“I will comfort all your waste places!
I will make your wilderness like Eden, and your desert like the garden of the Lord.
Joy and gladness will be found in you; thanksgiving and the voice of melody.” (Based on Is 51:3)

He is turning the wasteland into a garden!
And if you can relate to being emptied, or experiencing loss, I pray you are comforted by this word today:

There is glory in your story, and the telling of it is not over.

A Series of Earthquakes

Recently, I woke to the news that a series of earthquakes had rocked the North Island of New Zealand.

This was a great concern, but not a surprise—as our homeland has a history of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.
I watched the news closely and was relieved to learn that our friends and loved ones were safe.

The news drew me back to an encounter I’d had with the Lord, one that would have stayed in my journal. But now, it leapt off the pages!

The Crater Lake

Six days earlier, on Saturday 28th February, I was having a personal time of prayer and worship, when I had an unusual vision. [1]

I was simultaneously both looking down on—and standing beside—the rim of a volcanic crater in New Zealand.
It was a crater lake, filled with water. And around it, the environment was lush and green.

Then, the vision changed.
I was walking down the pathway of the volcanic crater at Maungawhau / Mount Eden.
This extinct volcano is one of many situated in my hometown of Auckland, New Zealand. [2,3]

It was vivid, like a flashback—although it is many years since I have walked down that pathway at Mount Eden.

Footsteps, going down a rugged path.
Volcanic rock.

“This is Where I Create My Garden”

The Lord spoke to me and said, “Eden.”
I realized He was not only talking about the crater I was climbing down, but His own garden (Gen 2:8).

I heard God say, “Eden is not something that you once had but was lost. It is not a “Paradise Lost”.
Eden is what I create OUT of loss. I am a Redeemer!” (Is 51:3)

  • That which was lost, which became broken, which was emptied
  • That situation that blew up
  • It may have left a gaping wound

For a time, that site became a waste place.
But Jesus says,

“This is where I create My garden.
This becomes the place of My presence, where you walk with Me and everything flourishes and is fruitful.”

“I am Coming to the Waste Places”

The sensation of walking down the pathway within the volcanic crater of Maungawhau / Mount Eden was vivid to me.

And with all my heart—with every sense and a deep desire, I wanted to be back there.
I felt something intense; a craving.

While there was some personal application, I believe the Lord was revealing His own desire.
His intention!

Jesus is saying, “I am coming to the waste places.
This is where I am setting my feet.
This place will be known as Edenthe Garden of the Lord”

It is His season of visitation.
For you and me.
For New Zealand.
From the ends of the earth to the uttermost parts of the earth!

There is Glory in Your Story

So, to every heart that has experienced an emptying or loss:

There is glory in your story, and the telling of it is not over.

For the name Eden means “delight” or “pleasure” (Strong’s H5731).

And your Father says, “This is where I am setting My feet down.
You will know that I am walking alongside you.
And the place where you live shall be known as My “footstool” (see Psalm 132:7-9)

Postscript: Twice in one Day!

Shortly after this, my husband Malcolm arrived home, and I began to tell him about the unusual vision. As soon as I mentioned “crater lake”, he stopped me, astonished!

Just a few hours earlier, a girl serving him at our local shops told him about her trip to New Zealand. As she chatted, she said they had visited a volcanic crater lake—and mentioned the region in the first part of my vision.

How often would you hear about crater lakes twice in one day?
We were both amazed. [4]

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Do you relate to this word about God turning the waste places into Eden? This speaks to me the most: “There is glory in your story and the telling of it is not over…”
Scroll down to share your thoughts and prayer requests in the comments box below.


[1] How I receive visions:
When I describe a vision I’ve seen, it’s usually a vivid impression in my mind’s eye, accompanied by a strong sense of God’s Presence. I’m not speaking of an “open” (physical) vision. I believe all prophetic words, encounters, and visions should be compatible with Scripture and need to be weighed up.

[2] I later identified the crater lake in my vision as the Inferno Crater Lake at Waimangu, New Zealand. This is a site of the historic Mount Tarawera volcanic eruption and is still a geothermal hotspot today.

[3] Maungawhau / Mount Eden is in the Auckland volcanic field.

[4] These kinds of coincidences happen regularly, where Malcolm‘s experiences and mine dovetail or work together as a “sign” or confirmation. Other examples of this can be found here and here.

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49 thoughts on “Prophetic Vision: “This is Where I Create My Garden””

  1. Hi Helen,
    Thank you. I wonder if this relates to 2 Cor. 1:4. God plants a garden where the enemy had created a wasteland, and then we share that with others. The Lord once showed me a wasteland in my life, and then gave me a ‘living seed’, which I threw inside, and it started a garden. Now I think he might be leading me to minister to others in that area.

    1. Yes that is so true Mike!
      “…who comforts us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort those who are in any trouble, with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God.” (2 Cor 1:4)
      And also (as it’s often said) that the very weapon the enemy has used on us is turned around and becomes a weapon in our hands.
      I pray you are uplifted in the cause He has given to you

  2. Sincerely speaking I have been living a wasted life full of sin and the burning desire in me to pounce back to righteous has been so awake. I relate this word directly to myself. I feel God is speaking to me through you prophetess.

  3. Hi powerful woman of God thanks for this amazing and wonderful revelation,I truly needed to hear from the Lord,to continue with my journey in Christ, and the whole world need this too

    1. This is powerful woman of God. Let me sincerely that have been living in wasted life am full debts and my spiritual live is kind of not moving forward even after reading the word of and confessing the captures. But now have the needs me. Please pray for me.

  4. Nondumiso Bruintjies

    Amen thank you Prophetess. I really relate to this. I used to give to those In need until I landed in debts and lost lot of money trying to invest in some businesses that ended up scaling me. I’m now struggling to give and take care of my family but I believe God has come for me this is my time to regain all that was lost in Jesus’s name amen. I will be a blessing to many.

    1. Amen to that Nondumiso,

      “…the Lord was my support.
      He also brought me out into a broad place;
      He delivered me because He delighted in me.” (Ps 18:9)

  5. In the natural we have a garden it is a bit of a wasted space, the previous owner is claiming it as his own BUT I believe the Lord is saying I have given you the land…Genesis
    We have Good Title and he is claiming squatters rights, a bit like the enemy who kills, steals and destroys.
    A covenant on the land says it must only be used as a garden.
    Praying over our personal Eden

    1. Yes Dorothy, I’m standing with you in prayer now!
      There is a greater covenant, the Covenant of the Lord and His promise!

  6. Thank you Helen
    I been asking the lord for years to date for financial help snd right resources to above all his wisdom and inspiration to write books which indeed is about me but feel stuck my story indeed will help others .. I write but have no motivation not sure .. and as a result not moving forward .. writer resources cost thousands as well s mentors . I know I can do it please pray for me God bless you . Thank you

    1. Hi Helen,
      I am a dreamer. I dream everyday and can remember them if I take note of it upon waking. And I wake up a couple of times through the night. Though I wish very much for an encounter with the Lord, much of my dreams are not heavenly and it is difficult to discern the interpretations of my dreams. Your prayers appreciated.

    2. I’m praying for you right now Vass!
      He knows where the “riches in hidden places” are for you (Isaiah 45:3

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