Do you have a spiritual gift of discernment and would like to know how to grow and develop it more?

The Apostle Paul encouraged Timothy to grow in the gifts God had given to him, and the same is true for us today.
‘Do not neglect your gift…’ (1 Tim 4:14)

Knowing and Growing in the Gift of Discernment

A prophet visited our church in Auckland, New Zealand. He pointed me out in the congregation and said, “You have a gift of discernment.”

A few years later when we were living in another city, the same prophet visited our church there. He again pointed me out and said, “Has anyone ever told you that you have a gift of discernment of spirits?” I said, “Yes, you did several years ago.”

We all had a good laugh—but he remembered neither the earlier prophecy nor me. He ministered throughout New Zealand and overseas and had prophesied over hundreds of people in the interim.’[1]

It is one thing to know that you have a spiritual gift of discernment—it is quite another thing to know what to do with it, and how to use it.

A short time after this prophetic confirmation, I began to struggle in church life. I had not been taught the principle of honouring leaders and accountability in the use of my revelatory gifts.

I thank God that He allowed a time of trial to teach me and bring me through repentance to a place of fruitfulness in the use of my gifts. [2]

Discernment is a powerful gift, and a good gift from the Father! (Luke 11:13) Through good stewardship, we can reach our potential and our gift can be used to bless and grow the church.

8 Ways to Grow Your Gift of Discernment

Here are 8 ways that you can grow your spiritual gift of discernment of spirits. And yes, some of these I have learned the hard way—through trial and error!

1. Source It

True discernment comes from intimacy with the Father.

It is vital that we understand the difference between discernment that is from the Holy Spirit and suspicion, which can masquerade as discernment, but is actually sourced in our own human nature.

This is a danger that can trip even mature discerners up. The best means of preventing this is our intimate relationship with God.

When we get to know our Father more intimately, we gain first-hand experience of His love, and that helps us grow in our gift of discernment.

2. Plant It

‘Planted in the house of the LORD, they will flourish in the courts of our God.’ Ps 92:13

The Biblical context for growing in our gifts is the community of a church (1 Cor 12).

As with all prophetic people, discerners need to be cared for and pastored in a church environment.

Just as plants need the right environment to grow, we need to be nurtured in order for us grow and sharpen our discernment gift.

When we are planted in the life of a healthy church, we can flourish and grow in our gift. However, we must remember that it will not always be smooth sailing in community life—even in the healthiest of churches.

3. Submit It

It is vital, and a matter of protection for others and ourselves, that we operate in our spiritual gift of discernment with accountability, and under God-given leadership.

It is important that we encourage our insights to be weighed up (1 Cor 14:29). As the Apostle Paul said, ‘For we know in part and we prophesy in part.’ (1 Cor 13:9)

The discernment that we receive is incomplete without the insights of others, who will have different pieces of the puzzle and complementary gifts. (1 Cor 12:12-27)

Feedback is also a great tool to help us grow in our discernment.

4. Purify It

It is possible for the expression of a discernment gift to be affected by our response to negative experiences that we have had in our lives.

I had prayer ministry to help me break free of fear associated with early experiences of demonic encounters. I also received ministry in relation to difficulties with authority. As a result, I have a much more useful gift.

I have also had to grow a great deal in my character—a journey that is ongoing!

As we develop in our character, in wisdom and holiness, our gift of discernment grows and becomes sharper.

5. Study It

Another vital source to help us develop in our spiritual gift is to grow in our study and understanding of Scripture.

Find out what the Bible has to say about the gift of discernment:

  • Read examples of people who encountered unseen spiritual realities—how did they respond? What did they do as a result of their experiences?
  • How and when did Jesus use the gift of discernment to minister to people?
  • What does the Apostle Paul say in his epistles about how spiritual gifts operate in the context of church life and ministry?

6. Develop It

As with other gifts, discernment can be developed and strengthened.

