Prophetic ResponseLast week, two policemen were stabbed and a young Muslim man shot to death at our local police station. This occurred next door to the shopping centre where we post letters and pick up supplies.

The Australian news media spent days reporting on the incident.

For many of us, acts of terror are no longer a distant report, but a near and present reality.

5 Prophetic Responses to the Threat of Terrorism

As I have been praying this week, the following verse has been coming to mind:

‘Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Resist him, standing firm in the faith, because you know that the family of believers throughout the world is undergoing the same kind of sufferings.’ (1 Peter 5:8-9 NIV)

It’s time for the church to take a prophetic stance on current events.

What is a prophetic stance? It is finding out what is on Father’s heart and what His intention is. And then, declaring it, praying it and acting upon it

1. It’s Time to Set the Atmosphere

What is present reality in the Kingdom of God? My Bible tells me that the atmosphere in God’s Kingdom is ‘righteousness peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.’ (Rom 14:17)

The environment of God’s Kingdom cannot be changed by the circumstances of earth. Instead, it has the power to change the atmosphere around us.

We need to be intentional about the atmosphere that we allow and set in our lives, families, homes, work and ministries.

Global media is pouring out constant reports of acts and threats of terror; not only overseas, but for many of us, in our own nations. Along with it we are being fed a dose of journalistic opinion—some of which is feeding fear and prejudice.

Whether it is via our TV or our mobile media, it is right in our face.

Will you allow the media to set the atmosphere and thought patterns about current events in your life and in your home? Or will you turn to God’s Word for the truth about what is taking place?

2. It’s Time to Move in the Opposite Spirit

The most powerful thing we can do in the face of spiritual warfare is to move in the opposite spirit of what the enemy is doing.

Is fear and intimidation coming against us? It is time to rise up in faith and boldness. (1 Pet 5:8-9)

Are we being tempted to prejudice and to regard people in suspicion? This is a time to express friendship and trust to our Muslim neighbours. We do not agree with their beliefs, but we do believe in their value as individuals and as a people. They are loved and precious to the Father and part of our community.

At a time where many negative words are being spoken, this is our opportunity to speak prophetic words of life concerning our Father’s intention for the nations and our own locality.

3. It’s Time to Pray

Esther and Mordecai lived at a time when an enemy executed a threat of death and destruction to God’s people. That threat was signed and sealed, but God intervened through the petition and intercession of Esther.

You are here ‘for such a time as this.’ (Esther 4:14)

What are you praying for?

One of the things I am praying for is that just as Saul encountered Jesus on the road to Damascus, would-be terrorists are arrested in their tracks by a confrontation with Jesus Christ. [1]

It’s time to rise up and pray. Prayer releases the power of God for His intended outcome to take place.

4. It’s Time to Exercise Authority

In Exodus 7, we read how God instructed Aaron, through Moses, to throw his staff down before Pharaoh. As he did, it became a serpent. When the sorcerers of Egypt threw their rods down, they also became serpents. This was the enemy’s declaration of power, but Aaron’s rod swallowed up those of the magicians. (Ex 7:8-12)

There was simply no competition.

As Aaron did, we can exercise our God-given authority over the threats, warnings and intimidation coming against us. We can use warnings—whether prophetic warnings or those of evil intent—to spur us to declare God’s intention.

5. It’s Time to get Intentional about Sharing the Gospel

In Revelation 12, the dragon wages war on the earth, ‘filled with fury, because he knows that his time is short.’ (Rev 12:12)

I believe it is no coincidence that in recent times, twin evils of disease (Ebola) and death (IS) have been unleashed upon the earth.

I have said it before: my view on end times is that for the generation alive on the earth today, this is the last days. They will never have another opportunity to learn of salvation in Jesus.

And we will never have another opportunity to share it with them.

It is time for we the church to wake up to the extraordinary opportunity that is ours. Threat of terrorism, or opportunity for faith? We choose.


[1] For 7 faith-filled prayer strategies, see the post, Prophetic Warnings (Terrorist Attacks) and Calls to Pray for our Nation

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It’s your turn: what is your own prophetic response to current events? What is happening in your own nation or locality? I would love to hear from you. Leave a note in the comment box below: if the comments box is not visible, click on this link and scroll down.

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7 thoughts on “5 Prophetic Responses to the Threat of Terrorism”

  1. Helen, i agree totally with what you have written here. So profound and true. I am moved with the challenge and with the opportunity here!!!

