2 thoughts on “David McCracken Ministries Team Dec 2012

  1. Chris

    Hello Helen.
    Your ministry has had such an impact in my life. I have learned so much about the prophetic, learning to discern what God is doing and saying and learning about God’s ways in general. Am still looking forward to learn more from you as the Lord deposits revelations and insights in your life.
    One of your most memorable articles was on God’s visitation. Early this year I discerned in prayer that this year was my season of Divine visitation. Since I knew very little on this subject, I started browsing the internet for more information on divine visitation. This is how I stumbled your blog.
    As you put it, one of the reasons for God’s visitation, is to release someone from long periods of barrenness. Visitation ushers breakthrough in one’s life, just like it did for Sarah.
    For more that 15 years I have suffered under the yoke of an incurable series of severe complications affecting my nerves, muscles, stomach and other areas of my body. There is no known medical cure for my complications. I have spent so much money and medical visits without any cure. The sickness has really slowed me down over the years, affecting my self esteem, productivity, social life, work and even prospects of marriage.Of course there were countless moments over the years when I felt like giving up, without hope, feeling low, discouraged and lonely. Nonetheless my passion for God and prayer was generally consistent. The irony is that, on one side I was carrying a heavy load of trial yet at the same time God put in me such a zeal and passion to seek after his presence in prayer. My heart always burned and yearned for Him. This passion is actually what helped me from going under this heavy load of trial.
    I just discerned that this year God was visiting me. His visit was to cause a breakthrough and a turnaround my life. The more I meditated on the word, and sought God in prayer, the more God impressed in my spirit that it was His will to heal and deliver me from this bondage of sickness. I engaged in prophetic payers and made decrees of God’s will for my life and healing.
    Just this week while in prayer, the Lord told me to begin to thank Him because the healing has already being done. HALLELUJAH!!!
    The healing has already been done in the spirit realm, my role is just to thank him and receive what he has done by faith. I know and am fully convinced that God has healed my body and its only a matter of time before the healing manifests in the natural.
    Sorry for the long mail. I just thank God for His visitation and my breakthrough and using your ministry to bless my life.
    Merry Christmas and a fruitful 2013.

    Chris Mwangangi
    Kenya, Nairobi

  2. Helen Calder Post author

    Hi Chris, wonderful to hear of your inspiring journey of faith.
    I pray that the sense and revelation of God’s visitation on your life will continue through 2013.
    I will pass on your message to our whole team so that we can all agree with you in prayer for the healing that you have received by faith to be fully manifested in your body. Breakthrough, in Jesus’ Name!
    Thanks so much for leaving the message, may you be richly blessed this Christmas time and know Jesus’ Presence in a powerful way.


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