Have you felt as though you have been set aside or hidden in some way?

Today I believe the Lord is calling forth many of His people, especially prophetic storytellers and story-makers, from out of hiding!

From Hidden to History Maker

Prophetic StorytellersMany of us can relate to Gideon right now:
He was trying to outwit the enemy, by threshing his family’s wheat in a winepress (Judges 6).

But God knew where Gideon was, and his life was about to change—from being hidden, to being a history-maker.

In that generation, a new story would be told, because Gideon stepped out of and obeyed God in the face of intimidation.

Today, hear the sound of breaking of chains!
Fear and intimidation will not hold you back any longer—and you are God’s arrow!

Your Gift is Not Inferior to Others’ Gifts!

I often share about what I believe God is saying through a story from the Bible, or through describing a prophetic vision. [1].

But it wasn’t too many years ago, when I was intimidated about these gifts.
For a time, I fell into comparing my ministry with those of others in our team of prophets and teachers.

  • I felt like I was on a ground floor level, and the others were higher up!

One day, I was flying home to Melbourne from a ministry trip. The enemy was pressing me with discouragement about my gift. I thought, “All I share are simple pictures and metaphors.”

In that instant, the Holy Spirit directed straight back at me, “Jesus spoke in pictures and metaphors”.

This woke me up.
Of course! Jesus often shared powerful Kingdom truths in the form of simple parables and stories.

Oh, how I repented of being negative about my gift!

Today, I believe the Holy Spirit is ministering to many others in this area.

  • Don’t see your abilities and gifts as inferior to others

Instead, honor the One who has given you the gift—your Heavenly Father—and the Holy Spirit Who IS the Gift.

Prophetic Parables and Stories

The word is going out:
God is calling many storytellers from out of hiding!

These are the prophetic messengers, who will convey His message through parables, and stories. [2]

Perhaps the Holy Spirit is stirring you today, in this idea that God could use you to share His stories and parables.

Whatever your type of prophetic ministry—

  • You may be a seer who will share the story of what you have seen in a vision
  • You may be an exhorter, writer, speaker, or have other, creative gifts
  • You may be a dreamer, who receives a story through a dream in the night

A prophetic story can be brought through your gift.
Who you are, and the message you carry, is priceless and powerful!

Jesus Told a Radical Story

The distinction of a prophetic story or parable, is that it is God-breathed.
It is a “now” word from the Holy Spirit.

For example, one day Jesus shared a parable about a prodigal son—the lost son.

  • It was a message that confronted the beliefs and traditions of the Pharisees at that time

It confounded them.
It contradicted them.
It was a new sound—but it was the heart of the Father.

At times, a prophetic story will be radical, it will be unusual, it may even be confrontational.
But it will always be positioned from the Father’s heart of love.

A New Sound for this Generation

At this time, the Lord is releasing stories, parables and messages that are prophetic in nature. And these are a new sound that hasn’t been heard before.

There are stories that will be His means to reach a new generation.

  • They will touch people who have not been reached in conventional ways

Anointed parables and stories, inspired by the Holy Spirit, are going to completely disarm them.

These stories will bypass the listeners’ history, their understanding, and will be aimed straight at their hearts.

The Prophetic Story that Smote a King’s Heart

Prophetic stories are going to be released, that will speak God’s word, and bring conviction and change.

We will see prophets who come forth with stories, like the prophet Nathan when he came before David in 2 Samuel 12.

The prophet told King David a story of a poor man, who had one little lamb, that was a priceless pet to his family.
The lamb was seized by a neighboring rich man, who had many flocks, to feed a visitor.

When David cried out against that rich man, to bring a judgment, the prophet said to him, “You are that man!”
And the Lord smote King David’s heart, through a story.

The Creativity of Prophetic Stories

God uses the means of stories and parables throughout the books of the prophets.
Why? He is after the hearts of his people.
And some of these are the stories of the prophets themselves.

