Spiritual Gift of HealingThe spiritual gift of healing is the Holy Spirit-given ability to impart miraculous healing to the body or soul of a person in Jesus’ Name.

‘Now to each one the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good. To one there is given through the Spirit the message of wisdom, to another the message of knowledge by means of the same Spirit, to another faith by the same Spirit, to another gifts of healing by that one Spirit, to another miraculous powers…’ 1 Cor 12:7-10a

Sometimes when we are in the early stages of a spiritual gift manifesting in our lives, we struggle with doubts or uncertainty.

It is not uncommon to experience challenges or come under spiritual attack in the very area God intends to use us.

In the Bible, trial leads to triumph; the presence of difficulty is an indication that God will use you in that area to minister to others. If you can relate to this in the area of healing, be encouraged to persevere. Be faithful. Steward the hunger and gift that God has given to you.

10 Signs of the Spiritual Gift of Healing

1. Desire to see People Healed

You feel more strongly about healing than other people seem to do. You are hungry to see people healed by the power of God and may have had that desire for a long time.

2. You Encourage Others to Receive Healing Prayer

You believe in praying for the sick and regularly encourage others to receive prayer. If someone shares they are unwell, your first instinct is to pray.

3. Prophecies or a long-term sense of God’s call

  • You can look back to a time(s) in the past where you received the call of God to the ministry of healing
  • Significant Bible verses have spoken to you personally about your call to the healing ministry
  • You may also have received personal prophecies about God using you in the ministry of healing

4. You Gravitate Towards the Healing Ministry

Your interest in praying for the sick has led you, now or in the past, to join a team that prays for the sick. This could include a dedicated healing ministry, a healing evangelism team, a prayer ministry, or a church prayer or altar team.

Remember, you will have a unique healing gift – the way the Holy Spirit ministers through you may be different from others.

5. You have Received a Significant Healing

You have experienced first hand the power of God to heal in your own life and that encounter with Him has increased your faith for God to heal others.

6. You have had Trials in the area of Health

You, or others close to you have had severe trials in the area of your health, with illness and problems. These times have caused you to pursue God, His Word and His heart concerning healing.

7. You have Been Through a Difficult Time in Your Healing Ministry

You used to pray for people and see them healed, but since then, you have been through a dry or difficult time. There have been wilderness times of testing, during which you have doubted that you have a gift of healing.

8. You are Drawn to Equipping in the area of Healing

You have studied the Bible to learn more about healing and know Scriptures about healing off by heart.

Opportunities for teaching, mentoring, and training in the area of healing, attract you! Your heart leaps when you hear of an opportunity to be better equipped to pray for the sick.

9. Leaders Acknowledge Your Healing Gift

Leaders and pastors have recognized your call and ability to minister in the area of healing. They have encouraged you to move forward in your gift or invited you to join a team that ministers in the area of healing.

10. People Have been Healed Through you

The evidence of healing through your ministry is the ultimate sign that you have a gift of healing. People regularly experience a touch from God emotionally and physically when you have prayed for or ministered healing to them.

Do you Identify with Some Signs you have a Healing Gift?

Can you identify with many points in the above list, but do not have a strong track record of people being healed as you minister to them in Jesus’ Name?

Perhaps you have not persevered and prayed enough for people. Today Father is encouraging you to press through. It is time for your spiritual gift of healing to emerge and be released.

My prayer is that this article will encourage many who have received a call from God to minister healing to rise up, pursue that call and minister to the sick with greater fire and passion than ever before.

Be faithful with what you have and watch as God multiplies and uses your gift of healing.

Why we Pray for Healing:

  1. The Bible’s example: the Bible teaches it, Jesus did it, the disciples did it, and the early church did it (Luke 5:15, Acts 4:30, Luke 10:1-9)
  2. Pastoral care: Ministering healing is an important part of expressing God’s compassion (Matt 9:35 – 10:9, James 5:13-16)
  3. Praying for healing encourages people to connect with God in times of need (Matt 14:34-36)
  4. Prayer makes a difference (Matt 18:18-20)
  5. Obedience: Jesus instructs us to pray (Mark 16:18, Matt 28:20
  6. Evangelism: a sign for unbelievers (Matt 8:8-18, Luke 10:8-9)

A spiritual gift is a turbo-boosted, Holy Spirit-empowered version of an attribute that should be seen in every Christian’s life. You can be encouraged to step out and minister to people in Jesus’ Name, whether or not you recognize a sign from the above list. Now, watch as God’s healing power is released, for you are His vessel.


Grow Your Prophetic And Prayer Gifts[1] I have compiled the above list from years of Bible study, observation, prayer leadership, and learning from the stories of those whom God has used in the ministry of healing. For more detailed information about the stages of growth in spiritual gifts including healing, along with Scriptural references, see my book, ‘Grow Your Prophetic and Prayer Gifts.’

