Divine Acceleration: God Will Make Up For Lost Time

What is Divine Acceleration?

Divine AccelerationDivine acceleration is the supernatural ability of God applied to your life, your ministry, your time and your circumstances, to bring His plans to pass at a much faster rate than is humanly possible.

When your Father is at work, nothing can stop Him. There is unstoppable momentum. You find yourself caught up in a move of God that shifts your circumstances, removes obstacles and commands progress.

As though lifted by a wave of the sea, you experience a sudden surge forward. It is the ‘now’ time of God and nothing can halt His purposes.

5 Circumstances in which you can Anticipate Divine Acceleration

1. Divine Acceleration When Spiritual Warfare has attempted to hold you Back

Elijah experienced a powerful victory at the frontline of the spiritual battle for Israel. Then, when Jezebel retaliated and threatened his life, Elijah ran in fear. There in that place of apparent failure—in such despair that he lost the will to live—an angel ministered supernatural food and drink to Elijah.

This provision for Divine acceleration enabled Elijah to travel 40 days and nights, non-stop, to meet with God. From there, Elijah was launched into his next season. (1 Kings 19)

There are times when the enemy will try to hold you back from fulfilling God’s purposes. Even when it seems that the enemy has succeeded, it is never too late for God. He can supernaturally replenish you, overturn the battle and launch you, victorious, into His purposes.

2. Divine Acceleration After You’ve been Stuck in a Waiting Season

Moses spent 40 years living as a shepherd in the desert. Once upon a time, he thought he could make a difference. Once, he dreamed of delivering Israel out of slavery. Now aged 80, he had ceased to believe it was possible.

That is, until Moses encountered God’s Presence in a burning bush. God revealed it was his ‘now’ time to deliver Israel. (Exodus 3) In a short time—a season of Divine acceleration—Moses was propelled into confrontation with Pharaoh, leading Israel out of slavery and into worship of God.

Does it feel as though you have been in a long time of waiting? It may seem as though it is past the due time for God to show up and for His calling on your life to be fulfilled. Don’t think in terms of what is humanly possible—trust your Father that He can cause things to fall into place in a miraculous way. You are being positioned for Divine acceleration.

3. Divine Acceleration When You’ve Experienced the Destructive Consequences of Sin

“I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten…” Joel 2:25

Year after year of crops destroyed. Harvests never gathered. Fruit that could never be recovered. Joel spoke of the ravaging effects of sin on the nation. And yet God promised that as the nation turned to Him in repentance, He would make up for the lost years with overflow harvest—and glory would go to Him.

God is by nature a Redeemer, and Jesus has paid the price for your mistakes, failure, sin and shame. Even when ‘sowing and reaping’ has taken effect and you have suffered the results of sin, when you repent and turn to Him, He can transform barrenness into fruitfulness. From poverty to plenty, and from emptiness to Divinely accelerated overflow—such is the power of His grace and forgiveness.

4. Divine Acceleration After You Have ran from or Hesitated in God’s Call

Jonah 3:1 ‘Then the word of the Lord came to Jonah a second time…’

Jonah did not just hesitate in the call of God upon his life—he ran from it in the opposite direction. And yet God in His mercy organised a sequence of events to set Jonah on track again.

And then those grace-filled words: ‘The word of the Lord came to Jonah a second time.’ (Jonah 3:1)

He is the God of the second chance. And even when it feels as though you have missed the opportunity to fulfil His purpose or to step into your prophetic season, it is never too late for God.

This hasn’t taken Him by surprise and He has a plan. Through Divine acceleration, He can bring His prophetic call to pass in your life. Repent, return, and place your trust in Him. You will see that your Heavenly Father has lined up circumstances and people like dominoes—once His power is unleashed, nothing can hold back His prophetic call for your life.

5. Divine Acceleration When You’ve been Held Back by the Choices of Others

Joseph’s own family mocked his call from God and conspired to prevent it ever being fulfilled. The malicious choices of others sent Joseph to slavery and later imprisonment.

