Last week a painful memory resurfaced—one that I was unaware still affected me. Within 24 hours, God miraculously ordered circumstances to provide me with healing and breakthrough.

I know that my life will never be the same again. And yet I was neither seeking nor expecting this turn of events.

Being caught by surprise by God’s goodness reminded me of what the psalmist David wrote of the life of faith:

‘Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life.’ (Ps 23:6)

When we think of the word ‘follow,’ many of us envisage someone following along behind us, with a space of distance between.

However, for those of us who trust in Jesus for salvation, the goodness and mercy of God does not follow us at a distance. Instead, it accompanies us and—like one wave upon another—continually overtakes and comes upon us.

Waves of God’s Blessing

God’s goodness is both the essence of His nature and the manifestation of His nature. (See Exodus 33:19)

One expression of God’s goodness towards us is His blessing. [1] As Christian believers, we know that:

‘Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law by becoming a curse for us… in order that the blessing given to Abraham might come to the Gentiles…’ (Gal 3:13-14)

We can expect the blessing of God to be continually operating in our lives—not based upon our performance, but upon

  • Our intimate relationship with God and
  • Our trust in the salvation that Jesus has accomplished on the cross.

Waves are a great picture of blessing. In Deuteronomy 28, the blessings are described as ‘accompanying’ and ‘coming upon’ God’s people. (Deut 28:1-14)

Breaking the Power of Fear and Anxiety

In the Bible, hope means to have a confident expectation of receiving good from the hand of God.

To fear means to expect a negative outcome. Fear is defined as ‘an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.’ [2]

Why is it that many times we fear evil overtaking us—as though we were still living under the curse of the law? (Deut 28: 15-68) This fear manifests as worry and anxiety.

Instead, as children of a loving Father, we should be in constant expectation of His favour and blessing.

When we catch a revelation of the goodness of God towards us, the power of fear and anxiety will be broken off our lives.

God’s Goodness in Times of Trial

Does this mean that bad things will never happen to us? No—for we live in a fallen and broken world; in and amongst human weakness.

The favour and goodness of God does not mean that we will not ever experience spiritual or physical battles.

However, it does mean that in the midst of the trial, we can expect His blessing to accompany us and to fall upon us.

Let’s go back to Psalm 23 to discover what it means to have the goodness and mercy of God follow us every day of our lives.

1. Faced with Need?

THE LORD is my Shepherd [to feed, guide, and shield me], I shall not lack. (Ps 23:1, AMP)

In times of need, we can know Him intimately as our shepherd and provider—more than at any other time.

2. Tired and Weary?

‘He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, he refreshes my soul. He guides me along the right paths for his name’s sake.’ (Ps 23:2-3)

In times of exhaustion, we can trust God to lead us to Divinely-appointed places of rest and refreshment.

3. In a Dark Place?

‘Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.’ (Ps 23:4)

As we journey through dark times in our lives, we can be miraculously free of fear. In the darkest of places, the richest treasures of His Presence are available to us.

4. Surrounded by Enemies?

‘You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows.’ (Ps 23:5)

In times of spiritual warfare, we can experience a feast of God’s goodness. In these times, we can receive a fresh infilling and empowering of His Spirit.

All the days of my life.’ That means yesterday, today and tomorrow. No day of your life is excluded.

It has often been said, ‘Everybody wants a miracle, but no one wants to be in the position when they need one.’ [3]

And yet, when we are faced with obstacles or going through difficulties, we are positioned to encounter the goodness of God more than any other time. [4]

We can live in constant anticipation of God’s goodness and blessing—not just when things are going well, but through all the ups and downs of life.

Has this article touched you in some way? Do you have any experiences to share about God’s goodness and blessing? I would love to hear from you. Leave a comment in the box below. If the comments box is not visible, click on this link and scroll down.


[1] For a definition and discussion on blessing, see the article I wrote on the topic of blessing last year, 3 Mistaken Beliefs About the Blessing of God.

