There is a prophetic sound going out to many; it is a call of the Holy Spirit.

You may hear it through a report or message that stirs your heart. It may come through something you read or see. It could come in a dream, or an encounter with God.

And in that moment, you experience a Divine collision.

The sound of the destiny God has created you for, has reached you. It has touched your heart and you will never be the same.

The Prophetic Sound of a Disturbing Report

Nehemiah was serving at the king’s palace in a privileged position as cupbearer. When relatives came to visit, they brought firsthand reports from the city of Jerusalem (Neh 1).

As Nehemiah heard the story of Jerusalem’s broken walls, the truth about the condition of the people and place he loved struck him forcefully.

That report was a prophetic sound that touched Nehemiah’s heart and he began to weep, pray and intercede.

Within a short space of time, Nehemiah was launched into a mission that would change the landscape of history.

There will be times when a report or story intersects with your prophetic calling.

God may use the voices of others, or stories that are being shared.

And like Nehemiah, God has called you to be the solution to a problem. He has called you to be the answer to someone’s cry for help.

You are about to discover what your experience and history has been all about.

When Esther Heard a Distressing Report

Queen Esther received a report from her cousin Mordecai (Esther 4). The verbal account of the edict made by Haman—an enemy who wanted to destroy her people—touched Esther’s heart. That news set in motion a series of events through which God used Esther and Mordecai to save the Jews.

Like Esther, there is something you are created for that only you can do. It is your prophetic purpose.

No cost, no risk will be too great. For the greatest prize of your life and calling lies ahead.

The Prophetic Sound of a Move of God

For Naomi, the report that moved her towards her destiny was an uplifting one that brought hope in the midst of her pain. (see Ruth 1)

  • Naomi heard stories that God had visited his people in Bethlehem by giving them bread

The rumour of God’s goodness awoke her heart. Naomi’s destiny and calling, and that of her daughter-in-law Ruth, was ahead in Bethlehem, Judah.

As happened with Naomi, it may be a report of a work of the Holy Spirit that draws your attention.

You hear of a move of God and in that moment, you know you are meant to be a part of it. Fire is ignited in your heart.

The trajectory of your life is set before you.

In a moment ordained by God, your heart is stirred to action. It is a move of the Holy Spirit and nothing can hold you back.

A Prayer Movement

There are moments in our lives, when our heart is awakened by a prophetic sound.

Our prophetic calling lies ahead. But first, it must be prepared through prayer and intercession.

  • Nehemiah prayed and then he was ready to be a part of the answer
  • Esther called for a community fast—only then, was she ready to risk her life

A great door of favor and influence was about to swing wide open.

The Prophetic Sound in a Dream or Vision

The Apostle Paul had a vision in the night—and heard a man from Macedonia calling to him, ‘Come over and help us!’

It may not have been a physical sound, but it was, nonetheless, a cry for help. It was being released from the very heart of God on behalf of people who needed to hear the Gospel.

And that sound determined the direction of Paul’s missionary team. It changed history.

There is a cry that is heard in heaven, a plea for help. It is converging with your calling and it echoes in the very chambers of heaven.

All of heavens resources are being brought to bear.

Receive Your Heavenly Awakening

We are at an appointed time when God is awakening prophetic callings, dreams and destinies.

It is also time to recall to mind past encounters with God—and in particular, those moments you have been impacted by a prophetic sound.

You may not be near a throne, as Esther and Nehemiah were. But know this for sure: In God’s kingdom, there are no small people and no small places.

You are loved and called by God.

[1] Your identity is the answer to the question, ‘Who has God called me created me to be?’ Your destiny is the answer to the question, ‘What has God called me to do?’ Read more on this post: Your Identity and Destiny: 3 Keys from the Life of Gideon

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33 thoughts on “Prophetic Calling: Do You Hear the Sound?”

  1. modesto talavera

    Helen, Thank you for that word. I believe that is a word from God but I am in a place of losing hope of waiting so long and just going through things that I wonder now if this will ever happen. Thank you!

    1. I am praying for you right now, Modesto, be strengthened and encouraged today, in Jesus’ Name

  2. Thank you for your anointed mails dear Helen. I lreally love to receive them. I believe I am part of an end time move of the Holy Spirit. I’ve had many dreams telling me this especially dreams where oil is poured on my head and flowing down my entire body and just this morning, i was being laid hands on and imparted upon in a church. I am eagerly trusting and praying for an open door and confirmation from God on what He wants me to do and how…

    Thanks again for your mail. May our Heavenly Father keep upholding and lifting you and yours in Jesus name. Amen.

    PS: I am due for delivery any moment from now. Please say a prayer for me. Thank you and much love from Nigeria!

    1. Hi Juliet, all of that is very significant, I pray it all goes well for you and your ‘special delivery’ let me know how you go! <3 <3

  3. Hello Hello Helen- I can tell that you have graduated to a new level of anointing and I feel soooo blessed to be able to sense and feel this! You know I have been struggling since I first found you but the Almoghty Heavenly Host has held me up by His Grace! I know you speak the Truth and I thank God for your fresh anointing! Bless you Helen!! All the best-Stacie

  4. Patience lwejivwe

    thank you so much Helen. God is really speaking through. My heart is still up to start my ministry. lies want you to join me I’m prayers as I’m waiting on God for the location. And I really want the prophetic (Holy Spirit) to manifest in my ministry.

    1. Hello Patience, yes praying for you right now, for that clarity and His timing, and the fresh anointing you hunger for

  5. You are speaking from the throne of God.
    Your message is wonderful and very correct
    Helen, I pray for more inspiration to be review more you, Thanks you and more grace.

  6. Kirstin Plunkett

    That was truly a word fresh from God! I have been dealing with underatanding the prophetic calling on my life as I am training before I actually start preaching. I have never seen pushback by The Church,my family,neighbors and co-workers for the past 2 years….But, everything in their mind is well when I was not wanting to serve God and stop running from my call to preach! But, I know it is not so because Rahab is the great-great-great grandmother of Jesus Christ and who God chooses to train me and how he does it is God’s business!

    Thank you for this Word of God, Ms.Calder,

    Sis./Min. Kirstin Plunkett

    1. Hello Sis. Kirsten, I am praying for you right now, may you know His powerful directing flow in your life.

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