Are you faced with a gap in your circumstances right now?
Hear your Father say, ‘Surrender that problem to Me, because there is a miracle in your gap!’

God is setting you up for an encounter with Him.
He is bringing you comfort; He is releasing faith.

What is a Gap?

Physically, a gap can be a break, or a space.
A gap can also be symbolic, such as:

  • The difference between your ability and what needs to be done
  • The disparity between what you have on hand, and what you actually need
  • The distance between where you’ve been and where you’re going

The gap may be a trial, or a contradiction.
It may be the sadness in your heart, when someone has left, or something has hurt you.

Your gap may be a mystery. But it is also a place of promise.

Your God is Getting Ready to do Something Big

The Bible is full of the stories of people who experienced ‘gap’ moments, right before a miracle.

And this tells us that at times, our Father will allow a gap, when He is getting ready to do something big through us.

So, if you’re experiencing a gap right now, be assured of this:

That gap is an opportunity. It represents possibilities; it speaks of potential.

It’s an empty space waiting to receive something.

6 Ways You Can Position for Your Miracle in the Gap

1. Look Out for Your Divine Appointment

In Luke chapter 5, Peter, James and John have been out fishing all night, working hard, casting their nets without a catch.
And the following morning, they’re still working!

  • They are washing their nets, with nothing to show for their labour.

There’s a gap.
Nets that are empty.
A day with four workers, in a business with zero income.

But then, Jesus arrives on the scene.

Today, know that gap is your place of Divine appointment, where Jesus is present in your situation.

And in this moment, everything changes.

2. Give What You Have to Jesus

As the fishermen wash their nets, a crowd gathers to listen to Jesus.
And Jesus commandeers Peter’s boat, telling Peter to move out onto the lake.

That fishing boat becomes Jesus’ pulpit.

What is that for you, today?

What is the ‘vessel’ or boat Jesus is pointing to, and He’s saying, ‘Surrender that to Me’?

Perhaps you haven’t seen what you expected to, or things haven’t worked out how you hoped they would.

What matters is, now, Jesus is in your situation.
He says, ‘I am in this. I am in your boat!’

3. Acknowledge Your Feelings, but Act on God’s Word

When Jesus finishes speaking to the crowd, He says to Simon Peter,
‘Go out into the deep water and let down your nets for a catch.’

And that’s when Peter airs his frustration.
‘Master, we’ve worked hard all night and haven’t caught anything!’

Invariably there are emotions attached to a gap.

Feelings that go with loss or uncertainty. Or disappointment.

  • It’s okay to get real with God, it’s okay to be honest and to vent in prayer
  • But we come to a crossroads, like Peter did

Will we act according to how we feel?
Or on what the circumstances tell us?
Or will we act according to His Word?

And Peter goes on to say, ‘But because you say so, I will let down the nets.’

4. Stay on Track in the Gap

What are Peter, Andrew, James and John doing between the unfruitful night of fishing and their miracle catch?

They are being diligent in their service—washing nets that haven’t caught anything.

They are getting on, faithfully doing their work, serving.
But they are positioned for encounter.

Our greatest temptation during gap times is to give up and walk away from the very place of God’s appointment.

Today hear your Father saying, ‘I know the night has been long. I have been present with you in your trial. I have shared your pain.
I’m here right now.’

Whatever that looks like for you right now, stay on track in the gap.
You are being positioned for encounter!

5. Receive God’s Grace and Power

‘But because you say so, I will let down the nets.’

The fish show up, and the nets begin to break.
It’s a suddenly from God.
From zero to overflow.

Divine acceleration is ‘double time’—it’s where God makes up for lost time.

Declare over your circumstance today, ‘It’s time for the season of Divine acceleration.’

What does ‘gap’ stand for?
G.A.P. It stands for ‘Grace And Power’.

God is releasing His grace and power into your situation for a supernatural outcome (see 2 Cor 12:9).

6. Prepare to Testify

From your gap will come a story testimony of God’s goodness.

‘I was in the gap when I encountered God.
By His grace, I was staying on track. I was in the gap when Jesus walked in to my situation.

And Heaven broke loose.

And what He did for me, He can do and will do for you.’

  • From zero to overflow

When the miracle happens, it releases faith in those who are watching you.

Today, declare:
There is no void my God cannot fill!
There is no problem my God cannot solve.
No chasm He cannot bridge!
There is no need my God cannot meet.
There’s a miracle in my gap!


‘Jesus, I thank You, that You are present with me in this gap. I even thank You for this gap, because it is an opportunity.
I know You are working all things together for good (Rom 8:28).

I yield my life and every circumstance to You once more. Open my ears to hear Your word to me. And I know that as I participate with You in obedience, the miracle is being released. Amen.’

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53 thoughts on “Prophetic Word: There’s a Miracle in the Gap!”

  1. Glory to God this word was total confirmation! God gave me this same exact word in my spirit a day ago GAP and the he gave me the same story from the bible, and his word is saying TRY ME!! left one job, not working but believing God for something better!! So right now I’m experiences a GAP in my life!!! Between jobs!!! All Glory to God!!!

