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Pick up Your Crown and Unleash Your Greatness
The season of waiting, the season of overwhelm, the season of enduring a status quo that you know is less than God would have it, is over. It’s time to pick up your birthright—your royal identity—and fully enter into what your Father has for you.
Here are three shifts that occur as you discover and step into your royal status—a powerful prophetic insight from the story of King Joash in 2 Kings 11. [1]

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Divine Acceleration
Divine acceleration is God’s power to bring His plans to pass at a faster rate than is humanly possible. God will make up for time seemingly lost through waiting, sin, mistakes or injustice done, by giving you a season of unstoppable momentum.

Hosting God’s Presence
The remarkable story of how Obed-Edom hosted the Ark, and the blessing and influence that occurred as a result, inspires us to open the gates of our everyday life and host the Presence of God.

The Father’s House
The Father’s House is the atmosphere of Heaven on Earth. It is the environment that Jesus carried with Him wherever He went in the Gospels, one of welcome and grace. In this passionate message about the Father heart of God, discover that when you encounter God as Father and understand His heart towards others, you can have Father’s House churches, ministries, families and lives. (Opening reading by Malcolm ‘The Hunk’ Calder)

The Waiting is Over!
Have you felt as though you have been stuck in a time of waiting? In life, there are times of waiting ordained by God. But there are also times when we get stuck, waiting for things to change. This good news, taken from the story of Jesus’ meeting with Nathanael, is that it is time to take off the waiting room tags and break out of the comfort zone: your season of waiting is over!

Out Of The Box And Into Supernatural Christian Living
Compartmentalised Christianity is powerless. It doesn’t transform lives, challenge ungodly mindsets or reach desperate and lonely people with the good news about Jesus. And while our faith is kept in BOXES, we will never reach our potential and become the history makers God has called us to be. It’s time to break OUR FAITH out of the box!

Prophetic Prayer Training Session
Online training session: Discover what prophetic prayer is, and how can we use it to turbo-charge our prayer life and facilitate breakthrough. You don’t need a special gift–any Spirit-filled Christian can access the power of prophetic prayer.


[1] Reference for the quote in the message ‘How to Pick Up Your Crown’. ‘God will give you a mystery to solve, and sometimes, He will keep you away from reliable means of support so you can grow in your ability as a King and Queen in His courts. He has faith in His ability at work in you to turn your present mystery into a fountain of wisdom.’
Thanks to author Michael Lee for this prophetic insight. You can find him at