However when God’s time came, Joseph’s ascent to rulership was immediate. Divine acceleration was brought to bear. Within a day, Joseph put aside his prison garments and put on the mantle of rulership. (Gen 41)

No person, and no action by anyone else can prevent God’s purpose from being accomplished in your life. Instead, as Redeemer, your Father can use what people have meant for evil and turn it into good. (Gen 50:19-20)

By keeping your heart clean, free of bitterness and resentment but full of the Father’s love, you can stay positioned for God’s purpose. Nothing and no one can hold you back when His time comes.

‘Divine acceleration’ is a reminder that you can trust the timing of God. He is faithful, He is sovereign, He is powerful. And, He is the God of the resurrection.

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88 thoughts on “Divine Acceleration: God Will Make Up For Lost Time

  1. Mel

    Thank you again for your timely posts. It is so encouraging to hear your story within your words as it makes me feel that I am not crazy hearing your experiences mirror my own. ! I have seen much opposition both from within and without and I feel I am on the cusp of something that God will release! You’re posts have been so valuable and affirming and a timely reminder to ‘hold on’. Thank you!

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi Mel, thank you for leaving the note! Oh yes, God is so faithful, I have experienced every one of these and I am in awe many times at how quickly He can bring His call to pass. What He is doing in my life – fulfilling His call in (seeming) later years – is truly amazing. I have to keep giving Him permission to shift me out of comfort zones, it is all happening so fast.
      I pray that you will hear the cheers of Heaven as you stay readied to launch into the great things He has for you. Blessings!

    2. Rosemary

      This was an awesome now word. On Monday, the Lord dropped the word acceleration in my spirit. I will share some of your comments to an intercessory prayer group on a teleconference call on 2/3/2017.

      Stay bless of the Lord.

  2. AYO

    Actually short of words after seeing myself in some of the things written above.
    I can only say I’ve been trying to be careful (which is leading to laziness) after relocating to a new area.
    Really praying for God’s help and acceleration.
    God bless you greatly for this article.

  3. Helen Calder Post author

    Hi there Ayo, thanks for leaving the note. May you have the wisdom and courage to step into the new things Father has for you in your situation, in His timing. Living life with Him is such an adventure! 🙂

  4. Joanne

    Hello Helen, this is a on time word for me, I have been experience all above. I’m so thankful to here that I’m not going crazy. It seem as if I can not catch a break, but glory be to God I know in His time all things will work out for my good. Thanks for the word of encouragement I so needed to here!!!

    Overflow of Blessings

  5. Helen Calder Post author

    Hi Joanne, you are so right, He is not only well able to work all things together for good, (Rom 8:28) He is goodness personified. May your faith shine, and may you see the evidence of God’s goodness in His outcomes for your life.

    ‘May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.’ (Rom 15:13)

  6. Sharon

    Very encouraging word!…..having spent a number of years “wandering in the wilderness” & out of fellowship with The Lord, by His grace I am back on track….have been for about two years now but have had lingering regret over the timeI have wasted…….
    Divine acceleration……yep, I’m believing for that!
    Thanks for your timely post.

  7. Helen Calder Post author

    Hi Sharon, praise God who has enabled you to get back on track with Him. May the lingering regret be exchanged for anticipation, joy and the thrill of living life in His Presence. He is certainly well able to ‘repay the years the locusts have eaten.’
    Thanks for the note!

  8. David Hunter

    I appreciate this word. As I grow and mature Father wants me to trust Him more. I often struggle due to running from God for 20 years & the consequences. Even knowing its a lie, I fear that I cant trust God and that He will hurt me.
    Letting go of fear and trusting Him, hoping in His faithfulness and ability to accelerate me into His plan is Good News!!!!

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Amen, David!
      I certainly understand… For some reason your note reminds me that a few days ago I came across this Tweet from Graham Cooke:
      @GrahamCookeBBH: “God speaks to us by His love. This is the language we need to hear from the Lord so that we can speak it back to Him.”
      It really grabbed my attention, that when wondering what is God’s voice to us, or being unsure, it is ALWAYS the voice of love, spoken with love. A great filter to use and a thought that has convicted me.
      It’s the same with His response to our circumstances… May your faith continue to shine, you are a real inspiration, David!

  9. Darren Poke

    What a great word!

    Thanks for this encouraging message, I’m praying for some divine acceleration in my life and believing for it to happen.