The ability to receive a revelation from God is only one aspect of this spiritual gift. Other aspects include:

  • Having the wisdom to know what to do once you have received the discernment,
  • How and when to share your insight
  • How to weigh up what you have received against scripture
  • Procedures for submitting an insight, and so on.

Seek to be trained or mentored in the context of Christian community, where you have safe people who can give you feedback and encourage you on the journey.

Look for good training, along with books and other resources on the topic of spiritual warfare and related areas.

7. Use It

Don’t hold back. Even if you are starting out and tentative, God can use you powerfully. Use your gift of discernment to help guard and grow your church.

If you discern warfare or have a warning, remember that God’s heart is always to redeem and restore. Seek the Father for a promise and His prophetic outcome.

The gift of discernment can also help give you insight as to how to respond and pray for breakthrough in any situation.

It is only through stewardship and use that we can grow our spiritual gift of discernment.

8. Persevere With It

In the development of every spiritual gift there are times of trial.

In some testing times, God may be allowing us to lose confidence in our own ability to perform in our gift. For example, we may have a period when our discernment becomes cloudy, or we may make an assumption that turns out to be in error.

During these times He is calling us to become more dependent upon Him, and to grow in humility.

You may have true discernment but have been misunderstood or feel as though you have been set aside for a season.

These are times to persevere, and not to allow offense or discouragement to divert you from your calling.

Wilderness seasons are allowed by our Heavenly Father to help us grow in our character or to direct us into new areas of fruitfulness.


DISCERNMENT Front Cover SmallAre you sensitive to what is taking place in the spiritual realm? Have you ever been adversely affected by a negative atmosphere?

You may have the spiritual gift of discernment.

The gift of discernment of spirits is a powerful weapon in times of spiritual warfare, and can be of great assistance when ministering freedom to individuals.

And yet many who have the gift of discernment have difficulty knowing what to do with what they are feeling or sensing.

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[1] This is quoted from my book,
Grow Your Prophetic And Prayer Gifts
[2]I tell the full story in
‘Prophetic People In A Changing Church.’ For a brief testimony check out the Enliven Publishing ‘About’ page.

© Helen Calder 2010

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26 thoughts on “8 Ways To Grow Your Gift Of Discernment”

  1. Hello again Helen.
    Sometimes it seems like I know what a person needs to say in certain situations in order to calm people down if there is a disagreement or something. Kind of hard to explain. Can you relate to this and is it discernment?

    1. Hi Matt, that is a wonderful gift and sounds like a word of wisdom to me. The gifts of the Spirit all work together, I guess it doesn’t matter about specifically identifying the gifts, most important is giving Holy Spirit the leadership and watch how He intervenes and transforms lives.

  2. Hi, I am seeking to find my giftings and came across your site. I am not sure but I think I might have spiritial discernment. I have a lot of trouble sleeping in hotels and sometimes other peoples houses because I will have terrible dreams and feel the presence of something evil, usually I am tormented with fear in these places. Most of the time I feel I know when someone is telling the truth or not, I always thought it was just me I didnt realise it was a gift of the spirit to know that about peoples motives. DOES THIS SOUND LIKE DISCERNMENT?

  3. Hi Becca,
    yes having a sense of whether someone is genuine, and having insight into what lies behind a person’s words or actions can be one sign of a spiritual gift of discernment. I would recommend continuing to pray about it and see if there are any more signs – a true gift of discernment will bear fruit – results that bring glory to God, help people, and so on.
    In my early days, I experienced demonic encounters in my dreams when staying somewhere where there was demonic activity. However, I believe our spiritual inheritance is to have peaceful sleeps.
    Try praying over the room before you sleep in a new place. Also, it may be helpful to receive some prayer in case there is an area of fear that needs healing.

