Warm Christmas greetings from Melbourne, Australia.

My husband Malcolm (aka ‘The Hunk’) and I are looking forward to celebrating Christmas Day with friends and family, beginning with a service at our church to honour the birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ.

I pray that this Christmas you will know the presence and love of Immanuel, God With Us (Matt 1:23). In His Presence is fullness of joy—a joy that transcends any circumstances you may be facing right now.

I would like to especially thank those of you who have provided feedback to me through comments over the past year.

Here are some of the comments I have received on the blog throughout 2010:

Prophetic People In Testing Times: Signs Of Trial

‘I am going through a rather very very tough time and relate with almost everything you have said. Its hard its my first time ever I feel so vulnerable… Only me and God and anybody who can relate to this understands. I am so glad I found this website especially at this time thank God for you.’

You Don’t Need to Have a Special Gift To Be A Supernatural Christian

‘I needed this message this morning! I know I have an incredible gift from God, but I do allow that to limit me in so many ways…this message has truly set me on fire and I am so excited to meet people where they are and not where I am, when I am out and about. Thank you so much!’

Breaking Free From An Orphan Mindset

‘I realized that I did indeed have an orphan mindset even though I’ve been a Christian for 30 years and still growing up in Him. My dad was an alcoholic and was neglectful and emotionally distant from me. I carried this mindset that God was like my earthly father… I prayed the prayer and I do feel a release and tearful. I know that I will need to renew my mind with God’s love to me as my Father.

Thank you so much for bringing this timely word into my life.’

A Prophetic Word For Those In The Golden Years Of Life

‘I have been wondering just what the Lord had in store for me in the sunset years of my life as I am 70, but don’t feel like it. This gives me hope that I am not “over the hill”, and there are still things that I can do to be a servant. What a timely message. Thank you thank you.’

When You Hit A Wall In Your Ministry

‘Thank you for sharing your journey and wisdom. I’m going to keep a copy of this on file as I know it will come in handy. It is clearly a difficult time (when you hit a wall) in which to be honest with yourself.’

Face To Face With God: Can I Have A Relationship Like Moses?

‘What a great teaching, this spoke to me right where I’m at and right where I want to be hungry and desperate for more of God! Constantly filled with his love! How great for us that we, in a greater day, get to experience even more than Moses through Jesus Christ!! Bless you and your ministry and the fire of God would fill you to continue preaching the good news and releasing the prophetic insight to the bride!’

When Your Devotional Life Is Dry: How To Fall In Love With The Bible Again

‘What great insight into rebuilding our devotional life. Mine has been so dry lately I feel I’m living in a desert but this sparks interest in my heart and I plan to put this into practice immediately. Thanks for sharing and not being timid about sharing your own trials.’

8 Signs You May Have The Spiritual Gift Of Discernment

‘This was an awesome blog to read. I have questioned this gift for years. After reading this I feel as though I have it, and also know that I have used it wrong and sadly not to the full extent.’

The Secret Of Living An Undivided Christian Life

‘I am really touched by the above article. As I was reading it I realised I have not been living a real undivided Christian Life. There are times I seem to lower the standard in order to fit in especially in my professional context. But now I know it is wrong, I take the commitment to be myself everywhere and to use my prayer and other gifts to impact the world around me. Thank you once more for the article.’

How To Receive Your Free Christmas E-Book

I would like to offer you the opportunity to receive one of my e-books free of charge, as my Christmas gift to you.

Last week I saw one of my e-books viewed on an iPad, and it looked great!

Here are the instructions:

1. Read through the e-books pages and choose the e-book that you would like to receive. Here is the link to the e-books page:


2. Make a comment at the bottom of this post, sharing a) Which e-book you would like to receive and b) A brief note as to why you have chosen that particular book.

3. I will send the e-book to the email address you provide when you comment (note that your email address is kept private)

Note: This offer will expire on 31 December 2010 or after 20 requests, whichever comes first.

Have a blessed Christmas and New Year.

© Helen Calder  2010  Enliven Publishing

30 thoughts on “Christmas Greetings: God’s Gift To Us And My Gift To You”

  1. Helen, you are such a blessing. I look forward to your weekly messages in e-mail or facebook. I copy them off to put into a binder. My God Bless you and yours this Christmas time. I would like “Grow Your Prophetic and Prayer Gifts”. Thank you.

    1. Hi Shirley, I’ve been blessed to get to know you a little over the last couple of months. I love your enthusiasm and love for God and people. There is so much more in you to be released! You might like to print off all or part of this book if it’s easier to read. May it bring much blessing to you in the growth of your gifts.

  2. Raymond Echavarria

    I am very interested in the prophetic, previously I bought the e-book grow your prophetic and prayer gift and it was a real blessing I want to learn more and activate my gifting in these areas,
    I know that this e-book gift will help me please send “prophetic people in a changing church”

    1. Hi there Raymond, I will get ‘Prophetic People In A Changing Church’ off to you in the next couple of days. It is a great book, in which I share very deeply my own experiences and what I have learned about growing in prophetic ministry in the church setting. This is one book that has impacted not just individuals, but whole churches. May you be blessed reading it.

  3. The e book I have chosen, is prophetic people in a changing church, I relate so much and I ask myself where do I fit in my local church, thankyou so much for understanding what it is like to be a prophetic person, and writing the book, I am truly touched
    wishing you a very joyful and fruitful christmas.

    1. Hi Beverley, and thank you! Yes, your question is one asked by many of us with prophetic gifts: ‘Where do I, as a prophetic person, fit in my local church?’ It is a vital one for us to ask and answer… and the answer will be unique to our situations, just as each of our gifts and each of our churches is unique. I’m sure you will find this book really helpful in finding a way to be released in your gifts in your church situation and pray you will be blessed as you read it. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year 🙂

  4. Christmas greetings
    I enjoyed every teaching on how to grow prophetic and spiritual gifts, i have gained more insight and understanding, Thank you very much, may His grace be more on you in 2011.
    I would like to receive a free e-book also called Encountering God. Shalom

    1. Hi there Shadrack, I’m thrilled to hear that the teaching has been helpful to you. Will get the Encounter Prayer Studies off to you shortly. May you also experience God’s grace powerfully on your life in 2011! 🙂
      Note, this particular e-book has quite a large file size – around 6mb. Let me know if you have any difficulty receiving it.

  5. I know i am late for the free ebook but I just wnated to say, being called to a prophetic ministry in an environment that is hesitant and sceptic can be very challenging. If i could get hold of “GROW YOUR PROPHETIC AND PRAYER GIFTS” e-bok or any prophetic training material, i would really appreciate.

    thank you and remain blessed

    1. Hi Moshabi, it’s great to hear from you. It’s difficult when you’re not in an environment that will help you grow in your prophetic gifts. Actually, in the book, ‘Grow Your Prophetic and Prayer Gifts,’ I talk a lot about the importance of your church in the process of developing your gift.
      For the particular situation you mention, I would highly recommend my other book, ‘Prophetic People In A Changing Church,’ in which I share how to flourish and keep your prophetic heart right, even when you are in a tough environment.
      It would not be fair on other readers to make an exception for you relating to the free e-book, but if you can’t afford the $4.95 AUD to buy one, send me a message explaining why, and I’ll be happy to send you one free of charge. Use my contact form here:
      Be blessed!

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