Yesterday I had a dream in which my husband gave me the funds to make a purchase. I knew this transaction was of tremendous importance to him. I handechain and heart pendantd the money across the counter to a merchant, who passed two large, valuable pendants to me.

I glanced down and saw that one was gold; the other was heart-shaped and silver, with filigreed gold edging. Both were intricately designed.

At that moment, I woke up. I felt I had been in a prophetic dream, and that in the dream my husband represented Jesus. There was something about the pendants that stirred up a spiritual hunger in me.

It was then that I realised it was the second spiritual dream I had received in the space of a month—both ending in a similar way.

Prophetic Dream about a Gold Necklace

In an earlier dream, I was visiting a retirement home, along with other staff members from my church. Whilst we were there, I suddenly realised that a woman called Ruth Young was living in the home.

The Hunk and I hosted Ruth and her husband over 20 years ago in New Zealand, early in our missions ministry. We saw something close to revival in the churches they ministered in. Their testimony about sacrificial love and service for Jesus caused many Christians to hunger, repent and recommit their lives to Jesus.

In the dream, I went looking for Ruth, and found her in one of the rooms. We sat at a table together and talked. As we conversed, she was showing me jewellery that she was crafting. She left and went into another room. I desperately wanted to see her again, but she had gone, leaving the gold necklace she had been showing me on the table in front of me.

At this point, I woke up. Along with a heightened sense of God’s presence, I felt deeply the unfinished business of my dream’s meeting with ‘Ruth.’

Discovering Meaning in the Dreams

Meditating upon the meaning of this earlier dream, I felt that Ruth represented the message she had carried: passion for Jesus. It seemed that the Lord was saying He wanted us to take that ‘first love’ we had known for Jesus out of retirement.

But I hadn’t considered the jewellery until the second dream yesterday. When it finally smacked me on the head last night, I went looking for a book on dream interpretation. I wanted to find out the significance of jewellery—particularly necklaces.

As I searched for an entry on the meaning of the jewellery, the following words stood out to me: ‘treasure,’ ‘desire,’ ‘precious,’ ‘God’s gifts’.

Spiritual Gifts

Could the pendants and necklace in the dream have something to do with spiritual gifts? My dawning awareness of the message the Holy Spirit was bringing through the two dreams was bringing with it a growing sense of conviction.

God in His love has lavished spiritual gifts upon us, His church (see Romans 12:6, 1 Cor 12-14, Eph 4:8, Heb 2:4).

It honours Him when we ‘wear ‘our spiritual gifts, when we treasure them and display them, when we use them to bless others. In using our spiritual gifts, people see something in our lives that can only be explained by Jesus. Spiritual gifts display the craftsmanship of the Holy Spirit.

Do we have spiritual gifts that need to be taken off the shelf?

I have a small collection of jewellery, including some special pieces given to me by those I love. However, I wear very little of it, and much of my jewellery stays in the drawer. I have a pendant given to me by a dear friend that is gathering dust on a table.

My attitude towards the spiritual gifts God has given me has been similar to the attitude that I have about jewellery.

Most of the time, I keep the gifts God has given me of prophecy, discernment, intercession and others, hidden away. I have even started to take them for granted, no longer prizing them or valuing them as I did in the early days.

I do bring spiritual gifts out at times when I believe they are useful—usually in church meetings. But I do not walk in them. Perhaps I have felt that a good Christian should not ‘show off’ spiritual gifts, especially those that are supernatural in manifestation. But it is likely that my so-called ‘humility’ has masked apathy, fear, unbelief and pride.

Here is another thought that is challenging me today:

An attitude of apathy towards our spiritual gifts also betrays a lack in our appreciation of the Giver.

In Jer 2:32, God says, ‘Does a maiden forget her jewellery, a bride her wedding ornaments? Yet my people have forgotten me, days without number.’

The dreams have come at a time when I am working through a process of spiritual renewal. I am challenged to review my attitude towards the gifts God has given me. Perhaps this is an area the Holy Spirit is challenging you in, too.

Jesus said, ‘Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.’ (Matt 5:15-16)

**You may have some more ideas about the topic of spiritual gifts or the interpretation of these dreams. If you do, I would love to hear from you! Please leave your comments in the boxes below—if the comments area is not visible, click on the blog post title and scroll down.

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16 thoughts on “Two Prophetic Dreams, One Message: Take Your Spiritual Gifts Off The Shelf”

  1. Wow Helen, quite a dream (or two). This is what I think the dreams mean. I think that the gold and silver represent wisdom and knowledge, and I think Malcolm represented Jesus. I think Ruth represents a “revival” that you will be a part of. So, I think that God is going to allow you and Malcolm to be a significant part of a great revival that is about to happen and you will walk in your prophetic giftings with great knowledge and wisdom.

  2. Hi Sandi, revival has been a recurring theme throughout our journey and we are passionate revivalists, so I love that interpretation. Thank you!

  3. Some of us are chosen not to complete a great work that glorifies God, but inspire others to achieve a higher purpose for the glory of Gods kingdom.

    God has created us all with the required gifts to fulfill his purpose for us, we can graciously accept these gifts to use as he intended, or we can use them to fulfill our own perceived worldly needs.
    (The hidden heart off man)

    All men receive spiritual gifts from God, but how many of us read the instructions provided?

    The dreams are linked, they tell a story similar in context to one of David and Solomon. The only question is what is this great glorifying work that needs to be completed?

    The hidden and contextually obscure symbolism of images in dreams are that way to protect correct interpretation by the intended, as is the interpretation obscured for the acceptance of only the intended.

    God speed

  4. Today is May 20, 2010 and I am just reading this post which is dated December 8, 2009 and it absolutely speaks to me.

    I have been aware of my prophetic gifting for a while now. I have revealed it only to a few close friends. Recently I revealed it to my Pastor who has told me to go forward. At that point I felt lost because I didn’t know what to do or how to do it. Also I am quiet and reserved in nature and I don’t desire attention or a platform.

    I recently had a dream where I’d had a baby and was hiding the baby but in spite of my hiding the baby it was eventually revealed that I did indeed have a baby. I put together that it had to do with me “hiding” my spiritual gift but this post confirms that dream. I too only pull out the gift when needed and do not walk in it as I suppose I should.

    The post on uprooting and repositoning was also of benefit to me. I have recently been given a termination of lease notice (due to no fault of my own as stated by my landlord) This of course has put me in a tailspend. However, when I look back I did have revealtion of a change/move for my landlord but I did not process it completely through for the revelation concerning a move for me and my family. This has taught me not to take God’s revelatins lightly and to always seek complete revelation and interpretion.

    Thank you for your ministry and obedience to God’s will it has been of great help to me.

    God Bless

  5. Hi Dee,
    Isn’t it awesome when Jesus arranges these Divine appointments!
    Your dream about the baby speaks to me too, I think I will go away and pray about it right now..
    May God continue to bless and anoint you in your journey to grow in your spiritual gift of prophecy. May you grow in courage and faith and fulfil all the dreams and call He has placed on your life.
    And may you be blessed with a Divine repositioning physically too, one of those ones where you know, that you know, that God has His hand on you and your family.

  6. Annmarie Tyrell

    This is awesome I too realize am gifted an I jus need some more advice, infact I got similar dream this morning about receiving two nexkless one silver an a gold an the gold one had on a gold pendant this is Amazing can’t wait to hear from u,God bless u…

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