7 Reasons to Keep God’s Appointment at the Oasis ~ Elim Story

An oasis is a prophetic symbol of life in the Spirit—or a refreshing encounter with the Holy Spirit. And in Exodus 15, the Lord uses the story of an oasis called Elim to show us His abundant generosity.

  • Hear Him say, “I have an oasis appointment with you where I will refresh, strengthen, and refuel you.”

You will find the courage to declare, “This day, this time, this season is mine to step into, for God walks beside me and has already paved the way.”

“They Came to Elim”

"7 Reasons to Keep God's Appointment at the Oasis" Text on image of spring of waterIn Exodus chapter 15, Moses records the journey of Israel as they travel step by step through the wilderness.
And each place they set up camp carries a unique significance and message. [1]

A single verse sums up the arrival at Elim, and yet it is packed with insight:
“Then they came to Elim, where there were twelve wells of water and seventy palm trees; so they camped there by the waters.” (Exodus 15:27, NKJV)

1. You will Foster a Vital Connection to God’s Presence

As the Israelites set out for Elim, their day begins with a question: “What is the cloud doing today?” “What is God doing?”
At dawn, people are watching for the rising of the cloud of God’s presence—the sign that it is time to raise the tent pegs, break camp, and move on. (Exodus 40:36-37)

Through this story, God is stirring our desire to connect with the Holy Spirit’s presence and be led by Him (Rom 8:14).
Hear the Lord say, “I want you to know Me, to be with Me, and to know My heart.”

2. At the Oasis, You Receive God’s Supply

“Then they came to Elim, where there were twelve wells of water…”

Right here, you will discover new depths of life in the Spirit you have longed for.

  • A well speaks of provision—and water symbolizes life.

At Elim, God has already prepared a place for Israel to be replenished. There are twelve springs of water, one for each of the twelve tribes of Israel! The supply is not only general (for the nation), but it is also personal to each tribe and family group.

God provides for families, and He wants you to know that your family is in the move of God—regardless of what it looks like right now.

God orchestrated the supply at Elim and we know He doesn’t change! It tells us that God is moving, and He has a place for you.

3. God Renews Your Strength at the Oasis

In the Bible, Elim is an oasis known for its palm trees, that dominate the skyline.
The name Elim means palms (Strong’s H362), which speaks of its identity, and our own identity today: “But the godly will flourish like palm trees…” (see Psalm 92:12-15)

We could say that Elim also means “multiplied strength”, because “palms” is the plural of a root word meaning “strong”. [2]

Perhaps you have had a subtle message that has come against you:
“You don’t have what it takes”. Or you have heard the enemy whispering recently, “Give up”.

But “strength” speaks to your identity. And the Lord wants you to know there is a gift of resilience available in His Spirit.
Deuteronomy 33:25 declares, “As your days, so shall your strength be.”

4. You Will Bear Abundant Fruit

The palm tree produces dates; which is a fruit that is sweet, nutritious, and abundant. As the trees are planted near the water, they flourish. [3]
Every part of it is useful, including the leaves and the seeds.
Right now, He calls you fruitful and strong.
And Elim assures us that God wastes nothing in His economy. According to Romans 8:28, He works all things together for your good. Your experiences, successes, failures, joys, and pains of the last season are not wasted.
But instead, God uses them to shape you, mold you, and bring forth His purposes in your life.

5. At the Oasis, You Find Security in God

“…so they camped there by the waters.”

Elim was not only a place Israel visited, but it also symbolizes a Spirit-filled life, where our tent pegs go down, and we abide in God.
Here, we have plenty to grow and flourish—we have security, even in the middle of a desert when all around is dry!
At Elim, we see these two realities side-by-side:

  1. The roots of the palm trees that go deep into the ground—which last from one generation to another
  2. The tent pegs that are pulled up and move from place to place

The tent pegs are seasonal, while the tree roots are generational. And God is in both!
It is a reminder to keep the roots of your identity in the enduring work of God.
And bless the seasonal moves because they keep your attention on God.

6. God Enables You to Let Go of the Past

For a moment, let’s reflect on where they have just come from.
As chapter 15 opens, Israel experiences deliverance at the Red Sea. And then, God leads them to Marah.

Marah is a direct contrast to Elim, for the waters were bitter and undrinkable. So, “Marah” is named for bitterness (Strong’s H4785). But God commanded Moses to throw the branch into the bitter waters and they became sweet. So, Marah turned from a place of bitterness to grace and a breakthrough.

“Let it Go!”
The Israelites had to move on from Marah because the cloud kept moving, to Elim, the place of “life in the Spirit”.
And in this blessing is a warning.
For we’re not going to drink the refreshing waters of Elim while holding on to resentment from the bitter waters of Marah:
In other words, you can’t enjoy the new God is doing while Marah is still a talking point.
The Lord says to someone, “Let it go, for you need both open hands to receive what I have for you in the here and now!”

7. Your Life Will be a Source of God’s Blessing

Today, the Lord says, “fresh water!”
Here and now, God has appointed refreshing for you—to replenish you spiritually.
And just as Elim was an oasis in a desert region, you will be a refuge and a center of blessing to others.
For God has destined you to be a source of refreshment for many.