Your own prophetic story could be an anecdote, or analogy, or a story of something that has happened to you.
The Holy Spirit is endlessly creative.

  • A prophetic story can be conveyed through a song, a poem, or a painting
  • It may be conveyed through media, drama, video or writing
  • Your prophetic story may be symbolic, like Jesus’ parables. Or it may be from a real-life event
  • Your prophetic story may be an insight from current or historical events
  • You may be inspired by Bible story, that will apply directly to a situation, or someone’s life!

Stories will be released that are like a wakeup call and are going to be as a trumpet, calling for God’s people to arise.

It’s Time to Come Out of Hiding

Today, hear the Lord say,
“In the secret place, I have been shaping and fashioning you.
You have been kept in the shadow of my hand; a polished arrow, set apart for such a time as this. I am releasing your voice. I am displaying My splendor through you!”
(See Isaiah 49:2-3)

So step out and share your unique gift and prophetic story, from the heart of the Father.
For it’s time to come out of hiding and into your calling.


[1] A recent example of this, is where I shared a vision about a letterbox and told the story of what happened to the letter (representing prayer): Heaven’s Mailbox: Your Prayer Holds Great Power

[2] Note that the original source of the teaching content is the Enliven Prophetic School where it was first published on 11 March 2020.

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58 thoughts on “Prophetic Parables and Stories: You are God’s Arrow”

  1. Thank you for your email. Will you stand in prayer for me for God’s direction and intervention in my life in general and ministry and marriage in particular. Thank you again

    1. Hi Edna, yes amen to that, praying for you now for the winds of the Spirit and of transformation to blow through

  2. Today was a bit unusual, and the message of “you are GOD’s arrow came in timely. The LORD has asked me to begin a radio program teaching end time prophecy,in July, in my home town using our indigenous language. HE even told me, by names the people (7),I was to ask to partner with the radio ministry, but none of them have yet gotten back to me, and somehow I began to think, maybe its not July, because the days to start seems so close and yet nothing seems to be moving right, in any case everything seems wrong. But now I will wait for HIS ” aim”! Thankyou so much, and be blessed!

    1. This sounds like a powerful idea, Obol! I pray for the keys for your community to be released. Sometimes, the Lord gives us ideas but (like an egg) they need the time and prayer for incubation, to be hatched into reality. God bless you!

  3. Hi Helen,
    I had a dream/vision a couple years ago. I was kneeling before Jesus, we were on a mountaintop. He changes my outfit and hands me a bow, arrows and quiver and tells me shoot. As I looked at the walls of the mountains words started showing on the mountain. I was to shoot the words down. I started shooting. He told me the arrows were His and I would know when to use them. When I started to get into finding out what this meant this whole pandemic lie hit. Any guidance is greatly appreciated. Blessings to you.

    1. That’s such a powerful vision Dee.
      To me, the changing of garments speaks of you seeing yourself as He sees you in Christ – as for the rest, it will unfold in His time

      Ps 18:32-34 says
      It is God who arms me with strength,
      And makes my way perfect.
      33 He makes my feet like the feet of deer,
      And sets me on my high places.
      34 He teaches my hands to make war,
      So that my arms can bend a bow of bronze.

  4. Mpho Matilda Senosi

    Dear Helen
    I thank God for using you to reach out on me with this post. I have been having doubts with my calling, wanted to give up but after today I’m more ready. May He continue to speak to you.

  5. Hi, iam interested on your encouragement this gift of prophecy is killing many people spiritual especial for us who are hidden in churches even though God is calling us but is not easy to get connected to the right ppl.
    I have a gift, I dream things that is happening, I see things ahead and tell people.
    So I need Prayers for me to come out of hidden places
    Thank you seems like iam connecting to the right person now

    1. Hi Romeo, I’m praying for you right now – there’s a principle, God is calling you forth, so that you in turn can call others out of the stuck places you have been in. Such is His grace!

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