  10. Bo

    Thank you for this message and it is truely a powerful encouragement words for me since I was stuck for the last whole 6 years and looking forward for a breakthrough in every area of my life at all times. I have done all the confession, repentance, decree and declare ,fasting and anything possible that you can name it in an on going basis ,but still I am stuck. I ask you to pray for me whenever you will remember. Thank you and God bless you and your ministry .

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi Bo, yes there are times to take action, and there are times to ‘having done all, stand’ (Eph 6:13b) I also believe there is a place of rest. Rest from striving, resting in our inheritance, rejoicing in what Jesus has done for us. Being released into the new season is not about what we can do, it is about the move of the Holy Spirit. It is also about not going it alone, but being in community. I do pray that you know His peace, His Presence, the joy of intimate conversation with your Father and His release into the new things He has for you.


    That is very true my mentor. I was called at the age of 14. We fellowshiped under trees for 4 years. We tried putting up a structure in the second year but rain came and destroy it. We waited patiantle for God and in the due time God caused people to help us build a bigger one even than the first. My advice to all is that, when God delays us, its for a reason. I need you Mum Hellen, you’re a blessing to me and my ministry.

  12. Helen Calder Post author

    What a great testimony Pastor Sylvester, even delays can result in God’s greater glory! Thank you for sharing and for being a blessing to me too.

  13. David

    AMEN, Helen, awesome post, i receive it. I was driving home last night through the suburbs and i noticed a spider on my windshield [outside] intently holding on. When i stopped at traffic lights the spider would move looking for a place of refuge, as i drove again only doing a speed of 60 klm it would hold on tight. I thought to myself i am coming onto the highway soon then i can accelerate up to 100klm and blow him away, sure enough, that’s what happened, spider gone nowhere to be seen. Its time to come up onto the highway and accelerate for the enemy cannot hold on to you nor distract and hinder you on the highway, this accelerated speed is too great, the enemy cannot live nor survive up there, Is 35 :8,9 .I believe Holy spirit is calling me up higher Rev 11:12,. Ps 18:33.
    I believe there is a 100 fold return in this high place of acceleration.Phil 3;13,14.

  14. Helen Calder Post author

    Great illustration David, and very true!
    (it wasn’t a huntsman, was it? Have seen a huge one crawling up the side of a car once…Eeuuw! 🙂 )

    Love this verse you’ve shared: ‘He makes my feet like the feet of a deer; he causes me to stand on the heights. (Ps 18:33)

  15. Lin

    I have experienced every one of the issues pointed out here.
    I am in a waiting place right now. I’ve been ridiculed, over-
    looked for promotion, thrown into a pit like Joseph.
    Lied about, false accused, the list goes on and on…..
    But I trust God to bring about His plan for my life in His time.
    It can happen overnight; things I have prayed for all this time
    that I have not seen in completion yet……I know God is working
    behind the scenes. Thank you for your article that brought me
    so much encouragement!!!

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Thanks for leaving the note, Lin, it sounds as though you have been through some tough times but your faith shines through.
      Yes, He is so faithful and working behind the scenes to bring His purposes to bear. I pray that you are strengthened in your faith today.

  16. Yolanda

    Thanks. This really spoke to my heart as if you were looking in the window of my life. Thank God for the Holy Spirit in this ministry.

  17. Opeti

    Such a encouraging words. I can relate myself to most, if not all of the 5 situations, where It encourages me to hold on and keep pressing in, by serving Him in His house, because the things he promised me, is about to come to pass. It could be tomorrow, or next week, or next year, or the year after, but it will come to pass. God’s timing is what I’m cheerfully waiting for. Glory be to our Father, who art in Heaven, Hallowed be his name.

  18. Helen Calder Post author

    Opeti, be encouraged. Faithfulness is the #1 key to being positioned for God’s timing for the new things He has for you – and in the meantime you are being a blessing to others and fulfilling His purpose right now. Keep on going for it 🙂

  19. DeMica

    I read your blog regularly and rarely respond. I must say that every time I have read I was encouraged, uplifted, or given a greater in site on my circumstances. After reading this today I must say.. God is moving in my life and gradually GOD is allowing me to see his power in operation on my life. “now time” and nothing can stop the propelling of God. I wait with endurance doubting not on the word that God has given me. I stand by faith no matter what comes my way. I will continually set the atmosphere in my life so that i will come out victorious. I will love as Jesus love to be open to his will no matter what. I will walk like Jesus so others may see him through me. You have excited and kindle that fire within me more so that i yearn to seek more more more more of God. Those who hungry and thirst after righteousness shall be filled. If I seek then I shall find. I am seeking him like never before. Thank you, God bless you, and I love you with the love of the Lord.

