6 Benefits of Prophetic WorshipDo you want to hear God’s purposes for your life and ministry, or receive a fresh infilling of His Spirit?

Do you desire to encounter God and know Him more?

Prophetic worship is one way that you can have a face-to-face meeting with God—or provide a means for others to encounter Him. [1]

‘Prophetic praise and worship enables God’s message to be brought, or His purpose to be accomplished, in a worship setting.’

Here are 6 benefits of prophetic worship, followed by some ways that you can put this into practice in your personal life with God.

6 Benefits of Prophetic Praise and Worship

1. It Facilitates God Encounters

God created us for a face-to-face relationship with Him.

Our worship honors God and brings Him pleasure. However, if we view worship as being solely a one-way giving of our love and adoration to Jesus, we have not attained the highest purpose of worship.

God’s desire has always been to commune with His people.

Prophetic worship enables the Father’s voice to be heard, His heartbeat to be felt, and His purpose to be accomplished.

When we encounter God in a time of prophetic worship, we are transformed and brought closer to Him.

We leave that moment knowing that God has touched our lives personally and that we will never be the same again.

2. It Enables us to Receive an Impartation from God

When we are yielded to Jesus in an attitude of love and worship, we are more receptive and open to Him than at any other time.

‘Impartation’ means a release of God’s power into our lives. This can be an infilling of His Holy Spirit or a specific attribute of His nature; for example, He may desire to infuse us with peace, strength, or faith.

We can have an expectation that as God leads us in praise and worship, we and others will be healed and set free from oppression. Psalm 107:20 says, ‘He sent out his word and healed them; he rescued them from the grave.’

The young David was employed by Saul to play the lyre. As David played, the anointing of God on his music caused the demonic oppression to lift from Saul. (1 Sam 16:14-23)

3. It Breaks open the Atmosphere for God to Move

We know that an open Heaven is our inheritance. However, there are times when we have to contend for it, whether in our personal lives or in the Church.

This is where prophetic praise is especially helpful.

Praise is prophetic when it is directed and empowered by the Holy Spirit to accomplish Gods now purpose for our lives or a particular meeting.

Prophetic praise is the Spirit-led proclamation of who God is, of His attributes, of what He has done, and what He will accomplish.

A benefit of prophetic praise is that it penetrates the atmosphere and pushes back oppression, apathy, fear, or any other effects of spiritual warfare. (See 2 Chron 20, Psalm 149:5,9)

4. It Prepares Our Hearts for God’s Word

Prophetic worship is, at its foundational level, Spirit-directed and Spirit-empowered worship. (John 4:23-24)

During a time of prophetic worship, the Holy Spirit has begun to speak to us and our hearts are opened towards God.

When the preaching or personal study of God’s Word accompanies or follows prophetic worship, the two merge together and a continuum of inspiration from the Holy Spirit takes place.

5. We can Receive a Prophetic Message from God

In prophetic worship, God uses a song, instrumentation or other prophetic communication to speak His purpose into our lives—and that word has creative ability. Your Father may have a specific word of encouragement or instruction for you to receive.

Whether personally, or corporately in a meeting, prophetic worship provides both the expectation and the opportunity for God to speak to us. (1 Cor 14:26)

6. It is Powerful When a Specific Breakthrough is Needed

Prophetic praise celebrates the fulfillment of God’s promises before they are manifested in the natural realm. Prophetic praise is one vehicle that God uses to release His power and bring about His purposes in our lives and in the Church.

We see examples of the power of prophetic praise in the Bible.

King Jehoshaphat sent singers and musicians out ahead of his army to celebrate the victory God had promised through His prophet. The battle was won as God routed the armies in front of the praisers. (2 Chron 20)

A song of prophetic praise was also significant to releasing God’s provision (Num 21:17-18), transforming barrenness into fruitfulness (Isaiah 54:1-3), and overcoming obstacles and persecution. (Acts 16)

How to Receive These Benefits of Prophetic Worship in your Personal Life

Last week I looked at prophetic worship in the Church setting. However, we can also use prophetic worship in our personal life with God.

Note that any prophetic revelation (beyond general encouragement) received during personal times of worship needs to be weighed up and followed through with leadership.[2]

1. ‘Soaking’ worship means positioning ourselves before God in a dual attitude of worship and of receiving or hearing from Him. As we yield to His Spirit, He fills us, empowers us, and speaks to us.

