Hunger for God‘My soul yearns, even faints, for the courts of the Lord; my heart and my flesh cry out for the living God.’ (Ps 84:2)

As prophetic people we need to regularly ask ourselves:

  • ‘What are my desires and longings?’
  • ‘What is my heart being directed towards?’
  • ‘Where is my spiritual appetite taking me?’

Sometimes a seemingly good thing, like yearning for our God-given destiny or the fulfilment of our prophetic calling, can pull us away from finding our satisfaction in God.

This is the cry of God over you right now:

‘But you would be fed with the finest of wheat; with honey from the rock I would satisfy you.’ (Ps 81:16)

He wants to satisfy your innermost being with His Presence and His Word—but He can only do so as you hunger for and seek after Him. (Jer 29:13, Luke 11:9-13)

The Challenge of Adjusting our Spiritual Appetite

We may not realise the strength of our appetite until we seek to adjust it towards something different.

Recently, I decided to do an experimental fast from all dairy (milk) products. During the first 2 weeks I felt hungry even when full, and experienced strong cravings for foods—lying awake at night longing for hamburgers, chicken and soup (ironically, not milk or cheese).

I have discovered it takes discipline and self-deprivation to make a major change in my physical diet. This is only made possible by a greater desire and goal—the improvement of my health.

Likewise, when our spiritual appetite needs adjusting, we must have a revelation of what is available to us in our pursuit of God. Only then can we do what is necessary to redirect our longings and make Him our quest.

Signs it is Time to Tweak Your Spiritual Appetite

Here are 4 signs it may be time to redirect your spiritual appetite:

1. Disappointment about Unfulfilled Prophecy or Purpose is Making you Heart-sick

“Hope deferred makes the heart sick.” (Prov 13:12)

Because of our gifts and values, prophetic people can easily become focused on fulfillment of prophecy and upon meeting our purpose and destiny.

When these things are frustrated, we can become heartsick that the prophetic call upon our life is not being fulfilled.

This is especially true in extended times of hardship or transition.

When this takes place, we need to redirect our spiritual appetite so that we can be satisfied with God, His Word and His Presence.

2. You are Seeking Satisfaction in People or Places Other then God

‘The Lord will guide you always; he will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land and will strengthen your frame. You will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail.’ (Is 58:11)

God’s invitation to you, no matter what season you are in is to receive your satisfaction from Him. However, the enemy will try and tempt you seek temporary pleasure in distractions and things other than God, with counterfeit ‘rewards’ that will never satisfy you.

3. You are too Busy to Spend Time with God

“…but few things are needed—or indeed only one. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.” (Luke 10:42)

Many of us have multiple responsibilities, such as work, family, church and ministry. It can be easy to allow what seems urgent to become our priority. When we allow our schedule and the demands of life or ministry to take precedence, our appetite for our personal relationship with God can wane.

Maybe your appetite to spend time with Him has lost its edge. You have given way to the pressure of daily living and now your devotional life needs resuscitating.

4. There was a Time in the Past you were Hungrier for God than you are now

‘One thing I ask from the Lord, this only do I seek…’ (Ps 27:4)

You can remember a time when you were hungry for God—you couldn’t wait to spend time with Him, to be in His Presence. You encountered Him more than any other time in your life and yet always desired more of Him. You are not sure when or why you drifted from that place with God. All you know is, you need to find your way back.

How to Adjust Your Spiritual Appetite.

‘Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.’ (Ps 37:4)

1. Recognise your soul’s condition

2. Admit your true need

3. Release your unfulfilled expectations

4. Stir up your hunger for God

5. Feed your intimate relationship with God

6. Realise you may experience ‘withdrawal’ symptoms from anything that has been an unhealthy focus for you—and do what it takes to be prepared for this. This may mean asking someone to pray for and journey with you

7. Pray for and receive a fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit

Finally, focus on the prize of what is available to you in your pursuit of God. Rewards such as intimacy with Him, being filled and empowered by His Spirit, and the joy of being fruitful—seeing others around you impacted by a life overflowing with His Presence.

When your desire is centered upon God, you can live in the blessed cycle of being hungry and yet filled, being thirsty, and having your thirst quenched again and again.

‘Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.’ (Matt 5:6)

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7 thoughts on “4 Signs It Is Time To Tweak Your Spiritual Appetite”

  1. Over the years the times and seasons of spiritual dryness in my life have varied in length and depth, [the level of how much the dryness was affecting my faith and belief].I don’t feel i am in a season of dryness as i have known it in the past, more a season of intense longing for more. I believe what Holy Spirit is doing in me now is gradually changing the way i relate to and commune with God, as i have always done, He is wanting to remove the habitual ways i have. To be fully lead by him which means doing away with my regimented agenda.I believe if my times with holy spirit are always the same it can become dull dry and boring. As with your story in Luke 10 ;41 I believe when Jesus turned up Martha went and did what she would usually do, a knee jerk reaction, rather than seek the Lord and wait at his feet. My emphasis needs to be on God not on my circumstance. Here is my agenda Lord what are you saying right now. Jn 5:19.

  2. Thanks David… I wrote a reply yesterday and then we had problems with our website and lost everything from the last 48 hours! At least I had a record of your comment and was able to restore it. The thought about Martha doing what she usually does touched me. Jesus is calling us away from ‘business as usual.’ Will we hear and respond?

  3. saludos,me ha sido un poco dificil distinguir entre lo que me pasa y lo que quiero …tal parece que estoy dando vueltas y vueltas y no encuentro la salida…pero si he notado lo siguiente en mi:como que mi apetito espiritual para con el Señor ha menguado,ese tiempo de madrugada hermoso que tenia con el Señor,tal parece como que ha entrado en una etapa,yo no diria de sequedad,!no!,si no de ir perdiendo ese deseo que antes tenia por estar con EL,bien en la madrugada o a la hora del sacrificio,mi segundo tiempo de oracion a las 3 pm…El E.S. me despertaba y pasabamos un tiempo maravilloso de alabanza y oracion…asi fue durante años,pero en la medida que han pasado los años,jamas habia experiemntado este tiempo ,quiza se deba a que muchas de mis oraciones no han tenido respuestas,entre mas intercedo,mas problemas y luchas como pruebas han llegado y tocan mi puerta. quiero decirle que no estoy desalentado,ni deprimido…pero algo preocupado,y esta preocupacion se la he dicho al Señor en oracion…he pedido una nueva uncion del E.S. para seguir deleitandome en El y el gozo de su salvacion no se pierda en mi…por favor ore usted por mi…antiguos hermanos que en el pasado eran siempre mis incondicionales,todos se han retirado. esto tambien pienso que sea un motivo de mi desorientacion y preocupacion …aunado a esto,he tenido tres sueños que me hablan acerca de confusion y desorientacion espiritual,he reprendido en el Señor estos sueños y he hablado en lenguas suplicando el auxilio de mi Señor…Hoy domingo tuve poco tiempo de oracion,como unas tres horas…y trato de discernir que esta sucediendo en mi relacion con Dios..No he perdido mi identidad apostolica profetica,pero si el aliento necesario para hacer las cosas que en el pasado mi Señor y yo haciamos…Oro por su ministerio y su familia,oro tambien por un tiempo en el cual pueda conocerla .!bendiciones!

  4. Jose, I pray for a fresh touch of the Holy Spirit on your life and your prayer times!
    Thank you for your prayers and messages.

  5. Amen! You’ve just answered my questions.While reading this article, real Ize it, throw my hands up in the air n said “wow, what a great hit!”.
    Thank you Helen

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