  20. Helen Calder Post author

    Thanks DiMica, it is so good to hear of God’s grace in your life. May you know Him more! May you rest in his complete and finished work and enter fully into His life! May your faith continue to grow and reproduce!
    Thank you for leaving the note today. 🙂

  21. jose ramos

    Profeta Helen,querida hermana en Cristo… sus comentarios,cada uno de los que me ha enviado,me quedan a la medida…tal parece que sufro de hipocondria espiritual…soy un novato en eso de ser profeta,tengo un llamado apostolico profetico.he adquirido cierto conocimiento apostolico y prpofetico por los seminarios que se han impartido en diversos lugares de mi pais…pero hasta alli. creo que cai en un hoyo,por espacios de algunos años,a pesar de que seguia asistiendo a dichos seminarios …la verdad no podia salir de esta situacion pero, tal parece que la oscuridad del tunel,esta terminando y puedo ver alguna luz al fondo.
    Me he enfrascado en un tiempo de oracion y en ocasiones con ayunos ,para pedir al Señor de la Mies,que me de una nueva UNCION de su ESPIRITU …para volver a los tiempos antiguos en donde El y yo estabamos tan unidos que el tiempo que me pasaba con EL se iba rapidamente ….durante los ultimos años sufri frustaciones,desanimos y creo que hasta falta de identidad respecto a mi llamado…pero mi tiempo de quejumbre parece que estar llegando a su fin…Me han sucedido cosas extrañas,como espasmos espirituales por las noches,the holly Ghos me despierta en el tiempo para orar,como sucedia antes…tengo deseos de imitar los actos y hechos del apostol Pablo,quien a pesar de estar emfermo seguia adelante,y no se quejaba y cuando lo hizo,Dios le dijo bastate mi gracia…Ha venido a mi un deseo de compartir la Palabra del Señor y nuevas personas estan llegando a Cristo ,creo que el Señor tiene nuevas perspectivas respecto a mi llamado y esto me reanima .
    las cosas que usted me envia,sin duda, cada una de ellas me vienen a la medida…espero y deseo que el Señor se glorifique en mi vida,y me de nuevos sueños y visiones con interpetacion y la vision que EL ha puesto en mi se fortalezca cada dia…deseo salir del closet y empezar la carrera del handicap de mi llamado y entregar buenas cuentas a mi Señor y Dios.
    Agradezco en todo lo que cabe su valiosa ayuda de consejeria y asesoramiento …y como decia al principio estoy saliendo de la hipocondria y empiezo a ver mas claramente el horizonte…Profeta Helen,esta en mis oraciones usted como los miembros de su familia y obvio tambien su ministerio,gracias por su ayuda,y Dios prospere su ministerio.GRACIAS.

  22. Helen Calder Post author

    Hi there Jose, I am glad to hear fresh hope and life in your words. I am reminded of a Scripture from my article on prophetic song:

    ‘Israel returned to the place God had miraculously provided water for them in the past and sang this song:
    “Spring up, O well! Sing about it, about the well that the princes dug, that the nobles of the people sank–the nobles with scepters and staffs.” (Num 21:17-18)

    This song of praise did two things. It
    **Commemorated God’s past provision and
    **Anticipated His present supply

    (from http://enlivenpublishing.com/blog/2010/02/16/how-your-prophetic-song-can-release-the-power-of-god/)

    Sometimes we need to sing over ourselves, ‘Spring up oh well!’
    I am sure God is doing a new work in you and the water of life is being released.
    Thanks for the prayers. 🙂

  23. Justin

    This blog is really talking to me I feel blessed and uplifted, may God bless you with the service you are doing, this is my first time to come to your site and I fell much blessed and enlightened. Sometimes times I feel like I am walking in the shoes of Jonah but I think I am missing a leader like you who can help in growing up and stop running away

    Thank you and God Bless.

