“I will comfort all your waste places!
I will make your wilderness like Eden, and your desert like the garden of the Lord.
Joy and gladness will be found in you; thanksgiving and the voice of melody.” (Based on Is 51:3)

He is turning the wasteland into a garden!
And if you can relate to being emptied, or experiencing loss, I pray you are comforted by this word today:

There is glory in your story, and the telling of it is not over.

A Series of Earthquakes

Recently, I woke to the news that a series of earthquakes had rocked the North Island of New Zealand.

This was a great concern, but not a surprise—as our homeland has a history of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.
I watched the news closely and was relieved to learn that our friends and loved ones were safe.

The news drew me back to an encounter I’d had with the Lord, one that would have stayed in my journal. But now, it leapt off the pages!

The Crater Lake

Six days earlier, on Saturday 28th February, I was having a personal time of prayer and worship, when I had an unusual vision. [1]

I was simultaneously both looking down on—and standing beside—the rim of a volcanic crater in New Zealand.
It was a crater lake, filled with water. And around it, the environment was lush and green.

Then, the vision changed.
I was walking down the pathway of the volcanic crater at Maungawhau / Mount Eden.
This extinct volcano is one of many situated in my hometown of Auckland, New Zealand. [2,3]

It was vivid, like a flashback—although it is many years since I have walked down that pathway at Mount Eden.

Footsteps, going down a rugged path.
Volcanic rock.

“This is Where I Create My Garden”

The Lord spoke to me and said, “Eden.”
I realized He was not only talking about the crater I was climbing down, but His own garden (Gen 2:8).

I heard God say, “Eden is not something that you once had but was lost. It is not a “Paradise Lost”.
Eden is what I create OUT of loss. I am a Redeemer!” (Is 51:3)

  • That which was lost, which became broken, which was emptied
  • That situation that blew up
  • It may have left a gaping wound

For a time, that site became a waste place.
But Jesus says,

“This is where I create My garden.
This becomes the place of My presence, where you walk with Me and everything flourishes and is fruitful.”

“I am Coming to the Waste Places”

The sensation of walking down the pathway within the volcanic crater of Maungawhau / Mount Eden was vivid to me.

And with all my heart—with every sense and a deep desire, I wanted to be back there.
I felt something intense; a craving.

While there was some personal application, I believe the Lord was revealing His own desire.
His intention!

Jesus is saying, “I am coming to the waste places.
This is where I am setting my feet.
This place will be known as Edenthe Garden of the Lord”

It is His season of visitation.
For you and me.
For New Zealand.
From the ends of the earth to the uttermost parts of the earth!

There is Glory in Your Story

So, to every heart that has experienced an emptying or loss:

There is glory in your story, and the telling of it is not over.

For the name Eden means “delight” or “pleasure” (Strong’s H5731).

And your Father says, “This is where I am setting My feet down.
You will know that I am walking alongside you.
And the place where you live shall be known as My “footstool” (see Psalm 132:7-9)

Postscript: Twice in one Day!

Shortly after this, my husband Malcolm arrived home, and I began to tell him about the unusual vision. As soon as I mentioned “crater lake”, he stopped me, astonished!

Just a few hours earlier, a girl serving him at our local shops told him about her trip to New Zealand. As she chatted, she said they had visited a volcanic crater lake—and mentioned the region in the first part of my vision.

How often would you hear about crater lakes twice in one day?
We were both amazed. [4]

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Do you relate to this word about God turning the waste places into Eden? This speaks to me the most: “There is glory in your story and the telling of it is not over…”
Scroll down to share your thoughts and prayer requests in the comments box below.


[1] How I receive visions:
When I describe a vision I’ve seen, it’s usually a vivid impression in my mind’s eye, accompanied by a strong sense of God’s Presence. I’m not speaking of an “open” (physical) vision. I believe all prophetic words, encounters, and visions should be compatible with Scripture and need to be weighed up.