  4. Hi helen, when I sense something what do I do? this happens all the time, I can also relate, when you mentioned demonic oppression in your life, I am being set free at present, god showed me a brief vision how I needed to shut a door which was open to the enemy, constantly I pick up quickley between good & evil, even as I read the inspired word of god. Thankyou luv Beverley

    1. Hi Beverley, knowing you a little bit, I believe this is a time for you to grow in the area of your faith, your trust in God and the Word. When we sense demonic presence or oppression, it can be easy to make that a focus, but it can become a distraction. Here is a suggestion: continue to do whatever it is that you are doing to journey towards freedom, with receiving prayer etc, but always make Father God your primary focus, and when you sense an oppression, ‘bounce’ off it and use it to remind you to put your focus on and praise to God. The best advice you can get on this will be from those who are leading and ministering to you, even if they are not strongly gifted in discernment, I believe that they will have the wisdom you need as your pastors and leaders to help you journey forward.

  5. Hello Helen,

    Just recently I was talking with a pastor that I respect greatly. After telling of some of my experiences, I was told I had the gift of discernment. From some of the experiences I spoke of, I was also told that I experienced open visions.

    I have been able to “sense” things. Namely, telling when people are lying, dishonest in nature and sometimes evil. I have also felt the presence of evil in certain places and when evil has taken over a person’s character.

    Also, I have had dreams that have come true and seen and felt things that have later happened. Some time ago, I was visiting the small island where I was born. On my way to the airport, I got physically sick in one place and told my friends that something very bad was coming and something terrible was going to happen there. A few days later, the strongest hurricane in the country’s history devastated the island. A hurricane that came out of nowhere. There have been a number of other instances where I have dreamt, seen or felt something was going to happen, and it did.

    Is this a gift and if so, what kind of gift? These things, in retrospect, have been happening to me since I was a child. The first “open vision” I had, was when I was a child of about 6/8. This scares me as I do not know if it is a gift and what to do with it. I have remained silent about the things I have seen and felt as I always believed people would think me crazy or “occult”, especially as some of the dreams I’ve had and some of the things I’ve seen, are quite dark and evil.

    I have always felt a special closeness to The Lord, but only in the last few years, have I truly been seeking Him. I have felt myself changing for the better since I began my journey with Him. I have been praying for Him to use me, and show me what He wants me to do with the life He has given me, and for me to live my life in a way that would honor Him and bring credit to Him, as well as help others. I have never felt as close to Him as I do now. I am confused as to whether this is His answer. If you think what I have described to you is a gift, how do I develop it? How do I not be afraid? How can I use it to help others?

    Thank you for any advice you can give. Blessings and grace to you.

  6. I have just recently came into my gifts prophecy and discerning of spirits The Lord is still teaching me sometimes i can feel what somebody is feeling i see things to such as the other day i saw smoke white billowey smoke in front of my mother here at my house i dont know what it was maybe u know what it was also at times i feel a cold spirit that will chill u to the bone do u know what that means sometimes i smell fire smoke and i have smelled flowers im still learning i also have dreams and visions

  7. Hello I believe I have the gift of discernment
    I see people with white faces than quickly they will go back to a darker shade
    Sometime people faces will go white and they will tremble
    Other times I will shake
    I often have dreams with demonic I have only seen 2 entities
    Both the same a female
    I hear voices as well they are in my head but I believe I know the difference from dark to light by the tone
    I have heard voices tell me what people are thinking
    I have no clue to what to think and no one has ever validated it
    I have no clue how to use this
    Mostly when I see white
    Lately in prayer The Lord will give me shivers when he is speaking
    And shivers when I hit the right words.
    I am confused
    I have been accused of getting this through demonics as well
    Thanks Chris

  8. Hi everyone, thank you so much for all the comments that have been left on this post.
    Due to time constraints, I am no longer able to answer questions relating to this article. If you do have a question about something to do with discernment in your life, I encourage you to read through all the earlier comments and my responses, (and on my other discernment articles) as you may find the help you are looking for 🙂

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