[1] Israel’s passage through the Red Sea – deliverance/salvation. At Marah, God gave Israel the healing covenant and declared his name to be “Jehovah Rapha”, the God who heals. The branch (tree) Moses threw into the bitter water —can be viewed as a symbol of the cross. (see Exodus 15)

[2] Strong’s H362, H352

[3] See Psalm 1, Jer 17:7-8

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Which reason to seek the place of abiding in the Holy Spirit ministers to you most today? The point about God’s supply and especially His care for our family,  ministers to me. I’d love to hear from you, so leave a comment in the box below.

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49 thoughts on “7 Reasons to Keep God’s Appointment at the Oasis ~ Elim Story”

    1. Dec.17 2023
      Hello Mrs. Helen
      I real love all seven, Keep God Appointments.
      I was kind of got a way, when I saw and email on my Fitbit, watch. I had the watch for 3 years and have never, gotten and email on it, as soon as I start reading the email on my watch, I knew that the message was for me. My right, ear start burning, I realize, the message that you had sent was for me. I really appreciate it , my heart was fill with joy. It was a timing word, that I need to read it and received, thank you so very much. I had toss in bed mostly, all night asking and praying for a word from God, and God sent by, you. I really appreciate it.

      1. that’s amazing, Martha! I love the ways the Holy Spirit moves.
        And such an encouragement for me too, because of the difficulties we had sending this email. God is so good

  1. Thanks so much Helen. Thank God I have been following your prophetic journals, and i always get refreshed and encouraged. Point number 4 touched me so much in the sense that I didn’t know that God is using the afflictions i am passing through to shapen and build up my spiritual life. More anointing to you in Jesus name

    1. Thanks you Blessing!
      yes he wastes nothing and even in the dark places He gives treasures, and “hidden riches of secret place” when no one even knows or appreciates what we are walking through.
      May you be filled to overflow,in Jesus’ Name

    2. This was RIGHT ON TIME AS USUAL! He is rebuilding my life, my family, out of the ruins of the past 10 years. It’s been a massive undertaking. Only God could’ve brought us to this point. The being blessed in a place that was brought to ruins, literally real estate, family wanted to keep me from inheriting is now becoming a place of restoration and an oasis. I am in great need of an oasis so my health can be recovered. I do not want to remain the marah but I want to be like Naomi and Ruth. I am limping into my promises right now but I’m like Psalm 126, I feel like I’m in a dream. I never would’ve thought He would do this.
      Yesterday we “took possession of the land” secured it, assessed its barrenness and dedication and all the needs. But, it is ours because God has said it. What was stripped and deserted, He is rebuilding and we are colaboring with Him.
      This post on the 7 Reasons for the Oasis…. It came on time just for me. I was overwhelmed thinking of what a great undertaking this all is and how tired I am physically, my health, emotionally… I feel like Naomi returning to her hometown. But, I’m excited as well.
      Pray for me and my husband daughter son and two stepsons all feel at home in this old but new place. This season, I need the oasis, I need my health restored, refreshed. I need to rest so I can get better.
      Thank you, Helen!!! God bless your work. It’s always mighty through God for me. I can’t count on it everytime.

      Melissa Oats

      1. That is so good to hear, Melissa,
        What an amazing journey, such a testimony!
        I pray your heart is lifted up, your health is restored and you receive God’s enablement to to dream His new dreams for your life and family.

    3. Hi Blessing. I am going through alot currently. Point number 4 touched me as well. Stay encouraged and blessed in Jesus’ name Amen.

  2. Thank you Helen. We truly appreciate your efforts for bringing God’s wisdom into our spiritual lives . You are chosen by God to uplift our souls. May The Almighty bless you.

  3. Francie Robertson

    Thank you for bringing this much needed word. For many years (starting 2000 AD!) the word “OASIS” became a most refreshing rhema word during great and difficult trials!
    And here it is again. Back even further years to 1994 EXODUS 15 God was BEYOND AMAZING! And today this passage is what I call my INHERITANCE WORD!
    I had forgotten a little about the rhema OASIS! And God keeps sending it forth esp when HARD-PRESSED beyond measure!
    I don’t even need to ask what or how or any such thing! He will DO and BE knowing exactly what I need and that MORE ABUNDANTLY!

    1. oh that is so good Francie!
      Yes Father, pour out your refreshing on Francie and thank You for this word over her life, may she bear much fruit, planted by your River of Life, in Jesus’ Name

  4. Amen to this! Many of the points you’ve listed resonate with me. This week itself, I’ve been asking the Lord for His direction and guidance for my family and point 2 is so uplifting. Thank you Helen! God bless you!

  5. I just recently started following you. I receive all the 7 points. # 6 hit harder in my spirit than the rest! I just want to cry… and I let it all go in Jesus name!!

    1. Welcome to Enliven Blog Shannon
      I’m praying with you right now for release, relief, freedom to move forward unhindered by the things of the past, and replenishment..

      1. Thanks for your contrinued uplifting messages. Am blessed. The oasis that I have identified with most is of Abundant fruit and God’s supply. I desire more and more to be in those oasis. Blessings!

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