‘Grow Your Prophetic And Prayer Gifts’ will help you move forward in your gifts of prophecy, healing, and prayer – at whatever stage or season you are on the journey of growing your gift.

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34 thoughts on “10 Signs You May Have The Spiritual Gift Of Healing”

  1. Hi, I truly believe God for healing, as ive experienced his healing in my life many times. A couple of times after prayer ive noticed a burning sensation in my hands, could be left or right but theyll feel really really hot. I recently went to visit someone whos hospitalized and before I left I asked if we can pray together, during the prayer I could feel the Holy Spirit moving in me. However, after the prayer I began to elaborate on the importance of forgiveness and not allowing the enemy to cause us to harbor ill feelings or malice, I then began to speak about psalm 91, I said I do not believe sickness to be the will of God and He says he who dwells in the secret place of the Most High God shall abide under the shadow of thee Almighty…and how no plague shall come nigh our dwelling..and how only with our eyes shall we see the reward of the wicked. Suddenly she began to say her head was hurting, and shed been moaning the entire time I was there but now this moan turned to a really intense moan, and she reached for her daughter who was there also, and who then asked me whether I was preaching to her or witnessing, I assured her my only intent was to visit and encourage. I could feel that my hands had become very very cold, then the woman reached for me and took my hand and told her I am believing God for her complete healing and that I loved her at the same time I felt a deep grief / sorrow, she then said to me that my hands were ice cold with a look of great fear in her face, The daughter asked to see me in the hall and then told me that she believed her mom had become fearful and may have felt like I was scorning her because of the hike in my voice that I truly hadnt noticed. She said what her mom was going through had truly humbled her and shed been very apologetic towards every one whod visited her. I apologized and said it wasnt my intent to instill any fear, and she said not to apologize and that she understood my passion. However I admit I left feeling a bit discouraged, not understanding why my hands were so cold and the look of fear in her face when she felt them, and why her head was hurting. Will you share your thoughts with me. Please feel free to be as blunt as possible. Thank You
    I am not experienced in this area, I just truly believe God for healing.

    1. Hi Lynn, I hear your heart to love people and bring Jesus’ healing to them! Yes, when someone is hurting we do have to step back and make sure that we are being gentle when needed, and acting and speaking naturally in a way that doesn’t make them uncomfortable.
      In Mark 12:37it says of Jesus, ‘The common people heard Him gladly’. When using our gifts of healing or prophecy we need to come across on such a way that people will feel comfortable and respond well to God. So I encourage you to keep persevering, be careful not to get too intense, relax and let Holy Spirit move through you – and He will! God has many people to be touched, blessed and healed through you.

  2. When the Holy Spirit led me to discovered this site it felt like unwrapping gifts on Christmas morning! I did not know where to begin. Every article resonated in my soul and served as a confirma-tion, from the demonic spirits and others who tormented me as a child, my fears, the desire to live for God above all else, to healing or being hindered and rejected. It all makes perfectly good sense now; wrapped up in one big box awaiting for me to take the ribbon off and enjoy what God has given to me to share with others. I’m free in this thing. I feel like Dora the explora. What a beautiful day!

    1. Hello Brenda, what a joy to receive your note!
      I love the picture of the gift box. May you continue to enjoy the adventure with God – He has so much for you to explore and journey with Him!

  3. Pamela Filardi

    The Holy Spirit is always waiting for you…just ask and you will feel his presence.

  4. I believe I got the healing gift .. I’ve always had some kind of sense, since children that i could heal laying on hands.

  5. Bro praise the Lord ! I studied the signs u hv given above to confirm whether one has the gift of healing .almost 9 of those signs are true for me . But for most of the ppl I hv prayed the healing took place but it was very transient , the healing lasted for a day or two but again the sickness came back n I m very disappointed bout this . I m not sure if the prob is in me or in the person I m praying for ! Can u plz help ??

    1. Hi Rufus, the manifestation of healing is to build your faith to continue pressing in for the full healing. Best not to focus on a problem (unless Holy Spirit is indicating something specific?)

  6. Have you or anyone you know experienced a “burning” or “tingling” sensations in their hands at times? Is this a manifestation of healing or something else? Also for years I’ve experienced this in prayer circles as well while holding hands with someone. Not every single time but frequently. I don’t know what it means and it can be uncomfortable, sometimes traveling up my arm(s) and very strong. I have prayed about it but find no direct answer or what I should do when it happens. It’s so strong that I sometimes wonder if the person whose hand I’m holding feels anything.

    1. Hi Hope, perhaps when it is appropriate you could ask the person you are touching if they are sensing anything. It could be a sign of God’s Presence and can help release your faith in the moment that He is at work.

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