  2. Amen Helen, I have been reading through Revelation,as i wanted a refresher on how it all ends up. I cant do everything so what can i do, i can do what my heavenly father is telling me to do in my own region. The enemy is working overtime by ushering in fear through media and polluting the world. A passage that i have been lead to recently is Rom 12:2 no longer conforming to the pattern of this world but to Gods world, i have to agree with God and his word, if i don’t i cant walk with him Amos 3:3, as believers we have the winning advantage,its inside us Acts 17:28, Col 1:27, i have decreased my media input and increased my Holy spirit input, i don’t need TV to tell me whats happening in the world, i just ask Father, what are we doing today, i cannot live in fear i must keep my focus on Jesus, Is 26:3, Heb 12:2, We are in a spiritual battle, not with people but a spirit behind the person, Eph 6:12, I pray Helen everywhere you place your feet the enemy will scatter Ps 68:1. Thank you father that you have made us more than conquers, Rom 8:37,Great post keep pressing forward.

    1. David, that is so brilliant, ‘I have decreased my media input and increased my Holy spirit input’… hope you don’t mind if I quote that on Facebook, such great advice for all of us at this time!

  3. Thank you, Helen, for this blog. It is truly a blessing!

    In the early morning of 9/5/2014, I clearly heard a heavenly voice state, ” Psalm 83-It’s frightening! ” Later that day I read where ISIS was beheading children.
    More importantly is the theme of Psalm 83…To confuse the enemy and request that the Lord conquers them! Praise the Lord!
    I am resolved to praying Psalm 83 daily, along with other warrior Psalms.
    I feel the Lord encouragement to love first, develop understanding,
    But to have boundaries and when they are crossed, to stand. Above all. .lean on His power, not my inclination.
    We ARE in the last days!! Thanks, Praise Him! Darlene

    1. Hi Darlene, thanks so much for that!
      After an urgent prayer request a couple of weeks back, I also felt led to a Psalm…sometimes it is hard to find the words to pray amidst all the tragedy and evil, but we can find a voice in HIS WORD. (I am remembering of course that it is a spiritual battle and ‘we do not fight flesh and blood, but principalities and powers.’)
      The one I felt drawn to was Ps 94, which is here
      We are not helpless in the face of tragedy, we have the power of prayer and God’s Word.
      Such a great reminder. Thank you, Darlene 🙂

  4. una disculpa,por la tardanza …cual es la razon por la cual los cristianos especialemente en latinoamerica,y mexico,creen que, tomar una actitud en defensa ante la agresion,especialmente en Estados de mi pais,como :Oaxaca,Chiapas,Guerrero,y otros mas ,es una actitud incorrecta de un cristiano…se piensa que los sufrimientos son parte del Plan de Dios para su pueblo,aun siendo que hechos de violencia sean continuos,y no hacen nada para defenderse.
    Ultimamente en el Estado de Chiapas,en donde hubo una masacre de cristianos y las autoridades competentes ,hasta el momento no lo han resuelto,hoy ya no es lo mismo…cristianos se estan defendiendo tomando las armas para defender a sus familias y bienes .Porque el terrorismo puede ser local o foraneo.
    Usted menciona el caso de Esther,en donde ella toma una actitud activa en la solusion de la posible desaparicion del pueblo de Ysrael…es un hecho que algunos cristianos latinos y de Mexico han soslayado. Creo que ante estas situaciones como pueblo de Dios, debieran de invitarse en las congregaciones para hacer guerra espiritual a traves de alabanza y mucha oracion…es un grato recuerdo de aquello que el pueblo del Señor puede hacer ante sistuaciones de violencia …Sea el Señor con usted y su ministerio como con su familia…en breve le llegara mi pay pal.!saludos!

  5. Dear Jose,
    Yes great wisdom is needed in these times by Christians, Church and ministry leaders, and politicians.

    May Christians have an increasing revelation of the power in prayer, to make Heavenly transactions that will impact earth.

    God can cause even those who are sworn enemies of our faith to bend to His will, He can touch hearts of persecutors, just as He did Saul (Paul).
    I pray for the peace of your country Mexico also, the situations may be different but the struggle of spiritual warfare and the needs are the same. Our God is the same, ‘yesterday today and forever.’ (Heb 13:8)

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