Prophetic worship is firstly about encountering God, and honoring Him.
It also has some powerful, life-changing benefits for those who are participating.

But firstly, what makes prophetic worship prophetic? “Prophetic” simply means that the things on God’s heart—His thoughts, intent and purposes—are being conveyed.

Prophetic Worship Encounter“Prophetic” also means that Father’s purpose is being carried out in the worship environment. Jesus said of His miracles and works, ‘the Son can only do as He sees the Father doing.’ (John 5:19)

During prophetic worship, those of us who are leading worship are engaged with the Holy Spirit.

Our desire should always be to “see what Father is doing and do that—to hear what Father is saying, and say that.”

As we carry out what is on God’s heart to do in the “now” moment of worship, people are touched and transformed.

3 Powerful Benefits of Prophetic Worship

Here are 3 benefits of prophetic worship, that can transform your life, and the lives of those you lead in worship:

1. You will Encounter God

The highest purpose of worship is communion. God created us for a face to face relationship with Him.

A traditional view of worship is that it is a one-way giving of our love to God. However, prophetic worship is “two-way”. Heaven is touching earth. During prophetic worship, we are encountering God.

During prophetic worship, as your heart is raised in adoration towards Him, you are being touched by God. You are hearing His voicethe whispers of the Spirit to your heart.

You catch a glimpse of Who Jesus is, and Father’s purpose for your life—and it transforms you. You are growing in intimacy with Him.

2. You will be Impacted by God’s Power—Healing, Impartation and Freedom

As your heart is lifted in love and worship to God, you are more open towards Him than at any other time.

As you worship, God is releasing something into your life. An impartation is taking place. That could be a fresh infilling of His Spirit. Perhaps God is releasing an attribute of His nature—such as faith, courage, strength or hope.

You discover it is on God’s agenda to release His power into your life, to heal and set you free.

The Bible says, “God sent His word and healed them” (Psalm 107:20). During prophetic worship, a ‘now’ word of healing can come from the throne of God.

As David played on his lyre to Saul, the demonic oppression that was on Saul lifted, because of the anointing on David’s music.

During Spirit-led, Spirit-breathed worship, God’s power is being released. You can expect miracles and healing to break out in the atmosphere of prophetic worship, touching your life and others around you.

3. You will Discover a Powerful Weapon of Breakthrough

King Jehoshaphat sent the musicians ahead of his army to praise and worship God—and the enemy was destroyed by the power of God! (2 Chron 20)

Prophetic praise celebrates the fulfillment of God’s promises before they are manifested in the natural realm. It is also the Spirit-led proclamation of who God is, declaring His attributes, greatness and power.

This makes it a powerful weapon of spiritual warfare.

And while we know that an open Heaven is our inheritance, we also know that there are times we need to contend for what belongs to us.

During the times you need to contend for the atmosphere around your life and over those you lead, turn to prophetic praise and worship. As you do, you enter the realm of breakthrough.

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  1. Dear Helen,

    You are my Inspiration. I just love your Teachings with all my Heart. I love the Holy Spirit so much, since I discovered that He is a Personality. I find myself talking to Him. That has been my life style that every morning as I woke up He is the first person I greet. I have witnessed Him in many occasions, to me He speaks very gently but with an instructive and directive word. I still feel I need to know Him much more and to hear Him much more and to be sensitive to Him so that I won’t miss His interaction with me. Helen I would be grateful if you would Teach me more on How to keep Him very close to me every moment. I love Him, especially when I worship I sense Him connecting me into the Presence of the Father. Helen may God bless you for these wonderful revelations you are willing to share with Us.

    I would always love to follow your Teachings, for so far I have learnt so much about the Holy Spirit.

    Thank you.

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