[2] I later identified the crater lake in my vision as the Inferno Crater Lake at Waimangu, New Zealand. This is a site of the historic Mount Tarawera volcanic eruption and is still a geothermal hotspot today.

[3] Maungawhau / Mount Eden is in the Auckland volcanic field.

[4] These kinds of coincidences happen regularly, where Malcolm‘s experiences and mine dovetail or work together as a “sign” or confirmation. Other examples of this can be found here and here.

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49 thoughts on “Prophetic Vision: “This is Where I Create My Garden””

  1. What a beautiful word of the Lord! My pastor just shared a message about redemption an God changing or beautifying our stories! Thank you and God bless

  2. Brittaney Hudgins

    Hi, I can definitely relate but need prayer of confirmation as I’ve been told by an elder in my church to back away the person was unclean. I was trying to bring someone I was very close with to know Christ. He was baptized but still under demonic oppression. I was still a kind of baby christian myself. Newly born again. I have learned and grown through the leading of the Holy Spirit in these past few years and am feeling led to try and reconsile with this person. It ended really bad for us. I had to get a restraining order and the evil spirit in him put a gun to my head. I knew immediately it was a spiritual battle but didn’t know my authority or how to use my weapons. I’m much stronger in the Lord these days and feel I need to fight for him. It doesn’t make sense in the natural but spiritually I know he needs my help. Maybe a garden will grow and the enemies plan will backfire. It’s going to take Bold faith and alot of warfare. What do you think? Please pray as this ways heavy on my heart. Thank you.

    1. Hi Brittaney, I do know that when it comes to matters of the heart and soul we need to trust our spiritual leaders to bring wisdom to us concerning any guidance we believe God is giving to us.
      That gives us rest as we lean upon the wise counsel the Lord has provided.

      I’m praying for you right now that God will make His way clear

      1. Brittaney Hudgins

        Thank you so much for replying so quickly. I appreciate the prayer and wise advice. I am very interested in taking an online course. I have checked a few different ones but feel the Holy Spirit is leading me here. I look forward to learning from you. I like your gentle spirit. Blessings

  3. Good day Helen
    thank you for what you do, such a blessing!
    helen, I was having spiritual attacks and asked the Lord,what must I do,”this is what I heard, treat it as a 4 way stop”. What is your interpretation to this…Many thanks
    yugeshnee, south africa

  4. Yes indeed Helen, There is glory in my story, and the telling of it is not over! This word brought tears to my eyes. I could feel GOD’S presence as I read this message. It is giving me much comfort.
    Have had soo many setbacks along this journey, I really needed to hear this. Bless you mighty woman of GOD.

  5. Thanks so much for for sharing Helen. God is so good! I thank him for you and Malcom. Hope that you can return again soon to NZ.

    ABBA has been speaking to me about the word GOOD and has taken me to Genesis 1 (in the beginning and in Garden). He declared the light good and the earth good and the sea creatures and birds good and the living creatures, livestock, wild animals and declared them good! All he made he declared it VERY a GOOD!
    I love how he turns all things out for good (Rom 8:28) and wants to restore all things Matt 17:11
    There really a glory in our story, where he took nothing and made something beautiful- he reminds me of often of Isaiah 61:3
    Beauty for ashes! Oil of Joy for mourning and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair, They will be called Oaks of righteousness and a planting of the Lord for the display of a Splendour!

    I am from a broken home, raised in poverty, no education, homelessness, addicted to many substances, traumatised, abandoned, shamed, grief stricken, broken and lost in darkness, then I cried out from the depths of depression and I meet GOD, and since that day he has been making everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end. Ecc 3:11

    He gets all the glory for where I am now and the ways I serve him. He is due all glory and all glory is HIS alone.

    God bless you both for being beautiful clay vessels for him to work through! xox

    1. What a wonderful testimony you have Sandee, as you go from glory to glory! Truly He is such a Redeemer, and there is so much richness in His Word declaring His goodness!

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