  2. Wow, thank you for this Helen! 🙂 I have been standing on God’s promises in the gap. I am supposedly 23 weeks pregnant. And God has given words and prophecies about this particular pregnancy and babies. Then last Sunday I spotted. We stood on God’s word and declared healing to my womb. The bleeding stopped on Monday night before the doctor was able to prescribe the medicine. Hallelujah! I was checked and the doctor did not find a heartbeat but the doppler was detecting a heartbeat at 126 beats per minute. Of course that could not be mine because my heartbeat cannot be that fast even if I ran a marathon. The next day she checked again and again did not find a heartbeat. Now the doppler only registered 67 beats per minute, meaning it was my heartbeat. The ultrasound taken the next day said there is no baby. But God is saying otherwise, telling me in a nutshell that He is teaching me the keys to receiving a miracle, so that I can teach it to others. I continue to declare and stand on my covenant with God that there is no miscarriage and that my babies are safe in the womb, sight unseen and heartbeats unheard.

    I really appreciate your ministry. 🙂 Thank you!

    PS Let me tell you that before this I also had a miracle baby. He is now 22 months old. Years prior, God showed him to me in a dream in 2015 and in that vision I saw the name “Zachary” which means “God remembers.” When I woke up, I checked and the pregnancy test kit quickly showed two lines. Sadly, I miscarriage during that pregnancy. I had stood in God’s promises until the end but I did not know about declaring and decreeing God’s word at that time. I conceived again in 2016. When he was newly conceived, God gave me promises in Isaiah 66. He will be a son, born without pain and born on Israel’s founding day. The last promise connected to Israel I did not really realize until a year after his birth. Anyhow, apart from that, God impressed upon me that this birth will be a healing birth. I had a traumatic C-section with my firstborn and this was God’s redemption. The doctor said who operated on me said my pelvis was not big enough to birth normally. I did not believe her.

    For this pregnancy, we decided to guard our thoughts and kept away from negativity. We did not have any ultrasound. My labor day for my son started on May 1, the same day I labored for my firstborn (a daughter) 6 years prior. I had no anesthesia or epidural, but the labor was tolerable and I slept during most of it. Then, when it was time to give birth, I went to the tub and all pressure or pain was gone. It was not the water, because I was actually not that comfortable in the water, except that I did not have a choice that time to birth in bed. There was just no pain. I could feel all the contractions and all sensation in my body as I pushed. I could feel the midwife stretching my cervix but it was not painful at all. It actually felt good. I pushed for 1 and a half hours without feeling any pain. I really did not feel the baby’s head so there was no ring of fire or crowing pain at all. Until now I do not know how my 7 lbs. son come out of me. Thank God for videos and photos. 🙂 I expected to labor for the placenta but it just plop down beside me when I transferred my son to the shallower tub minutes later. It was truly a healing birth without any medication or stitches. I kidded my husband as I stood in the tub, “I’m ready for the next baby!”

    And wonder of wonders he came out just 6 minutes after his big sister’s birthday. You see, this daughter of mine had prayed for a brother for 3 years and wanted him to be a birthday gift, except that she did not want to share the same birthday. She wanted to have her birthday ahead of him, she said. And so, God even granted my daughter her request.:)

    A year later when we were preparing for a trip to Israel, I checked when actually anniversary was. I realized that the Jewish calendar was different from ours so it fell on different dates every year. When I was researching I with saw a chart of all the dates it fell on through the years. I saw that the year before, when I was pregnant and about to give birth, the 69th anniversary fell on May 1-2. I was laboring on May 1 to 2 and gave birth just 6 minutes after midnight on May 2 in our local time, but that was still May 2 in Israel, completing God’s promise to me in Isaiah 66. 🙂 I was so amazed! God is truly, truly FAITHFUL to His promises!!!! God truly remembers.

  3. All three points of the gap apply to me. My ability for ministry is challenged right now but what I have for the Bodybof Christ is necessary to get out now.

    I literally have nothing. I just received an evil report yesterday from an eye doctor telling me if u don’t get surgery I’ll go blind. It cost 3-4 thousand an eye. My bank account is overdrawn.

    I was once very sting in The Lord Jesus Christ. I am now regaining strength and have been receiving revelation again. I am expecting to go far in ministry.

    Your prophetic insight has been accurate since I discovered your ministry anointing. Thanks keep up the good work.

    1. Hi Kwadjo, I’m praying for your eye to be completely whole in Jesus’ Name.
      I ask for anyone who reads this to also pray

  4. WOW! So powerful. Thank you, i received it, its just for me. I myself cannot do without God’s promises. I have fallen many times, but God in his promises raises me up.
    Its on time prophetic message because I’m struggling with gabs in my life right now. In those moments we go through trials of our faith, doubts kicks in whether you gonna make it to the other side. Times that you don’t know where to turn. But, the gab can remind you there is a God you can turn to, a God that answers when you call.
    We serve a living, caring father, he promised us, in that gab he will hold us in his arms and carry us to the other side. Amen!
    He say in his word; ” i will be with you always to the end”
    Thank you for this powerful message.
    And yes, i needed to be equipped. And im going to enroll the ” School of intimacy & prayer”
    Thank you! Always

  5. Glenda Jackson

    Thank you so much for this Prophetic Word. I’ve been in the gap of losing my Mother and Sister in 2018.

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