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I have had a very busy ministry schedule recently, and am about to have a needed mid-year break. The next Enliven Blog article will be published on 26th July 2016. In the meantime, be blessed by these 4 articles on the topic of dreams. (Click on the headings to view the articles on Enliven Blog)

What to do When You Have a Prophetic Dream

You wake up from a vivid dream that you believe had a significant or spiritual meaning. What do you do with it? Here are 6 things you can do when you have had a prophetic dream…Read the rest of this article here

4 Types of Dreams and Their Meanings

Identifying which type of dream we have had can help us determine whether to consider a potential meaning in the dream, and what—if anything—to do with it. Here are four dream categories that I have personally found helpful…Read the rest of this article here

9 Bible Promises about your Sleep, Dreams and Night Hours

Imagine what it would be like to approach your sleep with a positive sense of anticipation.

  • You look forward to enjoying God’s Presence in the night hours
  • You feel safe, at peace, and secure
  • You believe that God will impart to you Divine blueprints, strategies and creative ideas as you sleep
  • You anticipate encountering the Holy Spirit through prophetic dreams and songs in the night
  • You know that you will wake up rested to begin your new day with God

This is your inheritance…Read the rest of this article here

3 Tips About Bad Dreams, Prophetic Warnings and Nightmares

What should you do if you have a bad dream, nightmare, or demonic attack in your sleep—or a series of them? How can you help a member of your family who has one?

This seems to be an issue faced by many Christians who are gifted in discernment or prophecy, and who have a heightened awareness of spiritual atmospheres.

And not surprisingly—for growing in faith and spiritual authority is a significant part of our journey. If we are gifted in prophetic dreams or discernment, there may be contention for the gift of God on our lives…Read the rest of this article here

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I will be taking a short break from Enliven Blog and social media between now and 26th July 2016. I look forward to reconnecting with you then.

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