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi Justin, it’s great to meet you on the blog. 🙂
      Like Jonah did, the disciples also were in a boat in a storm… (Luke 8:23-25) but they had the Saviour on board and so do you. May you know the joy of surrendering into God’s purposes – the safest and most powerful place to be is right in the centre of His will and Jesus is with you.

  24. william

    gooday. im still learning the knowledge of christ from you, continue to speak the mind of God to us, no limit knowledge untill we like christ jesus. bless God

  25. stephen

    Your teachings are busy transforming my life to an extent that I cannot be moved by anything thing whether thing are going well or not.I will persist and pursue the deep sitted desire and calling of my life forevermore.I am becoming unstoppable in doing the work of God.May God richly bless you. To God be the GLORY. Ngwako Stephen Maunatlala from South Africa.P.O. BOX14203,THE TRAMSHED, PRETOTIA 0126

  26. Trudy

    Thank you Helen,
    I have come to a crossroad in helping my daughter with a difficult situation and also moving forward in my own life. Your article about Divine Acceleration was well timed by the Lord…it has helped me renew my hope and strength. I had felt ‘stuck in a season of waiting.’ Thank you for providing that understanding.

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi Trudy, I’m glad the article has been a help to you, may the Spirit powerfully refresh and strengthen you in your journey and minister to your daughter too. Thanks for leaving the comment 🙂

  27. praise ibe

    This prophetic message has revived my hope. I have been full of regrets over set backs and juicy choices refused to take because I believe it will not please God.
    I am re- motivated to pursue God’s plan for my ministry, despite the destruction the enemy has caused.
    Truly I am convinced when you said, God is a redeemer.
    Thank you ma.

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Amen He is certainly a Redeemer. May you continue to receive His Spirit and run the race in forgiveness and fullness. Bless you!

  28. Gloria

    Thank you so much for this message. It is timely, encouraging, full of hope and a burning desire to fulfil God’s purpose for my life. This is just what i needed to set 2016 and beyond rolling DIVINE ACCELERAION. May God bless you and renew your strength daily.

  29. J.james

    I personally was blessed with this document. Our vision for 2016 is
    Your year of Divive Accelleration. And I believe we will by the grace of God see that manifestation …thank you for sharing this timely message. God bless you

  30. eco

    I can see that all hope is not lost even when the going seems tough, when I am down and discouraged, I should hang my hope on the GOD of second chance and trust HIM for Divine acceleration. Thanks so much for this post, it ministered to me greatly.

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      I’m glad to hear the article has been a blessing to you. May your faith continue to be strengthened for the new season ahead!


    Thanks Jesus Helen you are my mentor your prophecy uplift my spiritual and all these hardship it will turn into divine acceleration God is at work.
    this situation will be turned around and my finances,healthy,the person that am praying for will be touched by God, the promise will be fulfilled any time the breakthrough around the corner
    in the book of Isaiah 61;1 instead of shame i shall receive double portion, instead of humiliation they shall rejoice.
    Helen time to rejoice for our victory.
    I m really happy, enjoy being in the present of GOD. march is my blessing time in Exodus 19;1

    may God bless you HELEN CALDER.

  32. Echezona

    Thank you for your messages and word.
    I am confident and believe my life and living is upon the threshold of divine spped and accerleration in Jesus name Amen and Amen.

  33. John Adidu

    i can see some of my stories here in ur writings,i’m realy touched.for now i am enjoying Open doors and spiritual elevation.the fires of life i endured in my wilderness period draws me close to God and brought out the gold in me.i think that tough times are blessing in disguise,and christians ought to thank God for pain.hope to hear from u

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hello John,
      Yes it is true that God uses the trials to bring out gold in our lives. I can testify myself that through the times of pain I have learned more than any other time in my life.
      You have a deep, God-given insight. Bless you

  34. Garry Dougherty

    Prophetic Revelation for introducing Divine Nature Intervention Acceleration – (setting in on his/her course ) —- Amen, just the spark I was looking for and just at the right moment of time /appointed time —- super natural advancement —- think your blog is awesome and the first line is the best I could explain as to why I was looking into farther, divine acceleration.

    Love the down to earth clarity you bring forth with your works here and I most surely hope your journey with and for the Lord is gently and slowly advancing along more and more —- the mission is not easy for us Impatient Flesh Beings and we all need edification with and from others along with our sanctification necessity, obligation, we could just express it. Have a Good God Day, Amen.