Discover the unique way of connecting with God that suits you—for example, finding a quiet place accompanied by a worship CD, or walking outdoors in an attitude of worship and receiving. The key is to take time and to be intentional.

2. Develop a playlist of songs that are God’s ‘now’ encouragement for you personally, and listen to them regularly.

3. If you are a musician, take time with your instrument to worship God without a practice agenda. As you do, wait on Him for fresh inspiration, believe He is filling you with His Spirit, and allow Him to fill your heart and mind with the Father’s personal message to you and others.

4. When attending a worship gathering with others, enter in wholeheartedly and with the expectation that you will personally meet with God and receive all He has for you.


[1] See my previous post, ‘A Vision for Prophetic Worship in Church Life.’

[2] See ‘The Power of Prophetic Accountability.’

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13 thoughts on “6 Benefits of Prophetic Praise and Worship”

  1. irene Kyriacou

    Dear Helen, Thank you again for this life transforming Prophetic Teaching, such a Beautiful Word from Heavens Throne Room. I was so deeply touched and impacted by the very Powerful and Beautiful Sweet Holy Presence of GOD at the Breakthrough meeting last night, I felt such an Overwhelming Peace and Refreshing of GOD flooding over me, I can feel HIS Beautiful Sweet Holy Presence Lingering on me from last nights Prayer meeting, Our GOD is so GOOD. Truly in HIS Presence is FULLNESS of Joy, OVERFLOWING in Abundance. I Absolutely Love Soaking in The Presence of GOD, this Always brings such a Healing and Refreshing for my soul, as FATHER GOD refills me with the Love, Joy, Peace, Strength and Comfort of HIS Holy Spirit. This is a poem I wrote recently while I was reflecting on Matthew 11: 28-30, and Psalm 147: 3-5.

    JESUS is my Strength, HE Carries me, through every Season of my Life you See
    The Presence of GOD is Overwhelming my Heart, and Healing my Soul
    The Presence of GOD is making me Whole
    JESUS Comes to Carry Me
    In HIS Everlasting, Outstretched Arms of Love You See
    I Hear HIM calling me, with a gentle whisper, just so Heavenly

    “Come to ME, My Precious Child, and I will give You Rest”

    “JESUS Heals the Brokenhearted, and Binds Up All their Wounds”

    HE Bottles All my Tears, and Takes Away All my Fears
    HE Holds my Heart, with HIS Tender Loving Care
    HE Hears my Every Prayer

    My Name is Inscribed in the Palm of HIS Hand
    My Name is Written in HIS Heart

    Under the Shadow of HIS Wings, my Soul finds Shelter and Rest Within
    HE is my Strength, my Sword, and my Shield
    HE is The Solid Rock, Upon Whom I Stand
    HE Protects me, with HIS Mighty Outstretched Hand

    HE is The Bread of Life, HE Sustains me, and Satisfies my Soul
    HIS WORD is Alive and Eternal, to Strengthen and Nourish me Whole
    HE is The Living Water, Overflowing in my Heart
    Springing Up into a Mighty River, with Refreshing to Impart

    Yes, JESUS will ALWAYS Carry Me, Through Every Season of my Life You See

    HE is my GOD, my LORD, and my KING

    CHRIST in Me, the HOPE of Glory
    How I Love to tell The Story

    JESUS Captured my Heart, and Saved my Soul
    HE gave me Life, Joy and Peace, and HE Made me Whole

    Poem by Irene Kyriacou

  2. Hi Irene, wasn’t it a great meeting last night? Loved Steve McCracken’s prophetic worship leading, too.
    Your poem reminds me of the creative ways of worship that the Holy Spirit can use to speak to and impart His life to us. Thank you 🙂

  3. Hi Helen

    Once again, this and your previous blog entry just hit the mark as to where I am personally and where I believe we are heading as a church. Bless you!!


  4. Hi James, great to hear from you.
    I’m believing with you for a move of the Spirit that will sweep through your area and beyond, as you press in for all that Father has for you – especially through the ministry of prophetic worship and prayer.
    Writing this article reminded me of how much ‘more’ there is… no limits to what God has available, and His great desire that we encounter Him as we worship. 🙂

  5. I really appreciate your effort concerning this Vision. It has developed my Spiritual life so much. It is awesome to hear that prophectic worship is a two-way means. That is… Myself communicating to God and God talking back to me. I want to tell you that i’m in love with this message. Thanks!

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