Have you ever wondered about the meaning of a prophetic insight, vision or dream from God?

It may be a particular Bible verse He has brought to your attention.

You know the Holy Spirit is conveying an important message to you.

But you don’t yet have clarity as to what it means—or how you should respond.

Hear your Father say, ‘While you are wondering, I am working.’

A Vision Left Peter Perplexed

One day, God gave Peter a powerful vision that left him confused. We read:

“Now while Peter wondered within himself what this vision which he had seen meant, behold, the men who had been sent from Cornelius had made inquiry for Simon’s house, and stood before the gate.”
(Acts 10:17, NKJV)

That Greek word translated ‘wondered’ is diapore (Strongs G1280) and could be translated to be much perplexed, in doubt, puzzled, thoroughly nonplussed, or entirely at a loss! [1]

There are going to be times when, like Peter, we are perplexed by a prophetic insight.

The meaning of what our Father is saying and doing is still in the process of unfolding

When Mysteries Leave us Mystified

The Holy Spirit often speaks in mysteries, such as symbolic visions, dreams or parables. He gives us fragments, or ‘snapshots’ of God’s plans. He is giving us a small window into what our Father is up to.

Why does He do this? One of the reasons is, our Father is drawing us after Him. God wants us to seek for answers in our relationship with Him.

  • It may be time for you to pray
  • Or, this may be part of an ongoing conversation your Father wants to have with you

Let the mystery draw you into intimacy.

Mysteries leave us mystified, and a wonder will make us wonder, until the meaning is revealed.

This may be for a short time, like Peter, or during a longer season.

  • Joseph must have wondered for years what the dreams he received from God as a young man meant, and how they would be outworked.

If you find yourself perplexed, confused or troubled over what the Holy Spirit is saying, you are not alone.

Even the great men and women in Scripture had times when they struggled to comprehend what God was saying. And catch up with what God was doing.

Sometimes, that confusion was in others around them.

The Disciples Thought the Message Given by Angels was Nonsense

Mary Magdalene, Joanna, and others in a group of women returned from a visit to Jesus’ tomb with a message they received first-hand from angels (Luke 24).

‘Jesus is risen!’

Instead of rejoicing at this revelation, Jesus’ disciples expressed unbelief.

‘But they did not believe the women, because their words seemed to them like nonsense.’ (Luke 24:11 NIV)

The Greek word translated ‘nonsense’, leros (Strongs G3026) means idle tales, an incredible, unbelievable story. ‘Twaddle’! [2]

The revelation was true. It was real. It came with a heavenly visitation.

But for a time, the disciples were perplexed. They thought the women were speaking utter nonsense.

  • They were yet to catch up with what God had already done

Sometimes Others Around Us Don’t Understand

At times, we are in the position of the women. We ‘know that we know’ what God has revealed to us. But there are significant others in our world, who do not see as we do. Yet.

For a season, people around us are perplexed, and our faith and patience is tested.

But God is at work in the background, bringing things to pass.

He has a way of bringing everything into alignment in His perfect timing.

The Answer was Already at His Door

While Peter was still confounded and perplexed about the vision God gave him, the answer was about to knock at his door (Acts 10:17).

Already, God had been speaking to and directing other people. Peter was just catching up with what God was doing.

A mystery may leave you mystified for a season, but be assured that your Father is already at work.

You can anticipate Him revealing what he is up to, in His perfect timing.

[1] See_https://www.blueletterbible.org/lang/lexicon/lexicon.cfm?Strongs=G1280&t=KJV

[2] See_https://www.blueletterbible.org/lang/lexicon/lexicon.cfm?Strongs=G3026&t=KJV

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27 thoughts on “God says, ‘While You are Wondering, I am Working’”

  1. Just i wanba saythank you for being with me in this divine journey and for showing my future clearly.

  2. Dear Helen,
    God has used your words so many times in the past and I have often considered writing to tell you so. It seems that your posts speak exactly as confirmation to what God is speaking and they have truly been such a blessing. I just wanted to let you know and to say thank-you. Kind Regards, Rita S.

  3. I have been having dream where after praying I will dream where a face in my family will fall down and will be begging me not to kill her that I have killed so many people. And I also will dream or have a trance where a man told me that I eat too much for that am a thief. And sometimes I have dream and it came to pass in the physical world. My dearest dream is for god to pour his sport on me.

  4. Thanks very much, so grateful.
    But I have this problem. How to distinguish between God’ voice and other voices, it’s really a serious problem because I hear voice always

  5. I had a dream in which somebody told me that my son is gay,my only child and he later confirmed it but later I had another dream where he was having 3 kids .This worries me a lot.What I would like to understand is; was I being told in the second dream that I shouldn’t worry everything will be normal or what ?

    1. Hi Amanda, bear in mind that while an occasional dream may be literal, they are usually symbolic. Be encouraged, pray and watch what God unfolds.

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