[2] Dictionary definition of fear from

[3] David McCracken noted this recently on Twitter. For daily inspiration, follow David here: @davidmccracken

You can also follow me on Twitter here: @HelenCalder

[4] Here are some personal testimonies of God’s goodness that I have previously shared in Enliven Blog:

Experiencing God as provider during a time of financial need:

A miraculous ordering of events:

Healed from an orphan mindset:

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9 thoughts on “Expect The Goodness Of God To Overtake You”

  1. I was trying to s end a copy of ps23 but I can’t find out how to attch it to email. Don’t you love technology!

    1. Hi there Jean, it’s great to hear from you! Well I think you are doing amazing–being able to leave a comment on a blog shows you are a bit of a whizz already 🙂

      If I wanted to send a copy of Ps 23 to someone, I would go to my favourite website
      Then type in Psalm 23 (select version you prefer) Then select and copy the text for the Psalm, and paste either 1. directly into the email or 2. onto a Word document, which I would save somewhere temporarily like my computer desktop, attach as a doc to the email, and there you go!

      Or you can copy it from here:

      Psalm 23

      A psalm of David.
      1 The LORD is my shepherd, I lack nothing.
      2 He makes me lie down in green pastures,
      he leads me beside quiet waters,
      3 he refreshes my soul.
      He guides me along the right paths
      for his name’s sake.
      4 Even though I walk
      through the darkest valley,[a]
      I will fear no evil,
      for you are with me;
      your rod and your staff,
      they comfort me.

      5 You prepare a table before me
      in the presence of my enemies.
      You anoint my head with oil;
      my cup overflows.
      6 Surely your goodness and love will follow me
      all the days of my life,
      and I will dwell in the house of the LORD

  2. Hi Helen, Thank you so much, I love the Picture you posted on this blog of the beautiful seashore and the waves. So refreshing, looks to me like the Wind is gently blowing, causing the waves to roll, reminds me of the gentle breeze of the Holy Spirit. It’s like the beautiful refreshing wind, after a very hot dry day. Feels like you can almost smell the fragrance of refreshing in the air. Psalm 23 has always been one of my favourite Psalms to meditate on when I feel tired and weary.

    Dwelling in the secret Place
    Just to seek HIS Face
    Overshadowed by HIS Spirit
    Overwhelmed by HIS Grace
    Flooded by HIS Love Divine
    Abiding in the Vine
    Seeing JESUS Shine
    Waiting for a Taste of Glory

    Winds Beginning to Blow
    Healing Waters Flow
    Let my Cup Overflow
    With the Goodness of GOD, I Know

    In this Holy Place
    I feel HIS Embrace
    Total Tranquility
    Total Serenity
    HIS Love Floods Over me
    Healing, Restoring, Refreshing, Renewing me
    HIS Love Amazes me
    HE Opens up my Eyes to SEE
    Just a Glimpse of HIS Glory, HIS Majesty and HIS Grace
    JESUS is my Resting Place
    HE Renews my Strength, as I seek HIS Face

    LORD JESUS, Come Enrapture me, and Completely Capture Me
    In Your Presence LORD, is where I am made Strong
    In Your Presence LORD, I hear a New Song
    In Your Presence LORD, is where I Belong
    In Your Presence LORD, I am Made Free
    Waves of Glory Flooding Over Me

    Poem by Irene Kyriacou

    1. Thank you Irene! Love your words…
      ‘Winds Beginning to Blow
      Healing Waters Flow
      Let my Cup Overflow
      With the Goodness of GOD, I Know’

      I took the picture on the weekend; we found a spot where many surfers were enjoying the waves. They really were remarkable. 🙂

  3. My name is Linda and I do want to praise Daddy God for the blessing of His love,peace, joy and the hope I have in all my trials. He is faithful no matter what you go through. So keep the faith. Love your sister in Christ.

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