  35. Garry Dougherty

    Very interesting, for as would be reveled to me into the acceleration —- actually, we will slow down, reconnecting with the Jesus divine nature, getting into sync with his beat, far greater love journey travels, directives, opposite of the worlds directives ( Marching to the Beat of a Different Drum), ( Home is Where The Heart Is ) is just a couple of dream vision titles, I labeled them as —- anyway, super awesome, and to keep on keeping on, for I know your endeavors have to be great and so rewarding.

    One day as He so has me prepped and primed, He will break these binding chains ( as Paul so stated,I had rather be with you Lord, the sanctifying time was hard work but totally awestruck awesome, unfathomable to even have happened there of —- yet I must come back to earth and plow the fields, place my hands to the assigned task, that will be reveled as the crops will grow, Your way and not mine ) —- Again, awesome and so thank you for your endeavors with and for the Lord to be true

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      I love that thought, that in order to enter Divine acceleration, sometimes God calls us to first slow down and get in sync with Jesus and His rhythm.
      Great word, thanks Garry!

  36. Evans Chuks

    Amen, is a powerful teaching indeed. In fact am full of courage this hour,Daddy you just ministered to my life, am richly bless with the teaching. May you be blessed in your ministry in Jesus name. Amen and Amen.

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi Evans, I’m glad the teaching has been a blessing to you and pray that your faith will continue to be strengthened.
      Thanks for leaving the note

  37. Chinyere

    I have experienced fierce battle against my career since July and it seems the enemy is winning but my trust is absolutely in God who can cause everything to fall into place in one day. My life is a testimony. After reading this article my faith and trust in God is strengthened and I know that he knows everything I and my family have been through. Something is about to happen to launch me into my next level. Gods name be praised

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi Chinyere, I agree with you in prayer right now, in Jesus’ Name, for your next level and upgrade in your career. May you and your family continue to be a powerful testimony of God’s faithfulness and goodness.

    2. blessed girl

      I have been going through the same since January this year and I believe that God is in control. The darkest hour is just before dawn… I am getting ready to enter into my destiny. Amen

      1. Helen Calder Post author

        Yes, as you hand your life to Him, He is faithful. I pray you experience the fullness of His favour and blessing!

  38. Laura Kinch

    Too much false hope and promises,from a so-called god.It’s time for action.God needs to act on his word.

  39. Nana

    Thank you Prophet Helen you are a true blessing in Gods Kingdom more like an Angel raised for such time as this .Yesterday I saw a board written Church of Philadephia in a dream and read Revelations :3:7-11 where God spoke about opening doors that no man can shut ,I have been through all stages highlighted above , been sent to Ninivea went astray like Jona but God spoke again and ushering me into a new season of divine acceleration hes busy shifting things around on my behalf , and I will stay rooted in his presence all the day of my life

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi Nana, we serve an amazing God! He is faithful and unchanging in His grace and power. Thank you for sharing!

  40. Frederick Kingsley

    My hope is rejuvenated i must confess, by virtue of this message, i also felt a rebuilding of confidence after reading this message. More grace and fresh fire for more of impact full message.

  41. [email protected]

    This platform has become my bible college,and back to even older teachings and hey,am receiving great understanding on a lot of areas.
    Am loving my time on this platform,to me its God sent at the right time.
    My life is under reconstruction

    Evaristo(from Zimbabwe)

  42. Alberto

    WOW !!! AMEN! That is a wonderful and awesome truth! I am propelled to wait on the Lord, The Holy Spirit and The Father! I long to see more tangible, visible evidence of God’ Divine Acceleration in my service for God!!! Thank you so much !!!

  43. Lillian Nnanta

    Let me say this now, you are God’s sent. From the very first post you shared with me till this very current one. God has been using you to touch and teach me the lessons I need at that very moment. Infact I did not go to church today because of situations I have been asking my Father to change. We have been through family deliverance, a church program organized by my church that took place a week and some days ago delt even more on that and my one personal fasting and prayer, yet I had some dreams that am suppose not to be having and really got me angry. Though i prayed while at home, this post has fully restored back hope, joy and peace to me. Thank you. May God continue to bless you, your family and ministry. Please I need prophetic prayers from you.

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