How To Develop Your Prophetic Gift: Where to Begin

Your Gift of Prophecy

Kick Start Your Prophetic GiftYou believe you have a spiritual gift of prophecy (Rom 12:6)–the special ability given by the Holy Spirit to receive messages from God for yourself and others [1]–but how and where do you start developing it?

Like any spiritual gift and skill, the gift of prophecy takes study, practice and training to develop to its fullest potential.

We need to be intentional about developing the prophetic gift, and other spiritual gifts God has invested in our lives. We have a responsibility to steward the gifts God has given us (2 Tim 1:6, 14).

In the New Testament, prophecy is nurtured and grown in the environment of church life (1 Cor 14). Within that, there are a number of contexts in which we can grow our prophetic gift. These are: privately, through mentoring, in small groups, in the life of our church and in the wider Christian community.

1. Personal Development (Hab 2:1-3)

  • When you’re having personal times of prayer, pause and ask God if He has something to show you or speak to you about the person or situation that you are praying for.
  • Record your prophetic insights and experiences so that later on when confirmation or fulfilment takes place they will be a ‘marker’ of your growth
  • Reading good books about prophetic ministry can help you learn about your gift. Some good ones I have read are: ‘The Voice of God: How God Speaks Personally and Corporately to His Children Today’ by Cindy Jacobs, and ‘The Beginner’s Guide to the Gift of Prophecy’ by Jack Deere.

2. Mentoring (1 Kings 19:19-21)

  • If possible, look for a good mentor to help you grow in your prophetic journey. If a potential mentor is too busy to spend one-on-one time with you, you can still learn from them by assisting them and observing them.
  • Sometimes a mentor will only be present in your life for a season, so be willing to release them and move on when you need to. The Lord will bring others across your path that will help you at different stages of your journey.
  • A prophetic mentor should not only be gifted and anointed, but also be accountable and in good standing in a local church, having a supportive and encouraging attitude towards his or her church leaders.

3. Small Group

  • The best way to develop the gift of prophecy is to start in a place and atmosphere where you can have a go with safe people that you trust
  • You need to be free to try prophecy and also be free to fail or feel foolish (we’re never as foolish-looking to others as we think we are when we’re beginning with prophecy)
  • A small group may be a cell or home group, or small prayer meeting with others who know you or who are on the same journey.

Don’t feel that you have to be authoritative in your approach to a prophetic insight. You can preface your message with words like,

  • ‘I sense God is saying…’
  • ‘Does _____ mean anything to you?
  • ‘I’m getting a picture/word verse…’

4.  Church Life (1 Cor 12-14)

  • Join a prophetic or prayer community or other group in your church where you can utilise and grow your gift. Enquire as to the best way to submit a prophetic word to your leaders. It’s important to follow any protocols, and the accountability this provides will help you grow (1 Cor 14:26-33)
  • Observe how others in your church community bring prophetic words, paying attention particularly to what is well received and brings blessing
  • If there is a prophet or prophetic speaker coming to your church, make it a priority to get to the meetings. It’s amazing how much you can learn by observation and osmosis.

The Importance of Feedback (1 Cor 14:29)

You will grow faster in the gift if you can get feedback—as the saying goes, ‘feedback is the breakfast of champions.’ Feedback can come in the form of a response from the person or leader you have submitted a prophecy to, or by accountability to a mentor or leader. Inviting comment on your word takes courage but is well worthwhile.

5. Wider Christian Community

  • Training sessions can be a great way to learn about prophecy. In some training sessions, you can put what you learn into practice (‘prophetic activation’). If this is the case, ensure that the environment you will be learning in is safe and encourages accountability. Remember to weigh up carefully any prophetic insights that are given to you and submit them to oversight, especially if you are considering taking action as a result of a word [2]
  • Watch out for conferences on the theme of prophetic ministry or with a respected prophetic speaker that you can attend [3]
  • Advise leaders in your church if you are undergoing specialised training in a ministry area such as intercessory prayer or prophetic ministry. This lets them know that you are working to increase your skill for service in the church. It also gives them the opportunity to give input if they have any concerns or questions about the ministry you are attending.


[1] Prophecy is the Spirit-given ability to receive and pass on a message from God (expressing His heart and intent) to a church, group or individuals.

[2] For more information about testing personal prophecy, the following post may be helpful:
How Do I Know A Personal Prophecy Is From God?

[3] Don’t take it for granted that every ministry or conference that promotes itself as prophetic will be appropriate for you to attend. The following post may provide some helpful thoughts on this:
How Do You Weigh Up What The Prophets Are Saying Pt 1

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  1. Johnny

    I love this website..awe I love to be here..Helen you know what..I am a part of a prophetic group.And I have this burning desire in my heart to train people on not only how to prophesise but also to take them deep.I have been crying and asking out to the father by begging him to give me the wisdom so that I can pass this kind of mandate.And one day I simply typed on the website about wilderness and you know what your website appeared and it has helped me to gain many inputs.I give glory to the Lord Jesus for enabling me to be in touch with you..Helen I am also on FB and these are our pages where I am working.I am also passing your teaching and sharing the links of this website across these pages.

    If you have time,just go across these pages and you will find some of your notes across our page.Many people are being blessed by your notes.I love being here and God bless you

  2. moeketsi matheus

    this i will follow daily to receive training and mentorship, be blessed madam

  3. ezekiel ndukaife

    I really need to develop my prophetic gift,but I don’t want to grow under d prophetic ministries we have here in nigeria,all thy do is collect money from people before doing any thing for them,why d bible says dat freely you receive and freely you shall give also.I just want to do d personal development one so to continue with my dream and wish to use my gift to help humanity and d less privilege who can not afford to take care of them self,I wish to use my gift for solving human problems and establishing human destinies on dis earth.pls I need a help cos so times I receive a message but don’t understand who d message is for,and if I have to deliver it to d person or not to,I need help from dis site pls. I look forward hearing from you people so,thanx and remain blessd

  4. alexis

    Thank you for this incite We were a church benefit and got prayed for and found out that my significant other and my 2 year old are both prophetic and I am trying to find out more so I can help both of them develop both there gifts.

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      I think they are related and intertwine, a prophetic insight or encouragement from God can contain a blend of both. To me, a word of knowledge is the revelation of something that exists, or did in the past. A word of knowledge is often a sign, it catches someone’s attention and exclaims, ‘This is God!’because the person sharing the insight has no natural way of knowing that information – it can only be the Holy Spirit.
      Whereas prophecy primarily relates to the future of God’s intention, what will take place, for example the ‘hope and future’ on the heart of God (Jer 29:11). But both are ‘prophetic’ in that they are revelation from the Holy Spirit.
      Example: Someone sharing a prophetic insight has a revelation of a painful event that happened in the other person’s past – the person ministering then goes on to share the heart of God to redeem that situation and His intent to bring about a future and a hope. I love the heart of God and the way He uses all types of prophetic revelation (discernment, prophecy, words of wisdom, knowledge, etc)

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