Recently God spoke to me and said, ‘I am raising up a generation who will not only dream My dreams, they will possess My promises.’

Dreaming is powerful. I am not referring to dreams of the night, but of your capacity to imagine what can take place in your future.

A dream is a vision for your life that has a picture attached to it. You can see it; you perceive it clearly with your mind’s eye.

Go Beyond Dreaming: Possess the Promise

Possess the Promise from GodThe Bible is full of people to whom God gave a promise.

  • God promised the Israelites a land of their own
  • He gave Hannah the promise of a child
  • Joseph had a prophetic dream that one day he would rule

The reason these men and women are in Scripture, is not only that they dreamed a dream. They made history because they walked with God and possessed the promise.

5 Steps to Possess Your Promise from God

Dreaming is powerful, but in order for that dream to become a reality, you need to walk with God and cooperate with His purpose for your life.

1. Stay Focused on Your Dream

To dream is to keep your God-given vision in front of you. God spoke to Abraham and said, ‘Look up at the sky and count the stars. So shall your offspring be’ (Genesis 15:5)

Like Abraham did, you have to see that vision first, before you can possess it. Hear your Father saying, ‘Will you dream with Me?’

2. Build a mindset of Faith

Dreaming, by its very definition, means that the destiny you are dreaming about does not exist in your present reality.

Moving from dreaming to possessing requires an attitude of faith. Faith is strengthened by meditating on and confessing God’s Word, as well as His personal promise to you.

3. Obey the Last Thing God Spoke to You

Ask, ‘What is the last thing God spoke instructed me to do, concerning that promise?’ If something is coming to mind, go through the process of taking a decisive step forward.

Then—pray and ask God to show you the next small step forward to fulfilling that vision. This may seem obvious, and yet sometimes we miss it.

Remember, faith is not just expectation; it is expect-action.

4. Apply Wisdom as you Move Forward

Faith and wisdom go hand in hand. Are there some practical things you can do to prepare for the dream God has given to you? You do not need to feel stuck, or to wait helplessly. Be a good steward of God’s call on your life.

  • Set some small but achievable goals.
  • Take the next small step forward
  • Establish personal and spiritual accountability
  • Identify your team—those God has given to you to help on your way to fulfilling your dream from Him

5. Be Faithful in Small Things

If the dream God has given to you for your life is big, remember that your journey towards that vision will be filled with small tasks that He will give to you along the way.

Serve the vision of another person. Be faithful in small responsibilities and He can entrust you with the fulfillment of your dream. (Luke 16:10)

Choose Your Story…Change Your Life.

The Script Book

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2 thoughts on “5 Steps to Possessing Your Promise from God”

  1. Elizabeth Washingtpn

    Helen, have you found at times God speaks something to you and it is that still, small voice, but definite…and then He doesn’t repeat or confirm it? I have had that happen a couple of times and, though it came to pass, I had a lot of doubt in the meantime, wondering if I really heard him. Do you have any suggestions for this?

    1. Yes that does sound very familiar, Elizabeth!
      I think it is a natural part of our learning the journey of walking by faith in our relationship with Him.
      My thoughts are – experiencing doubts is a part of growth, but just check that it is not coming out of insecurity in your relationship with Him. You can be fully secure, walking in faith and sometimes have doubts, but if the doubting is common or constant, something needs adjusting. 🙂 Hope that helps!

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