a bit shocked about all this, because everything unwanted seems to happen at the moment.

    If possible, please pray for me again, because I know when you pray something really happens.
    Blessings and best regards
    Yours Conny

    1. Hi Conny, yes I do remember you and your situation. I know that God is working all things together for good, and I do pray that you will experience a release in the accommodation area and the confidence and boldness to face the legal situation. Things may seem dark, but just as you say, in His Presence you are receiving and hearing God’s voice, and His light is there. He is giving you revelation about people and situations so that you can pray and know intimacy with Him.
      Ps 139 comes to mind for you, especially v 7-12.

  6. Dear Helen,
    thank you very much.
    The Psalm also helps a lot and matches my situation.
    God bless you!
    Hope to be able to give you good news about all this one day.
    It’s good to know that you are there and you understand the situation from a Christian point of view.
    Thank you again
    Yours Conny

  7. Hellen God bless you richly. Pray for me as well. My family really is facing financial difficulties, and its affecting my relationship with God. I really want to come back to God, bt always depressed becouse of the situation. Please pray for me.

    1. Hi Marvin, sorry to hear about the difficulties, hold on to God’s gift of His lifeline of faith and His Word through this time, I join you in prayer for breakthrough.

    1. That’s great Joseph! Keep looking around the blog as I’m sure you will find a lot more to help you, too.

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