An important key to seeing a prophetic promise from God come to pass is to begin by responding ‘Yes!’ to Him.

Have you ever been sent an invitation to a formal event like a wedding, and been asked to RSVP? The initials ‘RSVP’ come from a French phrase, which means ‘please reply’.

Once you have replied ‘yes’, that invitation becomes your pass, giving you access to enter the event. If you do not have your invite on hand, your name may be checked against a list.

Saying ‘Yes’ to God’s prophetic promise is a powerful first step you can take, to seeing that promise  fulfilled.

The Power of Saying ‘Yes’ to God’s Prophetic Promise

Prophetic PromiseGod gave Israel a prophetic promise. He said, ‘I am giving you the land of Canaan.’ In Numbers 13, we read that Moses sent 12 leaders into the land, to check it out and report back.

Joshua and Caleb responded, ‘Yes! We can certainly take this land with God’s help!’ (Num 13:30; 14:6-9)

However, the other ten spies expressed doubt. They said, ‘We cannot take this land. There are giants there who will certainly defeat us!’ (Num 13:31)

The doubtful ten turned the whole nation against God’s promise. Instead of saying ‘yes!’ their RSVP was ‘No, we don’t think so!’

As a result, an entire generation missed out on entering into the promises of God.

Honour God by Saying ‘Yes!’ to His Prophetic Promise

‘The Lord said to Moses, “How long will these people treat me with contempt? How long will they refuse to believe in me, in spite of all the signs I have performed among them?”’ (Numbers 14:11)

The people dishonoured God when they said ‘no’ to His promise.

It is time to check your heart and mindset concerning the promises of God. Today your Father says, ‘Don’t elevate doubt and fear above My Word and My prophetic promise to you.’

Honour God with a resounding RSVP ‘yes!’ to His prophetic promise for your life, family, church, ministry, business, and circumstances.

Your Response to God Determines the Outcome

A prophetic promise is not one-sided. God loves you and does not override your will, in order to perform what He has said He will do. Everything the Father does is in relationship and partnership with you.

As Prophet David McCracken says, ‘A prophecy is not what will happen; a prophecy is what God intends to happen.’

Fulfilment of a prophecy is conditional firstly upon our acceptance of God’s promise. It is then also dependent upon our relationship with God, our character, our choices, and our obedience to Him.

God’s call and promise for your life will be big. It will be out of your comfort zone. But it will resonate deep in your heart.

It is time to RSVP ‘yes!’ to God. What does this look like?

  • It means responding in faith, praying and speaking positively about God’s promise
  • It means testifying ahead of time of what God will do
  • It means taking action; walking in anticipation—taking positive steps towards the prophetic promise

God’s Promise Gives You Access

God’s word to Joshua was, ‘I will give you every place where you set your foot, as I promised Moses.’ (Joshua 1:3)

The prophetic promise from God was the only thing Joshua needed to access Canaan, the Promised Land. Once he said ‘yes’ to God, he needed to listen to God’s personal instructions, respond in obedience and step out in faith.

The story of Joshua is a reminder that no giant, no wall and no limitation can stand between you and God’s promise for your life.

The first step is to RSVP ‘yes’ to Him.

What prophetic promise comes to mind that you want to RSVP ‘yes!’ to God about? I would love to hear about it in the blog comments section, or on Facebook or Instagram. If the blog comments box is not visible, click on this link and scroll down.

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32 thoughts on “Say ‘Yes!’ to God’s Prophetic Promise”

  1. Wow….. Thank you Helen,
    This is truly powerful! God is so good!
    Great message! Welcome back and I pray you were able to find rest and peace in the Lord.

    1. Hello Tanika, thank you, it’s so good to hear from you!
      It’s been good to have a break from the online ministry and to have a rest too (although a little chilly here to get outdoors much!) I’m feeling recharged to head into the rest of this year now.

  2. God has said many times to me that I am a prophet. I reacted by thinking this calling is too high fo me but today i accept it and respond with a “yes.”

    1. Wow Patricia, I love that! That is a very powerful step to God’s unfolding plan for your life. Be richly blessed.

    2. Im having a same challenge Patricia and looking for someone to help me as a Mentor to usher me to the place where God wants me to be .

  3. I don’t know how I found you (well, yes I do, it was God :), thank you so much for your ministry. God has been calling me and I’ve been so afraid to do it. I’m use to being in control of my life. But last year I completely surrendered my life to him…not my will any more, but his will. It has been an AMAZING, joy-filled year of learning to trust and obey him. And now he’s been calling me to prophetic ministry, and it’s so hard for me, because I don’t feel in control. Does this make sense? I’m scared when the Holy Spirit comes on me and gives me a word. Half the time I’m scared of how I am feeling, and the other half I’m scared to give it because it might be wrong. And then I feel bad after because I was scared and didn’t give the word. How do I move past this?

    1. That sounds very familiar, Amy!
      I always say God has a sense of humour in choosing me for prophetic ministry. I had a career in accounting, and my nature is to have everything add up, be controlled and make sense. Prophecy is a journey of faith. Your faith to minister prophetically grows as you step out and say yes, and watch as miracles start to happen and people’s lives are touched, gradually you will increase in confidence.
      (God will always lead us outside our comfort zone though, that’s where growth happens, so there will often be an aspect of personal discomfort)

  4. George Willeboordse

    My RSVP is yes to a new business opening. Where I live now the work has dried up …as in shut tight. By Aug 31 I need to step in to new work. I say yes to a smooth transition to the new work without it causing financial heart ache.

    1. George, I agree with you in prayer today, may the new business opening be revealed, in Jesus’ Name

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